The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble

I’ve fallen in love with The Body Shop brand for well over a year now thanks to one of my friends being one of their consultants. It was down to her showing off the different products, providing samples and more importantly giving her feedback, that made me buy items from them. I haven’t had chance to buy much this year for myself so I’m currently enjoying pieces I got LAST year! My friend gave me The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble last year for either my birthday or Christmas ( 2019 was a lifetime ago I can’t remember which! ).

The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble

Why this one? I tried another Bath Bubble in a different fragrance before and loved it! I wanted the same experience again but a different scent. Grapefruit isn’t something I’m naturally drawn to so thought it would be interesting to see what its like.

The look. Simple but sweet! A lovely small, purple coloured heart shape, which to me looks bath fizzer like. Both front and back are flat, but has a decent depth to it. Size is roughly 4 centimetres.

Scent. Smells glorious! How a pink grapefruit smells isn’t something I’ve ever thought about or actually smelt as I don’t like eating the fruit. But this bath time treat is quite uplifting, sweet ( not sickly ), citrusy but not harsh and zingy like lemon or lime. And there is definitely a touch of floral in this little beauty. So overall well rounded, very pleasant and would appeal to anyone and everyone.

In the bath. I love how this little heart fizzes and bubbles when it gets thrown under warm running water! Not only did it slightly fizz, it turned the bath water into a pale pink colour. While it sat there happily in the water it slowly produced small, white bubbles . Once the heart completely dissolved, the bath tub had plenty of foam on the top of it. And this foam lasted throughout my bath time which was roughly 30 minutes long. The scent I could only detect a little, very faint. But the bath itself it was very enjoyable and relaxing.

On the skin. I didn’t feel this dried out my skin at all. Despite the fact my psoriasis has been playing up over the last month or so, this didn’t irritate it and my skin really enjoyed it.

Recommended? 100% yes! If you love your traditional bath bombs or fizzers you will love this! For me the scent is a little unusual but absolutely beautiful, and one most people will enjoy. The Bath Bubble gives plenty of bubbles which is impressive considering this is so dainty in size. And it’s only £1.50! I would have loved for the scent to be stronger while in the bath but I’m not going take away the fact this is affordable, fun and provides perfect pampering time.

The only problem I see is getting hold of this. Online its still available, but others in the Bath Bubble range don’t seem regularly in stock. So if you can grab one or ten DO IT!

This is the only form of Bubble I happily enjoy at the moment, and you will too. Grab it here while it’s still available!

Lacura Hemp Hand Cream

I really wish I could go into a shop and just buy what I went in for. But no…it never happens! I needed bread and milk while visiting Aldi recently and came out with Christmas projectors, bath bombs and a hand cream! So my current hand cream I’m now using is from their Lacura range and it’s called Hemp Intense Hand Preserver Hand Cream.

Why did I buy this? Besides the fact I think I have a shopping problem it was something new! Never saw this product before, it intrigued me and I thought I actually needed another hand cream. Not a light textured hand cream but one packed with moisture as my hands have been quite dry recently. Hemp is an ingredient I’ve heard good things and the price was only £1.49 so why not?

What does this supposed to do? This is designed to moisturise the driest of hands while keeping them maintained and protected.

Packaging. 65ml of hand cream is housed in a typical screw top lid tube which you see many hand creams packaged in. Colouring is quite Autumnal ( greens, reds, oranges, ) with leave patterns all over. Quite eye catching and appealing to look at.

Lacura Hemp Intense Hand Preserver Hand Cream

Scent. This smells of plants. Or at least that’s the closest thing I can match it to. Not flowers but plants. Its not mixed with anything else, so to me the fragrance is a little on the bland side but not offensive but not interesting either. I don’t love it and don’t hate it as its not bad, but its not great either. I’m just grateful it’s not strong. But overall I’m not keen on how this smells.

Texture. When I squeezed this out for the first time I knew it wasn’t going to be a light textured hand product. It literally held it’s shape while coming out like a worm! Quite thick but not too solid, and is the fainest of shade of green.

