Fragrantasia’s Violet Laundry Wax Melt Pot

My love affair with wax melts will never end. I adore candles but they are for show not for burning. I am way too tired and forgetful to light a candle and then remember to snuff it out. So wax melts are my go to for home fragrance and more importantly in an electric wax warmer so no worries about flames, heat and my bouts of amnesia. I’ve been lucky enough to receive some wax melts and pots from Amy of Fragrantasia, to try them out as she is relaunching her wax business soon and bringing out new scents and products. My first melt came courtesy of Violet Laundry.

Fragrantasia’s Violet Laundry Wax Melt Pot

Packaging. Wax is housed in a lidded pot, which I find to be an easy form of packaging when it comes to storing wax, checking wax ( especially in warmer months wax and heat are not friends unless its combined with a wax warmer ) and having the occasional sniff session.

Appearance. I love this type of wax pot as visually I find it very appealing! A base of soft pink coloured wax with bubblegum blue coloured wax chunks playing peek a boo through out it. Simple, cute and effective!

Scent. In all honesty I wasn’t too sure what Violet Laundry would or could smell like. Laundry yes…clean and fresh, but not violet. But what I did find is when I opened the lid the scent strangely was very familiar. It reminded me of parma violet sweets. Slightly sugary…and I guess violet scented? But what makes this a little different is the slightly powdery notes to it which gives it that clean and fresh hit.

In melt. I popped in a quarter of this wax pot into my wax warmer, and while it was slowly melting through created a gorgeous wax pool where the strands of blue chunks and pink wax slowly merged into one. The scent smelt exactly the same warmed through as it did when cold, and it filled my small but perfectly formed kitchen from corner to corner.

Strength and longevity. Laundry scents on the whole are notoriously known for being one of the strongest family of scents where wax is concerned. I would describe the strength of Violet Laundry as being medium strength. There’s no mistaking its there, its not hiding in the air its THERE. I walked into my kitchen and it smelt so good, and fought its way bravely through moderate cooking smells but the scent itself isn’t overwhelming. Longevity is great. Its a steady scent that continued to throw itself out for hours and hours.

Recommended? I love sweety scents and I love laundry scents so this scent is a dream for me! What I do like about this scent is if you do enjoy your clean scents, having a sweet/floral/fruity element makes it less boring and predictable, and makes it a little fun, less heavy and summery in scent. Fragrantasia are working hard behind the scenes to get some amazing new products for sale so website isn’t live yet but expect reopening in July so keep this website bookmarked here for announcements. Violet Laundry is definitely on my list to be purchased, and should be on yours too!

Jenny Makes For You Strawberry Cheesecake Sugar Body Scrub

I know many of us have been dying to get into a physical shop to buy non essential items in the UK but not me! Well…not most of the time. I work in retail and have done so non stop during this pandemic so I see the good, the bad and the ugly of physical retail therapy. So if I can order online and save my time and sanity perfect. If I can get a good deal price wise, even better. And if I can purchase hand made products from a small business AND its local to me I’m willing to do a happy dance. So when one of the bath and body product businesses I stalk, sorry I mean follow on Instagram, did a sale recently and I also found they were based in Manchester like myself it was a sign! Buy buy buy! One out of the two products I ordered from locally based Jenny Makes For You was their Strawberry Cheesecake Sugar Body Scrub which cost £5.10 ( instead of £8.50 ).

Why this? I’ve had my eye on this vendor’s products for ages ( yet again the evils of Instagram strike! ) but I haven’t NEEDED anything. What I found I did need was a a body scrub and I timed it perfectly as this was on sale at a special price. The actual scent and name is completely me as I love foodie inspired products and especially those that appeal to my sweet tooth and love of sweet smelling scents.

What’s this supposed to do? This is a rich sugar based scrub with cocoa butter and coconut oil. So with these ingredients this will provide a hardworking and effective body scrub, while hydrating the skin during and after use.

Jenny Makes For You Strawberry Cheesecake Sugar Body Scrub

Packaging. You get 240g of scrub in a lidded plastic tub. The labeling tells you and shows you through pictures and words exactly what you are getting, and overall gives this product a fun and simple feel before you even remove the lid.

Appearance. Oh my! Dribble dribble… this is one of those products you need to double check you apply it to the skin on your body and not shovel in your mouth! Why? It LOOKS just like a cheesecake! If you look at the side of the packaging ( its clear ) you can see two distinctive layers. You have the base which colour and texture wise looks just like the biscuit base of a cheesecake, and the top layer same texture but pink in colour. So when I took off the lid, of course this is a scrub, so the pink section isn’t whipped or cream like but a jam packed scrub which was identical to the bottom.

Texture. Lots and lots of very fine grains. Think of caster sugar consistency. Its not a totally dry sugar scrub as I could feel a light coating of some sort, but it doesn’t sit in a pot full of oil and grease.

