The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter

Since I’m not a make up wearer, having good skin is important to me. I have no way of hiding my facial flaws, it literally is what you see is what you get! There’s no magic wand to provide a daily permanent filter over rubbish skin. So it’s a good thing I actually love skincare to help hold together what I naturally have. Mixing up skincare to adapt to the needs of my skin is something I do every so often. First port of call normally is looking at my cleanser. I’ve started using The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter that I got as gift from a friend.

The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter

Why this one? The onslaught of hay fever has hit me over the last 2 weeks. My eyes are sore, my skin feels the need for more moisture and overall I’m just zapped of energy, and my skin feels this too. I tried this cleansing butter ages ago as I received it as a sample, and it blew me away! I thought the texture of this product would be perfect for my drier feeling skin now, and be more soothing.

What is this? Camomile Cleansing Butter is a product geared towards sensitive skin. The perfect make-up remover because of its texture as it’s supposed to pretty much melt it away. So make-up and general dirt is what this butter tackles and should do so effectively but delicately.

But I don’t wear make-up? This isn’t classified as a make-up remover on the website, but it does state that’s what it does. But if it can make mince meat out of make-up surely it can do the same in a general cleaning of the face way?

Packaging. Love the packaging of this! 90ml of cleanser comes in a screw top circular and very flat tin. The tin is silver with the labelling in white with flowers on it. Great thing about this packaging is how easy it is to get out the product, to store it and you can get every last bit of the butter out without any waste.

Texture. To look at this it makes me think of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly type product. It has a gloss to it and it looks solid. It’s white in colour and doesn’t appear to be transparent in the tin. When you take this out though it’s quite soft and totally smooth in touch and appearance.

Scent. The fragrance of this is a sweet, soft white floral. Pretty, quite clean in scent and not strong. Great for those who like fragrance but don’t want something pungent.

How to use. Use a small amount and rub it onto dry skin. Remove with a flannel.

In use. A little of this goes a long way, so I took a small amount of this into my finger tips and gently worked it over my dry face for around 2 minutes. The heat from my fingers made this go from the balm texture to more of an oil, as it melted and glided over my skin effortlessly. My skin didn’t look drenched in grease but did have an obvious shine to it. Easy to use, in fact very enjoyable. It felt more like a treatment rather than a general cleanse.

Easy and super quick removal! I used a warmed damp flannel and gently removed this. No residue left and my skin felt and looked refreshed, clean and cleanser free.

My skin. This is so gentle and kind to my skin, which is what I want and need more than anything right now. I’m able to take this over my eyes ( probably not meant to! ) and it does them no harm. This cleansing butter cleans my skin so well without stripping it. It feels more nourished during and after use.

Recommended? 110%! This is one of those products which I can see myself repurchasing time and time again. Why? Easy and quick to use, fabulous texture, cleans and provides moisture and great scent. What I don’t want is something that’s hard work, horrible to use, dries my skin out more and either smells awful or smells too strong.

This comes in 2 sizes. 20ml ( ideal for travel ) is £5.00. 90ml costs £11.00. 90ml should last a decent amount of time with how little you use, so actually is quite affordable. Do you want to cleanse in sensitive style? Grab your Camomile Cleansing Butter here.

Champneys Health Spa Bubble Heaven Calm

If there are people out there that find relaxing easy, I salute you! It’s not the easiest state of mind to be in these days. Although I find having a bath relaxing, switching off isn’t as easy. My phone tends to be glued to me or a book. But I guess that’s my way of relaxing possibly? Anyway, another bath and a new product to use is a good way to start an early evening. And my product of choice is Champneys Health Spa Bubble Heaven Calm that I received as a Christmas 2020 gift from a friend.

Champneys Health Spa Bubble Heaven Calm

Why did I chose to use this one? Sometimes I head towards my trusted favourite scents and products, sometimes I want something different. This was something new and different. I thought if anything was going to give me a great bathing experience, surely Champneys Health Spa products would do the trick?So I hoped it would be very enjoyable and relaxing in use.

