NSPA Coconut & Vanilla Rich Body Butter

Is there one part of your body care routine you can’t skip? Mine is applying a body lotion or moisturiser of some description. And this is for a few reasons. I have afro Caribbean skin. Having ashy skin is NOT good! It basically means skin that looks dry and grey if you didn’t know. And THAT is a no no, so lotion is a must! On top of that I’m a psoriasis sufferer. Like eczema, it’s important to keep the skin moisturised and protected or it can become cracked and sore. So it should be no surprise I have plenty of body moisturisers in my beauty/body stash to keep me going. One on current rotation is the NSPA’s Coconut & Vanilla Rich Body Butter. I bought this from my local Asda store for £1.50 while on sale ( rrp is £3.00 ).

NSPA Coconut & Vanilla Body Butter

Why did I buy this one? I bought several of these butters in different fragrances thinking of my pre-teen son. I’ve been encouraging him to get into good body care habits e.g moisturising, using deodorants etc, now he is getting older. Body butters are great for improving the appearance of skin. I thought one would provide him with fragrance too so ideal. I asked him to choose some which he did. He didn’t want this one so I kept it for myself!

Packaging. Quite a sizeable screw top clear plastic tub housing 200ml of body butter. Its quite basic in regards to the labelling ( picture of coconuts, product fragrance, brand name etc ), but it does the job!

Scent. This doesn’t have a strong coconut scent for me. It’s there. Just a touch, with a hint of vanilla in it giving it creaminess. It’s quite balanced between the two and not overpowering. The scents themselves together are exactly what I thought it would smell like, so quite typical and very pleasant. It’s one of those fragrances most people would like as it’s not offensive.

Consistency. White in colour. Body butter like definitely, but less greasy and solid and more of a thick lotion consistency.

On the skin. I found this was very easy to apply to the body because as mentioned its not crazy thick or greasy. So this didn’t need to be worked in like a richer body butter. It does have a slip to it, and when rubbed into the skin I could feel it leaving a protective layer. What it didn’t do was leave my skin shiny or oily. It was matt and not tacky. I love textures, oils and balms. But what I liked about this was it felt more like a supercharged body lotion which could be applied and clothes could be thrown on straight away.

I felt this left my skin moisturised without being or feeling heavy in use and on the skin. Easy and quick to use in the morning and evening, and skin felt supple and nourished straight after. Through out the day I didn’t notice my skin drying out or needing a top up. I could smell my skin had been lightly fragranced by this body butter which was lovely. It wasn’t strong or lingering for hours on end, but was a nice touch.

Recommended? Totally! This is a budget friendly body butter which won’t break the bank, and will moisturise the skin beautifully. Because its not as rich as other body butters, this would be a good one for those who don’t want that that type of texture but feel they need more than just a body lotion. Coconut & Vanilla is a great one for those who want something that smells nice and warming but not strong.

This is regularly on sale I’ve noticed in my local ASDA store, along with other fragrances available. But can be purchased direct from Spa At Home here if needed, with a fuller range of butters and other products from the company. There is zero excuse for ashy skin!

Snap Wax Melt Holiday Romance Wax Snap Bar

What’s the best shape a wax melt can be in? Tricky question and one I couldn’t answer! It really depends. Wax comes in so many different shapes and sizes with each one having benefits. Snap bars are a form I really like. They are already sectioned off so you have a good idea how much to use. Easy to separate each piece and visually you can’t really go wrong with the shape as they look really good! So I was very excited to be sent a selection of wax snap bars from a wax vendor I follow on Instagram called Snap Wax Melt

Snap Wax Melts Holiday Romance Wax Snap Bar

Packaging. Like most wax snap bars I’ve had in the past, this came in a clear plastic sleeve. You can see the wax snap bar inside it. A sticker of the vendor’s logo is on the front of the sleeve with ingredients listing and scent name on the back.

Appearance. This is a 10 square segmented bar of wax. Holiday Romance is orange in colour with a peachy tone to it. A beautiful and liberally dusting of purple coloured glitter and purple and pink pigment on top finishes the look off perfectly. The contrast between the colour of the wax and the glitter and pigments really makes this pop look wise.

