Beauty Kitchen’s Hydration Hero Face Mist

Why do I love skincare? It’s about making the most of what you have and trying to take care of it. You can go as deep and complex or as basic as you want. But all of us on some level will use skincare on a daily basis. I’ve tried lots of different products before, but one that hasn’t been on my radar has been a facial mist. I purchased Hydration Hero Face Mist from Beauty Kitchen earlier this year when it was on a special promotion. Current price £12.50 for 100ml.

Beauty Kitchen’s Hydration Hero Mist

Why did I buy this? I was introduced to this brand a few years ago by a friend when she gifted me a night time face mask. I was so impressed by it I’ve kept my eye on their products ever since. When they had a sale earlier this year, I bought this because it sounded like a useful product. Easy and quick to use, slot into my everyday routine and would give my skin instant relief if and when needed.

What does this supposed to do? This mist is designed to give the skin immediate moisture when applied. After one spritz, skin should look and feel brighter and happier.

Packaging. The mist comes in a darkened glass bottle with a spray dispenser top. The fact it’s darkened glass speaks volumes to me. Normally this is how products with some form of essential oils or other ingredients are contained that need to be protected from the light, so it doesn’t degrade. Labelling is quite earthy in look with its green colouring and plant like shapes. This matches the tall rectangular box this mist comes in.

Fragrance. I detect an energising zestiness to this mist so definitely some form of citrus is in it. A little floral is in there too. Overall, it has a botanical smell to this but it’s not overpowering and perfectly balanced. Don’t worry if you hate the smell of flowers or should I say florals, like I do, this is more aromatherapy based and lovely!

Ingredients. These include water, glycerin, Abyssinian Oil, Rose Absolute and various other aromatherapy oils. Beauty Kitchen’s ethos is about formulating beauty products using natural and effective ingredients.

How to use. Shake, spray six inches away from face then using hands pat onto skin.

In use. I used this as suggested on the packaging. Honestly, I expected a mist of fragranced water. That isn’t what I got. Liquid and water like yes it was. When I patted the excess into my skin only then could I tell this was something else. Rather than it being just water, I could feel there was some form of oil in it. It wasn’t greasy but light and moisturising. It’s something I’ve never experienced texture wise before.

The scent was so enjoyable to take in, and despite being a little stuffy in the nose because of hay fever, this provided some light relief.

Skin after use. I didn’t expect massive miracles from using this. That’s not what it’s supposed to do. The reason why I started using this product was hoping to get instant relief from my skin feeling tired, uncomfortable and dry. And what this did was exactly what I hoped for! A few spritz provided a light layer of hydration and protection which for my skin perked it up. And the fragrance really helped to kick start my senses and relax and invigorate me all at the same time ( depending on what time of day I used this ). My skin didn’t look greasy but it looked slightly less dull.

When do I use this mist? Mainly before wearing a mask for work. This gives my skin another layer of hydration. After wearing a mask, for obvious reasons! This crazy every changing weather means I grab this often. Warm and sunny, cold and windy. Neither is helping my face feel normal, and this is quick and easy to use while experiencing these extremes. Those moments when I know I’m not going to wash and cleanse my face for a few hours, but it needs something to keep it going before then, is when this comes out. Basically, anytime I feel my skin is flagging, I spray and go!

Negatives? I think I may have a funky spray top because the mist I’m getting hasn’t been very fine or directed properly. This means I’ve used more of this than I know I should have. Annoying, but these things can happen and doesn’t take away what’s in the bottle. EDIT. Definitely was a faulty spray top. I bought two of these mists, swapped over the the spray top with number 2 and this is now spraying like a dream! Lovely, fine mist which is covering the face with two pumps!

Recommended? Genuinely, I didn’t think a facial mist was something that needed to be used or bought, and technically it isn’t. It’s not an essential item in a skincare routine like a cleanser or a moisturiser is, so at one point I did think it’s pretty pointless. But that isn’t my opinion anymore! A good quality facial mist in my opinion can be helpful to the skin, and also for other senses too. This ticked the senses box. The texture was a delight and I loved it on the skin as it gave it an immediate hydration kick. The fragrance was mood boosting which is always a good thing. I LOVE this product! And totally recommend this and would buy this again and again.