Packaging. A beautiful, simple but very classic look is showcased with this bath product. 300ml ( which is actually a decent size ) is housed in a plastic bottle. Quite chunky in look with a wider than usual screw top lid which I love. Neutral colours ( white and beige ) with hints of black and gold. Label is textured which gives it a more expensive appearance and feel, and all usual information visible on front and back.

Scent. Fresh, clean, earthy thanks to its woody notes with a hint of herbal to it. Not too heady but still packs a punch! Incredibly intoxicating and enjoyable to smell. Personally, I think this is unisex but has more masculine elements to it. But a great one for those who don’t want typical sweet, floral or fruity scents.

In the bath. I poured a small amount of this under warm running water, and I could clearly see this was golden in colour. What I didn’t realise until I looked more closely this actually was GOLDEN in colour! Thick ( but typical in consistency for a bath product like this ), shimmering gold which twinkled..yes twinkled as it came out of the bottle. Beautiful and decadent in look. A small amount of Bubble Heaven created ALOT of soft and white bubbles/foam. The bath water underneath remained clear, colourless and no visible shimmer I could see once the bath was complete.

I have to say this was one of the most relaxing baths I’ve had in a long time. It was the fragrance that did it for me. Totally different to anything I currently own and use, or even have had before. And when I say it put my mind in a great place it really did. The bubbles lasted for ages and the fragrance was there well after my bath had finished. I came out of the bath feeling clean but not dried out, totally chilled, with my skin lightly scented from it.

Who is this not for? This really boils down to preference when it comes to fragrance. Woody, herbal, almost masculine like in scent is how I think of this. If you don’t like these types of notes this isn’t for you! Also if your budget is super tight and you don’t want to spend a significant amount on something you pour into your bath don’t buy this because it’s not a 99p cheapo bubble bath.

Recommended? I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough! The thing with a bubble bath type product is it just needs a few elements to it to make it work. Ideally, you want bubbles, so check. You don’t want it to strip the skin of moisture and dry it out. That’s a big one! And definitely NO irritation. And you want it to smell nice unless it’s fragrance free. So it really is hard to get this kind of product wrong if you follow such a simple formula.

But the quality is obviously there with this one and the scent for me is stunning. It smells expensive and high end. I’m making it my mission to buy as much of this range as possible when I can afford it! And dare I say this is my favourite bubble bath ( calling it this seems SO wrong! ) I’ve used this year if not for the last couple?

If you want to get hold of your very own Heaven in a bottle, it’s available in various places on the high street and online. But be warned! This isn’t the cheapest to buy! 500ml costs £12.00 from Boots, who at time of writing this post are doing a 3 for 2 deal on the range which could save on the pennies and pounds. But can I add, I personally feel it’s worth the price its fabulous!

Oh K Bamboo Water Sheet Mask

Although most people in the UK are loving this sudden burst of warm weather, I am not. I have nothing to wear that’s appropriate for the weather. I definitely am NOT body ready and the thought of the oncoming storm aka hay fever, sends me in a spin. And my face is not feeling this change either. So I felt this was the ideal time to grab a sheet mask to prep and pamper my face at home. Oh K Hydrating Bamboo Water Sheet Mask came to mind straight away for this task. Bought direct from their website last year when they had a sale on, it cost me a massive £1.00.

Oh K Hydrating Bamboo Water Sheet Mask

Why did I buy this one? There are LOADS of sheet masks on the market, but I had never tried one from this range. I read some good comments about the brand online which perked my interest. So when they had a sale last year I grabbed a mix products to try and also to gift to others. But why I chose to use this mask was it sounded like it would give me what my skin needed most right now which is MOISTURE!

The current state of my face. No massive problems as such. Relatively smooth, spot free. A little dull in tone. But I feel although it doesn’t look dry it feels it. Possibly more dehydrated than dry, and I feel I need to use my facial products e.g oil/moisturiser straight away after cleansing or I can feel my skin yelling for it asap.

What is this supposed to do? This sheet mask is designed to give your skin a natural glow, keep the moisture in your skin and is ideal to actually use daily apparently.

Instructions. Cleanse skin. Pop face mask on for 10-20 minutes and remove. Rub in remainder solution into the skin from mask and off you go!