Scent. I wasn’t too sure what I would expect with the fragrance name Holiday Romance. Maybe something floral? Well floral this isn’t! Holiday Romance is a glorious bowl of mixed fruit. Now on the website it mentions mango, but for me this comes across more on the peachy side. Possibly because of the mix of berries in the fragrance. Mouth wateringly juicy. Reminds me of a packet of tropical flavoured Starbursts or something similar. Its gorgeous! It makes me think of summer, where the weather is warmer, the sun is out and cocktails are on tap!

In melt. I broke 3 squares of this wax bar into my wax warmer. Slowly they melted, and merged into a gorgeous, vibrant, slightly shimmery pool of sunshine orange liquid. The scent was there straight away, and it filled the kitchen it was melting in and even into the room next door.

Strength & Longevity. Both were excellent! Strength was medium. It doesn’t need to be anymore to pack a punch and any less would be a shame and crime to wax. In regards to longevity, this was melting for around 4 days and still gave a great throw of fragrance so fantastic quality! And this wasn’t even a third of the wax bar so this would give hours and hours of fragrance time.

Top tip. If you love your wax melts and have a little collection at home, do you feel brave? How about a little mixology? This particular scent I think would work well with citrus based fragrances such as lemon. Clean and fresh scents such as baby powder/lotion or clean cotton, would give this a different dimension. And other fruity scents such raspberry or watermelon would add to the moreish factor.

Recommended? 110%! Even though this was kindly gifted to me by Snap Wax Melt, this is one I would definitely purchase for myself and for other wax lover friends too. The scent literally makes me wipe dribble off my mouth because it smells that yummy. Great strength and longevity…and the bar itself is super pretty!

Fancy having a Holiday Romance? Purchase here for £3.00 per snap wax bar and thank me later!

Squashies Bubblegum Bath Fizzer

When it comes to what I put in the bath I’m fairly opened minded in regards to the type of product, scent and brand. Although I would say I have an invisible check list when it comes to requirements, I’m happy to try most things. So when I saw Swizzels Drumstick Squashies Bath Fizzer in the fragrance of bubble gum for 99p in Home Bargains, I thought I would give it a go!

Swizzles Drumstick Squashies Bubblegum Bath Fizzer

Why buy this one? The packaging struck me. Brightly coloured, mirroring the packaging of the sweets that this is inspired by. It naturally caught my eye. I love anything bubble gum especially where scents are concerned. And for 99p I didn’t feel I had much to lose.

What’s a bath fizzer? I normally go for products labelled bath bombs rather than bath fizzers. So I’ve always assumed a bath fizzer would provide fragrance, colour to the bath and basically fizz a little while in the water.

Packaging. Packaging wise the bath fizzer is shrink wrapped ( very well! ) in plastic. The labelling is identical in style and colours as the Drumstick Squashies Bubblegum sweets are e.g blue and pink stripes, pictures of the sweets on it, the company and sweet name/type on it etc. Clearly marked, and rightly so, are warnings not to eat this. Surprised? I’m not! It looks like a massive gobstopper!

Appearance. Rounded, and a similar size to a standard bath fizzer/bomb, slightly bigger than a tennis ball. Chalky in texture but smooth, and made up of two colours. The top half is baby blue in colour, and the bottom half baby pink. Same colouring as the actual sweets themselves.

Fragrance. I could definitely get a hint of bubble gum but it wasn’t massively strong. I could also smell the chalkiness to it. It was ok but I didn’t love it. It smelt too synthetic for me and needed to be stronger and more fragrant.

In the bath. It was fun watching this in the bath. Under warm running water this bobbed and fizzed about. What I really liked was seeing two trails of colour coming from the bath fizzer, one being the blue from the top and the pink from the bottom. The colours didn’t remain separate for long because as they merged they turned into a shade of purple. Once the bath had been filled the fizzer had gone to fizz heaven and totally disappeared. No foam, no residue, just a purple coloured bath was left.

On the skin. I had no issues with this while I was in the bath but when I got out I did feel as if my skin was a touch dry. But I’ve been experiencing this with another bath product so I suspect this is down to my skin being awkward rather than the fizzer itself.

