Snap Wax Melt’s Rhubarb & Custard Wax Snap Bar

Do you find when seasons change so do some of your general habits? Spring is creeping in which means lighter starts to the day and more sunshine ( thank God! ). For my home fragrancing, I’m now heading towards more floral, laundry and fruity scents. I’ve decided to delve into a beautiful collection of wax snap bars a company called Snap Wax Melt kindly gifted to me at the start of this year. My second snap bar from them that got the chop recently was Rhubarb & Custard.

Snap Wax Melt’s Rhubarb & Custard Wax Snap Bar

Why did I go for this one? Anyone who uses wax melts and candles will know rhubarb as a scent is extremely popular. Why? It’s gorgeous! I’m a massive fan and anything with it in has never failed me. I adore fruity and sweet scents anyway so choosing to melt this was a no brainer.

Appearance. Like all of Snap Wax Melt snap bars, these are rectangular in shape and made up of 10 raised squares you snap off to use. The colours of this will catch your eye as they are pink and yellow, which contrasts perfectly. The left hand side of the bar the segments are yellow in colour and the right pink. But the yellow is only visible on the top. If you look carefully at the pink sections there are the tiniest little dark pink speckles in it which gives it a subtle detail.

Scent. Mouth watering! Have you ever eaten and smelt rhubarb and custard hard boiled sweets, that are usually lightly dusted with sugar? This is identical! You get a sugary, sweet, fruity rhubarb scent to it. And of course it’s finished off with a vanilla based, creamy custard. There is no why no one wouldn’t know what this smells like if you’ve had the sweets before. On top of that the colouring of this is a bit of a giveaway too!

In melt. I popped 3 squares into my wax warmer, and they melted away evenly, producing an inviting pink pool of wax. The scent was already there while it was solid so only got stronger as it warmed through. It filled my kitchen so well despite the fact there were various things cooking at once, yet it fought through and was very obvious.

Strength & Longevity. Strength is a medium. I wouldn’t want this to be stronger as it doesn’t need it so perfect strength. Great for a variety of different sized and shaped rooms. Longevity was excellent as these 3 segments lasted a good 8 hrs over 2 days and was changed purely because I wanted a different scent, not because the smell was gone. So this wax bar will provide hours and hours of fragrance time.

Who would love this? Like me, if you love fruit based scents, sweet inspired scents, this is a must! Scents don’t have to be seasonal, you should melt what you like when you like. BUT this screams to me Spring and Summer. So if you want to change from more heavier, musky, Autumn/Winter scents this is ideal. Great for kitchens too in regards to neutralising cooking smells. And of course lovers of the rhubarb scent buy this purely for the fact it contains the rhubarb scent in it alone!

Wax melt snap bars by Snap Wax Melt

Recommended? As someone who loves sweetie inspired scents this is a winner for me so a yes! It’s true to what it’s supposed to smell like which is absolutely delicious. Perfect strength, great longevity and the bar itself begs you to break and melt it. So why wouldn’t I love and recommend it?

Tempted to turn this classic sweet into your room fragrance paradise? For £3.00 for this non-edible bar you can order it here. Remember, no matter how good this looks and how yummy it smells DO NOT EAT!

Delicious Destinations Flamingo Body Mist

I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I bought a perfume. When I say perfume I mean a branded one, fashion house, eau de toilette or eau de parfum. Why? I don’t have the budget! No, that’s a lie….If I buy one fragrance for £30-50 I could spend that on a multitude of different things I love such as gin, wax melts, bath bombs, books etc. So keeping it cheap and cheerful but still wanting to smell nice means body mists are one of my must buys. Delicious Destinations from Superdrug is what I douse myself with at the moment. At a cost of £3.99 ( at the time it was half price ) for 100ml.

Delicious Destinations Flamingo Body Mist

Why did I buy this one? I like to smell nice! Body mists are affordable so I buy one or five at a time. But going for this particular fragrance was because I love sweet and fruity scents. Anything these days that has a connection with unicorns, flamingos or lamas seems to be part of that fragrance range so I assumed Delicious Destinations Flamingo would fall into that category.