Packaging. Like most sheet masks it comes in a packet. Pictures of bamboo all over it and a peeping panda at the top, seriously cute and reflects the type of mask this is. Doesn’t take itself too seriously in look but doesn’t look like a cheap mask either. Instructions and ingredients are listed on the back .

Fragrance. I didn’t expect it to be as fragranced as it was. When I opened the packet I thought I would give it a quick sniff before application. It was quite a sweet floral and plant like smell. Not too strong but I thought if there was a fragrance it would be more neutral and clean in scent.

The Mask & Application. This was folded up when I removed it from the packet. First thing I noticed was this white, semi transparent sheet mask was heavily soaked in a gel like solution. The makers did not skimp on this at all! When I unfolded this clearly you could see the eyes, nose and mouth area had holes in it ready to wear.

It was very easy to put on my face, although it required some smoothing out. Immediately I felt a cold sensation, which was obviously the solution making contact with my face. It was soothing and enjoyable and provided instant relief. The fact the mask stayed still and I could go on about my evening was added bonus as it felt so comfortable and not restrictive.

For removal I simply peeled it off. My face had some residue from the mask left on it, so I gently patted it into my skin. Skin had a slight shine to it and it took about 5 minutes for the last of the mask to be absorbed. It looked more matt like in appearance although touching my face it felt slightly tacky.The mask itself was still very damp so I used it’s excess and rubbed it into my neck. My face felt hydrated although a few hours later I did pop on a moisturiser to give me more.

The morning after the night before. Skin looked and felt smooth and well rested. Didn’t feel dry, in fact quite hydrated. Overall very happy with the state of my face following the previous application of this mask.

Issues? When I applied this at first it came too close to the under of my eye. This area didn’t like it. I don’t blame the mask, its called the start of hay fever. And rubbing of this area and general soreness means naturally its more sensitive. Not a massive problem but I felt it. As much as I was going to rub some of the excess of the mask into the skin under my eyes, I decided not to because of this.

Recommended? Yes. It did the job which it promised to which was to give my face a moisture hit! A great product to use if your skin is feeling tired, dry, or dehydrated. And the cooling is so satisfying which makes this ideal for Summer use, or even after wearing a face mask covering for long periods of time would be great. But if your skin still needs a bit more, follow it up with a moisturiser like I did. Layering is a great way to custom make your skincare routine.

You can pick one of these up from various stores online for around £4.00/4.50. Stockists include Look Fantastic and ASOS. But the cheapest place I found that sold this at time of writing this post is good old Amazon at a cost of £2.42. Happy masking!

Secret Scents Home Fragrance Spring/Summer Wax Melts

The sun is shinning, the heat has turned up (for now ) and it feels like Spring really has landed. As a lover of home fragrance, this is the perfect time for me to change what scents I’m using according to the weather. Why? Weather and seasons make me feel differently. My mood changes and it’s nice for this to be reflected in my home. Queue a perfectly timed selection of Spring/Summer inspired scented wax melts gifted to me from Secret Scents Home Fragrance. These dropped through my letterbox a few weeks ago and I’ve been melting and enjoying them ever since.

So what did I get? Beccy from Secret Scents kindly sent to me 5 wax melts in 5 different fragrances. Each melt white in colour and very cute in look thanks to being heart shaped. The scents they came in were:

Secret Scents Home Fragrance Spring/Summer Wax Melts

Lemon & Lavender. Gorgeous! This is special. What you get is a beautiful blend of sharp, zesty, very clean lemon. Added is a herbal yet sweetened lavender. And I suspect some form of incense type musk because it has an almost perfume like quality to it. These two elements combined aren’t overpowering or clashing but work together like a dream.

Lemon & Lavender

Pink Pepper & Rose. If you aren’t a fan of rose or florals in general, this scented wax might surprise you as it did me. This is indeed rose. Not in an old fashioned way though. It’s pretty, feminine, floral ( of course ), sweet but has depth to it which I can only assume is the pepper. I can’t explain how beautiful this smells but it’s a stunner!