Confession. I found the bath lacked something for me, so I added a few squirts of Carex Drumsticks Squashies bath and shower gel in the scent of raspberry & milk. This pimped up my bath to a better level and I liked it! Firstly I got bubbles which I desperately wanted! Secondly, the fragrance was more noticeable and smelt like a freshly opened sweet packet! Raspberry and bubble gum gave an almost grape soda scent to this and it was a winner!

Recommended? If you like your bath fizzers that give you a little scent and colour to your bath then yes buy this! Its fun in regards to packaging and what its based on and is cheap. It’s also brilliant to mix the sweets inspired shower and bath gels if you want to add a another dimension to it. For me though, I wouldn’t buy this again for myself. I go for bath bombs that produce foam, colour and fragrance and more hydrating to the skin and this isn’t. But I can see this being liked by children, teens and those who love affordable bath time treats.

Crafting In The Dark’s Golden Berries Wax Melt

Where do I get my wax melts from? It’s a question I get asked quite a lot. And the answer is, from a variety of different vendors. Most of which have a website or an online store rather than a physical shop. Some I find on social media, but the majority are recommended to me by people who have bought and tried wax from particular sellers. Someone who has been on my ‘ I want to buy from ‘ list is a wax vendor called Crafting In The Dark. I didn’t get a chance to make an order from them in 2020. But I was given Golden Berries wax melt for Christmas from a friend.

Crafting in the Dark Golden Berries Wax Melt

Why was I given this? My friends know me well when it comes to wax. They know the fragrance families I like, and they have a good idea which wax vendors I’ve tried or not tried. Firstly, this is a new vendor for me and both my friend Jenny ( the wax giver! ) and I had heard good things about their wax products. Secondly, the actual scent Golden Berries, sounds very fruity from it’s name alone which is right up my street!

Appearance. I’ve never seen a wax melt shaped like this before and I love unusual pieces so this already got me excited! It’s quite sizeable, roughly 7 cms in length and 6cm in width. Not chunky in depth so quite flat. It’s a deep shade of aubergine purple and shaped very much like a basic flame shape. Embossed into this is the company name.

Scent. WOW! Fruity, rich, berries which are slightly tart but with a hint of sweetness. Totally intoxicating and quite grown up in smell too. Not your typical fragrance of simple strawberries, raspberries etc. More complex than that and totally beautiful and quite clean all at the same time.

In melt. I decided to use half of this. It was super easy to snap. Required no cutting due to it not being chunky in depth. Melting was quite fast, but please explain to me how there was a shimmer to the wax pool!? No pigment or glitter was visible looking at the wax melt while solid, but there it was! I LOVE little surprises like this! It looked like a simple but stunning, slightly thick and shimmery pool of Vimto. Scent was released straight away and smelled identical warmed through compared to when cold and solid.

Strength & Longevity. I would say this was a light to medium. I melted one half in my kitchen and the other in my living room. The scent was there and delicate, and it gave both rooms a lovely fruity fragrant feel. What I would be tempted to do next time is use more than a half of the melt for it to be a touch more stronger. Longevity was good. I had this melting in the 2 rooms over 2 days for quite a few hours and I could still get the scent.

Recommended? Yes. I’m glad I’ve tried this wax melt from Crafting In The Dark as it was a lovely one. Great to look at, nice scent to it, strength and longevity was good. I would have a play with the amount of wax I would use per melting though as I would like it a touch more intense. The question now is, what should I order from them next?

Need some new wax melts in your wax warmer? Visit Crafting In The Dark here to add to your home fragrance wardrobe. Prices start at £1.75, with a variety of scents and home fragrance products available for sale.

Treacle Moon’s Coconut Island Body Scrub

Hands up who forgets about their body during winter? It’s cold and wet. Most of us are walking around wearing 5 layers of clothes. And let’s not mention the over indulgence during Christmas and New Year! So no surprise if the condition of the skin on our body isn’t top of our to do list, right? But our skin is our biggest organ, and keeping it in good shape doesn’t have to be a massive or expensive chore. Realising I haven’t been taking my own advice on board in regards to body care, I’ve dragged out my Treacle Moon’s Coconut Island Body Scrub to get my skin feeling silky smooth. I bought this in Tesco some time ago when it was half price for £1.50.