£12.50 may seem a lot price wise, but this should last a good amount of time considering it’s 100ml. It’s not something you will use constantly so this wouldn’t disappear anytime soon. And the ingredients are well thought out and good quality. If you want to purchase the product you never you knew you needed in your life, head towards their website here to get your new skin best friend.

Soul Energy Honey Wax Melts

I was hoping 2021 would be the year of less shopping for me, but that hasn’t quite worked out! I may not visit physical shops as much as I have in the past (for obvious reasons), but that hasn’t stopped the internet calling! A few months ago I made a purchase from a company called Soul Energy, that consisted of bath bombs, bath dusts and wax melts. The first item I tried from my order was their Honey wax melts. These came in a pair, and normally cost £2.50 ( I bought mine when they were discounted because of a special offer).

Soul Energy’s Honey Wax Melts

Why did I buy these? These looked sooo cute on line! I love pretty wax and I can’t deny that weakness. I also thought honey isn’t something I tend to purchase in wax form, so was intrigued to find out how well it translated as a fragrance.

Packaging. Nothing fancy, simple but practical. These two wax melts came in a clear plastic little sleeve. Company logo on front, ingredients on the back.

Appearance. These are two little stunners! Both hexagon in shape, a little bigger than a 50p coin and both a beautiful golden yellow colouring. One has a honeycomb like pattern on the top, whereas the other has a bee shape embossed into it. Both have a generous but not overdone sprinkle of chunky glitter. Some copper coloured, others iridescent with all mimicking the actual shape of the wax melts. The attention to detail here is superb!

Fragrance. An absolute delight! I don’t mind the scent of honey but I don’t love it either. I find that it can be too sweet and very synthetic. These wax melts definitely did not smell like this! These have a beautiful blend of sweet, uplifting honey, a touch of floral and a powdery element in there somewhere. A very grown up, classy and full bodied version of honey which took me by surprise.

In melt. I would say these are the perfect size to put into a warmer, so I opted to use one in the kitchen. It was almost hypnotic seeing this already beautiful looking wax become more and more liquid, turning into a golden wax pool. The fragrance wasn’t there immediately, it slowly developed and became more and more noticeable as the wax warmed through.

Strength & Longevity. Strength wise I would say this is a medium. Would this be more if I added in both wax melts? No idea. You would think the answer is yes but believe it or not adding too much wax can actually do the opposite. So a potential waste and not a true reflection on strength. But the strength of this was spot on because this shouldn’t be a powerhouse wax! The quality of this fragrance means it really shines through, and should add to a room not destroy it. Longevity very good. I melted one wax melt over 2 days at around 8 hours and the scent and strength remained constant.

Recommended? Oh my goodness yes! These are just the sweetest looking wax melts that reflect their scent perfectly! Visually very easy on the eye. Just the right amount of wax per melt per use. The fragrance is superb and very clever, which lasted well and at the perfect strength. These I would quite happily repeat purchase and melt time and time again!

Sad face right now. If you want to order this, at the time of writing this post, these little gems are officially sold out! BUT keep this bookmarked and by the grace of God these will be back in stock asap here!

Maui Moisture Vanilla Bean Hair Butter


Does anyone else have a wish list of products and/or brands they want to purchase? I know I do! I get excited seeing things I’m dying to try out when they are affordable and at good prices. Who doesn’t love a bargain? Maui Moisture has definitely been on my to buy radar over the last year or so. But at £8.99 per product it isn’t something I’ve entertained and bought. But since some of their hair and body care range has been only £1.99 at Home Bargains, this price has been much more agreeable in my mind and budget. So over the last few weeks I’ve picked up different items including their Vanilla Hair Butter.

Maui Moisture Vanilla Hair Butter

Why did I buy this? I have LOTS of bath, body and skincare products, but not much in the form of haircare. I knew my hair supplies were running low and I needed some form of hair treatment and this was priced so well. AND vanilla bean? After giving this a cheeky sniff it was a must as vanilla is one of my all time favourite scents in everything.

What is Vanilla Bean Hair Butter? It’s basically a hair mask. You can either use this as a deep treatment by leaving it in the hair for a few minutes and rinsing out, or as a leave in conditioner.

What hair type is this for? Designed for frizzy and unruly hair which will include Afro Caribbean hair. I’ve seen this brand sit in sections dedicated to this hair type in various stores, which was a massive reason I wanted to try them out.

