Tranquility Cosmetics Baby Powder Type Sugar Scrub

There are certain things I wouldn’t skip when it comes to a body or face care routine. Something to cleanse the body and face is a must firstly! Who wants dirty skin? I don’t! And of course something to add moisture to it…because dry skin on any part of the body is not good. But one thing I do miss out on and I am ashamed to admit it is a scrub. Facial scrubs I’m getting better with, body scrubs I’m getting worse with. If it’s there I will use it occasionally, if its not then obviously I won’t. And that’s why I purchased a sugar scrub in a baby powder inspired scent from Tranquility Cosmetics.

Tranquility Cosmetics. Never tried them before but a few friends had, so I decided to order various products to try out. Manchester based ( yay! ), they sell everything from bath bombs, bubble bars, wax melts, scrubs and more. For me this was a one stop shop to stock up on some treats. I zoomed in on the scrub because I kept thinking how much harder my body products would work and be more effective if used alongside a scrub and that hopefully would mean a better conditioned skin on my body. So I ordered at the budget busting price of £3.50!

Packaging. 200ml of scrub sits in a plastic tub with a screw top lid. Simple labeling with all relevant information around it such as product name, scent, ingredients etc.

Tranquility Cosmetics Baby Powder Type Sugar Scrub

Consistency/texture. I would say it’s similar to caster sugar. Its soft when you touch it, the grains don’t look big or feel very rough but you can see its made up of the smallest sized crystal like grains ever. If you rub it between your fingers it feels very very fine. This is dry textured.

Super fine sugar scrub!

Fragrance. When you think of a baby powder type scent you think of something which is clean, fresh and comforting which you get from this. Very similar to what its inspired by but not as heady and strong. But it is strong enough for you to recognise the scent, and enjoy it.

On the skin. I used this in the bath. I chilled in the bath for awhile, cleansed my face while I was sat in there. Then I used about a palm full of scrub and rubbed it into the body, starting with legs, torso then arms. I could feel the grains, and with my body at this point being damp these grains glided over the skin and I could feel the exfoliating action. They didn’t feel rough, and depending on the pressure I applied when rubbing this over my skin, I could make this as soft or as hard as needed. What I liked about this scrub is after awhile the majority of this dissolved, leaving my skin feeling as if something was on it but not greasy or sticky or oily. After using this I sat back into the bath and continued to soak, while washing away the tiniest bit of residue off myself.

I have to say my skin felt so soft and smooth after I dried myself off. And it was so enjoyable to use as well as getting the benefits of what its used for. I have to be honest here, I did have my doubts whether I would like this product or not. All of the scrubs I’ve used before have either had an oil base to them or a cream base, so putting something on so dry I didn’t know if it would be as effective or fun to use, but I was wrong! Easy to use, didn’t need to use as much as I thought and lot less messier to use as well. No slippery skin and no oily bath left for me to rinse out which is always a bonus.

Recommended? Yes! It does exactly what its supposed to do which is smooth out the skin thanks to exfoliation But on top of that it smells great, perfect for those who want something that isn’t greasy or creamy and super easy to rinse off! Great thing about this scrub is it comes in a variety of different fragrances which are inspired by well known scents mainly perfume or aftershave-esq smells which means if you like the sound of this product but not sure of the scent is right for you, there are many others to try out. Definitely on my repurchase list as I would LOVE to try out another fragrance. Did I say this only costs £3.50?? Want to grab one for yourself? Or give as a gift? Head over to the Tranquility website here now.

Cosy Aromas Summer Fruits Wax Melt

I’m loving Autumn scented wax melts now we’re in Autumn! Despite this though I will use any season inspired fragrances as it depends on my mood at the time of melting. One of my more warmer inspired fragrances comes courtesy of Cosy Aromas ( formally Cosy Candles ) in the form of Summer Fruits Wax Melt.

Cosy Aromas. This is my second order from them this year. I ordered a selection of small wax melts called Family Favourites. These fragranced beauties were fantastic in scent, strength and longevity. Since they won me over so much, I ordered Summer Fruits along with a few other scents to see what the rest of their range was like.

The Mother of all Wax! Like a lot of wax I buy this comes in a lidded tub. Most wax pots I own come in two standard sizes/weights, which is between 20g and up to 50g. This whopper weighs in at 110g! Because of it’s size and weight, this is more like a small wax pie rather than a wax pot which makes this impressive.

Cosy Aromas Summer Fruits

Appearance. How this looks is not what I expected. I thought I would lift the lid to discover a deep, blood red coloured wax. This definitely isn’t. Instead, Summer Fruits is orange in colour, which reminds me of the flesh of a ripe mango. One block colour, no glitter, no embedded chunks or swirls, very simple in appearance but still inviting.

Scent. I could smell a juicy, sweet collection of berries which is pretty much what you would expect considering the name of this wax. There was a tropical twist to it as well, almost a mix of mango and peach scent. It reminded me of a packet of chewy sweets which contained a mix of flavours. Sweet and slightly tangy and totally mouthwatering!

In melt. This wax was left in my wax warmer un-melted for a day. Yet somehow this fragranced the room without it even being turned on! Took very little time to warm and melt through evenly when I finally used it. The fragrance became stronger while the wax was liquid but the scent remained the same compared to when it was solid. The wax pool became a lovely, summery orange which matched its tropical inspired scent perfectly.


Longevity and strength. The small amount I used was medium to strong in strength. It had been melted all day and afternoon for two days in my living room throwing out it’s fragrance. With this melt being such a huge size you can imagine this would provide hours after hours of use. On Cosy’s website it suggests up to 100 hours of fragrance which I believe, as my slither took forever to wear out scent wise.

Recommended. Well its not a no! I love this scent. The quality of the fragrance, wax and size is impressive. The size this wax comes in makes this ideal if you know your likes scent wise as this won’t run out anytime soon. If you love fruity scents you will love this, and if you love sweet/confectionary type scents you will love this too. Its well balanced in regards to the type of fruity fragrance this is e.g not all berries, not too sweet and not sickly either. Summer Berries isn’t just for Summer it’s good all year round fragrance. Grab yours from their website here for £5.99 and spread the berry love!

Just to quickly add, not everyone will like the same scents as me. But the great news is Cosy Aromas stock a vast range of scents, which should satisfy everyone’s home fragrance needs!