Treacle Moon’s Coconut Island Body Scrub

Why did I use this one? I do have a few body scrubs floating around. But I chose this one because I wanted a product that would be quick and easy to use in the mornings before work. No fuss, use, in and out and gone!

Packaging. 225ml of body scrub is housed in a plastic flip top bottom tube. A descriptive paragraph on the front conjuring images connected with the fragrance of this scrub is a lovely touch. And the usual info including such as ingredients can be found on the back.

Texture. Similar to a body lotion. It held its shape as it came out of the tube but wasn’t totally solid. White in colour, but small, brown pieces/grains were clearly visible. These are tiny pieces of coconut shell that act as the exfoliator. Despite these pieces, the scrub itself looked shiny, opaque and smooth.

Scent. I’ve tried various coconut scented products over the last few months, so I already had an idea in my mind what this would smell like but I was wrong. There was a slight tropical scent to this, but what really put a smile on my face was the sweetness. Imagine a small element of coconut, mixed in with sugar and a vanilla pod scraped into it. Slowly mixed together over heat. Leaving a gooey, sugary, comforting smell wafting in the air. THIS is what it smells like and its DEVINE! Bakery like in scent family, but not sickly or over the top.

How to use. On the packaging it doesn’t mention how many times a week you should apply this. Traditionally, body or face scrubs products advise twice to three times a week in regards to application. But it does state it should be massaged onto damp skin using circular movements. Rinsed off and body towel dried.

In the shower. I applied this to damp skin. I wasn’t frugal with the amount I used. A decent sized blob on each part of my body e.g arms, legs, torso etc, which was rubbed in. I could feel the grains in the scrub. Perfect size as they didn’t hurt as I moved the scrub around on my skin but I could feel them, which is what you want. Easy to wash off in the shower.

Skin afterwards. I didn’t realise this until I was just about to apply body lotion to my skin, but it felt very soft and smooth! Didn’t feel or look dry and I could easily have skipped moisturising if I wanted or needed to, but didn’t.

Recommended? Definitely! I’ve used a few products from Treacle Moon and so happy to say like the others, this has been a joy to use and not disappointed me. The scent was beautiful, it was easy and fun to use and did exactly what I needed it to. I genuinely couldn’t ask or expect anything more. It’s not an expensive product at full price. £3.00 for 225ml and to use this twice a week? This should last ( dependant on the amount you use of course ), a good month if not 2, so great value. Although I got bargain when bought at half it’s rrp.

I don’t think the scrub is available in Tesco anymore ( not in my nearest one anyway ), but you can order this direct from Treacle Moon here. Which is great because they have free delivery with a £15.00 or over spend AND their full range of shower/bath gels and hand creams are there too! Happy shopping!

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Bath Bomb Brittle Glow

If you love spending quality time in the bath I’m guessing you will love bath bombs. What is there NOT to love about them? The beauty about these is they now come in so many different shapes, forms and fragrances, the choice is crazy! One such form is called a bath brittle. Last year I bought a selection of bath brittles from The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie including Glow. Each bath brittle was £4.00 each but I bought them discounted at half price.

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Bath Brittle Glow

Why did I buy this? I’ve bought wax melts from The Rose and Thistle before so was excited to find they sold bath products too. At the time, there was a sale, and I saw these and thought they would make amazing gifts for birthdays and Christmas for friends. So I bought them! I didn’t save many for myself, but I did keep hold of this one so I could try it out as I liked the sound of the scent and look of this particular one.

Packaging. This came in a small ( I say small it’s as big as my hand! ), rectangular packet with a clear window so you can see the brittle within it. The Rose and Thistle logo is on the label, along with mention of the maker of this product ( Olee Cometics ). On the back is the ingredients list.

Appearance. It’s funny how sometimes the most simple things can be stunning! Brittle in bath bomb form or even wax form, tends to be quite flat. But made up of irregular and different sized shapes. Jagged edges with a homemade, hand crafted look to it. Glow Bath Brittle is off white in colour, with a the smallest drizzle of very fine gold glitter on the top. It makes this look so inviting!

