SBC’s Coconut & Plumeria Shimmer Skincare Gel

We seem to be getting a last wind of Summer here in the UK thanks to some heat and sun. How long this will last for who knows, but no doubt if it’s dry and pleasant we will all enjoy it while we can. One body product I’ve been using on and off depending on the weather has been SBC’s Coconut & Plumeria Shimmer Skincare Gel. I originally bought this as a 4 piece set from the shopping channel QVC when it was a TSV ( Today’s Special Value ) a few months ago.

What is this? It’s a gel you put on the skin and it gives the skin a shimmer effect while providing moisture.

SBC’s Coconut & Plumeria Shimmer Skincare Gel

Packaging. This gel comes in different sizes but mine is 500ml. Housed in a tall plastic bottle with a pump action dispenser. Totally clear, with a simple picture on the front giving an idea on what the scent of this is, along with product name and on the back ingredients list and directions to use.

Appearance & Consistency. Not typical of the other SBC gels I’ve used in the past. They’ve been semi translucent but with colour. This one is a pearly white colour because of the shimmer in it, so definitely has a opalescence appearance. Texture is part lotion part gel. It holds its form to a degree when pumped out but very loose when rubbed in.

Scent. You wouldn’t guess how this smells with the name it has, or at least I didn’t! This is quite earthy in scent. Earthy in a plant way more than flowery but very clean. The coconut element is there but minus the sweetness and is probably the last thing you can smell once inhaled. I think this helps to give it a slight creaminess to it rather than tropical fruit. Very unusual and not something I’ve smelt scent wise before.

On the body. Very easy and quick to apply because of how fluid it was. It literally moved over the skin and rubbed in like a dream, and sunk in super fast. You don’t need much but you really can’t overdo it, and I found it easy to layer this up if and when I needed added moisture. I would say my skin tends to be normal and occasionally dry but at the moment no issues with dryness, so this gave me the hydration I needed and skin felt very moisturised after application.

It didn’t leave a tacky layer on the skin which meant I could get dressed straight away. Skin felt soft and smooth but appeared matt and not greasy. I would suggest not to dump a massive amount of this on the body. Three pumps for the whole body was ample for me. The thicker the layer the longer it will sink in so less is more. Need more? Apply thin layers one after the other.

Shimmer Shimmer! This sounds crazy but I totally forgot this had a shimmer to it. I didn’t really focus on this when looking at the gel in the bottle or even when first pumped out. It was only when both myself and my 10 year old son had used it one evening after a shower and he sat next to me. We both looked at each other’s arms and I felt like we were part of the Cullen family from Twilight! To say this kept us entertained is an understatement!

It really glistens in the light. Its so pretty as its fine and delicate as the particles are so tiny, but really gives you a classy bling covering without over or under doing it. And….. it last forever!It doesn’t matter if you’ve put sun cream over the top, got dressed and clothes have touched the skin, it’s still there. It comes off when you want it to though e.g having a bath or shower so not permanent.

Shimmer ! Shimmer!

Recommended? Now…. I LOVE this gel! The scent is very different. The texture makes it a dream to apply. Ideal for summer thanks to how lightweight it is and the shimmer effect.

The scent is something that some people will like and some won’t. It took me by surprise as it didn’t smell like how I imagined it would but its very much grown on me. And because its very different I love it! This doesn’t smell tropical more botanical. For the shimmer alone in my opinion its worth every penny. Want to ‘ shine like a diamond ‘ and try this out? You can buy this direct from SBC here in different sizes starting from 100ml ( on offer at time of writing this post ) priced at £4.50 to £15.00 ( 500ml ), or visit QVC where they have this product on its own or in various sets ready for you to experience.

QVC’s 4 Piece Summer Skincare Collection

Mulberry Lane’s Cocoa Butter Soy Wax Melt Pot

When I say I don’t need any more wax for home fragrancing I really don’t! I have a 4 drawer plastic storage unit full of all my waxy babies and other pieces hidden around my home. So no….I do not need anymore! But WANTING more is a very different matter. I needed to make a few wax related orders recently for a gift for a friend, and wanted to chose different vendors for them to try out. Mulberry Lane is a company I’ve ordered from before, but hadn’t tried their wax again since they rebranded last year. So I felt it was a great time to order for my friend and a myself and discover some new scents ( perfect excuse!). Along with other Summer inspired scents that got placed in my shopping basket, I ordered Cocoa Butter to try out as well.

Mulberry Lane’s Cocoa Butter Wax Pot

Why Cocoa Butter? There is a certain skincare/hair care brand that does a cocoa butter lotion which I grew up with, and the scent of it is recognisably after one whiff, AND I LOVE IT! Never smelt it in wax form and was dying to see what this was like!