Packaging. This mist comes in a plastic bottle with a pump spray to release fragrance. The shape of it is nice, not straight up and down. But wider at the top and gets more narrower further down. On the front is a picture of a flamingo. On the back all the information you need e.g ingredients, on a colourful, bright, ombre effect label.

Scent Description. On Superdrug’s website it just says this is bold, feminine and flirty! But on the actual bottle it keeps it much more easier to digest and says coconut, milk and orchid!

My scent description. Slightly floral but delicate. I hate floral on its own and when its strong, but find it creates a lovely base for many a fragrance and it does with this one. Coconut is there too. Think of the usual coconut fragrance you get with most things and that’s what this is. So it has a tropical edge to it and sweetness. The milk bit I can only assume is coconut milk rather than milk on its own, because there is a slight creaminess to this. Overall it’s a nice fragrance, quite summery and one that has my name all over it.

Strength & Longevity. Strength I would say is light to medium. I am not sparing with this body mist at all! My uniform and coat before I start work gets a generous spritz, and that will last me for the whole 4 plus hours of physical work. I feel it does lessen over that time in strength but it’s there, which is what you want.

Recommended? Yes! For a few reasons. One, it smells nice. Two, its a good size and even if like me you use this a lot, it should last awhile. Three, it has a good strength and longevity about it but you won’t smell like a 5 year old has gone to town with your fragrance playing grown up. And fourthly, this and other scents in the range are regularly on some form of offer. So whether its half price or buy one get one free, its super affordable!

Want to smell like you are on holiday? Closest any of us will be to that I’m afraid for now! Get yours from Superdrug here. *at time of writing this, this currently is half price. PLUS, if you want this but in a stronger formulation e.g eau de toilette, here it is! Also half price! Kerching!

Desire Magnolia & Mulberry Reed Diffuser

Normally when it comes to home fragrance, I will head straight into my stash of wax melts. The amount of scents I have means I am spoilt for choice on a daily basis. But I am beginning to fall in love with reed diffusers. It makes a nice change from wax, and visually these really can be a statement piece. I’m very lucky I received Desire Magnolia & Mulberry Reed Diffuser from my neighbour for Christmas 2020, and decided recently to get this opened and use it.

Desire Magnolia & Mulberry Reed Diffuser

Why did I use this? I can’t comment why this was BOUGHT for me. I can only guess my neighbour thought it would be a nice gift. But why I chose to use this was because there are certain areas I can’t use a wax warmer in, but I still wanted fragrance e.g toilet, bathroom, hallway etc. I thought this could do the job perfectly for those awkward areas and rooms..

What do you get? The actual reed diffuser itself which contains the fragranced oil. 6 reeds and a small instructions leaflet.

How does this look? I’ve seen lots of reed diffusers before but never like this one. This reed diffuser is a clear, glass bottle ( rectangular in shape ), which houses the fragranced oil ( 200ml ). The area where you pop the reeds in has a gold cover around the neck of the bottle. You can see through the glass that it doesn’t just contain oil, but actual plants, flowers etc as well. This makes me think of infused cooking oils you can buy that contain things to fragrance it such as herbs and spices. Visually it’s gorgeous! The oil itself is golden in colour and the flowers are autumnal in colours, so oranges, reds and browns.

This reed diffuser came boxed. Beautifully packaged with lots of flowers, plants and leaves illustrated all over it. A cut out window at the front so the diffuser itself is visible.

How to use. Unscrew the gold section around the neck of the bottle off, and in the middle of the bottle is a stopper/plug. Take this out and pop in the reeds that comes with it and enjoy!

Scent. This is a gorgeous fragrance. Its a lovely mix of fruity and floral. You get almost a dark berry type scent floating through this which is quite rich and warming. Equally matched by a floral which is clean and fresh. Overall this scent is sweet, sophisticated and delightful. Genuinely, unless you totally despise the fruit and floral family fragrance wise in every way, shape, or form, most people would love this!

