Scents of Smell A Birthday Wish Wax Bar

Lets talk about wax….again! I made a small order recently made up of different scented wax bars from a company called Scents of Smell. As a wax vendor, they had been recommended to me so many times by other wax lovers it seemed rude not to try them out and see if they were as good as everyone was saying. So when my order landed the first bar I melted was called A Birthday Wish. Each bar ( included this one ) was £2.50.

Scents of Smell’s A Birthday Wish Wax Bar

Why A Birthday Wish? This is a combo of two scents that I’ve melted before separately so this combination really intrigued me as I would never have put them together myself.

Scents of Smell scent description. A blend of 1000 wishes and sweet birthday cake.

Packaging. Placed in a simple clear plastic sleeve with company and scent name on the front. While on the back general warnings and ingredients are listed.

Appearance. Shape wise think of a bar of chocolate but wider. Segmented so provides an easy way to break any of the 12 squares off to use. A pale baby blue colour, with a lemon yellow trail running through it randomly.

How much to use? I used three squares in my wax warmer which was the right amount for the room it was fragrancing ( living room ). Depending on the warmer/melter used and room, this may vary.

Scent. Oh my! Once I opened this up and stuck my nose in the wrapper I knew this was the perfect scent for me. You get 1000 wishes coming through first. This has a perfume scent and feel to it ( it should as its inspired by a branded fragrance ). Sweet, floral, a touch of citrus but with a little musk. Rounded off with the most delicious, cake like smell which reminded me of a Victoria sponge ( think vanilla sponge, cream and jam! ) which had just been freshly cut ready to eat.

While melting. This melted evenly and quickly, and the wax pool it created had a shimmer to it which I wasn’t expecting and really looked beautiful. The scent I smelt before melting and the scent while melting were identical.

Strength & Longevity. This is a scent which is strong. When I say strong it’s not strong where its fighting with your nose, but strong in the sense of it holds its own in a room, stands out against other smells e.g food, and I could even smell this through a closed window as I opened my front door! Longevity is excellent and this scented wax bar really provides great value for money. For 3 days my 3 squares of wax were melting for good duration at a time e.g 5 hours on each day, and it still continued to give a great throw of fragrance even after that.

Recommended? Lets just say this will be on my list of favourite scents this year ( its slowly growing !). I love scents that surprise me and this did. Marrying the two different scents together and it working so well blew my mind and I am totally in love with this perfume and bakery collaboration. And as a vendor Scents of Smell will be another website for me to visit to get my wax fix. Fancy trying out this scent-sational scent? Grab yours here now to make your home smell totally sweet, amazing and edible!

Druid & The Witch’s A little Bit Of Magic Bath & Shower Whip

This probably isn’t information that anyone wants or needs to know but my bathing routine consists of a shower in the morning and a bath in the evening. That means I like trying different products, whether that would be products just for bath or shower use, or something that can be used in both. So can you imagine the different products sitting around my bath tub? Bath bombs, bubble bars, soap sponges, shower gels…and whipped soaps. I was delighted to find a vendor who could provide me with ALL of these products. Last year I purchased a specially priced box of goodies from a company called Druid & The Witch, and one of my first products to try was their bath & shower whip called A little Bit of Magic.

Whipped soap? Out of all of the bathing products I’ve tried in the past this one took me awhile to get my head around. But now I understand them and enjoy them. Whipped soap is literally what the name suggests. Its not a solid bar of soap or a liquid soap, its a soap that tends to be of a similar consistency to whipped cream, and you use it the same way you would use a more traditional form of soap to cleanse the body in either bath or shower.

Packaging. Very simple. 100g popped into a clear lidded tub with the relevant labeling on it e.g product name and ingredients. I liked the fact the lid was sealed and you had to push it off after breaking a small seal on the side, so you know it hasn’t been opened previous to purchase.

Appearance. A massive reason why I love whipped soaps is how they look. This whipped soap was mid purple in colour. Looking down at this once you take the lid off, it literally looks like someone has piped buttercream into the tub because of the shape its made into and because of this it really does look edible and totally inviting.