Scent. Love! Very perfume like. Floral, with the smallest amount of musk and citrus making this a gorgeous scented bath product!

In the bath. I popped in two thirds of the bath brittle, throwing in each piece individually. What each piece of brittle did was give a small audible and physical fizz as it hit the warm running bath water. And straight away, slowly but surely, they created lots of fluffy white bubbles in the tub. The fragrance was there straight away. Not only did it fill my bathroom but the scent traveled downstairs through my hallway,which made that area smell glorious!

On the skin. Non drying, non irritating which of course is a must! I don’t recall if there was any scent left on the skin, but my skin ( and my mind ) enjoyed this very much.

Recommended? 110%! Loved this! I’m secretly gutted I gave so many as gifts and didn’t keep more for myself! Fabulous scent, lots of bubbles and very kind to my skin. And as a gift it looks different to a bath bomb or fizzer so very pleasing on the eye. Good amount of brittle included ( 1 to 2 baths worth ) and simple but effective packaging. I would buy this again in a heart beat!

Now…here comes the bad news…While I was writing this post there was a sale on all bath products on The Rose and Thistle’s website and this has beauty sold out! The sale still continues and there are a few bath products left but super limited. Visit the website here, see what’s available and BUY!

The Body Shop’s Warm Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub

I can can still see the ghost of Christmas 2020 in my house. New toys on the living room floor. Chocolates in the cupboards. My bedroom is full of bath, body and skincare goodies I was given as gifts from my nearest and dearest. It’s a well known fact I have a thing about vanilla as it’s one of my favourite scents. So I was over the moon to receive a collection of The Body Shop goodies from a friend for Christmas, in the fragrance Warm Vanilla. My first go to product was the Warm Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub.

Why am I using this? This is one of those products I never think to buy. Out of all my skin concerns lips has never been one of them. Even a lip balm I don’t use very often. But I am beyond grateful that I was given this because guess what I’ve been suffering from recently? DRY LIPS! Not an everyday problem I suffer with, but wearing masks now as a part of daily life and probably not drinking enough water too, means my lips feel very neglected and it shows!

The Body Shop’s War Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub

What’s a lip scrub? Simply an exfoliater for the lips! Designed to gently remove flaky, dry skin from the lips leaving the area smoother and softer.

Packaging. Similar to potted lip balm products available on the market. Small so pocket or hand bag sized, with a screw top lid. The labeling is quite festive. A wintry design on the lid with berries, vanilla pods and flowers visible.

Scent. This is why I LOVE Warm Vanilla as a fragrance and a range! It of course smells like vanilla. But with warmed through brown sugar like undertones to it and the smallest hint of floral. Sweet, warming, totally yummy but not sickly or cheap and synthetic in smell.

Texture. I thought this would be similar in texture to a lip balm. To look at it, it’s shiny and golden in colour. It’s a little softer and not as solid as I originally thought it would be. So using this was very easy and it didn’t need warming through with a finger. It does have that greasiness a lip balm has, except I could feel the smallest grains in this. The grains aren’t coloured, but you can see the scrub isn’t totally smooth and has texture, once you dip into it.

On the lips. I didn’t need much of this, and I applied this onto dry lips not damp. Rubbing this all over the lip area as you would with a lip balm but I went sightly around the lips too. The grains felt comfortable, and they stayed where they were rather than fall off because of the texture of the scrub. The fragrance was there which I loved, and dare I say this tasted quite nice too! No doubt that this contained actual sugar.

The result. Look wise lips seemed fresher, smoother, more plump and had more colour to them ( this product isn’t tinted by the way ). Not only did they look smoother but felt it too, and highly moisturised. Removing the scrub wasn’t needed because there were only a few grains left on my lips and the scrub left a natural sheen and glisten to them. So I left it on!