In use. Instructions say allow the reeds to soak up the oil within 24 to 36 hours, so I expected nothing to happen during this time period. I decided to put this in my downstairs toilet. I hoped neither child in the house would mess about with this, if it was strategically tucked away with candles on the windowsill.

The fragrance came through after the first hour of setting it up, and it was done in such a natural and cosy way. It wasn’t strong but it smelt so good in the small space. I got hints of it while in there and wondered where such a lovely smell had come from.

Strength & Longevity. Strength I would say is a medium. Would this change in a larger or smaller space? I don’t know. But for the small area I placed it in this was perfect. Longevity I think is dependant on if you turn the reeds around. After a couple of days, I found the scent dwindled, so I turned around the reeds and back came the scent. I do this every 2 to 3 days to maintain the scent and its strength so for me this works well. And I’ve been using this for 2 weeks and it’s still remaining strong if I do this.

Recommended? Definitely! I love home fragrance full stop, but getting it in a way that looks good as well is great to add to any room. And this does! The look of it is so pretty, the scent is stunning and longevity and strength perfect for my needs.

I’ve been able to find the same size diffuser as mine online for £8.99 from a company called Belle & Mac. I’ve personally never shopped with them before, so by all means visit their website but check other places to ensure you get this beautiful product at the right price from the right people.

Chloe’s Make Up Ari Grand Soap Sponge

Shower/bath gels and creams. Soaps. Is that all that’s available to clean ourselves with in the shower or/and bath? Nope! These are the standard products you can pick up in your local supermarket and discount store. Even a body/skincare company/shop will sell these. Everywhere sells them! But what other products are there to use? Quite a few you may or may not be aware of, but one is a soap sponge. Soap sponges are something I’ve been using for the past few years, and I was lucky enough to receive a selection from Chloe’s Make Up as a competition prize last year. My first soap sponge I used was called Ari Grand.

Chloe’s Make Up Ari Grande Soap Sponge

What’s a soap sponge? Most people will use a sponge in the shower or bath, and add something onto it like a shower gel to it to wash their body with. A soap sponge already has this infused into it so shower, or bathe and go!

Why did I go for this one? I gifted some of these to friends as I like sharing the love, so only had two left. This one is inspired by a perfume fragrance and although I’m not familiar with the actual fragrance itself, I guessed it would be quite pretty in scent and highly enjoyable to use.

Appearance. This looks like any other soap sponge. As long as my hand, slightly rounded edges but rectangular in shape. One side is smooth and the other has the exfoliating lumps and bumps which you will either love and use a lot, or avoid! Pale pink in colour, and came plastic wrapped with company and fragrance name on the front, and ingredients and other details on the back.

Scent. Beautiful! Definitely a youthful feminine floral which has a slight sweetness to it ( think of how marshmallows smells like or similar ) with a hint of a powdery note thrown in there too.

Texture. Before use don’t be alarmed to find this to be very solid. It’s not soft sponge like, like the normal ones you pick up from the shop. So be warned it’s more brick than anything else.

How to use and how to look after it. As you would use a normal sponge but see below in regards to my experience. Once used leave to dry out, don’t allow it to remain wet when not in use.

In the shower. Think of a raisin and you want it to become a plump grape, it needs hydrating. This needs to be in contact with water. I let the water from my shower soak into it. That’s when the texture started to change and it becomes less hard and slightly softer. As it got softer this is when I started to use this as I would a normal sponge, and it lathered up brilliantly. Soft, white, cream like bubbles came from it so after a short amount of time I was covered in the stuff! The scent was there throughout, and it was super easy to rinse off leaving my skin feeling soft, clean and ready to continue with my day.

On the skin. No issues in regards to dryness, irritation etc. I didn’t expect this to be moisture giving as I don’t think it’s quite that type of product, but it didn’t strip me of moisture. What it did do, was really REALLY clean my skin! After using this I ran a bath so I could soak into it straight away, and I saw dirt! I didn’t think I needed a scrub so badly but I obviously did.