Pink Pepper & Rose

Flora Springtime. This scent reminds me of my Dad. I know there’s a certain disinfectant brand that has been very popular over the last few years, but my dad used this years and years ago! Only difference was there wasn’t such a variety of fragrances back then as there is now. But I do recall him using Springtime which this represents very well. Another floral scent but this time it has a plant like side to it rather than just flowers. So this green and herbal part gives it a clean fragrance with a little citrus in there too.

English Pear & Fressia. Ohhh…ohhh! A killer combination of fruity, juicy and ripe pear with lashings and lashings of white floral. This smells like it should (possible is?) be an actual perfume fragrance as it’s gorgeous! Very much perfume like with some powdery notes supporting it.

Fruit Punch. If florals really aren’t your thing, and you want something more mouth watering..then this could be ideal for your nose. Fruit punch is sweet with a touch of creamy vanilla in there ( I think ! ), with a mix of berries and a citrus twist to it.

Fruit Punch

Strength & Longevity. Each wax melt was the perfect amount to melt size wise. No cutting or snapping, I just threw one in and let it melt! Each fragrance as you can imagine was different, but strength wise all were a minimum medium with 2 ( Flora & Pink Pepper ) being a medium to strong. I’ve found longevity of wax melts from this vendor to be excellent in the past, and these have been exactly the same. I’ve been able to get multiple days of fragrance out of each of these melts which is fantastic value.

Recommended? All of these scents are stunning! And to be honest they could be melted anytime of the year. But they are what I call the perfect Spring to Summer scents because they bring the outside in thanks to their great fruit and floral bases being uplifting. Each scent is amazing and lasts so long. Overall I’m super impressed by the overall quality of these melts. Each one I would happily buy to use again in my own home and even give as gifts.

You can find Secret Scents Home Fragrance on Facebook and also Instagram. They provide various home fragrance products such as melts, snap bars and reed diffusers. And dare I mention how fabulous the packaging is? Go on…treat yourself. Your home deserves it!

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Nourishing Eye Cream

Gratitude is a word that I try to think about everyday. Being grateful for what I have, who I have and where I am in this crazy thing called life is always in the back of my mind. And this extends to the physical side of myself. Accepting the good and the bad bits ( literally! ) of how I appear is something that perhaps with age is now easier. But by the grace of all that is holy if I can improve on those irritating things I don’t like I WILL! My personal annoying part of my face is my eyes. So I bought Superdrug’s Vitamin E Nourishing Eye Cream to give them a boost. Normally £3.99 for 15ml, I purchased it on a buy one get one half price deal around month ago.

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Nourishing Eye Cream

Why did I buy this? In all honesty I didn’t want this product! I wanted something else but it wasn’t available. So I opted for this for a few reasons. I just needed an eye product because my last one had ran out, so something was better than nothing. It was priced well so very affordable. Plus I’ve never used anything from this subrange before so thought I would give it a whirl!

What is this supposed to do? This eye cream is designed for normal to dry skin. Its supposed to improve the overall look of the eye area by nourishing it ( not my wording it’s Superdrug’s ). Personally, I think its purpose is to keep the eye area moisturised therefore making it look better.

My eye concerns. The skin under my eyes generally is normal but can have their dry days. But my main concerns at the moment are the fact they can look very tired, lifeless and suffer from dark circles from time to time.

Packaging. Like a lot of eye creams this comes in a tube. Neutral in colour, screw top lid and to release the product you simply squeeze it out.

Texture. Definitely cream like in texture but not runny, so holds its shape when its released from the tube. Has a slightly waxy feel to it but not greasy. Off white in colour.

How to use. With fingertips, gently apply to around the eye area.

In use. I use a small dot placed on the tip of my finger and gently pat it around my eyes and then softly massage it in. You really don’t need much of this and with all eye products less is more. It feels very light weight but still moisturising, and doesn’t give a greasy look to under and around the eyes. It hasn’t caused puffiness either which is good. This area looks normal in appearance but they feel hydrated. This is my current eye cream so this is my general routine morning and evening after a cleansed skin, and I’ve been using this for a few weeks now.

Top tip. Leave this in the fridge to provide a cooling effect if your eyes really have gone through the ringer.