On the hands. I didn’t need to use much of this because of it’s consistency. Enough to cover half of a fingertip I would say is what I’ve been using per application. I found that despite it’s thickness this rubbed in very easily. Immediately I could feel an almost waxy like feel to this. Not sticky, greasy but a little waxy. Looking down on my hands it gave them a slight shine but in quite a natural way. Not only did they look a little more vibrant they felt more moisturised too but not in a heavy way, and more protected.

The inside of my hands didn’t feel tacky, and on the whole I could continue using my hands as normal. But personally I’ve avoided driving straight after using this just in case my grip on the wheel isn’t quite the same as usual.

Over time. If you have to wash or santise your hands regularly, lets be honest that’s more occasions for your hands to dry out. So I never expected to use this once during the day and that’s it! I use this a few times a day when I felt I need it if my hands look dry or/and feel tight. I’ve used this for a week now and I would say my hands have gotten drier less frequently, they look better and are in better condition. And to add, the fragrance isn’t distracting on the hands. I can smell it but it’s not very noticeable.

Recommended? Absolutely! Why? Because it does what it says on the packaging. It’s ideal for dry hands. It stopped mine from getting worse by giving it a massive dose of hydration and protected them too. It comes in a decent size of 65ml, nice looking packaging and it’s only £1.49! What is there NOT to like about this? Well… the scent of it but I can live with that! I love the fact I can do my food shopping, and throw something like this in the basket and it doesn’t break the bank!

How long this will be around for I have no idea. Personally, next time I’m in I’m buying a few of these to put away to use when my hands really need it. If your hands are suffering whether its due to weather, central heating or the hand washing and using gel to clean your hands regularly, this will be your best friend! Available in store and online.

Pretty Home Aromas Cosy Cuddles 80g Wax Melt Segmented Pot

My wax stash is not getting smaller, it’s just getting bigger! I promise myself time and time again that I will use up my fragranced wax more. But then I buy more than what I’m melting! But while it’s cooler and I’m enjoying being inside more than outside, this makes the perfect time to use more home fragrance and hopefully get my stash down. My home fragrance of choice, of course, is in the form of a wax melt. And this particular wax piece comes from Pretty Home Aromas and is in the scent of Cosy Cuddles.

Pretty Home Aromas Cosy Cuddles 80g Wax Melt Segmented Pot

Why did I chose this one? I recently bought a beautiful Autumn scented wax bundle from Pretty Home Aromas, which included this piece. Wanting to chose something from this collection, I opted for this scent because I hoped for something quite fresh but calming at the same time.

Packaging. 80g of wax sits in a flip top clear plastic pot. What I like about this is on the lid it gives a brief description of the scent and what fragrances are in it. The lettering and logo being in black really makes it stand out and look very upmarket. On the bottom of the pot is the relevant ( and legal ) ingredients list.

Appearance. If the character Tinkerbell was ever an inspiration for wax it would be this one! A simple base of cream coloured wax with a random and sparingly run through of mint green. A large leaf ( not real ) is embedded close to the middle and surrounded by gold coloured glitter and green shimmering pigment. Absolutely stunning!

If you turn the wax around to look at the bottom, you will see how although it’s one whole piece, its segmented like a piece of chocolate so you can break off individual sections for use.

Scent. A minty scent with a subtle herbal based background, finished off with an intoxicating sweetness and a dash of musk. It’s one of those scents which makes you want to inhale it. This fragrance is fresh in its own way, but warming at the same time. I wouldn’t normally associate this with any form of mint, especially eucalyptus. Very comforting, very relaxing and a little cuddle in wax form!

In melt. I used only 1 segment of this wax. I just loved how it melted into a decadent wax pool of hues of brown and green with a little glitter. I’ve melted this in both my kitchen and living room ( at different times ), and I found the fragrance filled the rooms beautifully. Exactly the same scent when melted as it was when solid.

Strength & Longevity. Strength I would say is medium. This was ideal for the scent type, and it just smelt and seemed so natural rather than a piece of wax just melting in the corner. Noticeable and very inviting. Longevity was great. This lasted for hours over a 3/4 day period and only on its last day I felt the strength got less.