Recommended? I LOVE SOAP SPONGES so its a yes from me! I like how much foam this produced, I loved the scent. And I loved how effective this was in regards to cleaning my skin which is important. General use, gift ideas, this gets a thumbs up. How many uses this has I honestly can’t tell you because I mix up my bath and shower products regularly. But at a guess easily up to 2 weeks if not longer. A really good quality soap sponge that ticks every box for me.

£3.50 is what this designer scented soap sponge costs which is fantastic value for this type of item. Want to wash like a Pop Princess? Visit the website here for am affordable piece of bathing luxury!

Bomb Cosmetics Teddy Bears Picnic Mallow

My first name should be Mermaid. Having a bath isn’t just a necessity and a way to clean myself it’s a daily must! It’s currently cold in the UK. Baths are warm and cosy. And let’s be honest right now what is there to do? There is NO WHERE to go! So besides going to work, home is my stomping ground, especially my bathroom. For my birthday at the end of 2020 I received a box of bath treats by Bomb Cosmetics from a friend. Sometimes it takes a while for me to use my bath and body products because I have way too much. But I decided to dip into this recently, grabbing the Teddy Bears Picnic Mallow to use.

Bomb Cosmetics Teddy Bears Picnic Mallow

Why go for this one first? Bath bombs, bath fizzers, bath dust…all of these things I’ve been using and enjoying. Some have created a fizz, foam, colour and fragrance. But I wanted something different, to provide a different bathing experience which I thought this would do. Not to mention how super cute this is I couldn’t resists it!

What is a mallow? A mallow I think is similar to a bath truffle which I have used before. Think of something you pop into the bath. It doesn’t produce foam. It provides more of a treatment to the skin because of its high content of cocoa or and shea butter. So when placed in a warm bath it tends to melt, turns from a solid to something more oil like and provides the body with the most moisturising bath ever.

How does it look? So sweet and cute in appearance. About 3 inches in height, this looks like its been piped into a cone shape. You can see ripples around the outside so not totally smooth but has texture to it. This reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream because its cream in colour, with soft pink running through sections of it. On the front, is a basic but adorable brown coloured bear face. Two dotted eyes, large nose and a small pink bow to finish it off. The mallow doesn’t look like it has the same texture as a bath bomb e.g chalk like. But it does look and feel hard and solid.

Scent. This has a fruity scent to it. A delicate zest but not a punchy citrus power house. More a subtle sweet orange like fragrance. A touch of musk is in this as well, so overall this has quite a warming fragrance to it but slightly energising too. Quite delicate but noticeable before use, but very pleasant and a lovely smell overall.

In the bath. I placed this under the warm running water, and although it didn’t create colour it did make the bath water a little cloudy. I didn’t expect any fizzing action because of what the product is, but there was a small amount I could see. The mallow got smaller and smaller slowly, exposing more pink colouring around it rather than cream. By the time I got back to my bath about 5 minutes later it totally disappeared. The fragrance I could smell at this point but it was light.

I know when something is packed with ingredients that are designed to hydrate and moisturise. When in the bath, I will fill it ‘ cling ‘ to my driest areas, which at the moment is my hands and feet. This is what I experienced with this product. In the bath I could feel the water had some slip to it. My skin felt very happy, not dry in the slightest in fact the totally opposite. I don’t use bath oils but I can imagine this would give a similar effect and feel on the body.

My skin. In the bath and out of the bath it felt as if my body had a thin layer of something on it. A slight shine was visible but only slightly. I wouldn’t describe the feel of my skin as greasy but definitely moisturised. Soft, smooth, comfortable. Loved it! Lightly fragranced which was nice. Did I need to put on a body lotion after? Nope! But I did because it’s habit forming and even better for my skin to have a double layer of moisture rather than one.

Top Tips. Shower and exfoliate before using this. Get that skin clean and dead skin gone so it can suck up all the cocoa and shea butter as effectively as possible! Also when out of the bath after using this, lightly pat your skin dry. Don’t take off the lovely ingredients this has just put onto the skin by rubbing it off!

