Druid and The Witch’s Coconut & Waterfall Blooms Wax Melt

It’s Halloween! Let’s be honest, this year hasn’t been the best has it? The traditional ways people are celebrating this season in 2020 has been thrown out of the window. Many people now are celebrating in their own way and in their own homes. Me? My usual dislike of the season has lessened, and sweets and snacks are currently sat on a bat covered table cloth in my living room! So going along with the Halloween vibe, I’ve been fragrancing my kitchen with Coconut & Waterfall Blooms wax melt from Druid and The Witch over the last 2 days.

Druid and The Witch’s Coconut & Waterfall Blooms Wax Melt

Why choose this melt? I bought a few Halloween pieces recently because I thought they would be fun and quite different for me purchase wise. This particular wax melt was bought and used because of its shape and scent. This came in a bundle of other Halloween shaped wax melts that cost £6.00, which was a perfect and affordable try me set.

Appearance. Mid purple in colour and shaped like a ghost. A sweet ghost but not a scary one. Wearing a bow tie, smiley mouth with simple eyes and cheeks. No glitter, no pigment, one block colour.

Scent. A delicate floral with a slight hint of tropical to it. It’s a very pretty scent, very fresh and relaxing and beautiful. Something I would happily wear, if I could, as a fragrance because it’s that nice!

In melt. How adorable this wax melt looked made it very hard to melt. The size of the wax melt is perfect for one use. The poor thing melted away quite quickly and left a gorgeous pool of lilac liquid wax while releasing it’s fragrance.

Strength & Longevity. I would say this is light in strength close to medium. I melted this in my kitchen and it gave the room a lovely soft fragrance. It was there, you could smell it and it was perfect strength wise. For this type of scent it was ideal. Sometimes you want and need something punchy and in your face, sometimes you don’t. Definitely not needed for this melt. Longevity wise this has proven to be a good one. It was on melt over the last two days over a stretch of hours yet the strength and scent has remained consistent throughout.

Recommended? This is my first experience with Druid and The Witch’s wax melts. The fact it screamed Halloween look wise but smelt nothing like the typical scents associated with the season I loved. Great look, perfect strength for the scent family with good longevity. What more could I ask for? A thumbs up from me and I can’t wait to try more home fragrance from this company.

If you fancy trying out their wax products or even bath and body items they have for sale, visit them on their Etsy store. They have a massive variety of items available to suit all budgets, tastes and needs.

The Rose & Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Whipped Soap Cuddles

Who doesn’t like a one stop shop? I always shop around online or in physical stores to get the best prices for top quality products. But to be able to find a place that sells different things that you equally love is literally heaven! After purchasing wax melts from a vendor called The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie and being very impressed by them, imagine my delight when I found they sold bath products too! I bought a variety of bath bomb type products and whipped soaps a few months ago, including the whipped soap in the fragrance of Cuddles.

Why did I order this? At the time all the bath products were on sale so reduced in price and great value. Perfect time to try them out and to buy some as gifts. I already love whipped soaps so needed no convincing! The fragrance Cuddles I thought would make a nice change from what I already had scent wise on my bathroom shelf.

Packaging. 60g of whipped soap comes in a screw top plastic jar. A simple label on the front and an ingredients label on the bottom.

Appearance. Almost a raspberry ripple two tone look going on, but blue and white instead of pink and cream. Beautifully and simply piped into the jar giving it an almost edible look to it. Look wise this resembles a body souffle because of the little air pockets in it, but has a more thicker looking structure.

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Whipped Soap Cuddles

Scent. It’s funny how certain scents you just know and immediately recognise. I never used the traditional baby products on my children when they were tiny e.g powders and lotions. But I know what they smell like. Cuddles reminds me of a well known baby lotion. Its clean, it has delicate floral and powdery notes to it and its near identical in scent to the lotion.

Consistency. Texture wise this is quite solid. I expected it to be softer and airy. What it reminded me of was a body butter but not as waxy. It rubbed into my sponge easily so no issues there, and I quite liked how thick this soap was compared to others I’ve used in the past.

In the shower. I used enough to cover half a finger, which then went onto my sponge. I lathered it up under the warm running shower which produced some foam. It cleansed my skin well, but I did go in for a second helping as I felt I needed more to finish off the rest of my body

After use. My skin felt clean but not stripped of any natural oils and seemed very comfortable and quite nourished. The scent of the whipped soap didn’t linger and I couldn’t smell it on myself after my shower.

Additional thoughts? I would have liked more foam. Just a little bit more I think would mean I could have used that touch less, and give more of a pampering feel.