Recommended? A total recommendation here! Visually this is a gorgeous piece of wax! It’s just so pretty! Take into consideration the look and amount of wax you get is fantastic value. And I can’t forget to mention ( which is the most important thing! ), how gorgeous the scent of this is. The scent itself is definitely Autumnal but a nice change to the classic, bakery based scents most of us love around this time of year. This wax literally is bringing the outside into the home without you opening the front door!

Does the sound of a Cosy Cuddle without socially distancing yourself sound like your type of scent? You can order your segmented wax melt direct from Pretty Home Aromas here and it costs £4.50. Enjoy!

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask

Have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror and wondered what alien creature had landed on your face? Yep..that’s me at the moment! An occasional spot I get sometimes and accept. Right now there is something living on my face that looks like it should have been spot but morphed into a mini mountain! So what do I do except put a bag over my head to hide it? Like a ninja I looked in my beauty stash, pulled out a skincare mask along with holy water and crossed my fingers praying I could banish this demon! I decided to put my hopes into my L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask bought as a gift from my wonderful friend Nicola!

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask

Why this one? I’ve used so many brands in the past but for some reason never used anything from this one. So what results I would get from this I had zero idea. But what did make me pick this out was the fact it’s a detoxing clay mask. Just the type of product to help get rid of any nasties from my skin, and probably the only clay based product I currently have in my collection. And clay is a well known product to help improve the skin so I thought let’s give it a go!

What does this supposed to do? Well a lot! Cleanses, unclogs pores, brightens the skin, gets rid of overproduced oils in the skin and more! I think this mask is all about correcting your skin, balancing it out and literally detoxing it. So getting rid of things the skin just doesn’t need making it look and feel better.

Packaging. Love the packing! I shouldn’t be a sucker for such a superficial thing but I am! The mask comes in a glass jar with slightly rounded edges. Screw top lid and just looks like premium skincare to me. This comes in a small cardboard box, green in colour with black detailing. All of which tying in nicely with the theme of clay. Ingredients, directions for use and even a graphic of wearing the product is present on the box.

Scent. Not what I expected. I assumed it would either smell of nothing or quite bland or even plant based. So I was a little shocked to get a sniff of something that was quite fragranced. Floral, feminine, definitely noticable but not too strong. Very pleasant and nice to smell.

Look & Consistency. Did I ever say I was a lover of texture? Well I am! This is what a facial mask should look like! Grey in colour and looks very thick in the jar, but when you take it out it still has a thickness and hold to it but its not solid. Its not liquid either. I can’t even compare it to a moisturiser or a body lotion because it just isn’t the same. But it’s the perfect texture for use on the face.

How to apply. On clean skin, apply a thin layer. Leave to dry for 5 to 10 minutes while avoiding the eyes and the mouth. Use 2 to 3 times a week. To remove use a warm damp cloth and wipe off skin.

In use. I used this after I came out of the bath where I cleansed and exfoliated my face. A thin layer was applied, and as I applied it I could feel and see the mask already drying out. Very easy to apply but I did feel I needed to put it on sooner rather than later. As it dried it began to look matt on the skin, and I could feel that typical tight ( but not uncomfortable ) feeling you get with products like this. And as the minutes progressed I could see the smallest little dots pop out throught the mask, almost air bubble like, around my forehead and nose mostly.


I left this on longer than the recommended time. By the time I got to removing this I couldn’t even crack a smile!

Removal. Very easy! I soaked a muslin cloth in warm water and gently sweeped it over my face. Didn’t use a lot of pressure, but did go in a couple of times around areas such as side of nose, jaw etc. I thought this would be much harder and time consuming than it was and it really wasn’t.

Skin after use. My skin looked and felt clean. Very smooth to touch and in appearance. After just one application in all honesty, my skin looked so good! I had to go to the mirror a few times just to double check but was so impressed with what I saw before me. And that mini mountain I mentioned seemed less prominent too so result! My skin did have that slight tightness you get when your skin is super clean, but it wasn’t bad and I expected it to be much more in feel.

