Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum

This is that time of the year when I spend money not on myself but on school uniforms. The cost of my son’s Year 7’s high school uniform is making me weep! But enough of the parent pity party, it just means being more resourceful in regards to what I treat myself to. And resourceful is me digging into my stash of untouched skincare as my last moisturiser has run out. So I opted to use Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum from Superdrug.

Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant 2in1 Moisturiser and Serum

Why did I purchase this? I originally bought this with other items from the range ages ago. They’re easy to pick up ( from a Superdrug store, click and collect or online delivery ), the range is quite extensive and not expensive at all. And the best bit is they’re regularly on some form of half price offer or buy one get one free which makes even better value.

What is this designed to do? Its purpose is to give the skin its natural radiance back and even out skin tone, within a 2 in 1 product that provides hydration and treatment.

Packaging. 50ml of this moisturiser/ serum comes in a pump action bottle. Like the rest of the brand because of its colouring ( pale mint green ) and simplistic labeling, the appearance fits in well within the ‘ natural ‘ skincare type niche.

How to use. Skin should be clean and cleansed before applying. 2 to 3 pumps of product applied to face and neck using circular motions every morning.

Texture. This reminds me of moisturising gels a little bit. Not totally opaque and white, as it has a slight sheerness to it. Its very light in texture so definitely looks like a cross between a face cream and a serum ( but more cream than serum ).

Scent. Identical to the other products I’ve tried in this range. Its quite fresh and clean, but has a subtle flowery and sweetness to it but still comes across very fresh and clean in scent. Its very pleasant, not strong and quite enjoyable to smell.

On the skin. When applied onto the skin, you really don’t need much. Easy and quick to apply and it sinks in immediately. This is one of those products that feels very light on the skin and not heavy at all. I love textures such as balms, oils and quite rich products, and sometimes you feel and see it on the skin but you don’t with this. It doesn’t feel as if its there but you know you’ve obviously applied something, as the skin does feel as if its had a ‘ something ‘ on it. And to look at my skin it looked matt but not dry nor did it feel tight.

No massive changes have happened with my skin after using this for a week. But bare in mind I didn’t use this to get rid of lines, wrinkles, or anything specific. I just wanted a moisturiser! Did it even out skin tone? Nope. Not a problem I suffer from right now. Did it give me any radiance? Well not really as my skin hasn’t looked too sallow amazingly.

Recommended? This is a good product for a few different people, in my opinion:

  1. Younger people ( teens to 30 ) who don’t have particular concerns with their skin and want a good quality product that’s easy and quick to apply.
  2. Men. They want to use skincare but need something that sinks in quickly and no messing about with numerous products.
  3. Budget. You’re on a budget and you don’t want to buy a face cream and a serum and overall don’t want to spend lots of money but don’t want something rubbish either.
  4. Multi purpose needed and time starved. Pretty much as above but you are one of those people who has literally 5 mins in the morning to get dressed and out of the door AND sort your face out. Win win!
  5. Summer. In the UK we had some insane heat awhile ago. I had to wipe of my sweat moustache with my santised hand many times. This would have been a good product to use due to its lightness and less likelihood of melting away.

Would I use this again? I would. For what it is, its a good moisturiser. And at certain times this would be very handy as mentioned in warmer weather. But I prefer to apply a separate serum and facial cream so I can tailor make what my skin needs. So I would happily use what I currently have and may buy this for holiday use, but for me this wouldn’t be a regular purchase.

If this sound like an ideal skin care product for you, visit Superdrug’s site here. *At time of writing this post, this product is £3.48, half price from £6.99!

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Cherry Bakewell Wax Melts

Yet again Instagram has a lot to answer for! If you have a shopping problem and you don’t want to spend your money DO NOT GO ON THERE IT’S EVIL! I can honestly say that my recent wax and beauty purchases have been triggered by this social media platform, which pretty much is an online catalogue of things I want to buy. One of my latest fragranced wax purchases has come from a wax vendor called The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie. I bought a few different pieces but the one I’m focusing on today is the Cherry Bakewell wax melts.

Decisions..decisions..why? This was my first purchase from them, but after being given some wax brittle by this vendor as a gift from a friend, I was very impressed by the quality so decided to buy some wax for myself and gifts for others. This particular wax I chose because I love sweet/fruity/bakery scents but never had this one in the past. And these wax melts looked super cute and very affordable ( £1.60 for a pack of 2 ) so why not?