Recommended? I quite enjoyed using this. I loved the scent and texture of this, and felt it did what it needed to do on my skin. For my personal use, this jar would be too small. For it to be practical I would need this to be at least double the size because I would be replacing this way too often. Generous sample size at 60g to try out. And as part of a gift, stocking filler or hamper, this size is great! Overall a lovely introduction to the bath product side of The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie, which I would be happy to try again but more likely to give to others as gifts. Fancy owning your own whipped soap, get your own Cuddles here now for £3.50.

Druid & The Witch’s Candy Hearts Double Mummy Bath Bomb

Halloween. This seems to have built up momentum over the last few years in the UK. Not as massive as in the US, but definitely celebrated and enjoyed by many over here. Personally, I am not a fan. I’ve never found it appealing and overall it’s not really for me. But considering how the year 2020 has unfolded, my icy heart has thawed somewhat. My mind has been more open to things it would normally be closed to. One thing I can definitely enjoy without a doubt is Halloween themed bath and body products. I couldn’t help but order a few pieces recently from a company called Druid and The Witch. One item I purchased was their Double Mummy Bath Bomb in the fragrance of Candy Hearts.

Druid & The Witch’s Double Mummy Bath Bomb

Why this bath bomb? It looked cute in a fun way! Not scary, not gruesome just super cute! And I loved the idea of this being a double bath bomb, which made me think possibly 2 bath time uses rather than 1?

What does it look like? Roughly 3 inches in length and 2 inches in width, this is typical in regards to a bath bomb in certain ways. It’s quite weighty, and has a chalky like look and texture to it. But its actual design, shape and appearance is of a mummy. Think of cartoon like version. White in colour with bandages molded around it. Two beady eyes finish off the exterior to it. Running around the edges of the middle of the outside of it, you can see red splatters, almost blood like.

The bath bomb on reverse has the same features because guess what? This literally is 2 bath bombs sandwiched together. Take the cellophane wrapper off and you have 2 independent bath bombs, totally separate and ready to be enjoyed!

Scent. I could smell this even with it being wrapped in cellophane. It smells just like Love Hearts the sweets! Fruity, fizzy, sweet confectionery just like the packet you can pick up from the shops! Yum.

In the bath. I popped this under warm running water. As I expected the little mummy fizzed and bubbled away, producing white foam. What I found exciting was to see a train of red slowly bursting out of the bath bomb into the water. This started off quite delicately and sparse, and then exploded into full on colour! What greeted my eyes looked like a blood bath! Not a deep,crimson red. But more of a pinky/red which I thought was brilliant!

The foam didn’t last too long as the water became, well, a bath tub of coloured water. At this stage it was more bath soak like rather than bath bomb. It still had that pink/red tint to it which made my kids give a side wards glance probably wondering if I was still alive!

Skin after use. Not dried. Mind, body and skin came out feeling quite relaxed with no urgency to throw body lotion on.

Cleaning up. With the water turning into such a vibrant colour, I only realised when washing out the bath how it was so easy. No staining, no hard work or scrubbing, nothing! Anyone who uses bath bombs or other bath products which colour the water are fully aware sometimes clean up is a work out in itself but not with this one.

Could this be better? I would love if the fragrance of this was a little stronger. It smelt nice before I used it and continued to do so while it went for a swim in the bath with me. But if the fragrance was punchier I would love this more.

Something to add. Who knows what would happen if I threw in BOTH Mummy bath bombs! More foam? More fragrance? Deeper shade of red? No idea but glad one remains for future use!

Recommended? This was so much fun! My first Halloween themed bath product which won’t be the last! The look of it was great. Ideal for not only adults but children too. The effect n the bath was pretty gruesome but in a good way. And the fact you potentially could have two uses from this made this even more special. So it’s a yes from me!

This Double Mummy Bath Bomb cost £4.50, which effectively makes it £2.25 each. Brilliant price! There are so many fantastic Halloween bath bombs available from Druid & The Witch, you really are spoilt for choice. Fancy a freakishly bathing experience? Visit their Etsy store here to get your freak on!

Revolution Skincare London’s Calming Overnight Face Mask

Have you ever found your skincare products have stopped working? No longer providing you with the results you had before? If my skincare routine isn’t effective it can be adjusted rather than changed completely. Slipping a product in my routine can make a difference. If my skin feels dry and tight, a facial oil may help. If my skin doesn’t seem as clean as it should be, I double cleanse. Using a skincare mask for me is an easy addition to step up my skin results when needed. That’s why I’ve recently added Revolution Skincare London‘s Calming Overnight Face Mask to my routine.

Why this one? A few months ago I bought this along with the matching cleansing oil and moisturiser. I felt internally and externally stress was affecting me and thought this range would be a good one to use. My skin isn’t in bad condition at the moment. But I’m fully aware that it could do with a boost and thought this might help. I’m so lazy and tired right now, a simple application and no real removal of a product seemed ideal.