What is this supposed to do? This mask is supposed to deep condition hair. Help to control frizz, make it more manageable and therefore easy to detangle.

Packaging. 340g of hair mask is housed in a screw top lidded tub. Textured labelling, neutral in colouring e.g browns, gold and beiges. With all relevant information visible, including what this product DOES NOT contain e.g mineral oils, parabens etc.

I adore how the whole of this brand is packaged and labelled as it gives off the vibe of being quite wholesome in a natural, tropical, down to earth kind of way. It stands out for me every time!

Scent. Absolutely glorious! I am a vanilla addict so anything with this fragrance immediately wins me over. Sweet, slightly floral and undeniably vanilla. Can’t go wrong, and not overpowering either.

Texture & Consistency. A lovely rich looking pot of goodness. It looks very thick like a body butter. But when I took some out although it was thick, it wasn’t solid. I find hair masks/treatments I normally use are very much like this. And leave in conditioners the same or at least similar. This didn’t have a waxy texture to it, more thick body lotion like to touch.

How did I use this? Funnily enough I assumed this was just a mask at time of purchase. But it was only when I got home and read the label I found you could use it as a leave in. A leave in conditioner was something I had very little left of, so opted to use it purely in this way rather than as a mask.

I washed and conditioned my hair. While wet I combed it through and created large sections. I applied a generous amount to each of these sections, and within each created smaller sections and made 2 stranded twists. If any section felt as if it was drying out, I sprayed it with some water, and added a little extra Hair Butter onto it. Once all hair was twisted, I made sure my scalp was oiled and it was completed.

After use. I felt within a few hours my hair felt and looked as if it had totally absorbed this product. Normally, especially with the amount I use, leave in conditioners stay on my hair for hours and my hair feels a little weighty and still damp. Not only weighty but has a bounce to it. I didn’t get that with this. My twists looked fine, they looked defined. But feeling and looking at my hair, it felt as if there wasn’t much conditioner in it. It felt dry. Not dry as in brittle, just not moist.

My hair didn’t look wild or unruly. This doesn’t normally happen when I’ve freshly done my hair anyway, so no massive change with control or frizz. As a detangler, I used this in the same way on my daughter’s hair as I did on my own. It seemed to make a small difference running a comb through it after application before twisting it. But nothing incredible or memorable. Her hair really needed a good comb through so combed it before and after putting on the mask.

Was this for me? I don’t think so. Or at least not for the purpose I used it for. Looking at the range in full, I think this one would have been better just as a mask and nothing more. The amount of conditioning my hair needed I think was more than what this product could deliver as a leave in. Same results I found with my daughter’s hair too. But as a mask? I will have to try it out in that way and see if it’s more effective.

Maui Moisture Hair Care Products

Recommended? Difficult one to answer because there is a vast amount of hair types and textures that fall under the frizzy and unruly title. For me, who has full on thick, proper afro hair, as a leave in conditioner? I personally wouldn’t use it for this again or purchase it for that reason. As a mask, as mentioned, I haven’t used it in this way but I think a mask is harder to get wrong. It’s on the hair for a short amount of time and gets washed off already clean hair. So all it should really do is give a temporary pick me up for the hair, like a skincare face mask would do. And once out of the hair, style it accordingly.

For £1.99 though I think it’s still worth a go. But I would use this as a short term treatment over anything else. Important to note, this range does work very hard not to include certain things such as silicones, mineral oils AND includes high percentages of natural ingredients. THAT in itself should be applauded! The range can be found in many Home Bargains stores ( stock and variety dependant on store and availability ). Or, for the full rrp price, Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets such as ASDA sell the range. * Both Boots and Superdrug have a 1/3 off the Maui range at the time of writing this post.

Druid and The Witch’s Mango Fandango Bubble Scoop

If I could choose one bath product above any other, I think it might have to be a bubble scoop. I’ve only been using these for the last few years but I have to say I absolutely adore them! So was it any surprise I added Mango Fandango Bubble Scoop to my order from Druid and the Witch, at the end of last year? If memory serves correct it cost around £2.00-2.20.

Druid and the Witch’s Mango Fandango Bubble Scoop

Why did I order this? A bubble scoop for me is an alternative to something like a bath bomb. These work well on my skin and I have to say they rarely fail me.