Who is this good for? If you suffer from dry skin and need something in the bath to hydrate it, this is perfect for that! Even better if you aren’t a fan of foam and highly fragranced products. Great for the little people in your life who will find this super cute, enjoy using it and maybe who are not great with applying body lotions on themselves or liking it being applied by others, as this stage can be skipped if you use this.

Recommended? Yessss! Love this! I am a massive fan of bath truffles anyway but the ones I’ve used have been quite basic in look so this has upstaged them purely on appearance. This is what I would call a bath treatment, and it really does treat the skin when it needs hydration whether its down to it being a colder season, you are suffering naturally from dry skin or having a poor body care routine. So although I wouldn’t use this every bath time, I would easily a few times a week! Its sweet to look at, easy to use, dissolves thoroughly, and leaves the skin in great condition. Did I mention it was an easy job to clean the bath? I forgot to mention that! It can be a nightmare when using similar products to this. And the price?? Only £2.50!

Fancy adding this to your bath to give your skin the ultimate pampering? Visit Bomb Cosmetics here to order this mighty but small bath treat.

Bomb Cosmetics products

Tesco’s Kind & Pure Refreshing Face Scrub

I love skincare. It’s not something everyone is interested in but I am. I’m not a make up wearer, it’s too much faffing about for me. But in the same way people drool over eyeshadows and mascaras, I gasp over cleansers and eye creams. I want my skin to look good, and spending a little time and a little money on it won’t kill me in fact it brings me joy. So my current face scrub I’ve been using in my routine, along with trying out their cleanser, is Tesco’s Kind & Pure Face Scrub. It costs £1.50 for 150ml.

Why did I buy this one? I picked up the Tesco Cleansing Face Wash and realised for a total of £3.00 I could get the scrub to match it too! I actually needed a face scrub at the time and needed something affordable so thought I would see what this was like.

Tesco Kind & Pure Refreshing Face Scrub

What is this supposed to do? This range from Tesco focuses on sensitive skin. So this is designed to be kind and gentle. It helps to soften and smooth the skin thanks to it’s exfoliating action without causing irritation.

Packaging. Ties in nicely with the rest of the Kind & Pure range. Colourings are the same which is mint green, white and silver detailing. Scrub comes in the same flip top lidded tube as the wash, with all details on the back e.g ingredients.

Texture. It would be easy to mistake this for a body lotion. It’s white, opaque and came out of the tube with a little hold to it. A decent thickness consistency wise but not solid. You can’t see visible grains or pieces in this, but only when you spread it out do you feel and see the smallest white specks.

Fragrance. After using the co ordinating face wash, I expected there to be no scent to this, but there is one! It’s not highly fragranced and quite delicate, but there it is. This has a slight plant like base to it. I won’t say floral as it’s not that, but plant with the smallest sweetness to it. Fresh, clean, neutral. It’s quite unisex, not age specific and non offensive.

How to use ( as stated on packaging ). Wet face with warm water. Use a small amount, massage into face using upwards and outwards movements. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

In use. As per usual I probably used more than I should have which was a bit bigger than a 10p coin in size. But I did use this as suggested on the packaging. It felt very creamy on the skin, but I could also feel the grains and there was enough in the scrub for me to feel as if they were doing something. They didn’t hurt or irritate.

Skin afterwards. My face felt very refreshed after use. Clean, smooth, not stripped away of vital moisture so not dry. My skin didn’t look dramatically different, pretty much the same as if I had just washed it as usual if I’m honest. But it did feel good.

Tesco Kind & Pure Cleansing Face Wash and Refreshing Face Scrub

Recommended? Definitely! It’s a great budget friendly product that is easy to use, doesn’t dry out the skin and leaves it feeling smooth to touch. Some people might find this very basic but for the price what more can you ask for? Again, like the wash, nice starter face scrub for a young person e.g pre teen. Someone who wants to get into skincare but unsure what to go for and wants something simple. Those with sensitive skin and of course those who want to go for something inexpensive! Would I buy and use this again? I actually would! It did what it was designed to do with a nice fragrance to it. I would happily slip this in and out of my routine and great if on a serious beauty budget!