Revolution Skincare London Calming Overnight Face Mask

What is it supposed to do? Would you be surprised if I was to say it calms the skin? It’s an overnight face mask which is light weight in texture, and designed to soothe the skin, relax it and help it get back to normal.

Packaging. I love the packaging of this range! 50ml of this mask is placed in a small glass tub, with screw top lid. The glass is darkened, and the labeling on lid and around the bottle is white and bright pink, making it pop. All information is either on that or the small cardboard box this comes in ( which mirrors the jar in appearance and colouring ). Very clean and simple in look.

Scent. Identical to the cleansing oil. I actually forgot how much I liked the fragrance! This has a little floral sweetness to it, but still remains quite clean in scent and inoffensive.

Texture. This is light weight. It’s white in colour and although doesn’t look it in the jar, is quite loose in consistency. When you rub it in it does so super quickly. No hard work needed.

How to use. Apply onto clean skin. Leave on over night. Use 2 to 3 times a week.

On the skin. I used this after I cleansed and exfoliated, so my skin was clean. I applied a thin layer of this onto my skin, and noticed it sank in straight away. Skin looked matt once absorbed and not shiny. It didn’t feel heavy, and once applied it felt as if t could easily have been a normal day cream. And then I went to bed!

The morning after the night before. I won’t lie I was a little disappointed. I was hoping my skin would at least feel or/and look dewy and hydrated and it didn’t. Although I didn’t think it felt dry and tight, I also didn’t feel I had used any form of special treatment on the skin. My face looked and felt no different to before using this.

Recommended? I loved the cleansing oil from this range and thought I would love this too but I don’t. I just don’t think this is the mask for me at the moment. My skin isn’t getting enough benefit using it and I will put this to one side and use another time. The only thing my skin is suffering from is being dehydrated ( I blame weather and masks! ) and tired. And for me I need something much more protective and moisturising, which this isn’t.

So not my mask of choice right now, but for those who are experiencing skin that I would describe as playing up and having a mind of it’s own, I think this is more for you than me. But f your skin is dry, aged, lagging…this I don’t think will be your best choice. It just proves one side doesn’t fit all, but thankfully Revolution have a great variety of masks for various skin types so plenty to chose from.

Normally this retails for £7.99, but at the time of writing this post direct from Superdrug, they have this on a 3 for 2 deal on some facial products. Or from Revolution direct it’s £5.60. And a quick heads up….Revolution have 25% off everything which ends 20th October 8am BST ( using code REV25 ) SO HAPPY SHOPPING! ( Check their FB page for details ).

Visit Superdrug here Revoution Beauty here to order yours.

Fragrantasia’s Blackberry Mint Chunk Wax Pot

As a wax melt lover, I am open to new wax vendors. To inspire me to purchase from them scents available is a factor, look of wax and of course prices. But regardless of new discoveries there are always a few wax vendors that I trust and will always go back to time and time again. Fragrantasia is one such wax vendor, who I’ve used for the last couple of years, and never been let down in regards to quality and price. Over the last few days I’ve been melting Blackberry Mint Chunk Pot.

Fragrantasia’s Blackberry Mint Wax Chunk Pot

Why melt Blackberry Mint? I love fruity scents and minty scents so why not? There hasn’t been too many wax melts I’ve used in the past with this fragrance combination, and I felt like melting something totally different to what I’ve been using the last few weeks.

Fragrantasia’s Scent Description ( from website ). Wild mint chunks with a tart blackberry overpour.

Packaging. I’m not 100% sure of the weight of this wax, but going off my vast experience of buying wax, I’m guessing (but don’t quote me on this one!) this will weigh around the 50/55g mark. This wax sits in a plastic, sturdy pot which is lidded. Label on top telling you vendor and fragrance name, while on the underside the ( lawful labeling I may add ) ingredients list.

The look. I love a wax pot chunk! An almost lilac purple coloured wax base with random and generous sized lilac coloured chunks of wax bursting through. Such a simple creation in appearance but visually I think is so pleasing!

Scent. When I first opened the lid I got a hit of mint. Not your typical peppermint or spearmint type of mint, but a much fresher, punchier and less sweet variety. Verging almost on the herbal side and definitely not confectionery. You get a tart, dark berry type element to it which rounds it off giving it not only depth, but softening it by adding a sprinkle of fruity sweetness to it. Not a typical fruit or mint scent in anyway shape or form. Very unique!

In melt. What a beautiful little thing going from solid to liquid! I used a quarter of the pot, and found this slowly melted. The chunks remained visible while swirling in a sea of two tones of purple. Absolutely beautiful.