What’s a bubble scoop? A bubble scoop normally provides colour, fragrance and foam in a bath. More importantly, because they tend to contain ingredients such as shea or cocoa butter, they really moisturise the skin while in the bath. So for me, this truly is a treat for the body.

The look. What I love about bubble scoops is how they look. Almost edible, which obviously they aren’t! Shaped as if this was a scoop of ice cream, doomed on the top although not totally smooth but flat on the bottom. Soft mint green in colour and soft orange running through it.

Texture. Unlike bath bombs or fizzers, this doesn’t have a chalky feel or residue to it. It does feel quite solid but looks like it could crumble.

Scent. There’s definitely a tropical mango scent to this, and to me a little hit of citrus. Not too sweet, not too strong and very pleasant.

In the bath. I threw this under warm running water, and although it remained whole for while, it lightly created colour and foam. The colour was faint in the forms of soft yellow and pale green. As the bath got bigger and bigger, so did the foam. This little bubble scoop created ALOT of foam which was just what I hoped to see.

Fragrance wise it was there during bath time but not strong. The bath itself was enjoyable, relaxing and the bubbles/foam lasted a decent amount of time. By the time I got out ( I didn’t count but a minimum of 30 minutes later ), there was a small amount left but not much. And the water itself was green tinted.

On the skin. No irritations! I’ve found recently my skin has been a bit awkward, but this didn’t irritate it at all and it didn’t dry it out. Some bubble scoops can leave a layer of oil or moisture on the skin because of it’s ingredients, but not this one. What I would say is it left my skin feeling and looking normal, so I followed my usual body routine with a lotion.

Recommended? I am such fan of bubble scoops and so far never had a bad one, so this is recommended! What I loved about this is the foam and amount it created, the water definitely felt more softer because of it’s ingredients and it was so enjoyable. It’s good for people who love bath bombs or fizzers but they want bubbles, and don’t get them with their chosen bath treat. But more importantly, if they find what they’ve been using has been drying out their skin and they need something more hydrating, this is ideal.

Checking the website there is no current listing for the bubble scoops. But they have been a regular item so keep checking! Everything is handmade, stock levels and what’s available will change. But there are plenty of bath and shower treats available in the meantime, so go visit their Etsy store to check them out! Or visit them on Facebook to keep a track of their latest creations.

Fragrantasia’s Banana Bubblegum Wax Chunk Pot

When it comes to wax melts, I think I’ve tried loads of different fragrances over the years. Some have been good, some have been great and some haven’t been to my taste at all. Sometimes certain scents are available and you just know deep down in your soul that you will love them! When Fragrantasia started to make and sell Banana Bubblegum Chunk Wax Pot last year, I KNEW I needed this in my home. The lovely Amy from the company kindly gifted this to me. And although it’s taken me awhile to melt, it was definitely worth the wait!

Fragrantasia’s Banana Bubblegum Chunk Wax Pot

Why did I melt this one? I ADORE bubblegum as a scent, especially in wax form. But one fragrance I’ve never tried has been banana. The two combined brings together two of my favourite fragrance families, one being fruity and the other being sweet inspired scents. So why would I NOT want to melt this?

What’s a wax chunk pot? A wax chunk pot is basically what the name suggests. It’s a pot of wax that normally consists of two fragrances. One being the main wax and scent, the other one being visible chunks of wax embedded into it which are of a different fragrance.

Packaging. This chunk pot lives in a clear, lidded pot. Labelling on the lid and ingredients list on the inside of the lid.

The look. The majority of this wax is mid pink in colour. Contrasting Minion yellow coloured chunks of wax can be seen poking out of it. The two colours together are so eye catching and have an almost sweety like look to it.

Scent. The scent of this reminds me of those soft banana sweets I used to get as a kid, but with more added sugariness thanks to the bubblegum element. Absolutely mouth watering yet somehow not sickly.

In melt. I used just under quarter of this in my wax warmer in the kitchen. As this slowly melted it became a mixed pool of yellow and pink liquid wax. The fragrance itself came out immediately. If I’m honest it was already there when I took off the lid of the pot this is housed in. But when warmed through and melting away, this filled my kitchen so well. Since it was so nice I decided to use another quarter and melt it in my living room at the same time.