Packaging. Like many wax pots…yep you guessed it…the 47g wax is in a pot! Lidded, with a a fantastic, crisp picture of pure cocoa butter pieces on the front showing what scent you get.

Appearance of wax. Colour of the wax is cream. On the top its lightly dusted with various sized hexagon shaped flat gold glittery pieces. Turn the wax around ( the pot except label is see through ) and you can see the wax is actually segmented. Its one piece but divided up in 6 segments which makes breaking up for use easy.

Melting. I used 3 pieces of this wax because of where my wax warmer was positioned in my kitchen, but 2 should be fine for most wax users. Steadily and evenly it melted which meant the scent crept up rather than pushed into the air straight away.

Scent. Now…this scent really surprised me, in a good way I might add. It didn’t have that cocoa butter lotion smell to me. In fact, it was more complex and possibly more clever considering its a home fragrance rather than something for the body. Its a creamy, moreish scent. It does have that slight cocoa butter element to it but but has a fruity undertone to it almost peach like, as if its a delicate juicy slightly sweet perfume. Such a hard one to describe but I think a universal scent as its beautiful, not overpowering and very different to other scents I’ve experienced in wax.

The scent while melting. Definitely a scent that builds up strength wise. Didn’t start off throwing fragrance in an obvious way as it was quite light. As time went on it got stronger. This was melted in the kitchen and when I came back into the house after a few hours out with the kids, I could smell it in the hallway and kept thinking ‘ ohhh whats that smell?’. Then I remembered! So it builds up and fragrances very naturally.

Strength & Longevity. Strength is a medium, but of course can be adjusted a little if you add more wax, but strength wise this is perfect. This type of strength I don’t feel should be pushing up into your nostrils and should just ‘ be there ‘. I’ve melted this so far for at least 16 hours over 2 days and its still packing a beautiful punch.

Recommended? Most definitely! I can’t see many people NOT liking this. I can understand why this is part of Mulberry Lane’s Summer collection but in all honesty I would be happy to melt this anytime of the year as its delicious and quite different so one to add to anyone’s wax collection. And I will let you into a little secret….its part of ML’s sale RIGHT NOW! So if you can grab one order here, as its an amazing price of £1.25 per pot ( £2.50 normally )!

Scent From 77 Vanilla & Berries Mini Wax Melts

As a lover of fragranced wax, I enjoy discovering new vendors to buy from and try out new scents that have never graced my wax melters. I’m very lucky I know many people who can recommend various businesses to me giving me some solid feedback before I part with money. Scent From 77 was one such vendor, and my first purchase from them contained various wax melts in different scents to try, including Vanilla & Berries.

Scents From 77 Vanilla & Berries Mini Wax Melts

Why this purchase? Scent From 77 sell wax in various forms, but I love wax shapes and mini melts. No cutting or chopping required, easy to store away in a drawer and the ideal structure to mix scents if and when needed when melting. This scent I went for because I LOVE vanilla and I really like fruity scents so win win.

What do they look like? This pack contained 6 small mini melts shaped like basic flowers. Creamy off white in colour with tiny dots of blue and pink running through them.

Scent when cold. Delicious! The vanilla is there which provides warmth, creaminess and is very soothing. The berry element is sweet but not sickly, and of course smells fruity and mouthwatering.

In use. I melted three of these in my electric Yankee Candle wax melter. They melted very quickly but evenly, so the scent was released superfast.

Scent when warm. Exactly the same when cold. The vanilla and berries worked perfectly with each other. I wasn’t too sure whether the vanilla would overpower the berry element but it didn’t and was very well balanced. Strength wise I would say this is a medium, and this makes such an inviting scent for any room or time of day.

Longevity. This poor fragrance has had to battle against various meals cooked as its been melting away in my kitchen but its done very well not to get lost behind food smells and has stood its ground. When I melt wax I melt for good chunks of hours at a time, and this has lasted a good 8 hours over 2 days and I can still smell it ( although not as strong now ).

Recommended?For a vanilla lover this is a must, and for those not so keen but like berry scents I would still suggest give this a whirl. So this scent and wax gets the thumbs up from me, and one I would really like to mix with a laundry type scent e.g clean cotton for the Summer, and a touch of cinnamon for the Autumn, as this is a great scent to mix if you like to tailor make your home fragrances. And for £2.00 to get 6 mini melts is a great price and very competitive. ** This scent may or may not be available for purchase depending on stock levels, but visit Scents From 77 to get your wax fix here now.**