The Body Shop Warming Vanilla Range 2020

Recommended? Although a lip scrub has never been top of my to buy list I don’t think I’ve used the right one before now. Either they’ve been too wet, not enough grains or TOO much with half of it going down the sink! But this lip scrub is perfectly balanced. Part lip balm part scrub. Great texture, beautiful scent, easy to use and if you use the right amount no need to remove! And it leaves your lips in kissable condition. I would buy this myself in a heart beat so thoroughly recommended!

Just a note.. Warm Vanilla is a limited edition range. It’s been brought out luckily for another winter, so don’t expect this to be readily available. But I would highly recommend checking The Body Shop website or contact your local The Body Shop consultant who may be able to perform some magic!

B Blissful Baby Powder Squeezable Wax

I’ve been a wax melt lover for years now. I’m open minded to using other forms of home fragrance, but there is something I find very addictive about a good melt. One alternative to solid wax I haven’t used before is squeezable wax…until now! Towards the end of last year I bought some wax melts from a wax vendor called B Blissful, and I couldn’t help but purchase as well two different fragranced squeezable waxes as they were on sale. I tested out Baby Power first, which costs £3.00 for 100g ( at the time I think I paid £2.00 for each ).

Why did I choose a squeezable wax? I’ve known about this type of wax for awhile and I guess it was purely down to curiosity that I purchased it. Baby Powder was an easy choice because I’m familiar with the scent and I love a simple, clean fragrance to use and experience.

B Blissful Baby Powder Squeezable Wax

What’s a Squeezable Wax? A wax that isn’t hard and solid like a traditional melt or candle. It’s soft, and as the name suggests, you squeeze it out to pop into your warmer to use. Despite it’s form it still is designed to provide fragrance.

Packaging. The wax comes in a clear tube. Flip top lid on the bottom, with vendor, fragrance name on a label on the front and relevant detail e.g ingredients, on the back. Basic but very practical.

Scent. To get a proper whiff of this it was much easier for me to unscrew the lid and smell it that way. I could definitely get the typical baby powder scent. Clean with powdery notes. It’s just one of those fragrances that we all know and this is spot on for what it’s trying to mimic scent wise.

Consistency. Quite strange to see this squirt out of the tube! To me this reminded me of an emollient cream. Quite thick, white in colour but didn’t appear to be silky smooth almost on the granular side. But this does contain coconut oil so made perfect sense to me. I’ve used coconut oil in the past and depending on temperature, if cold, does have this kind of texture.

In the warmer. I couldn’t tell you the actual measurement of wax I used, I just squirted it in! Because it’s not totally solid I found this melted super quickly, smelt the same as it did in the tube but stronger. It made my living room smell clean and cosy, and the fragrance filled it well considering it’s a medium sized room. What I liked about this was the fact I could go back and easily add more ( which I did ). The wax itself when melted was clear, no colour and nothing added to it such as glitter or mica pigments. Although I did notice after it melted there was a slight shimmer in the warmer dish. So maybe a secret surprise that wasn’t obvious from the start?

Strength & Longevity. Strength I thought was medium. Baby Powder as a scent can be quite a powerful one and heady. This was perfect for me! Although if I added a little more it may have been stronger. Longevity was good. I had this melting for a good number of hours over 2 days and it still threw scent well.

Pros. Warmer months sometimes aren’t kind to wax. They can sweat, even melt and occasional leech colour. In a tube this wax is protected. In fact, warmer temperatures mean easier use of this as it maybe softer and more fluid like. Great as a gift idea. They look different. Wax melt lovers will be excited to try this out if they haven’t already. And I think these are easy to display and store. Want to do some mixology? Of course you can snap and break normal wax but surely its easy to squirt one wax and then another in the warmer then melt?

Cons. Its just isn’t as pretty and satisfying to watch melt as a traditional wax melt. When I get new melts not only do I stare at them like beautiful newborn children but sniff the hell out of them when cold, and you can’t really do that with squeezable wax. Something I did notice when I used this was I really did have to give it a good squeeze. It was a very cold evening and with there being such a high coconut oil content to it, this does react in temperatures so I assume it was down to this. But a little rub with the hands sorted that out so no massive issue.

