Lolly & Moo Sparkles Bubbler Bar

There are some amazing bath time treats available on the high street and from small businesses. Bath bombs, melters/creamers, dusts, crumbles, the list goes on and on. But there are two types which are high on my favourites list for various reasons. One are bubble scoops, the other are bubble bars. As far as I’m concerned both have the same advantages and I love them equally. My current bath time treat is from Lolly & Moo, and is their own version of a Bubble Bar, called a Bubbler, in their Sparkles fragrance.

I chose this one because the fragrance itself, Sparkles, has always been very popular with the Lolly & Moo customer base, and comes in many forms such as wax and bath bombs which everyone was raving about. But for some reason I had never tried it! And seeing it was available as a bubbler bar it was a must to buy and try!

What’s a Bubbler? A bubbler, when part of it is crumbled in the bath provides foam, sometimes colour ( depending on which one is used ) and fragrance.

Appearance. Think of a long, slightly flattened Swiss roll type cake/pudding that’s been cut into slices. This reminds me very much of that in regards to its shape. Baby blue in colour, with a slighter darker shade of blue running through its centre. And on the outside its been treated to some silver glitter to give it added ‘Sparkle ‘.

Scent. A pretty, clean floral which I can’t see many people NOT liking. Its a fresh and clean scent ( which we all like ) that isn’t overpowering and strong, with a floral element to it which makes it quite youthful and uplifting yet soothing all at the same time. The perfect Spring time fragrance in my opinion.

In the bath. I don’t like to scrimp when using bath products, but I put a quarter of this under warm running water wondering if this would be enough and was ready to put more in if needed. 5 minutes later I came to a bath full of frothy, white bubbles sitting on top of clear water. Was surprised how much foam there was, and they lasted a good amount of time in the bath as well. Very impressed! More so as I still have 3 more uses out of one bubbler.

On the skin. One of the many reasons I love these is they are so kind and gentle to the skin. Non drying and very moisturising, which is a must for me!

Recommended? 100%! This scent is a revelation to me and I want it in EVERYTHING! And the bubbler itself surpassed my expectations. I knew it would foam, I knew it would fragrance and be hydrating on the body but I didn’t realise I needed to use so little of it to get such a great bathing experience. This Bubbler provides excellent value for money as you can get at least 4 baths out of each one. Definitely an affordable luxury and one I MUST repurchase asap! Grab your Lolly & Moo Sparkles Bubbler for £3.95 here.

Strawberry Melts Fairy Godmother Wax Chunks

Using wax to scent your home is very popular these days. Although traditional candles I doubt will ever go out of fashion, wax in other forms definitely is on the rise when it comes to what we use. Fragranced wax comes in many forms. You can go into a supermarket or discount store and you will find wax for sale, but they tend to be quite generic in look e.g cubes that you pop out of a plastic casing. Wax chunks not so much. And to get your hands on a bag you probably will need to go to wax vendor who sells wax in various shapes and sizes. One bag of wax chunks that has been living in my stash since last year, and has been melted quite regularly, is Strawberry Melts Fairy Godmother.

What are wax chunks? No different in function to wax melts or pots. They literally are chunks of wax! Depending on size of chunk you pop them in the top of a wax warmer ( which is lit or turned on ) and it will release fragrance. Visually they are interesting and fun to look, they can come in one scent or possibly a blend of scents, and you get a good amount so should last you along time!

Packaging. Fairy Godmother comes in a biodegradable bag lined with bio plastic with a small see through window to show you what you get, and a label above it to give you the wax name and scent description ( which to me is very handy! ).

Appearance. I have yet to find any wax chunks that look plain and boring, and this is no exception! Fairy Godmother chunks are mostly the same size ( but not exact giving it that homemade and unique feel ), and their main colour is lilac. Running through each chunk you can see within them mini chunks of yellow and pink. This makes them look so good almost confectionary like. And my favourite finish on all waxy pieces is there is a light dusting of glitter making them glisten slightly. Very pretty and easy on the eye.

Fairy Godmother Wax Chunks

Official Scent Description. Creamy vanilla sandalwood, honey, lavender and Santal almond cream.