Strength & Longevity. Strength was a medium when using a quarter of this wax chunk. Ideal for a small kitchen and medium sized living room. This has been melting in 2 positions for over 2 days and each time for a good number of hours. Consistently it throws out the fragrance well, so longevity is great.

Recommended? If you are a lover of your sweet and fruity scents this is a must! A fabulous fragrance that will leave you wiping dribble off your mouth as it’s so good! This is a little different fragrance wise and a great combination of 2 scents that work brilliantly together. It will become a firm favourite especially for bubblegum lovers, so it’s a yes from me! Great scent, looks cute, a good amount of wax which will give you hours of fragrance.

Is this fruity sweet combo right up your wax alley? Grab yours from Fragrantasia’s website here. For £2.20 you get over 40g of wax, which is going to keep your home smelling gorgeous for hours and hours and hours.

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Bedtime Bath Bar

When do you have a bath? Mornings? Evenings? When you feel poorly, tired or sore? And how many baths do you have per week? One? Two? I have one everyday in the evening and dare I say sometimes two…and will still have a shower in the morning before work! It’s part of my routine and a must to finish my day as it helps to get my body and mind right. So I thought it was time to try out something new and from someone new. Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Bedtime Bath Bar is a bath time treat I’ve recently used. I bought this a few months ago when there was a special promotion. This 130g bath bar costs £4.15.

Dirty Cosmetics Bedtime Bath Bar

Why this one? I bought a selection of different bars based on the scent descriptions and what I thought I would like. But my reason for using this one was because I wanted something that was relaxing and able to chill me out. With the name Bedtime I thought it was the perfect choice!

What’s a bath bar? My definition of a bath bar is a simple one. It provides the same bathing experience as a bath bomb but, in my opinion, a bath bar tends to be a little more moisturising than a typical bath bomb. And of course are bar or block shaped!

Packaging. The bath bar was wrapped in clear plastic with labelling on both front and back.

Appearance. This is a good, chunky bath bar! Size wise this took up most of the palm of my hand. Rectangular in shape with a texture in look and feel comparable to a bath bomb, so chalky and grainy. Beautifully two toned in colour with streaks of purple running through blue.

Scent. Exactly how it’s described on the website, I got lavender and vanilla. It’s not that heady, smack you in the face lavender. You can smell it and the herbal feel of it is there but it’s not strong. The vanilla gives it a little creaminess but it’s not sickly sweet. A lovely fragrance combo which overall was subtle. * Something to note here. Having hay fever means my nose is exceptionally stuffy, so will need to revisit the strength of scent of this bar at some point. Although I can get the scent, strength may not be picked up accurately*.

How to use. Rather than let warm water run and popping this in the bath, Dirty Fresh Cosmetic suggest to run a hot bath and then place the bar on top.

In the bath. I did as the directions suggested, I popped this on top of a very warm, filled bath. And boy oh boy did this fizz! Sound wise you could hear it cackling away. Visually you could see small bubbles flowing off it while it released eye catching, mesmerising streams of purple and blue along with foam. I have to say this was one of the most stunning and vibrant baths I have ever seen to date! The foam that was created wasn’t a huge amount and didn’t stick around for a long time. But what it did do was leave a deep, blue/purple bath which was still incredibly impressive!

The fragrance came to life as soon as this made contact with the water. During bath time the fragrance was there but very much delicate and in the background.

On the skin. In the bath this bath bar didn’t strip my skin, in fact it had a light moisturising element to it. Out of the bath my skin didn’t feel dry and I wasn’t craving body lotion straight away.

Clean up. I have never had a bath that was such a deep and dark colour as this one. Some people worry how the clean up is after, and I have to say no different to any other bath time. No staining AT ALL, I washed the bath as normal and absolutely no issues.

Recommended? If, like me you love your bath products, this is one bath bar you HAVE to try out so it’s a yes from me! Good size, great look to it, fair price and the bath art you get is INSANE! I thoroughly enjoyed this bath! It provided everything I needed from it and was an absolute joy to use. On my repeat purchase list and I want to try out more products from Dirty Fresh Cosmetics for sure!

If you love the sound and look of this bath bar, go check it out on their website here. Dirty Fresh Cosmetics have lots of other bath bars in different scents and colours available to suit everyone’s taste. I am known to be an enabler, so I suggest you grab a few while you are there!