The morning after the night before. I was curious to see whether my skin would look good the next morning. Despite the fact of not having enough sleep and my eyes looking pretty tired, my skin looked great! Still smooth, still rested in appearance and I was still happy with the results. No dryness, no issues, fabulous!

Top tips. Do use a thin layer. The thicker the layer the longer it will take to dry. Less is more! Don’t do what I did thinking I could do multiple tasks while wearing this e.g eating. Just don’t! If you require your mouth or facial expressions wait after use not during!

Who would this be good for? Oily skin, rough looking and feeling skin and skin that is suffering from breakouts. To be honest, if you just know your skin needs a pick me this is ideal for that!

Recommended? I’m so glad that I was given this, as I may not have bought and tried this out for myself. This is easy to use and quite an enjoyable process if you like traditional spa type products Even though you can see results in a week of use and longer, I could see what this did to my skin immediately! This makes me so excited to see how my skin behaves after using this a few times a week. I totally recommend this and this will be my go to mask for when I need a little resurfacing or detoxing done.

The price of this £7.99 for 50ml and can be bought from many online or in store retailers. You should get a minimum of 10 applications from this working out at 79p each. At time of writing this post there is a deal on at Superdrug where it’s 2 for £12.00 on masks and sugar scrubs from the range.

Pretty Home Aromas Wax Melt Autumn Bundle

Autumn as a season is definitely my favourite time of the year, closely followed by Winter. There’s just something about it which I love. Cooler days and nights, leaves turning from green to shades or orange, yellow and red…I just love it! I also find that when it comes to home fragrance in the forms of candles and wax melts, the more Autumnal scents really excite me. So is it any wonder that I recently bought fragranced wax melts, pots and bars from Pretty Home Aromas in their Autumn Bundle? Nope!

Why did I order this? I’ve bought wax from Pretty Home Aromas a few times in the past, and I follow them on Instagram. I’ve always found their wax pieces to stand out visually which is what attracted me in the first place to them. They released this bundle which coincided with them relaunching their brand. The released pictures of this set on their feed blew me away! Each piece looked beautiful, all the scents were the type I would happily melt and the price was outstanding. £19.99 including delivery!

Pretty Home Aromas Autumn Wax Bundle

What was included in the Autumn Bundle?

4 wax pots. Scented in Fireside. Pumpkin Souffle. Toasted Toes. Peppermint Eucalyptus.

4 snap bars. Scented in Pepper, Maple and Cedar.Hot Buttered Popcorn. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl. Crackling Embers.

1 wax melt. Scented in Apple & Cinnamon.

1 large wax bar. Scented in Autumn Leaves.

2 x 80g segmented wax pots. Scented in Toasted Toes. Cosy Cuddles.

Appearance. Each piece are absolutely stunners! It’s obvious so much time, thought and love went into making these waxy treasures. Great variety of shapes and sizes from the small wriggly shaped wax snap bars to the large 80g pots loving covered in glitter with a leave shape embedded in the middle. All the colours are very in keeping with Autumn, with shapes such as pumpkins being visible and keeping up with the theme. I have to say this is one of the most stunning wax collections that’s ever graced my doorstep!

The wax pots in the Autumn Wax Bundle

Scent. So many different ones are included in this collection, but again all of them scream Autumn. All providing that cosy stay inside wrapped in a blanket feel or take a brisk walk outside type of vibe. To give you an idea on how some of these smell fragrance wise, here are a few of the scents from this collection:

Fireside. A manly base to it which is clean and fresh with a little musk and woody notes.

Pumpkin Souffle. Creamy and bakery based, with a hint of warming spices such as cinnamon with pumpkin of course in the mix.

Pumpkin Souffle

Peppermint Eucalyptus. This has a minty coolness with a herbal base to it. Its not overwhelming or typical mint wise in scent. Think less syrupy sweet more toned down and rounded aromatherapy.

Toasted Toes. This has a delicate floral to it which makes it very pretty. A little woodiness is mixed in with it which gives it an edgy depth.

Strength & Longevity. There is SO MUCH WAX in this collection I haven’t melted it all! In fact very little of it to be honest. I don’t have enough wax warmers, time, but more importantly these are too beautiful to melt its so difficult!

