Lolly & Moo Crystal Ball Whipped Soap

When I first tried a whipped soap I just didn’t get it. Surely you would use a bar of soap, shower gel or foam bath of some description? So a whipped soap? Really? When I got a small sample I threw it in the bath thinking it would somehow turn into a multi purpose body wash. That didn’t work. So not impressed with how it performed, I forgot all about it. Cue to getting my hands on a full size and actually using it properly it was a game changer for me, and I have been in love whipped soaps ever since.

If you’re not too sure what a whipped soap is, its exactly what it sounds like. Whipped and fluffy soap to wash your body with. All of the whipped soaps so far I’ve bought and tried from one of my favourite small businesses Lolly & Moo. So when they made and released Crystal Whipped soap last year I HAD to try it.

Appearance. One word…STUNNING! This whipped soap comes in a clear jar so you can see exactly what you are getting. Lilac in colour, and literally piped into its packaging giving an edible ice cream look. Sprinkled with dark purple mica pigment, gold and silver glitter and tiny silver stars. And how could I forget the semi precious stone placed on the top like that very important cherry on a cake? This whipped soap could easily be THAT cake you dribble over while passing counters selling delicious cakes and pastries in your favourite supermarkets, restaurants or cake shops.

Lolly & Moo Crystal Whipped Soap

Texture. Airy, light but has a good thickness to it so easy to use and feels very luxurious. If you could use a body butter to wash with that had been whipped to an inch of its life, this is how I would describe the texture of this.

Using the smallest amount of Crystal Whipped Soap creates ALOT of lather!

Scent. Inspired by a well known fragrance, this SMELLS like a perfume! First thing I pick up on is floral. Its not a strong floral but definitely a fresh one. Hint of citrus ( slight ), sweetness and lastly a little musk which gives it that depth. Its a gorgeous fragrance, easy and pleasant to smell and just the right strength.

How to use & its performance. When I say you don’t need much you really don’t. An amount the size of the tip of you finger placed on a sponge/flannel/whatever you wash with, is ample and with warm water will foam up beautifully. It’s like bathing in something that you should actually be using as a body lotion. Cleans the skin without drying it, and gives it that hit of moisture thanks to ingredients such as apricot kernel oil.

Recommend? Oh my goodness YES! It does what its supposed to do which is to clean the skin, but its so much more special than that in regards to its look, the enjoyment while using it and it keeping your skin in great condition. You will see me use this phrase ALOT as we don’t all have a massive budget to pamper ourselves, but this truly is affordable luxury at its best! Available on the Lolly & Moo website from the 1st March 2019 at 9pm. Each 140g jar of goodness costs £8.50. Oh yes….did I mention there is a Crystal Bath Bomb too?

Crystal Whipped Soap & Crystal Bath Bomb

Strawberry Melt’s Wild Strawberry & Parsley Wax Pot

Most of the time I buy wax melts online. So I can’t stand there and have a good sniff to see if I like a particular fragrance. Online the first thing that gets me interested is the scent name. Some scent names sum up how its supposed to smell straight away, some not so much. And those that don’t, make me feel like I’m playing a game of Russian Roulette! Lets face it, scents are one of the hardest things to describe. That’s why ideally most people would want to smell something like a perfume or a candle, before they buy it. But you can’t always do that. So I really want to share some scents and wax that personally for me are a must to purchase.

Wild Strawberry & Parsley Wax Pot from Strawberry Melts is one that I purchased after seeing it pop up many times on social media as being a customer favourite. I didn’t know what to expect, but I bought it curious to see if it was as good as everyone had claimed.

Strawberry Melt’s Wild Strawberry & Parsley Wax Pot

Appearance. A simple but beautiful looking piece of potted wax. Green, with deep red splashes floating on the top. Appealing, and considering the scent name, the perfect colour combo.

Wild Strawberry & Parsley

Scent. When I took the lid off I discovered a powerful, strong fragrance. Even when solid and not melted through this is what I call a punchy wax. Its clean and fresh. Reminds me of something coming from the laundry scented family because of this and its strength. Yet underneath it you can make out a berry sweetness to it with added sharpness ( don’t think juicy sweet ripe ). Lifted with a hint of herbal ( thank you Mr Parsley ).

Longivity & strength. STRONG AND LONG! Use a quarter to a third of this depending on wax warmer used, location and personal taste. But you are more likely to change the wax because you want to rather than need to. Melting a third for me a few hours a day was still going at a good strength by the end of the week till I changed it, and could have continued for longer and still be noticeable ( if not as strong ).

Recommended? YEESSSSSS! If you like your clean/laundry type scents you will love this! More so because its not a typical fragrance, but gives that same immaculate spring clean type scent if that’s what you are looking for. This is why this is THE perfect wax to melt for Springtime. And thanks to its strength it will go on and on and on. So sad to say its sold out from SW’s recent restock, but keep stalking here as it is sold quite regularly. Costs only £2.00 (at time of posting)per 2oz pot, so definitely NOT breaking the bank!

Stellar Wax Pot by Lolly & Moo

Wax pots/melts are a fantastic alternative to the usual ways we fragrance our homes. The amount of fragrances available in these forms is growing so much more in my opinion scent wise compared to candles. This is one of the reasons why I am slightly addicted to wax pots, and it gives me the chance to try different fragrances in decent amounts at affordable prices. So what have I chosen to melt today? The wax pot that’s caught my eye ( and nose ) is from Lolly & Moo and is called Stellar.