Emily Victoria Candles Part-Time Princess Wax Melt

My kids are back in school now. You know you are a parent when you get excited for them not to be in the house just so you can clean! Declutter, sort things out, wash and basically freshen up everything and everywhere. So much easier without little ( or big ) people getting in the way. If, like me, you are a lover of a good wax melt, this is the perfect time to get melting while doing a Spring clean. I’m slowly working through a home focused to do list, and my most recent wax melt of choice while going through this is Emily Victoria Candles in the fragrance of Part-Time Princess. I was given this by a friend last year.

Emily Victoria Candles Part-Time Princess Wax Melt

Why did I decide to melt this one? I haven’t had a massive urge to use wax melts recently. I’m very cautious when it comes to scents at the moment due to the start of hay fever season, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting a nice smelling room to walk into. This wax melt on cold didn’t seem too strong, which was what I wanted. It smelt pretty and I thought my senses could handle it.

Packaging.This was given to me last year, and going off the website I suspect the packaging ( or at least the labelling ) has changed since my wax melt was made. But the one I have comes in a lidded plastic tub, black and white labelling on back and front with brand name, scent and ingredients visible. Simple in look but appealing.

How it looks. 30g of wax melt is circular, flat and soft lilac/pink in colour. No other colours, glitter or effects. One block colour. If you turn it around on the underside you will see it’s segmented which means it can be broken into three pieces. In each section is the letter E for Emily. Lovely touch!

Scent. Think this one was made for me! Quite clean almost baby lotion like. Creamy with hints of vanilla, a little musk hidden in there and a touch of coconut. Truly pretty, very comforting and a delight to sniff.

How to use. This is already segmented, so break it up and pop a piece into a wax warmer and enjoy.

In melt. This wax melt was super easy to snap. I popped in a third of this into my wax warmer which lives in the kitchen, and it melted slowly. Scent was subtle, but despite having a semi blocked nose I could smell it. Very comforting, very soft and very homely. I used the rest of the wax melt in the living room as I didn’t feel like mixing scents up and wanted to enjoy just one singular fragrance.

Strength & Longevity. Strength using a third of this wax melt I would say was light. Perfect strength considering the symptoms I’ve been suffering with recently. My head can’t deal with a strong fragrance right now. I don’t think this scent needs to be overpowering anyway. The type of scent this is it should be delicate and sit in the background. I did find though that the scent strength in my living room was a medium, and using that extra piece compared to the kitchen made a big difference. Which was great to know just in case I wanted it to be more punchier in the future.

When it comes to longevity, I didn’t melt this as long as I normally would with wax. I melted this over 2 days for at least a good 8 hours minimum and the strength and scent was still the same as when first melted. So thumbs up from me.

Recommended? I do! Its a lovely fragrance that lasted and travelled well. It didn’t cause any issues with my hay fever as the strength was just right. It created a great feel to my rooms which was just what I wanted. Although I didn’t purchase this myself, for 30g of fragranced wax it only costs £1.75! So if you are looking for a pretty scent to help lift your home, you can grab one here now.

Maui Shea Butter Body Lotion

So, I actually have a problem! It’s hard for me not to find new skin and body care products irresistible. When I say new, I mean new to my skin and face, never been tried and experienced by me before. It’s an addiction which I will get help for soon, promise! So it shouldn’t be a surprise I recently picked up Maui Shea Butter Body lotion from Home Bargains for 99p!

Why did I buy this? It was 99p! I know of this range from seeing their hair care products in stores, such as Boots and Superdrug. So when I saw the body products available, and at a stupidly low price, it was a no brainer! Body lotion, shea butter, hydrating, all words I love to hear and see. And at a bargain price!

Maui Shea Butter Body Lotion

What is this meant to do? Maui Shea Butter Body Lotion is formulated for very dry skin. With a mix of aloe vera juice, coconut water, shea butter ( and other ingredients ), this is supposed to make your skin moisturised and look and feel healthier.

Packaging. 384ml of lotion lives happily in a purple tinted, plastic bottle with a gold flip top lid. The labelling has an almost exotic, island vibe to it (think Hawaii or somewhere equally as tropical and glorious!). It’s a great looking, well packaged product that looks more in keeping price wise with its rrp (£8.99).