My scent description. This for me falls closest into the bakery section of wax products if you want to give its scent a category. Its soothing, softly sweet and warm when you take that initial breathe, but right at the end you get the smallest hint of herbal thanks to the lavender giving it a fresh note. Mouth watering, a little creamy so not a punchy in your face scent and is a very clever combination of fragrances that work very well together and unusual when you smell it.

Strength and longevity. Firstly, this smells the same whether its sat in its packaging or melting away nicely. Strength wise, and its important considering the scent family it comes from, its a medium. If it was too strong it could be heady and I think its delicate mix of scents would get lost. It adds something comforting to the room rather than it being overpowering so it comes across very natural. Per chunk ( or two thirds of one as each chunk is quite big ), I can melt it for a few hours over a few days before I need to replace it so longevity is very very good.

Recommend? Thumbs up from me! If you are someone who loves bakery scents but wants something different from the norm, this is definitely one to purchase! It delivers what anyone would want from this scent family but with subtlety and class. I can’t say I’ve smelt anything quite like this before purchasing Fairy Godmother, and its now a much loved part of my wax collection. £5.50 for a 110g bag. Available on the Strawberry Melts website from 8.00pm on the 14th March while stocks last!

Lolly & Moo Eastern Promise Bubbly Salt Soak

Am I a shower or bath person? Both! A shower is that superfast way of washing and waking myself up in the morning ready for my day. But the bath in the evening is my relaxation and time for my body to heal from the day and hopefully look forward to a restful night. In the bath I use many different types of products but one thing I always have lingering around is some form of salts. Why? My working life Monday to Friday normally means being quite physical, plus I’m not getting any younger, and many types of salt based products help with my general aches and pains. One I’m currently using is Lolly & Moo Eastern Promise scented Bubbly Salt Soak.

What is it? Salts for the bath are quite common now. Depending on the type they can help with soreness and pain, ease problematic skin but the majority of salts for the bath don’t create any form of colour or foam. Some now have added oils and fragrances that mean they are scented. But Bubbly Salt soak not only provides the benefits of salts but also foam, colour and scent.

Packaging. Lolly & Moo are working very hard to eliminate plastic and unnecessary packaging for their products, and use packaging that is easier to recycle and better for the environment. So these salts come in a lidded tub with a re-useable scoop. Since I bought my Bubbly Salt Soak the packaging is changing. Rather than brown, the biodegradable pots/tubs are now going white!

Appearance. Varied sized grains of purple coloured powder, so doesn’t have the typical bath salt look to them. Much more finer, bath dust like, but you can see the tiniest little bits of salt crystals hidden in it.

Eastern Promise Bubbly Soak

Scent. I’m very familiar with the Eastern Promise scent as I’ve had it in wax, bath bombs and bath scoops before, and its one of my all time favourites. Fresh, sweet, perfume like ( its inspired by a fragrance ), it is amazing! Its got a great strength to it, even more so circulating in a bathroom which is warm. But its not heady and will make not only your bath smell beautiful but the room itself for a good few hours.

In the bath. I knew this foamed but didn’t expect it to foam as much as it did! Under warm running water ( a handful or a few scoops should do it! ) this bubbled up beautifully, while releasing a purple burst of colour into the water ( foam stayed white, water purple just in case you were wondering! ).


On my skin? In and out of bath my skin was in good condition. Although not everyone is the same, I suffer from psoriasis and this product caused no drying or irritation what so ever so was easy and enjoyable to use. And because of my skin issues a dried out skin is bad and this didn’t do that in fact the opposite! Not only did my skin like this but so does my body in general. This really helps me to relax and comes together twoproducts I love, which is bath salts and a bubble/foam bath.

Ingredients. I mention this because of the problems with my skin and for some its important, others may not be so much …but here you go! It doesn’t contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is a synthetic ingredient added to products to create foam. Its cheap and not always kind to the skin, so great to see this not included. Apricot kernel oil and clay added to help keep the skin soft and supple. And can’t forget the salts! A mix of Epsom and Dead Sea salts to help ease aches, soreness, relax muscles and improve the condition of the skin.