Scent. Strawberry, fruity, sweet but not too syrupy is the first thing I got when I smelt this scrub. What I was quite pleased with is it didn’t hit me very strongly when I took off the lid. Sometimes less is more, and I wanted to smell this more in use rather than in its packaging. Also, doesn’t help with my hayfever that smells ( more so strong ones ) create a game of Russian Roulette to what will sit well with me or not, which this wasn’t a problem at all. I did mention that this scrub is dual layered. The bottom layer had a different scent to it compared to the top, and I could only get this once I scooped some of the product out to use. It reminded me a little of the smell of a Jaffa cake but nice ( I hate Jaffa cakes they are the devil’s work ). A light citrus element from orange, a little vanilla which gives it a distinctive bakery scent especially combined with the strawberry. All elements delicate but obvious, and really enjoyable to smell.

In the shower. I used this scrub on wet skin while in the shower, and took out a decent amount that covered three fingertips and applied it to the top half of my body, and then delved in for a little more for the rest of me. It spread over damp skin easily, and I could feel the grains of sugar working against it providing an exfoliating action. The scent was there which I loved, which made this a pleasure not a chore.

On the skin. After I applied this being the lazy person I am, I already had a tub full of water ready for me to slip into so I could gently rinse this off. Once it was off I was surprised how soft and silky my skin felt, as if I had just put on a dry oil…but in the bath. Out of the bath and after my body was dried it still felt silky soft, highly moisturised but not greasy. I could even detect the scent on my skin too which was very light but still delicious.

Overall? This is a beautiful scrub. The scent and the look of it is fun but it’s still a hard working product. It does everything you want a scrub to do to the skin and is enjoyable to use and these combined elements mean I would buy this again in a heartbeat! This is one of those products I already have various friends in mind to buy for as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. This maybe my first purchase from Jenny Makes For You but its not my last! Find them on Etsy selling lots of different bath and products here now.

Strawberry Melts Breathtaking Rancher Wax Melt

My name is Karina and I am a wax melt addict! There you go I said it! Social media has a lot to answer for so I try to avoid posts where wax or bath and body product vendors showcase their new makes and mention when they are up for sale. Why? Because I want THEM ALL! And I’m working hard to use what I have before making new purchases ( I say this all the time I am a broken record ). But Strawberry Melts had a restock awhile ago and some melts fell into my basket. They looked so sweet and lonely and I needed to comfort them….so I bought some! My first melt from this purchase was Breathtaking Rancher.

Why this one? This is what I call a fusion, a merge of two separate scents. Breathtaking I’ve had before on its own. Not my usual go to scent but I found it quite interesting. Rancher is a scent that IS my typical go to and I just wanted to see if they would work together.

Strawberry Melts’ Scent Description. Breathtaking- Top notes of lemon, sweet orange and aloe waters. Middle notes of white pepper, white eucalyptus and a steam room accord. Bottom notes of sea moss, beach wood and clear musk. Rancher – Super sweet, super fun. Just like the pineapple flavoured candy.

Appearance. A trio of three chunky wax shapes consisting of a love heart, star and flower. All three being the same colouring which is the softest of green topped off with a darker shade of green. Each shape being the perfect size to pop in a wax warmer.

Strawberry Melts Breathtaking Rancher

Scent. The three melts were in a plastic wrapper and when opened up the first thing that hit me was a juicy, ripe, sweet hit of pineapple. Mouthwatering, the type that makes you dribble. Even more so because its not just the smell of pineapple…oh no…but with added syrupy sugar that smells of pineapple flavoured sweets. Not that dissimilar to a pineapple cube if you’ve never tried a rancher. After the fruitiness came a more earthy, crisper and cleaner scent underneath which is what I’ve gotten before while melting Breathtaking on its own in the past. Somehow these two work and don’t fight each other but compliment.

In melt. I popped one of these into my warmer and slowly but surely it melted away leaving a beautiful sea green pool of wax. The scent was already there, and like so many wax melts from Strawberry Melts the scent grew and grew and filled the room rather than deliver a massive hit and then linger and disappear.

Strength and longevity. Medium to strong in strength. Obvious but not heady. Important for me at the moment with suffering from hay fever as my head can be super sensitive. Longevity was very good. I changed my wax to a new one purely for a change rather than the scent had gone, and this was melting away for at least a good 4 hours at a time for 4 days.

Recommended? A curious blend which I’m glad I took a chance on. I seem to be finding some brilliant blends at the moment that on paper don’t quite match but do in real life work! And if there was anytime to melt this THIS would be the perfect time of year, due to it having that tropical Summery smell. I would love to see this come up for sale again and give this a massive thumbs up. Not available at the moment as the scents and wax changes regularly but visit Strawberry Wax Melts website here to see what is currently up for purchase and to keep tabs on this making a reappearance.