Scent. This is what confirmed I NEEDED to buy this! Sweet, but not sickly. Hints of coconut, a creaminess to it which is on the verge of vanilla ( but I suspect it’s the shea butter element to it ) and a little floral. An unusual scent that I haven’t smelt before in a body product. It smells beautiful and I could happily have this in various forms from bath products, perfumes to wax melts!

Texture & Consistency. White in colour and pretty much like most body lotions in regards to texture. Smooth, fluid but I found this not runny.

On the skin. Easy to apply and sank in quickly and well. BUT only when I used a small amount. My skin felt it had something applied to it but still looked and felt quite normal. I did feel though it didn’t quite give me the hydration I wanted, so using more made up for this shortfall. Only problem with that is I had to work it into my skin. It reminded me of applying sun protection where you have to really rub it in to get the white coloured cream to disappear. That’s what I found when I used the amount my skin needed. Applying more left a visible delicate shine. This made my skin look better, moisturised and it felt it too. THIS was what I wanted.

My skin was lightly fragranced with the scent of this lotion, which was lovely. Not strong, but enough for it to be there and to enjoy

Is this really for dry skin? I wouldn’t say my skin is exceptionally dry, but when it is it’s obvious because I have Afro Caribbean skin. Dry normally means lack lustre, dull, even chalky white in appearance. So I know dry. I would say this is a good body lotion for someone who has normal skin heading towards slightly dry, but not very dry. The formulation would need to be a touch thicker and waxier in my opinion. So if you have no real skin concerns in this area this will be absolutely fine. If you suffer from very dry skin, this wouldn’t be my first choice.

Important Note. There are lots of ingredients that has been left out of this product and I suspect from their entire range (although do check I’m not 100% sure). These ingredients are things such as mineral oils, silicones, parabens and SLS’s just to name a few. This is important to some consumers as many people want their products to be as natural as possible, and contain as few things in it that can cause irritations to the skin.

Recommended? I would if as mentioned above you don’t suffer from very dry skin. Although it’s a shame as this is what it’s marketed for, I didn’t feel it quite lived up to that promise. But It is a lovely product to use which smells great. Packaging makes this an ideal gift or part of a bigger gift to someone because it looks the part. And if you can get this for 99p personally I would get a few as it’s such good value.

But would I recommend this at full price, or buy it myself at £8.99? If I’m honest, no. A body lotion is something I can go through like a thirsty person drinking water. And what I wouldn’t want to do is buy something that should be for everyday use, but fear when it runs out. When it does run out it would need to be replaced. And at £9.00 it would be an expensive one off purchase, but more importantly an expensive repeat purchase. There are many body lotions out there that are much cheaper and just as good if not better if you wanted to keep your body moisturised regularly.

Want to get your hands on this sweet smelling lotion? You can pick one up from many places such as Boots and lots of online retailers too. But please check Home Bargains first. For the price of one on the high street you could pick up NINE with a few pennies left over if bought from there! So if you do buy it, buy it cheaply please.

Miss So….? Secret Crush Perfume Mist

Smelling good means feeling good. It’s no wonder people spend money buying various lotions, potions, perfumes and fragrances to make sure they smell nice. What I love is you don’t have to spend a fortune achieving this. If it’s a fragrance you want to use, there are many body mists available that provide beautiful scents but not at the same cost as actual perfumes. On my current fragrance rotation is Miss So….? Secret Crush Perfume Mist I bought from Superdrug last year. Half price at £2.98.

Why did I chose this one? At the time of purchase I bought a few different fragrances. What appealed to me with this one was the scent description sounded quite fresh, whereas most of my body mists are more fruity or bakery based. I thought this would make a nice change and give me more of a varied selection at home to use.

Miss So..? Secret Crush Perfume Mist

Scent Description ( taken from website ). The So…? Secret Crush fragrance transports your senses to fields of peony and cherry blossom, settling into fruity notes of blushing apricot, before wrapping you in a sweet embrace of amber and musk.

Packaging. This scent comes in a pale blue bottle with white and black detailing e.g spray top, labelling and logo.The look of this is simple. Quite youthful and fashionable.

My scent description. Has an almost soap and water sort of cleanness to it, mixed with floral notes. There’s a powdery element to it and definitely a hint of musk. There is a sweetness to this but not sure whether it’s coming from something floral or fruity but it definitely lifts the scent. Not heady or overpowering.