Appearance. This fragrance came in two small wax melts both shaped as skulls. Both the perfect size for one use in a wax warmer. A blend of slightly different shades of reddish pink, finished off with a few random dots of large glitter really gives these the wow factor.

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie Cherry Bakewell Wax Melts

Scent. WOAH! I opened the packet and this scent hit me. Definitely no mistaking what scent this is supposed to be as it smells just like a cherry bakewell tart! Think of the almond infused marzipan, the super sweet icing, the glacier cherry on the top and don’t forget the pastry base. A total replica scent wise in my book and a brilliant one too!

In melt. I only needed one melt and this slowly melted away submerging this poor little skull in its own waxy blood. Gorgeous wax pool created with a slight shimmer to it. The scent exactly as described as above when warmed through and was a total delight to experience.

Strength and longevity. Strength I would say is a medium but a punchy medium. Totally filled a smallish kitchen but what impressed me was at the time I was cooking some pretty pungent smelling food which this little melt fought off like a solider which was impressive! I had this melting over 2 days for a minimum of 8 hours and this lasted that time period very well. Changed, as per usual, as I just wanted a change of scent.

Recommended? If this ever comes up during a restock in the future from The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie then buy it please I beg of you because I will! If you love your bakery scents this is a must! It genuinely is one of the best bakery scents I’ve ever smelt and on the whole, the wax produced from this vendor is exceptionally pretty and its so good to know first hand these not only look great but smell amazing too! Fancy some pieces of art in the form of wax? Visit their website here to treat yourself to a beautifully scented homex

Jenny Makes For You Sleepy Unicorn Bath Soak

When you dig deep enough you maybe surprised to discover what businesses are on your doorstep, or at least within the city you work and/or live in. I’m continuing to buy locally, where possible, home fragrance and bath and body products. That’s why for the second time within the last few months I’ve purchased from Jenny Makes For You, who hand make their own bath and body products within my hometown of Manchester. I was so impressed with the first order I received my second order followed quickly. And the lovely Jenny kindly gifted to me her Sleepy Unicorn Bath Soak and wanted me to try this out and let her know my thoughts on this product.

Jenny Makes For You Sleepy Unicorn Bath Soak

What does this soak supposed to do? Containing essential oils such as lavender, this soak is meant to provide a relaxing bathing experience while providing the skin with hydration thanks to containing coconut oil.

Packaging. 120g of bath soak filled to the brim in a plastic pouch which can be resealed at the top after the top has been cut open to use.

How does it look? Super pretty! I’m one of those people who gets excited when I find products for my bath that look great. The pouch the soak comes in is completely clear so you can see exactly what you’re getting, and what you will see are various layers of coloured dust. Almost like a rainbow made by a unicorn itself, this dust goes from purple, to blue, pink then finishes off with the last of the bath soak being yellow. All shades being a touch darker than pastel and very eye catching.

Scent. Everything that has the word ‘ unicorn ‘ in it seems to smell of candy or something very sweet, which don’t get me wrong is perfect for me as I love that type of scent. But it makes a nice change NOT to get that. When I first opened the packet of bath soak the first scent that hit me was lavender. Lavender can be very old fashioned and strong, which this wasn’t. Great strength to it yes but not too much. And having a slight sweetness and essential oil element to it softened it and made it even more pleasant and easy on the nose. One of those scents you inhale, make a sigh noise, then inhale again.

Texture. Very fine, almost chalky in feel. I found it helpful to give the pouch a little squish with my fingers to make sure there were no clumps so it could sprinkle in my bath freely.

In the bath. It was lovely to see the different colours of the soak evaporate in the water. Now, its important to mention this didn’t create foam, but what it did do is fill the room with its glorious scent and almost dance on top of the bath water in the smallest little purple speckles. This reminded me of using bath truffles or melts. These traditionally don’t foam but melt in the water and provide lots of moisture to the skin, almost treatment like during bathing. This definitely provided moisture. The driest part of my body is always my feet. And this soak literally made its way to my feet making me feel as if I’d put a balm like foot product on them. As for the rest of my body, it gave me that slight cocooned feel but not the oily, sometimes greasy type effect a bath melt can give.

