Superdrug’s Turmeric Revitalising Clay Mask

I’m finding myself spending less on beauty products so far this year than last year. The current climate we are in doesn’t help, but before the madness of 2020 kicked in I already placed myself on a sort of beauty product buying ban. Why? Well…when you get into the habit of buying lots of ‘stuff’ regularly and not getting a chance to use them, they add up! And by the time you know it you honestly have no idea what you have and can open your own shop full of products. So being the newly frugal person I am I’m continuing to dig into my product treasure chest as I recently needed ( well my face did! ) a treatment mask . I pulled out Superdrug’s Tumeric Revitalising Clay Mask that I got last year as a gift from one of my good friends.

What does this mask supposed to do? Draws out impurities and extra oil from the skin, and makes it feel and appear smoother.

Superdrug’s Turmeric Revitalising Clay Mask

Apperance and texture. Lets start off with the colour….I haven’t seen a colour like this since my kids were babies! Can’t deny it its not attractive or appealing and looks a little like poo. It has a slight orangy tint to it which I would love to say reminds me of a good curry but it doesn’t. I didn’t expect the colour to be beautiful but I think the combo of turmeric, clay and shea butter doesn’t produce a visually appealing mask love child. Texture is smooth and quite thick and what you would expect from a mask containing clay. Easy to apply though and because of its consistency none was wasted and stayed firmly on skin.

Scent. Definitely has a turmeric scent to it but not too strong but its there! I felt there was a slight citrus element to it which gave it a zing and slight freshness.

How to apply. I pretty much followed instructions which is apply to clean skin avoiding the eye area and leave on till dry for 10-25mins, then rinse off with warm water.

On the skin. It didn’t take too long for my facial expressions to become frozen after this had been applied as it does dry out quickly and you feel it. Not in an uncomfortable way but expect it!

Removal. I used a damp, warm muslin cloth to get this off and it did the trick. I followed it with warm water to make sure all residue was gone and it had.

After use. My skin felt and looked a little smoother, a little more rested and I felt it was fresher. I checked my skin the following day and felt I could see the same results which made me feel very happy!

Top tip. I got three uses out of this one sachet! I found the first time I used this a third of it was plenty when applied to face and neck. And because my skin was quite angry and confused at the time, I didn’t think I would get the best results so gave it a few days later to try it again and used the same amount. My skin seemed to be much more receptive this time, and I found I still had more mask to use so saved it. With it being clay based, where the packet originally opened I could see the start of the mask had dried up. So I simply cut and opened it from the bottom and the mask was absolutely fine to use.

Recommended? This is a great and affordable mask which if you want to have your own little spa like treatment at home will help! Don’t be put off by the colour and the scent isn’t overwhelming. It left my skin in better condition than what it was prior to using it. And the fact I got to use this more than once was a win win! 99p per sachet and regularly on a 3 for 2 deal which makes it great value. * With everything that is going on with store closures, click and collect and online deliveries its best to check what the current situation is with Superdrug if you want this product or anything else from there. Visit the site here, and possibly bookmark this product to purchase at a better time for you if not right now. xxx