Would I buy this again? I would but not regularly. It wouldn’t be a product I would need to use all the time, just at certain time periods. Wearing a face mask can make this area dry for me. Not drinking enough water or lack of sleep does the same. And dare I say with hay fever season coming up this is a good product for me to have on stand by. But for everyday use I need something else. I think my eyes have felt in good condition using this but I need a product to make them look more alive which I don’t think this has done for me. No change with the appearance of dark circles. But bare in mind, this is not what this product promises to do, this is just what my own concerns are.

Recommended? If under your eyes looks and feel dry then its a yes! This eye cream will not only give the feeling of light relief but will keep them moisturised. Easy to use, sinks into the skin quickly and if needed could be layered with a lighter textured eye product such as a serum. Not a product I personally think will make your eyes pop with energy and vibrancy, but will stop them drying out so a great maintenance product. Ideal if you are on a small beauty budget so easy to keep repeat purchasing.

Are you thinking of adding this to your skincare collection? Visit Superdrug here to grab this tube to help those thirsty eyes. get drink. *At the time of writing this post this product is on a buy one get one half price deal again. Perfect time to stock up on some goodies!

Bubble Up Keeping It Cosy Bath Bar

I don’t care whether its freezing outside or if its so hot the world is melting, I will always love and have my baths. Can’t help myself! I put it down to old age. While I’m young enough to get out of them unaided I’m going to continue to get into them! This is why my bath products are so important because I want to enjoy my bathing experiences as much as possible. So it would have been rude of me not to pick up Bubble Up Keeping It Cosy Bath Bar from Asda during a shopping trip a few months ago, at a cost of £1.50 ( was on sale normally £3.00 ).

Bubble Up Keeping It Cosy Bath Bar

Why did I buy this? Sometimes I’m a bit of a snob! I will look at a product on a shelf, look at the price and assume whether it will be good or not. This I liked the look of it, packaging and colouring but for the price and the fact I never heard of the brand before, I wasn’t sure about the quality of it. Worst case scenario I thought I would hate it never to be used again. Best case scenario I actually like it. So in the shopping basket it went and crossed my fingers!

What’s a bath bar? I think this is probably a bubble bar with a different name. If you think of how a bath bomb performs, this will be of that type of product but contain more nourishing ingredients and creates foam. And of course, its shaped like a bar rather than a ball!

Appearance. Rectangular in shape, 4 inches in length, 2 inches in height and 1 inch deep. So overall a really good size! The texture looks quite chalky and although flat on all sides not totally smooth. Its made up of coloured stripes of burnt orange and a terracotta red which is simple but quite striking.

Scent. Not the strongest scent I’ve ever smelt. Taking this out of its packaging then the cling wrap, I got a little ginger. When I say ginger I don’t mean the punchy, warming ginger scent you think of. More a lightly perfumed version of ginger with a slight, sweet, citrus twist to it. Nice enough to sniff and quite different compared to other bath products I’ve used before in regards to its scent.

In the bath. With most products like this, I dopped this under the warm running water in my bath. Immediately when it hit the water it created colour and bubbles. Colour first, turning the bath water from clear to orange. Then came the bubbles. Started off being a few, with a small amount having an orange coating on them. But then more and more came, to the point the bath was full of bubbles! And what lay underneath was a sea of bright yet burnt orange tinted water.

On the skin in the bath. This was a delight! Without reading the packaging this clearly is a product that contained some form of moisture giving ingredients because I could feel it. I felt a slip in the water, I felt a slip on my skin and I could feel it with the bits of this that was left at the bottom of the bath. What was nice about this is it felt very comfortable and moisturising, but not greasy or oily. This, I normally I love. But sometimes you don’t want or need that, especially when you have bubbles in the bath too.

Out of the bath. Now this was interesting…I assumed that my body would feel like there was something on it but it didn’t. It felt and looked super clean, matt and not coated in anything. Skin wasn’t dry as in squeaky or uncomfortable. It felt more prepped and ready to go.

Recommended? I think I may have found a little gem with this! I really love it so its a yes from me. I would definitely recommend this if you see it on your travels. Its a great size and looks very appealing. The amount of bubbles and colour created was insane and my body loved this! What an enjoyable evening bath I had with this which I would happily repreat again and again and again! I think I got a bargain at £1.50 but even at full price ( £3.00 ) its an affordable luxury! And I cannot wait to try other versions and fragrances out in the future.