Even before melting I could smell the fragrance, which only intensified when warmed through. Took very little time to work its way around my kitchen and seeped its way into my living room.

Blackberry Mint Wax Chunk Pot in melt

Strength & Longevity. This is STRONG! I had this on while cooking and you wouldn’t think I was cooking. It’s not overpowering but definitely has a kick to it! In regards to longevity, I’ve had this melting for roughly 7 hours over 2 days so far and it’s still kicking out fragrance. So very good.

Recommended? This actually is quite an unusual scent and one I’ve really enjoyed! I would love to see a strawberry or lemon mint version of this. The scent combos are endless! A very cooling and inviting scent that mint lovers will love, and fruit lovers will be won over.

Fancy something fruity fresh? Visit Fragrantasia here to get your Blackberry Mint Wax Chunk Pot to add to your wax melt collection! Did I mention it’s only £2.00 per wax chunk pot? Happy shopping!

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Night-time Eye Tissue Mask

I understand why people love, mention and buy skincare face masks. They don’t have to be expensive, and are a great way to temporary perk up the skin. What I don’t understand is why no one mentions eye masks as much. As someone who likes to try various forms of skincare, I bought Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Night-time Eye Tissue Mask from Superdrug a few months ago when it was on special offer.

Why this one? My eyes are the main area of my face that I would like to see improve. But eye creams and serums can be costly, more so if you’re trying various ones to see which is right for you. But an eye mask is a good, cheaper alternative. This one I bought at the time was half price (kerching!). And coming from a well known skincare brand meant I had little to lose.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Night-time Eye Tissue Mask

What does this supposed to do? It’s designed to hydrate the eye area, soothe and refresh. The following morning after use, the eye area should appear to be less tired and appear more rested.

Packaging. The eye mask comes in a typical packet you would see the majority of tissue masks in, but it’s thinner and rectangular in shape. In all honesty this is what drew me in when I saw this displayed. I was looking in the mask section and this popped out to me due to the colour ( deep blue ).

How to use. Put this in the fridge before use, this will add to the cooling effect. Use before bedtime, unfold the eye mask and pop onto cleansed skin with eyes shut. Smooth it out, make sure it covers the whole eye area and relax for 15 minutes. Take it off, gently rub in any solution from the mask around eye or remove with a cotton pad and done!

How does this look? White in colour and typical mask like in texture and appearance. The mask covers the eye area and the bridge of the nose. So think of a traditional eye mask you wear to block out light but with no straps.

Scent. No real scent to these. If there is it’s faint and I couldn’t even register it if I’m honest.

In use. I put this in the fridge for a good half hour before use. Once I opened the packet, I took out the folded mask. Unfolded, it was moist and covered in a clear solution like a traditional face mask would be. I popped this onto the eye area and lay back and relaxed for around 15 -20 minutes.

I expected the immediate coolness to disappear with it reacting to the warmth of my skin but it didn’t. It remained cool and very soothing from beginning to end. It didn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable and stayed in place well despite the occasional head movement I made.

When I finished, I noticed there was so much solution still in the packet I folded the mask back up and put it back in. But I couldn’t help grabbing a little of it to smooth on the whole of my face as I hate waste.I noticed that my eyes didn’t look wet or covered in anything. I patted the solution into the skin around the bone and above and it sunk in pretty much straight away. Very serum like, light weight and non sticky.

The morning after the night before. Can I just mention I had a rubbish night’s sleep! So maybe my eyes would have looked better with more rest. But in all fairness they should have been more puffy looking, as they just looked a little tired but a little better than usual. They felt hydrated around the eyes still which was great. There was no irritation.

Getting my monies worth. I won’t lie! I reused this in the morning before work to perk and wake me up and I loved it! My eyes were very thankful!

Negatives? If you struggle to stay still for up to 20 minutes you might struggle with this. You literally have to stay still, there are no eye holes with this type of mask so you can’t even sit and watch TV.

I wish these were darker in colour, even black, as they might block light out more.

Recommended? This is one of those purchases I would buy a few of at a time for different reasons. To take on holiday, to use when I know I’m going to have a tough and tiring week, and to prep myself for special occasions. It’s a great little product that doesn’t promise to get rid of lines and wrinkles. What it does, thanks to it’s ingredients and coolness, soothe and relax this part of the face that traditionally with eye products they tell you to avoid e.g eye lids.

If you like masks or know someone who does, why not give something like these ago as the eye area gets neglected way too often. On offer at Superdrug, currently £1.99. Get yours here now ready for some pampering time.

*Boots currently have a buy 2 get 1 free on this product and others, but works out the same price as above singularly.