Stellar is inspired by a well known designer/high fashion perfume. Appearance wise this looks simple but with a touch of glamour. Comes in one colour, which I would describe as an aubergine shade of purple, finished off with a light drizzle of gold multi cut glitter.

Stellar by Lolly & Moo

Scent wise you get a slight musky, earthy undertone to this wax. It then becomes slightly sweeter thanks to the addition of floral. With these two elements combined, Stellar creates a grown up, warm sensual fragrance. Feminine, sophisticated and strong yet quite clean too. How it smells cold ( not yet melted ) is how it smells when warmed through. Since she weighs 42g, depending on strength needed, warmer used and generally how much you want to use, I would recommend using a quarter to a third each time before the scent gradually fades away. It’s an obvious scent, and really fills the room without being overpowering but is very noticeable ( which you want! ). I find I can get at least a week worth of scent if not more from one pot so it will last a good amount of time ( if used in warmer for a few hours a day ).

So what do I think? Repurchase neeeded? I really REALLY like this wax! I’m a massive fan of most wax that’s inspired by perfumes anyway, but this one ticks many boxes for me. Its not too floral ( which I hate ), its not too musky ( I don’t want my house to smell like a man’s locker room ) and it smells expensive! Its quite different to other scents that I already own wax wise so stands out for me, and one I will happily buy again when this pot is finished.

Do you fancy the sound of Stellar? Buy her here for £2.25 each per 42g pot. She is gorgeousx

Prettysuds February 2019 Bath Bomb Subscription Box

Affordable luxury. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? I do! Why shouldn’t we enjoy something that makes us look and feel good without spending a small fortune? Household bills and buying kids related things such as LOL dolls and Pokémon cards is what I spend my money on. So I feel zero guilt spending a small amount of cash on myself occasionally. That’s why a body product subscription box is ideal for someone like me, more so if it contains bath bombs! Resisting purchasing wasn’t an option when a company called Pretty Suds released theirs at a special price.

Who are Prettysuds? Pretty Suds are based in South Yorkshire, England. They make and sell bath and body products such as shower gellies, bath bombs and bath crumbles. Not only are these sold singularly, but they also create subscription boxes. These are available monthly or as a one off purchase.

What do you get? 8 full sized goodies for £14.95 ( 25% off it’s original price ), which are:

Pretty Suds February Subscription Box 2019

1 Bath Crumble. Heart shaped pieces of mini bath bombs/fizzers that are in various shades of pink. Pop them into the bath and they release colour and fragrance. 400g in weight, and on the packaging it says ‘ infused with zesty cola cubes ‘. So expect a fruity sweety fragrance to match their super sweet appearance.

3 Heart Shaped Bath Bombs. Each heart shaped bath bomb has its own fragrance.

XOXO‘s scent is inspired by the aftershave Creed. It’s Barbie pink in colour with a generous sprinkle of silver glitter.

Be Mine‘s fragrance is peony and blush sued. A deep, rich purple colour with an almost mica type pigment look to it.

I LOVE YOU‘s scent is inspired by La Vie Est Belle perfume. Pink in colour covered with lots of gold glitter.

4 Bath Bombs.

Strawberry Milkshake. Scented and coloured as you would think thanks to its name. Consisting of different shades of pink running around it, and smelling of strawberry milkshake!

Bubblegum Ice Cream. The name gives you the scent description straight away, and is a mix of bright bold pink and blue colours.

Alicorn. Scent wise is a mix of strawberries, blueberries over meringue and is a ball of pink, yellow, blue and purple colour.

Unicorn Sparkle‘s fragrance jasmine, lily, sandalwood and salted vanilla.

Alicorn bath bomb

What do I think about this set? Its a great selection of goodies! £14.95 gives you A LOT of product, so exceptional value! Buying something of a similar quality and style you might only get half of the amount of items for the same price. All full size providing many many treats for bath time. They have a fun look to them because of their are shapes and colours.

This is the February box, so geared towards romance and Valentine’s Day. It could be given to anyone at anytime of the year. Great as one big gift or to split up.

At it’s original release, Pretty suds made a limited number of these ( 50 ). If you don’t manage to get a box some of these items are available on their own such as Unicorn Sparkle. But better still, keep an eye on their social media pages and website as there will be other subscription boxes available soon.

Recommended? 100%! Great sizes, good mix of scents and all pieces look fantastic. And the price is exceptional in value. Great introduction to the brand providing many bath time treats. Affordable luxury at it’s best!

For your February Subscription box order here.

Unicorn Sparkle bath bomb here.

Bubblegum Ice Cream bath bomb here.

Broken Hearts bath crumble here.


This isn’t my first dip into the big ocean called blogging. My previous experience saw me write about everything and anything, from beauty, to books, to holidays. Basically things that I came across in my everyday life. I just felt that what I was writing about was very broad in topic and covered too many things. But what I found when looking at my posts was I seemed more drawn to certain areas. Bath bombs, shower products, bubble bars, face cream, fragranced wax, candles….all of which took up a good 80% of my writing. Why? Because I LOVE these areas! So it made sense to focus on these areas more and try and give as much of my experience using these products to people who were interested.

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