Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser

I think I’m going through a mid life crisis. I’m contemplating everything in my life right now and one area is my appearance. I don’t need to look glamorous to go to work and I couldn’t be bothered anyway. But surely I need to look alive? Do I really look that rough in the morning with my face and skin so lifeless? We all go through this stage of trying to stop letting over selves go, and for me that one area is my face! Not wanting to spend a fortune I decided to start looking at replacing my cleansing routine, and stumbled across Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Why did I chose this? First things first you need clean skin. My usual facial cleansing routine consists of a facial wash which if I’m honest is my quick, lazy, few seconds splash splash action in the morning and at night, and I just didn’t think it was thorough enough. Hot cloth cleansers on the whole are thorough due to how you use them. I know this as I’ve used a few before. And I’ve always loved their texture so this product seemed perfect. When I was on the hunt for this type of cleanser I found this half price, which made it very affordable.

What’s a hot cloth cleanser? You rub the cleanser into the face and then you wipe it away with a damp warm cloth.

Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser

What does Naturally Radiant Cleanser supposed to do? Cleans the skin, gets rid of make up, impurities and generally grime. It has a mild exfoliating action due to using a muslin cloth with it so helps to give skin a clean, fresh and smoother look and feel. Aimed towards normal to dry skin types.

Packaging. I couldn’t help but notice this in store. Neutral in appearance, pale green in colouring so gives you the ‘ its good for your skin ‘ vibe, with the undertone of it being somewhat natural. Comes in a plastic tube which is boxed, and houses 150ml of product.

How to use. Very simple. Wet the face and rub some of this cleanser onto the face and neck and as suggested on the packaging use a circular motion. Use a muslin cloth that has been placed in hand hot water and ringed out, and use to wipe off product off the face.

Does it come with anything? Massive surprise it actually comes with the muslin cloth! I say surprised as I didn’t think it would be included but means you need nothing else to use it and can use it straight away. To be fair it clearly states on the box it comes with it but I totally bypassed that information.

Texture. What I expected. Thicker than a typical lotion but more like a rich cream. White in colouring, and when you squeeze it out it holds it shape. So quite thick but not solid.

Scent. Not strong which is good. But clean, fresh with a slight berry/citrus tone to it. Delightful, unexpected but very nice.

In use. I used a decent amount, enough to cover two of my finger tips ( way too much by the way ). This was gently rubbed it into my face for at least a good 3 minutes. It didn’t sink into my skin and it felt very pleasurable to use. I took this over my eyes ( I am a dare devil ) but it didn’t cause irritation despite suffering from sore eyes thanks to hay fever. Taking this off with my the warm and damp muslin cloth, was swift, easy and left no residue. One thing I can’t comment on is how well this removes make up whether its minimal or heavy as I don’t wear make up. What I do use is an eyebrow pencil, and I spent a few extra seconds rubbing gently over my brows to make sure they come off and they did.

Appearance and feel of skin afterwards. My skin looked super clean, fresh and looked and felt a little smoother compared to before use, and this was after one application. It didn’t feel dry and didn’t look it, but a touch tight. And this is only down to how clean it made my skin. I don’t actually think my face has been this clean at cleansing stage for quite some time and obviously really needed it.

Recommended? This product reminded me why I originally loved hot cloth cleansers. This delivered exactly what it promised to do, cleansed and smoothed my skin. Easy to use, great texture, lovely scent and left my skin feeling and looking fresher. Didn’t dry it out and prepped my skin ready for its next stage. And added bonus is it didn’t cause any issues with my eyes.

And the cost of this beautiful product? Currently HALF PRICE from Superdrug at £2.89. For 150ml this is a steal. Use the right amount, enough to cover the face rather than the body like I first did, this product should last a good 3 months used morning and night. The gift of good skin couldn’t come any cheaper! Grab your bargain cleanser here now.

*Please note…at the time of writing this post this product was half price. This offer may now have ended.*

Beauty Kitchen Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask

Anyone else feeling stressed and tired? I am! I have to say my body overall is holding up quite well, but not my face! So I decided to dig deep into my beauty stash looking for a quick and easy fix to perk up my skin. I thought it was the perfect time to try Beauty Kitchen‘s Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask. It had been hiding in my product drawer since the end of last year.

Why this mask? Before receiving this I had never used the range before but I had heard of it. I loved their ethos about using natural ingredients which made me interested in their products. I was very curious to see how this mask would perform.

What does it supposed to do and how do you use it? Pop a thin layer of this over the face at night and go to sleep. It’s supposed to detox the skin, nourish it and help to give it a well rested feel and look.

Packaging. 6 ml of product came in a small screw top lidded tin which is reusable. The tin itself is housed in plastic casing so instructions, ingredients and how to use are visible.

Beauty Kitchen Night Halo Sleep Mask

Appearance. I got excited when I took the lid off this for the first time. I LOVE texture! And I love rich textures such as butters and balms. When I saw this mask glistening in its pot, it reminded me very much of balms I’ve used in the past from high end beauty companies and brands. If you haven’t tried or seen balms before, think of a clear potted lip balm and that will give you an idea on how it looks. Not coloured as such but not transparent either, and there is a natural shine to it.

Scent. Anything like this in my opinion, unless made for those who are super sensitive to fragrance ( even natural ones ) needs a fragrance. Why? Its a treatment and should involve as many senses as possible that will help you to relax, especially before bed time. So this scent is a little surprising as I thought it would smell like lavender which it doesn’t. A subtle zest to it, but wouldn’t go as far as to say citrus as that can be quite strong and this isn’t. Pleasant, easy to breathe in and won’t offend anyone scent wise.

In use. I used this as suggested at night time, after a very VERY long bath. I exfoliated first so that this mask wouldn’t be wasted on dead, dry skin cells. Then popped a thin layer over my whole face, avoiding the eyes, down my neck and stopped above the bust. Very easy to apply with a small amount going along way, and my skin didn’t appear greasy or shiny, but did have the smallest amount of sheen to it. Literally melted between the fingertips and went into the face just as easy. Then I went to bed!

The results. Next day I remembered I used this, and despite getting up at 4.30m and being very tired I decided to brave it and glance at myself in the mirror. What was obvious to me was that my skin already showed signs of improvement. Skin looked and felt more smoother. Much more even in texture, and looked so much more rested. Wouldn’t call it a facelift, more a fresher appearance. Unfortunately my eyes didn’t look like this but at least the rest of my face did! Did this last all day? Well after a shift at work and rushing home, I have to say my skin still looked pretty good and less tired than usual.

Surprises? I thought this travel sized pot would only provide one treatment, but I’ve used this at least 3 times and its still quite full. A little does go along way and although you can buy the full sized version, this is an ideal try me size and perfect to travel with.

Recommend? Yes! Goodness I LOVE this product! Its quick, easy to apply and you go to sleep and wake up! How simple is that? I adore the fact once you are wake this makes you look more human than usual which is always a blessing! Packed full of natural ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond and bitter orange oil, this really is a gorgeous product that works! Comes in a variety of sizes and can be bought direct from the Beauty Kitchen or Holland and Barratt. Can’t find the 6ml size available at the moment, but the 50ml size is currently on offer at £10.04! ( at time of writing this post ). Buy yours here now.