Pepper, Maple and Cedar wax snap bar was a good, strong piece of wax! I really didn’t need to use much, half the bar. And goodness me the scent was magical, fresh and the perfect outdoor inspired Autumnal scent! This little piece of wax lasted a good 4 days of melting for around 15-20hrs.

Pepper, Maple and Cedar Small Snap Wax Bar

Recommended? This particular bundle/set was limited edition and probably won’t be coming back. BUT I couldn’t recommend this set or any of the individual scents and wax pieces enough! Beautifully made and presented, great scents with matching longevity and an absolute steal for £19.99 with free p & p!

Some of these pieces are available for purchase individually. But what I can say is please keep your eyes open for other bundle offers as there have been different bundles offered over the last few weeks with different themes. From bubblegum based wax scents to firework inspired wax pieces. In all honesty if you can grab any of them do it! Fantastic wax at fantastic prices! Visit Pretty Home Aromas to see what their current special deal is!

Superdrug’s Black Castor & Shea Leave In Conditioning Cream

Despite the fact I’m in my 4th decade of life, it’s only recently I’ve begun to learn about my hair. Growing up I didn’t really have anyone to help and teach me about how to look after Afro Caribbean hair, but I guess its better late then never! One product I now use regular is a leave in conditioner. Over the last few weeks I’ve been using Superdrug’s Black Castor & Shea Leave In Conditioning Cream to keep my hair in check.

Superdrug’s Castor & Shea Leave In Conditioning Cream

Why this one? My usual leave in conditioner ran out. Normally I would buy it when it’s on special offer, which it wasn’t at the time I needed to repurchase it. So I was looking for an alternative to do the same job but at a more affordable price. I was already in a Superdrug store and thought this product could be ideal for my hair type and my wallet.

What is this supposed to do? This product is designed to control frizz, add shine and make hair more manageable.

How to use. Can be used on damp or dry hair. Use from roots to end of hair.

Consistency. It’s not runny and reminds me of a body lotion. Smooth, has a little hold to it and I could feel a slight waxiness to it while I used it.

Scent. Loved how this smelt! It’s not strong but its floral like, quite sweet which reminds me of a delicate vanilla, but not to heady. Absolutely gorgeous and way too easy to sniff regularly.

How did I use this. I used this on damp hair. Either straight after it had been washed and conditioned, or hair sprayed with water so its not dry. On both occasions I sectioned my hair to create individual twists. I’ve used this on both my hair and my daughter’s.

In use. I’m naturally very generous with whatever leave in conditioner I use. I know my hair will soak it up, and because I use it once a week I don’t want to skimp. So, after combing through my damp hair, I applied this all over. From my roots to the ends of my hair it get coated but not drenched. Very easy to apply. The conditioner stayed where it needed to go because of its consistency.

Very easy to style my hair after application . My hair wasn’t greasy or sticky just moist, but with that slight waxy feel I mentioned previously. My hair looked hydrated, twists defined and overall neat. I also couldn’t help but feel and see my hair being a little more bouncy than usual which was a pleasant surprise! Did I see any shine? It’s a bit hard to on natural Afro hair so not really.

Daughter’s hair after a wash and roughly twisted after using the conditioning cream the day before

After a few days. This is typical with any leave in conditioner for me and why I use one once a week. My hair didn’t look or feel dry. Twists still reasonably neat, no residue in hair or scalp and no greasy feeling. But I can tell, especially with the weather being colder and central heating on, it will need to be treated at the end of the week.

Negatives? 250ml of product isn’t enough for me! I use this or something similar on both myself and my daughter’s hair so the bigger the tub the better the value and longer it lasts.

Did it do the job? I would say so yes. It added moisture to my hair in the form of a leave in treatment of sorts before styling. My hair pretty much will be untouched for a whole week so needs this. Very easy to style my hair and enjoyable because of the scent and texture when in use. And I also found that when I redid my twists so repeating the whole process, my hair was less tangled and easier to comb through ( if I had used this the previous week ).

Recommended? I really like this product! I’m glad I gave this a go as I tend to head towards specific hair care products for Afro Caribbean hair. How it behaves on other hair types I can’t comment on, but on my own hair it did exactly what it needed to do and wasn’t too expensive which is always a plus point!