Body once out. Soft, not irritated and not stripped of its natural oils. Plus my mind wasn’t in too bad of a condition either! Nice and relaxed with a faint hint of the scent on my skin.

Recommended? This is a great little product for those who love their bath times, and want to truly relax and unwind. I would use this again and more importantly buy for those times I really need to relax. Those who love their essential oils, bath melts and treatment based bath products such as oils I think will enjoy this immensely. And at a cost of £5.00, this is affordable as you can get a minimum of 2 uses if not 3 uses out of this. So not a one hit wonder! Need to chill or know someone who needs this in their life? Visit Jenny Makes For You here to purchase this sensory bath time treat.

Revolution Skincare’s Mood Calming Cleansing Oil

I have little control over things at the moment. One thing that this pandemic has taught me is how the only thing I can control ( to a certain degree ) is myself, rather than other people and situations around me that I can do nothing about. That’s why I push myself to read as many books as I can to keep my brain functioning, I write on this blog to keep myself creative and when it comes to self care I pamper myself when I can in an affordable and easy way. And one thing that always helps is keeping on top of my skincare routine which not only can help me look better but feel better too. The cleanser I was using in my routine had finished and I decided to buy Revolution Skincare’s Mood Calming cleansing oil. At the time of purchase this was on sale on their website for £5.60, usual price £8.00 for 140ml.

Why this? I tend to find that if I want to get to the base of a skincare problem my best starting point is looking at what I’m washing my face with. I felt my previous cleanser could have been more hard working when it came to cleaning my skin, and I knew I was suffering from stress. Stress can manifest itself in many ways on the face and I refuse to let it take hold of me and make my skin look tired, aged or even spotty. This cleansing oil is something I’ve had my eye on for awhile and when it was included in their recent sale it made it a more affordable option to buy and try.

Revolution Skincare’s Calming Cleansing Oil

What is it supposed to do? This is a cleansing oil that’s designed to soothe stressed skin without stripping it of moisture, by being gentle and effective in its cleansing action.

Packaging. 140ml of cleaning oil in a pump dispenser glass bottle. It looks very smart, simple in style but very appealing with a basic looking label.

Scent. Hard one to describe. Its not fragrance free as it has a scent to it, but its not obvious or strong but very light. It doesn’t belong to a particular fragrance family, but its a scent that isn’t offensive and I can’t see many people having an issue with it. Has a hint of a sweet floral base but exceptionally delicate.

Consistency. As the name suggests this is an oil. Typical oil texture but not thick as its easy to pump out and is very fluid. Pretty much the same thickness as a facial oil.

In use. I used two pumps of this on dry skin. The oil itself was so satisfying to rub over my face as it simply glided over the skin. It didn’t sink in and stayed on the surface, which meant I could either spend 5 seconds cleansing or 5 minutes. This made mince meat out of my eyebrow pencil, which previous cleansers had struggled to remove despite the product not being special e.g being waterproof or semi permanent. Once finished, I rinsed it off with warm water, which was very easy to do. And purely out of habit wiped my face with a damp muslin cloth to make sure my face was oil free. How effective this is on heavy make up I can’t comment as I don’t wear make up except as mentioned my trusty eyebrow pencil which I would die without!

Skin afterwards. In look and feel my skin was clean, fresh, felt hydrated and not stripped of any natural oils but very importantly didn’t look or feel oily. Lots of people I know are scared of using oily products on their skin thinking it could prove to be problematic and actually create greasy skin but not the case with this product.

One week after use. I’ve noticed that my skin does appear to be behaving itself and looks as if its in a better condition, smoother in fact, compared to how it was before. My facial routine hadn’t changed except for using this as a cleanser so I’m confident that this product has been helping regulate my skin.

Recommended? As a general cleanser definitely! If you love your oils and balms to cleanse with or slip into your daily routine as a treatment then this is a must! It cleans the skins, it doesn’t dry it out and its really easy and quick to use and quite enjoyable to apply. My only wish is I would really love this to be available in not only a bigger size ( at least double for home use ), and a smaller size ( 50/60ml ) for travel. Definitely an affordable everyday skincare product that won’t break the bank or your skin. What also makes this a great product to own is there is a matching face cream and mask so you can have a complete routine at your fingertips. Grab yours now direct from Revolution here and give yourself the gift of good skin.

The Calming Range

* At time of writing this post the cleanser is still on sale, so grab it while you can at a discount!