Druid & The Witch A Little Bit of Magic Bath & Shower Whip

Scent. This has such a yummy fruitiness to it. It’s predominately a citrus scent, but sweet rather than zesty. Scent wise this isn’t far off from resembling a juicy, ripe peach so quite mouth watering. Quite fresh and almost sweety like but not in a synthetic way.

In the shower. I’ve never used this in the bath as this has been purely a shower product for me. For the whole body you could probably use a teaspoon sized amount as it really goes along way although I’m greedy and use more. When you take some of this out, you will find the texture of this to be semi solid so isn’t runny, very easy to use and to take out the amount needed. Think of a body butter but a little denser and you will get an idea on how this behaves. On a sponge and under a warm, flowing shower, this lathered up beautifully and the foam was creamy, white and so soft and a pleasure to be covered in. Cleaned my body perfectly and left my skin with its faint fruity fragrance. Skin after shower was clean, soft, not dry and ready to receive any other products I wanted to put onto it. And as a psoriasis sufferer no irritation and I wasn’t desperate to follow up with a body lotion or cream.

Recommended? I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a great quality whipped soap and I’ve found one! This is GORGEOUS! It looks amazing, it smells divine and my skin loved it so much I can’t wait to try the other scents. Great news for anyone wanting to try this pot of gold it’s a regular stock item. Visit them on Etsy to order 100g of bath & shower whip in 16 different scents for only £4.00! Brilliant priced body productx

Retrospective Candles & Gifts Perfume Inspired Sample Wax Box

I’ve been in one or two groups on social media that focus on the majestic and awesomeness of home fragrance using wax, and one of the questions I’ve seen asked is about samples. Do vendors do them? This is a question I’ve seen more in groups that are run by an actual vendor so a potential customer asking this isn’t just a random comment. I’ve been a lover of wax melts for a number of years now and I did think to myself when reading this that wax isn’t the most expensive stuff in the world, in fact one of the most inexpensive ways to home fragrance so why have samples? But if you don’t know what scents you like or want, how do you start? Or you may know your wax but are new to a particular vendor…are they any good? And a sample box containing a few different scents possibly could be a good place to start. So a purchase of mine a few months ago was a perfume inspired box by a Blackpool based company called Retrospective Candles & Gift.

Why this box? A friend of mine tried these and I really wanted to see what they were like for myself. On the website there were different sample boxes available containing different sets of scents which meant plenty of choice. The one I was drawn to was the perfume inspired wax sample box as it contained fragrances I haven’t experienced before in perfume or in wax form. And with it only costing £5.00 which included postage I didn’t feel I had anything to lose but everything to gain.

What do you get? A small but perfectly formed box slotted through my letterbox containing 10 ( I lie somehow I got 12 but lets keep that between us! ) flat circular wax melts. Each one wrapped in some form of tissue paper with their relevant labelled inspired scent name in the middle. 2 inspired by the fragrance Alien, 2 Ghost ( well I got 4 but whose counting? ), 2 Angel, 1 Flower Bomb,2 of Mademoiselle and thrown into the mix was a Unicorn Poo!

Perfume Inspired Sample Box By Retrospective Candles & Gifts

Angel. An uplifting, sweet, feminine floral.

Ghost. Feminine, with a touch of floral and sweetness. Youthful but timeless and smells expensive.

Alien. Quite a flirty scent and grown up. Musky undertones with a touch of sweetness to it.

Mademoiselle. Slightly floral, with a hint of powdery musk. Feminine and very fresh.

Flower Bomb. A fresh non overpowering mix of florals.

Unicorn Poo. Almost sweety like but not sickly.

Scent when cold. I could smell the scents of these before melting quite well. Good strength to them but I did struggle with Unicorn Poo, but the more traditional perfume scented ones were much more obvious. The scent descriptions above is how I would describe what I smelt from each melt.