Fancy trying this product or anything else from this sub range? Visit Superdrug here treat your hair the way it should be treated. * At time of writing this post, this is on a 3 for 2 deal with various hair care products and lines.

Aveeno Moisturising Lotion

I have various body care products in my stash. Body butters, body creams, oils, you name it I’ve got it or had it! All serve different purposes but mainly to moisturise my skin. But occasionally I need something more or should I say my skin needs something more. One product that is religiously to hand to use is my Aveeno Moisturising Lotion.

The backstory. I’m a psoriasis sufferer and my daughter when younger had severe eczema. My skin issues have pretty much been mild and manageable whereas my daughter’s journey with her skin has been much more difficult. So skin conditions and treating them is something through trial and error I’ve learnt about. My skin issues have always been on designated areas on the body, but years ago I found my face was extremely dry and no matter what I put on it that’s how it always felt! ( although didn’t look it ). A chat with my doctor made her suggest using this and I’ve been using it ever since.

Aveeno Moisturising Lotion

What is this designed to do? This lotion is designed for sensitive and dry skin. Suitable for babies from 3 months old right up to adults. Created to provide long lasting moisture to the skin. And helping to stop moisture from going out of the skin by giving it a protective barrier.

Packaging. This lotion comes in different sizes, mine is 500ml. Housed in a slightly curved cream coloured plastic bottle with green flip top lid. I mention the colouring because it fits in well with the idea of it being nourishing, wholesome, even natural to a degree. All the information you would expect is on the front and back.

How to use. Apply straight after a bath or shower.

Consistency & Scent. Off white in colour and typical lotion texture. Smooth, not runny but loose enough to use. There’s no real scent to this so another plus point for those with sensitive or problematic skin.

On the skin. I literally use this all over. Sometimes from my face right down to my feet. You don’t need to use too much of this. If you do it may take awhile to sink into the skin and you have to rub it in more than usual. But I use a generous blob for my whole body, and it takes very little time to work its way into over my body.

It leaves the skin looking matt but you can feel there is something on it. If I touch my arm as an example, it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy but there’s definitely a light layer on there. This makes my skin feel soft, smooth and moisturised. And because of this, I can throw on my clothes straight after application. Overall my body rarely feels dry and I put it down to using this constantly. The only areas where I can feel or see it is, is if I have psoriasis patches. But that’s expected and these areas are extremely small and localised anyway.

On the face. Every so often I will use this as a face cream not just as a body lotion. Recently my face has felt very dry regardless of the good quality face products I’ve applied to it. So I’ve gone back to basics and use this as a facial moisturiser. No shine on my face so completely matt, but doesn’t look dull and lifeless which is perfect for a face cream. Does my skin feel less dry and tight? Totally! I’ve used this day and night on my face for the last couple of days and I really can feel my skin feeling much more normal and hydrated.

Does this improve my skin condition? The best way I can describe this is it doesn’t improve my skin condition as such but it definitely hydrates my skin and importantly provides quite a long lasting barrier to keep moisture locked in. This is why I use this on my daughter as well as her body lotion morning and night. It doesn’t irritate my skin ( or hers ), it keeps it supple and smooth and this feeling is long lasting. My problem areas tend to need a steroid cream to keep it at bay but this lotion plays a massive part in keeping my skin healthy.

Recommended? I can’t recommend this product enough! What’s important to say is if someone is wanting to use this because they have a skin condition, it may or may not help control it. We’ve all been down the road of trying various lotions and potions and what works for one may not work for another. I don’t use this to get rid of my psoriasis, I use this to make sure my skin doesn’t dry out or be irritated and that works. For someone who suffers from dry skin they will love this, especially if they don’t like heavy and greasy textures.

It’s not the cheapest body lotion on the market, but it’s worth every penny! It’s available from many places such as supermarkets, chemists, discount stores etc. On average for the 300ml bottle, this costs just under £8.00. To get the best value I would suggest checking out a discount store that stocks this as it does tend to be a few pounds cheaper!