Want to cheaply scrub your face? Like the face wash this should be in stores ( possibly selected ones ) but definitely available online here.

Tesco’s Kind & Pure Cleansing Face Wash

Over the years I have bought and tried many different ranges and brands of skincare. It possibly is an addiction, but I do find skincare fascinating, interesting and fun to try out. Before children my budget may have been a little larger and less restricted, where as now I try and make considered purchases whether big or small. But does cheap skincare REALLY work? Or is it a false economy? Well, I’ve recently tried out Tesco‘s Kind & Pure Cleansing Face Wash for sensitive skin. It costs £1.50 for 150ml.

Why did I buy this? I’m contradicting myself with what I wrote above as this wasn’t a considered purchase. I didn’t actually NEED it I just saw it and thought it looked interesting. The packaging caught my eye and it did make me think this could be a good one for myself to occasionally dip in and out of. Plus I could try my pre teen son and daughter on this to get them started with a basic skincare routine.

Tesco’s Kind & Pure Cleansing Face Wash

What is this? This is a cleansing wash which is designed for sensitive skin. Things like fragrance or colouring can set off some people’s skin and these ingredients have been left out. So this is meant to be a kind and gentle facial wash for those whose skin needs something more caring.

Packaging. If anything screams fragrance free and reflecting this on how something is packaged this does! The wash comes in a typical plastic flip top bottom lid tube. Colouring is mint green and white with some silver detailing. Quite basic, but clean in look and for me is quite appealing.

Scent. There isn’t one! But what I’ve found with similar products in the past, and this one too, is it doesn’t have a fragrance but it has that typical non fragrance smell. Does anyone understand what I mean? Sounds weird but it’s true I promise.

Texture & appearance. Clear in colour and looks like any normal facial wash would. Slightly runny, smooth and with a shine.

How to use ( as per instructions ). Lather product up in the hands and massage over wet skin. Rinse off with water.

On the face. I’ve been using this wash day and night for a good month now. I use this pretty much as instructed. The wash I found lathered up ok but not brilliantly. I did use probably more than what I needed per application, but I found more created a better lather for me and less just didn’t seem sufficient ( see below pic ). It rubbed into the face easily and was comfortable on the skin. I did feel I needed to go in a few times to rinse it off to make sure it all washed away, but this wasn’t any hardship and no massive problem.

Removal of make up. Can’t comment on that. I don’t wear a face of make up but I do regularly use an eyebrow pencil. I always ensure to give those areas a little more time massaging the wash into and around it, and it removed it.

After use. If I’m honest I expected this to dry my skin out but it didn’t. Yes, it felt and looked clean with no irritation, but it didn’t leave it dry or uncomfortable. And it created a nice, clean base for me to use my various lotions and potions on for the day or night.

Recommended? And if so for who? I would actually recommend this face wash as it did exactly what it said on the tube! Perfect one for pre teens or teens who don’t have particular skin issues but you want them to use something that is easy and won’t irritate. There are men and women out there who aren’t too fussy about skincare and just want the basics. Not bothered about brands and refuse to spend heaps of money on this which is absolutely fine. But they DO want to keep their face clean. This will do! Again, if you have no particular concerns and even better if you do suffer from sensitive skin it’s a bonus.

Tesco Kind & Pure Cleansing Face Wash and Refreshing Face Scrub

Would I buy this again? For my kids possibly because of what I’ve already mentioned. And on a budget level I can deal with spending £1.50 and for it to be sat there unused because child number one says he can’t be bothered washing! But for myself, no ( unless my budget was exceptionally teeny and I was very poor ). Its a decent emergency product but I like my cleansing products to be more power packed with ingredients, texture and dare I say a little fragrance! I’m getting older in years and my skin needs as much help as it can get!

Do you want to wash your face with this budget friendly face wash? Available instore ( possibly selected ones so check! ), or from and you can pop it into your grocery basket when doing a food shop!