Ghost inspired wax melt

True to the perfumes? These are inspired by certain scents so not copies. And in all honesty I can’t say I’ve owned any of the fragrances these waxes are inspired by, so wouldn’t feel confident in saying how similar they are. What I will say is that they are all beautifully scented, definitely perfume like and smell high end.

While melting. Where I could I would use two melts, which melted quite quickly and evenly. These melts were used in three different areas of my house. One being the kitchen, hallway and living room. All melts smelt the same as they did when melted as they did on cold so no surprises.

Strength & Longevity. What I found with each of these scents is they were quite subtle. I would leave them to melt and then think to myself I couldn’t really smell them. But I would then think how that particular room or area smelt nice but it wasn’t obvious, very soft and natural. I had these on one scent at a time for a few hours over 2 days before I changed them.

Recommended? I think this is a nice, affordable way to to try out wax. Personally, I think these are better suited to smaller rooms as bigger ones these maybe too faint in strength, and ideal for those who don’t want to have strong scents in their homes for whatever reason, but want a soft background scent. For me, I would want these to be stronger or potentially bigger ( they are sample sizes remember! ) so I could adjust how much I used. In saying that these would work perfectly and the ideal strength when I need nice smells but not overpowering ones, especially during bouts of hayfever. These would make nice little gifts ( house warming! ) that won’t break the bank. Fancy trying them out? Get yours here.

*Scents my vary, check description box for details on website before ordering*

Strawberry Melt’s Strawberry Blanket Wax Chunks

I really should enforce a wax ban on myself. But sometimes I just can’t help myself! A pretty piece of wax can turn my eye and a scent description for wax can send me crazy with excitement. And even though I promised myself recently I wouldn’t buy any new pieces I betrayed myself by buying some new wax from Strawberry Melts. One of which being Strawberry Blanket wax chunks. 110g for £5.50.

Strawberry Blanket by Strawberry Melts

Why did I go gaga over this? Purely down to the scent description. It includes one of my favourite all time scents from SW and this mix really interested me. I just knew I had to have it – simple!

Strawberry Melt’s Scent Description. Strawberry and parsley and soft blanket ( jasmine and cherry blossom, Fressia and powdery notes complete with orchid ).

Packaging. All wax chunks from Strawberry Melt’s come in a small paper bag as standard, with a small clear window on the front so you can peep inside. Scent name and description is on a label just above it and on the back is ingredients list.

Appearance. These chunks are roughly the same size but not exact ( not factory made handmade with love ). Yellow in colour with stripes of green and red running through them. Finished off with delicate dusting of irregular pieces of glitter.

While melting. I used just one chunk as each one was a good size and was the perfect amount to place in my wax warmer. Didn’t take too long to melt and created the most eye catching wax pool while releasing fragrance.

Mid melt

Scent. One word WOW! I already mentioned this included one of my favourite scents. And the scent I adore is Strawberry and Parsley. You can definitely smell it within this combination. A little strawberry can be picked out mid whiff, so has a fruity berry element to it. Some herbal element is in there but what changes this from strawberry and parsley as a stand alone scent, is this has a powdery element to it with a touch of floral. All of these mixed together created a clean, fresh, sophisticated almost laundry type scent.

Strength & Longevity. This is strong! I melted this in the kitchen and I could smell this in the next room. Despite this I didn’t find it overpowering, so this would be great wax for different sized rooms from small to big. This has been melting away on and off for 4 days…and I’ve had to change the wax not because the scent had disappeared, but because I have other wax to use up. So strength and longevity is fantastic!

Recommended? I think this is now my new favourite over my beloved Strawberry & Parsley. Why? It has that extra cleanness to it which stands out for me and I adore it! If you love laundry and clean scents and want something a little different this is for you. I can’t see many people not liking this and should be sat in every wax melter! Currently not in stock, but Strawberry Melt’s have restocks regularly and there are also opportunities for customers to put in requests for particular scents in various wax forms, so this coming back is a possibility. Visit their website here now for your latest wax fix and to keep your eyes peeled for this ( hopefully ) to pop back up for sale!