Image courtesy of Lolly & Moo of Eastern Promise Bubbly Salt Soak in new shiny white tub AND gorgeous rich, new blue colour!

Recommended? Yes! This is now a firm favourite of mine and not the type off product I can walk into a supermarket and just grab off the shelf, which makes it even more special. I love salts but always thought if they foamed it would be paradise…then BINGO! this comes along! And the fact it comes in other scents makes this perfection. Only problem is….what scent should I try next? Billionairess? Sherbet Lemon? There’s at least 10 scents to choose from. Like the sound of this? Get your 275g of bubbly soak herefor £5.75. Sorry….I can’t help you with the scent choice as there are so many great ones! Life is just too damn hard! Good luckx

***PS Literally sitting on my credit card now as I type as just been informed these beauties are currently on a 3for2 offer! ***

Prettysuds Broken Hearts Bath Crumble

Ok….so this product is a fairly new one on me. Bath crumbles! Apple crumble yes know that one! Even scented wax crumbles, yep, I own a few and use them. But a bath crumble? Well, I was in for some schooling on what one was when I ordered and tried out Prettysuds February subscription box which included 8 bath time treats, including Broken Hearts Bath Crumble.

So what actually is a bath crumble? Imagine a bag/box of shaped or irregular pieces of mini bath bombs. And in basic terms that’s what it is! You pop some under warm running water, as you would with a normal bath bomb, and it will fizz, provide fragrance and colour to the bath and possibly some foam.

Appearance. Broken Hearts bath crumble is a 400g box of love! Various sizes of small, pink love heart shapes in different shades of pink. Very sweet and look wise was perfect for a subscription in the month of February.

Broken Hearts Bath Crumble

Texture. Is what you would think of when a bath bomb comes to mind. Chalky and solid but not too solid where it couldn’t crumble ( no pun intended! ) and melt away under warm running water.

Fragrance. I wasn’t too sure what to expect scent wise on this product. On the box this came in it said ‘ infused with zesty cola cubes’. So I expected to open the bag and smell…well…cola cubes! The type I used to buy from the corner shop as a kid. What I got scent wise was cherry cola. I got the cola cube bit definitely. Sweety, slightly zingy but there was a fruity side to it that I couldn’t put my finger on until I smelt it several times, and cherry cola is the best description I can give it! An unusual scent for me when it comes to bath products, but a lovely surprise and very nice to smell.

In the bath. You can use as much or as little as you like with the crumbles, although for each bath personally I’ve been using a quarter of it. They immediately fizz in the water and release a bright and bold pink colour which provides an enjoyable bathing experience. No mass of foam although a little to start off with, but fragrance and colour was there.

So who would like bath crumbles? You will like bath crumbles if you like bath bombs, and hate the idea of using one and then its gone! One use and it goes to bath bomb heaven. 3 to 4 uses you can get from 400g of Broken Hearts which is good value for your money and allows the product to be eeked out more. Good for those who if they can bare to share with someone else, there IS plenty per box to show some kindness and let someone treat themselves at bath time too. And if you fancy a little mixology and you have a couple of these in different fragrances, you can create your own fragrance/bath time experience. And last but not least this is just a great gift idea that I doubt many people would say no to this.

Would I recommend this? Yes I would. I would love to try out the different versions to experience other fragrances and appearances. I’ve enjoyed using this and would love to use something similar again. A small number of February Subcription Boxes are still available for £14.95. If like me, you want to try other crumbles as well there is a set of 6 different crumbles on the website for the fantastic value of £19.95 ( short term offer so BE QUICK! ). Or do you just want Broken Hearts by itself? It can be bought on its own for £5.95 here.

Nuxe Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Eye Cream

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Then my soul is dead because my eyes are looking TIRED! Of course when I say ‘my eyes’ I mean under my eyes. Recently, they’ve been feeling and looking dry and tight. Probably down to a few factors such as not getting enough sleep, early starts with work, children and hay fever. And guess what I’ve been missing from my daily facial routine for the past few months? An eye cream! Wanting to improve how they looked and felt, I thought it would be a good idea to try a new product in hope it would combat my issues. And this is why I bought Nuxe’s Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream. I bought this during the January sales at half price at a cost of £7.50 for 15ml.