Want this bar in your bath? As mentioned you can get this from Asda but depending on store in regards to availability. If you were doing an online grocery shop with them, lucky for you it’s available online here as well.

Druid And The Witch’s Aromatherapy Bath Salts

I am a massive fan of bath salts! I’ve used them when when my skin has been been problematic with psoriasis. They’ve been helpful with itching and general discomfort of my skin. When my muscles have been sore after a work out or a very physical day at work, salts get thrown into my bath. But many a time I use them just to help me unwind. They give me a different bathing experience compared to the use of a bath bomb, bath cream or soak. So I was happy to find in my stash Peppermint Bath Salts by Druid And The Witch. When bought, this cost me £3.00 for 200g.

Druid and The Witch’s Peppermint Bath Salts

Why did I use this? I hurt myself during a workout! Feeling very sorry for myself and sore ( thank you pulled calf muscle! ). I really wanted something in my bath that wasn’t just bubbles and fragrance. I needed something that would help my mind and body relax, and I thought this would be ideal.

Packaging. The salts lived happily in a clear plastic packet, with the scent and ingredients listed on a label on the front.

Consistency & look. Firstly, these are not your typical white/clear crystal like bath salts. These are blue. Not just one shade of blue I could see at least 2. A light blue and then a slightly darker one. You can tell these are salts but you do have to look carefully, because they seem smaller than the usual ones you can normally purchase. For me, these look part bath dust part salts which is quite intriguing to see.

Scent. Definitely minty! Minty and incredibly fresh. Reminds me of the scent of certain sweets that are peppermint flavoured because this isn’t as harsh or eye watering as pure, true peppermint oil as an example ( although it does contain it ). It doesn’t smell as if it’s mixed with any other fragrance so true to scent.

In the bath. I poured all of this sachet under warm running water, and straight away it turned the water from clear to a gorgeous bluey green colour. Super pretty super inviting! A little foam was produced along with the colour but not loads, very minimal and disappeared soon after. I found the fragrance to be there straight away. And as I found it when I first smelt it in the packet, this fragrance didn’t smack me in the face strength wise. It was there but not overpowering. The bath time was relaxing and pleasant. It felt and seemed very much like a bath soak.

On the skin. No irritations and didn’t dry out my skin.

Something to add. When I ordered this through a rep, I can’t remember whether these were supposed to be foaming bath salts or not ( the label just says bath salts ).

Would I buy this again? Possibly. What I would like is try a different fragrance. For me, the current fragrances aren’t as varied as what I would like and would want something a little more unusual. But they are traditional and typical when it comes to aromatherapy inspired scents.

Recommended? Although this is a nice bath salt the majority of people would probably prefer to grab a scented one off a supermarket shelf. You would get more in weight for your money. Size wise, you could get between 500g and 1kg in a packet or tub, which would give between one and four baths at a push. Price and ingredients wise would vary of course, but scented bath salts can be bought for the same price as this but get more salt for your pound. So for the amount and price and if on a budget, shopping around to get a better deal would be a good idea.

If size doesn’t matter to you and you fancy this as a bath time buddy, you can order yours here ( listing states these are foaming salts ). Not loving peppermint? No problem! These salts are available in a variety of fragrances including Sweet Orange, Lavender and Geranium.

B Blissful Tranquility Wax Melts

Like all of our senses as humans, the sense of smell is important. Being surrounded by nice scents can help create a mood. And this is exactly why I love using wax melts! Walking into a room that smells good is such a nice and welcoming experience. And this explains my slight wax addiction. Recently, I purchased a selection of wax melts from a wax vendor called B Blissful. One of the sets of wax melts I bought was called Tranquility.

B Blissful’s Tranquility Wax Melts

Why did I buy this one? The name. Rather than go for my usual scent faourites, I wanted something relaxing and enjoyable. Tranquility, I hoped, would provide that.

How does this look? In this pack I got two wax melts. Very cute in appearance. Both shaped liked ice lollies. Baby blue in colouring. Packaged in a clear plastic little bag which had the ingredients list on the back along with scent name.