Strength & Longevity. I don’t think this is designed to be very powerful which isn’t a bad thing. I would say this is light to medium. But to build up the strength like most fragrances you can just apply a little more if needed. Longevity I found if I used this before work, I could still smell this when I finished. I didn’t need to top it up at all. Through out my shifts the scent was still there but just became less obvious.

Top tip. I haven’t smelt all of the scents from this range, but if they are all of similar strength, why not layer them over each other if you find two or maybe three that compliment the other/s. This way you are creating something unique and personal to you.

Recommended? Totally recommended. The scent is a lovely one which I actually think is perfect for Spring and Summer. It’s not too heavy, and gives you a clean scent which isn’t boring or one dimensional. This is quite pretty but not in an obvious floral or feminine way. It’s a scent most people will like and its great for everyday use with a decent strength and longevity. And the great bit is this is regularly on some form of offer at Superdrug, making it super affordable!

Fancy adding a new scent to your fragrance wardrobe? Current price is £5.99 or 2 for £8.00. Get yours at Superdrug here now.

The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter

Since I’m not a make up wearer, having good skin is important to me. I have no way of hiding my facial flaws, it literally is what you see is what you get! There’s no magic wand to provide a daily permanent filter over rubbish skin. So it’s a good thing I actually love skincare to help hold together what I naturally have. Mixing up skincare to adapt to the needs of my skin is something I do every so often. First port of call normally is looking at my cleanser. I’ve started using The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter that I got as gift from a friend.

The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter

Why this one? The onslaught of hay fever has hit me over the last 2 weeks. My eyes are sore, my skin feels the need for more moisture and overall I’m just zapped of energy, and my skin feels this too. I tried this cleansing butter ages ago as I received it as a sample, and it blew me away! I thought the texture of this product would be perfect for my drier feeling skin now, and be more soothing.

What is this? Camomile Cleansing Butter is a product geared towards sensitive skin. The perfect make-up remover because of its texture as it’s supposed to pretty much melt it away. So make-up and general dirt is what this butter tackles and should do so effectively but delicately.

But I don’t wear make-up? This isn’t classified as a make-up remover on the website, but it does state that’s what it does. But if it can make mince meat out of make-up surely it can do the same in a general cleaning of the face way?

Packaging. Love the packaging of this! 90ml of cleanser comes in a screw top circular and very flat tin. The tin is silver with the labelling in white with flowers on it. Great thing about this packaging is how easy it is to get out the product, to store it and you can get every last bit of the butter out without any waste.

Texture. To look at this it makes me think of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly type product. It has a gloss to it and it looks solid. It’s white in colour and doesn’t appear to be transparent in the tin. When you take this out though it’s quite soft and totally smooth in touch and appearance.

Scent. The fragrance of this is a sweet, soft white floral. Pretty, quite clean in scent and not strong. Great for those who like fragrance but don’t want something pungent.

How to use. Use a small amount and rub it onto dry skin. Remove with a flannel.

In use. A little of this goes a long way, so I took a small amount of this into my finger tips and gently worked it over my dry face for around 2 minutes. The heat from my fingers made this go from the balm texture to more of an oil, as it melted and glided over my skin effortlessly. My skin didn’t look drenched in grease but did have an obvious shine to it. Easy to use, in fact very enjoyable. It felt more like a treatment rather than a general cleanse.

Easy and super quick removal! I used a warmed damp flannel and gently removed this. No residue left and my skin felt and looked refreshed, clean and cleanser free.

My skin. This is so gentle and kind to my skin, which is what I want and need more than anything right now. I’m able to take this over my eyes ( probably not meant to! ) and it does them no harm. This cleansing butter cleans my skin so well without stripping it. It feels more nourished during and after use.

Recommended? 110%! This is one of those products which I can see myself repurchasing time and time again. Why? Easy and quick to use, fabulous texture, cleans and provides moisture and great scent. What I don’t want is something that’s hard work, horrible to use, dries my skin out more and either smells awful or smells too strong.

This comes in 2 sizes. 20ml ( ideal for travel ) is £5.00. 90ml costs £11.00. 90ml should last a decent amount of time with how little you use, so actually is quite affordable. Do you want to cleanse in sensitive style? Grab your Camomile Cleansing Butter here.