What is this product supposed to do? This is aimed at tired/stressed eyes. Helping the eye area be more hydrated, combat dark circles and reduce the look of puffiness.

How to use. Lightly massage product around eyes morning and night.

Nuxe Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Eye Cream

Packaging. Quite simple, clean in look. Boxed but the actual product comes in a handy pump action tube which means you can take out exactly how much you need. Very importantly, your fingers only come into contact with the product when you pump it out rather than sticking your finger in a jar. Very hygienic and practical.

Texture. Although it’s a cream, it feels more part cream part serum. Off white in colour and has a decent thickness to it. When applied or even when sat between my fingers, it sort of melts slightly. Easy to apply and sinks in quickly. Doesn’t leave eyes looking greasy or wet.

Scent. Its such a lovely scent. Quite clean, soothing, very relaxing, almost baby powder like with an added sweetness to. Obvious but not strong and not one you can continue to smell sometime after application. This really made me enjoy using this and makes me hope their body products have a similar scent too.

On eyes & appearance. I applied this under the eyes and around my brow bone and immediately it had a cooling effect. Once lightly patted in I felt this area was given a much needed boost of moisture. It already gave me a feeling of instant relief. Used in the morning and night time, under my eyes felt better and appearance wise looked less dry and more plumped. Can’t really comment on bags or dark circles as these aren’t major concerns for me, but the hydrating factor gets the thumbs up.

Recommended? If like me you are suffering from eyes that need to look and feel more alive, this could be for you. Eyes that are dehydrated and tired will in my opinion always look and feel better when they get a good, hard working but gentle product applied to it. This definitely is that! If you have more deeper concerns e.g wrinkles and ageing, you may need a product more tailored to those issues. But this is a lovely eye product which is not only easy to use but pleasurable too. A great introduction to this brand for me and would love to try more from the range. Unfortunately not discounted in price at the moment, but even at its usual £15.00 for a 15ml tube should last up to 3 months so good value. Revive your eyes? Buy yours here. Your eyes can thank me later!

Lolly & Moo Crystal Ball Bath Bomb

These days you can buy bath bombs pretty much from anywhere. Department stores, discount stores, small independent businesses/vendors, even corner shops! And of course you have well known stores whose business is based on what you put on your body and what you use in the bath or shower. One of my latest bath time treats pulled out of my beauty wax stash comes from one of my favourite small businesses Lolly& Moo. I bought the whipped soap, so it seemed only fair to buy Crystal Bath Bomb as well.

Appearance. Size wise this is more jumbo than standard. Definitely bigger than the usual bath bombs as they are so much more substantial and I struggle to hold this within the palm of one hand. Beautifully coloured! Has what I would call a galaxy look to it. Purples, blues in various different shades running around it giving that type of effect with a little silver sparkle finishing it off. Very striking!

Crystal Bath Bomb

Scent. Same as its whipped soap sister, floral, clean, slight citrus and musk, so if you have tried the soap this is its perfect match. Inspired by a V&R fragrance which would make this ideal for the perfume lovers out there.

In the bath? Popped under warm running water, the fusion of colour and water is stunning! The colours on the bath bomb is what you get in the bath, and then they all run together to give the water a rich, deep and dark purple colour. Before getting to that point this does produce foam, which lasted for me quite some time.

Surprises? Well its not the size it is for no reason! Inside this beautiful mass is a secret. A hidden semi precious stone in the centre is revealed once the bath bomb disappears. Honestly, its so much better than opening up a Kinder egg! Not all of these bath bombs have the same stone in the middle, they are varied, which makes opening these up even more interesting and exciting.

Recommended? Yes! If you were to ever go for a bath bomb that was special, unique and striking, this is the one! Its big, beautiful, smells amazing and kind to the skin. And for £5.00 it’s great value for money for a treat for yourself or someone else. Available now on the Lolly & Moo website.