Scent. This is one of those fragrances you have to smell a few times to really get it! I got a clear, sharp and zesty lemon. Not strong but there and very clean. It has an effervescence to it, a fizz almost. Despite this being quite an uplifting scent, its also incredibly relaxing too. A great citrus based scent that doesn’t go down the typical, syrupy sweet strong fragrance road.

In melt. There is something so satisfying watching shapes melt as they heat up and this was no exception! I used one melt. Despite this wax melt being small, it took a little time to melt. Seeing the top of the lolly shape poke out through its liquid pool was fun. What was left was a baby blue coloured wax pool with an added shimmer to it. The scent I found was quite delicate. While melting it travelled in a non obvious way, but it was there and I felt it softened the air in the room with its scent.

Strength & Longevity. I melted this in the kitchen. The strength I found to be light. To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether it was too light in strength and whether I should have thrown in melt number 2. But on reflection this strength is actually perfect for what it is. Fragrance shouldn’t always blow your head off and this didn’t. Longevity was good. This melted over 2 days ( before my usual wax change over ) for a good number of hours and the scent and strength remained constant.

Who would like this? Anyone that loves their fruity scents but not sweet fruity will like this. Wanting something clean, quite fresh with a citrus twist? If that’s you, you would want this. To be honest, this is one of those scents many people would like anyway because it has a broad appeal to it.

Recommended? Of course, can’t you tell? Absolutely adorable in look and perfect size to use in a warmer. Lovely scent which for me screams Spring. Lasted so well with the perfect strength for it to boot. And these wax melts are super affordable! Now, when I bought these I did get a fabulous price as they were at a sale price ( 50p ). BUT if you want this same shape, a set of 4 will only cost you £1.50. So hardly a need to file for bankruptcy!

Do you want Tranquillity in your life and your wax burner? Order yours here now for your bit of fragrance paradise.

Treacle Moon’s Gentle Powder Love Shower & Bath Gel

Guess one of my pet hates? Running low on something! Hate it! It’s bad enough if its food or drink as an example. But even WORSE when it’s a product I use on my skin. Imagine my despair when I noticed my bath and shower gels looking pathetically low in their bottles, on the side of my bath? So on top of my shopping list last week was to buy something to use in the bath and shower. I picked up Treacle Moon’s Gentle Powder Love Shower & Bath Gel from Tesco for £1.99, while doing a small top up grocery shop.

Treacle Moon’s Gentle Powder Love Shower & Bth Gel

Why did I buy this one? I’ve used products from Treacle Moon before and been very happy with them. Normally I would get them from Tesco, but a certain pandemic has limited my time and places to shop in. But when I got the chance to visit my local store recently, I thought it was a good idea to pick up and try one I hadn’t used before. And guessing what this smelt like, I thought it would be a good product for my son to use too.

Packaging. 500ml of shower and bath gel comes in a clear plastic bottle with a flip top lid. There is a little paragraph on the side, which for me conjures up how the fragrance of this is supposed to make you feel. A cute picture on the other side completes it. These details always catches my eye when I see these bottles and draws me in to inspect. Overall a great look to their packaging which is modern, interesting and cute!

Scent. This reminds me so much of baby lotion. That clean sent with slight powdery notes to it and the smallest hint of floral. This was subtle and not overpowering and very easy on the nose. The fragrance side isn’t typical for standard shower and bath gels, which is bonus. And its one of those fragrances that universally the majority of people will like it.

Look & consistency. The colour of this is baby blue, which I think is perfect considering the scent and the name of this product. Looks creamy in appearance, shiny and smooth. Consistency is what I would expect which is fluid but with a slight thickness to it.

In the bath. I squirted a small amount of this under warm running water, and it slowly created ALOT of foam. The water had a slight pale blue tint to it but pretty much was overrun by mounds of white, fluffy, soft bubbles. The bubbles lasted as long as my bath did. The scent was there and very delicate. My time spent in the bath was relaxing and super pleasant, which is what a good quality bath product should create.

In the shower. Lathered up beautifully on a sponge. Soft and creamy which is what I want when using something in the shower. Didn’t need to use much and my skin felt clean and fresh once finished.