Recommended? I think it will take me awhile to get used to using a squeezable wax but its definitely an interesting product! Everything about how this smelt and lasted got thumbs up from me. Not having to touch, cut or break wax was a bonus, plus how quickly it melted too. And I like the idea of the wax being safe and sound in a tube, keeping my containers clean so easy to store. So it is recommended! Not to mention great value. A typical good quality wax melt or pot weighing at an average of 45-50g can cost from £2.00 upwards. So this can provides hours of affordable fragrance.

Fancy something a little different in the form of wax? B Blissful’s squeezable wax is available in a variety of fragrances ( I counted over 30! ) and you can choose what colour you want it in from a selection of 9. So what’s stopping you? Order here now!

The Bath Bae’s Birthday Cake Bath Sparkle

Starting my New Year as I mean to go which is in the bath relaxing! Giving myself much needed me time and a little bit of pampering is a must. It doesn’t take much to create my own little haven and it’s something I refuse to give up or compromise on because I deserve it! And as much as I SHOULD spend less on bath and body products in 2021, I doubt I will because I love them way too much. 2021 in my bathroom kicked off with using The Bath Bae’s Birthday Cake Bath Sparkle. I bought this many months ago when they had a sale, but it’s usual price is £5.99 for 200g.

The Bath Bae Birthday Cake Bath Sparkle

Why this one? I originally bought products from The Bath Bae because I love using bath bombs, but wanted to try something different but still get the same results. As a company they produce interesting, modern and fun bath time treats which are eye catching. This particular one I wanted to use because I enjoyed their Bath Cubes I used last year, and wanted to see if this was just as good.

What is a Bath Sparkle? A Bath Sparkle is designed to create foam, scent and also provide a little sparkle to your bath. Closest comparison I can make is with a bath dust.

Packaging. Love the packaging! The Bath Sparkle is filled to the brim in a resealable packet. Rip the top, open, use and reseal when not in use. The packet itself has an almost holographic look to it which I thought was opaque. But after using some of the Bath Sparkle I could see how much was left inside it. Simple but cute.

Appearance. I find myself fascinated by textures and consistencies of products in bath and body products. This bath sparkle looks like a very fine powder. Consistently fine, no lumps or clumps. Almost like a sieved flour. But colour wise not so boring. This is a gorgeous shade of green which I can only describe as being a sea green. Very easy on the eye and very inviting.

Scent. What I expected was something that smelt very typical of a sponge cake. Vanilla based, a predictable bakery scent and sugary sweet. This isn’t quite like that. Definitely sweet but almost confectionary like. There is some vanilla in there but this to me is more fruity than cake sweet.

How to use. Add half or all of the bath sparkle in to a warm bath and enjoy.

In the bath. Thrown under warm running water this immediately made the water very tropical, lagoon like. The colour created was so vibrant and stunning! Lots of white, soft foam was produced so not only did I get colour and foam, but also scent as well! The scent was delicate, not heady and exactly what I smelt when I first opened the packet.

I found this to be very gentle and non drying. In the bath the water ( this sounds strange to explain but if you know you know ) felt as if it had more slip to it, and the dry areas of my body e. g hands, feet, elbows, seemed a little more protected. And out of the bath my skin seemed to enjoy it and didn’t feel like a 5 year old raisin.

Did it sparkle? So this puzzled me a little. Looking at it before I used it I couldn’t see anything. Even in the bath, not really. But when I touched some of it that had floated to the top and stuck to the foam, when I rubbed it in between my fingertips I could see it glisten! A subtle, gold shimmer was visible and was left at the bottom of the bath tub which my daughter approved of. I couldn’t see the shimmer on my skin after I got out of the bath but I could smell the fragrance.

Recommended? I think this product is great so its a yes from me! The colour, scent, foam…all these elements just aided to an enjoyable bathing experience. Could there have been more sparkle? Well there is ALWAYS room for more sparkle! But sometimes someone doesn’t want to look like an extra from the James Bond film Gold Finger! Or want to scrub their bath tub to an inch of its life. If you like bath bombs or similar products such as fizzers or dusts, you will like this. Like sweet scents? You will like this. And this is actually very affordable because if you use only half its less than £3.00 per use,which costs less than well known branded bath bombs on the market.

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