On my skin. In and out of the bath my skin was perfectly normal. No issues and not dried out or irritated in the slightest.

Recommended? Totally! The formulation of Treacle Moon’s shower & bath gels mean you get exactly what you need from this type of product. It cleans the skin without stripping it, creates foam and has a lovely fragrance. Price wise it’s not expensive. You get 500ml which will last a good amount of time. And it’s one of those rare affordable products that actually look great as a gift and looks more expensive than what it is!

Want to get your hands ( and body ) all over Gentle Powder Love? There are a few ways and places you can buy it. You can go direct to Treacle Moon here and it costs £3.00 ( yes, it’s less in Tesco so bare that in mind ). Bonus though is they have all their range on there and delivery is free with a £15.00 spend. You can pick this up ( dependant on store and stock levels ) from Tesco instore or online. Waitrose also stock this range too. Happy shopping!

Swizzels Squashies Raspberry & Milk Soap

A bar of soap is a practical product to have in the house. Perfect to wash your hands, or to wash your body with. It’s not always the most exciting cleansing item to have but it does the job! Occasionally, I have one living in my shower for quick and ease of use. So I’m always open to buying a new one, regardless of brand or fragrance. I picked up Swizzels Drumstick Squashies Soap in Raspberry & Milk fragrance for £1.49 from Home Bargains earlier this year.

Swizzels Squashies Rspberry & Milk Soap

Why did I buy this? Packaging! Pure and simple packaging! I bought 3 items from this range ( 2 soaps and a bath fizzer ) because the packaging was so eye catching and similar to the sweets these pieces were inspired by. The price wasn’t expensive and they just seemed fun!

Packaging. Near identical to the actual sweets version. The soap comes in a red and yellow striped packet, with the brand and product name blasted all over the front. But clearly its marked as a soap so not for consumption! On the back the typical warnings, ingredients and company details are visible. The soap itself is cling wrapped once you take it out of the packet. Easy enough to remove.

Appearance. Not a perfectly shaped rectangular bar of soap. The edges aren’t totally straight but rectangular it indeed is. Roughly 3 inches in length, 2 inches across and under 1inch thick. The colouring reminds me of the sweets because its half cream in colour, half light pink. But much lighter in vibrancy. Other than that its flat in texture, shiny, and looks like soap. Very plain in look. Ok, but not special.

Scent. I couldn’t really smell this while it was in its packaging, but when I took it out it didn’t smell as I thought it would. It smelt raspberry-ish and sweet. But smelt more like a cheap candle ready to burn than a bar of soap ready to be submerged in water. It was pleasant enough, but not what I expected.

In the shower. After wetting my skin, I rubbed the soap onto a damp sponge and it created bubbles. I say bubbles, it was more a cream like texture rather than full on foam. It rubbed onto my skin easily and rinsed off well ( or did it? ). I did think with the amount of friction I created between soap and sponge, there would be a lot of fluffy, appealing bubbles but there wasn’t.

On the skin. I first noticed this while in the shower. My skin felt clean but not in a good way. Squeaky clean in fact. I also felt as if my skin was coated with something. Not grease or oil or anything like that, but something. And once I was out of the shower I realised how dry my body felt, yet my skin felt sticky on certain areas e.g arms. No actual residue I could see or feel, but my skin just felt all kind of wrong. It was as if the soap hadn’t washed off properly and didn’t moisturise my skin. Even sucking out my skin’s natural moisture leaving it feeling parched. My only blessing was my skin wasn’t itchy. By the way, no obvious fragrance left on my skin after use although smelt it mildly while in the shower.

Recommended? Nope! The minimum I expect from any product I use to clean myself with is to feel clean and comfortable. This didn’t do that. The only thing I liked was the packaging and once that was taken off the disappointment kicked in. The soap wasn’t incredibly appealing in look. The scent wasn’t special. It didn’t create soft and fluffy bubbles. But the worst bit was leaving my skin feeling tacky and dry all at the same time. I can’t put this down to price because I’ve bought and used affordable soaps before and they’ve performed a trillion times better. Price wise even cheaper than this! But this was an epic fail for me. One product heading in the bin, and I don’t do that type of thing lightly!