Primark’s CBD Clay Mask

I’m sure the first thing people think about when the department store Primark is mentioned, they think of clothes. Totally understandable! They are well now for their affordable fashion items for men, women and children. But these days when I think of this store, I think of different things. Homeware, home fragrance and skincare! They don’t seem to have a massive range of skincare in my local store, but the pieces they have always spark my interest. That spark occasionally opens up my wallet to buy. A purchase I made recently was their CBD Clay Mask. Usual price £4.00, reduced to £2.00.

Primark’s CBD Clay Mask

Why did I buy this?

Pure curiosity! And, I am a sucker for a bargain. It also helps that I love a skincare mask too. Occasionally I use a clay mask depending on how my skin is behaving. And right now it’s not behaving at all! And what is with skincare having CBD/hemp and other stuff like that included in it’s formulation? Seems to be a fashionable thing but is it effective? Perfect time to try this out with my skin in a mini heat ravaged turmoil mess.

What is this supposed to do?

It’s designed to purify, soften, smooth and revitalise the skin. The inclusion of CBD oil, hemp seed oil and aloe vera aide with these actions.


60g of mask is housed in a plastic screw top pot. I really like the shape of this as the sides aren’t totally straight and curve closer to the top. White in colour, with text in green and a metallic looking mint green colour lid. This comes boxed up with the box mirroring the container, but with it being mostly green in colour.


Ewwhh. Not a fan. It sort of smells off and not totally fresh, with a slight clay smell to it. I didn’t expect this to smell of flowers or bubblegum, but would have thought this could have smelt a little more appealing.


In the pot, doesn’t look great. It does have the same type of look a lot of clay masks have. Thick, slightly mud like and quite thick, But this mask is very pale in colour which doesn’t make me feel too excited to use it to be honest.

How to use?

Apply onto clean skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes and remove by rinsing with warm water and patting dry.

In Use.

I expected this to be slightly more thicker in texture, but found it a touch lighter than what I originally thought. Easy to use, and I applied a decent but thin layer of the mask all over the face. Took very little time for this to dry out as the colour of it lightened and my face became more frozen, but totally what I expected with a mask like this. These are never the most comfortable products to have on the skin, but it wasn’t bad. I did notice that the scent of this didn’t linger, thank goodness, so wasn’t a problem.

Removal was like a dream! I thought it would be hard work but it really wasn’t. A warmed and damp face cloth wiped over the face took this off so easily and left no residue, which was what I expected to see.

Skin Afterwards?

Straight after removal my skin looked clean and quite fresh. I used this mask a few hours before bedtime, so it’s really the morning after the night before I will pick up on changes. And next morning my skin looked a touch smoother and felt it, reasonably rested in look. There was a sign of improvement but not a massive one. Enough for me to feel that I got some benefit using Primark’s CBD Clay Mask. But I would like to have seen a little more.


This clay mask has performed no better or no worse than others I’ve used in the past. If you’re visiting Primark, and it’s there and reduced in price why not? 60ml is a decent size, easy application and removal and appeared to improve my skin. And it’s packaged nicely! So a great gift idea for someone who likes or deserves a little pampering. Not an award winner but worth a couple of pounds!

Snap Wax Melt’s Ava Bath Wax Snap Bar

Fragrance is a personal choice. What one person likes another may not. And how we fragrance our homes has the same principles. My favourite product to fragrance my home is in the form of wax. Wax shapes, wax melts, wax snap bars. Although I melt whatever I feel like regardless of the time, day or season, sometimes you just want to grab and enjoy something specific to the time. And Ava Bath Wax Snap Bar, that was kindly gifted to me by Snap Wax Melt earlier this year, screamed Summer to me! And to create a cooler and refreshing vibe at home, I decided to melt it.

Snap Wax Melt’s Ava Bath Wax Snap Bar

Why this one?

I wanted to fragrance my kitchen with something that was going to be quite fresh, and not heavy in regards to it’s notes e.g musk. It might be warm, I might be dripping with sweat, but at least around me it can smell fresh and clean! And this is what I hoped from this wax snap bar.

How does it look?

A rectangular, segmented bar which has 10 raised squares on it ready to snap off (think chocolate bar shaped). A vibrant but not eye bulging green colour, simple but very Summer like. I did think it was one block of colour but actually it’s two. Turn the wax snap bar over and you can see a different shade of green, slightly lighter in shade than the top. I liked this! Simple but gave the bar an interesting look. Came in a clear plastic sleeve with the company label on the front and ingredients on the back.


This is a citrus lover’s dream! Zesty, sharp, lemon and lime. Not sweet but totally fresh and punchy!

In melt.

I snapped off 4 bars of this and popped it into the warmer in my kitchen. It turned into such a glorious sea of green, it was nice to see the two shades of green merge into one. The scent itself was super noticeable. Despite the fact this was melting in my kitchen with various foods being cooked, it cut through those smells like a knife! Filled the space and even drifted into the living room as well.

Strength & Longevity.

Strength is a medium. Any more than that I think it could make your eyes water, but this strength is perfect! Because of the type of scent this is, as I found, ideal for kitchens or rooms where you want to combat other smells. Longevity was great. As per usual I melted this over 2 days for many hours, at least 8 hours in total, and provided the same quality and strength of scent throughout.


Totally! Although it can be melted anytime of the year, this is perfect for Summer time use. Great for deodorising, perfect when you want something fresh and clean but NOT a laundry scent. And great for those looking for something fruity but not sweet or the typical favourites e.g berry based, rhubarb etc. Every wax snap bar I’ve melted from Snap Wax Melt has been of a high quality. For £3.00 each per bar, this will provide hours of fragrancing, so visit their website here to chose your very own home fragrance wardrobe!

Nip + Fab Glycolic Exfoliating Mask

If you like looking after your skin, is there currently one stage or product you are neglecting to use? At the moment I would say I need to slot in a skincare face mask twice a week just to give my face an added boost thanks to the current weather in the UK. But exfoliating is a stage for some reason over the last month or so I have been AWFUL with! So how about I kill two birds with one stone and go for something that can do both? So out of my skincare stash I dragged out NIP + FAB’s Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Mask. Can’t remember how much I paid for this towards the end of last year as it was on offer. But retails around the £7.00 mark.

Nip+Fab Glycolic Exfoliating Mask

Why did I buy this?

I’ve never tried products from this brand before, but I have noticed them. Their variety of products and ingredients have grabbed my interest. But price point for me meant anything bought from the range was a considered purchase. But a much easier one to make when on offer! So I opted for this because I didn’t even know you could exfoliate with a sheet mask and it intrigued me. I knew it would be useful in my routine, priced well and a good introduction to the range.

What does this supposed to do?

Think of this as being a skin exfoliator and a face skincare mask in one and this is what this is. The glycolic acid as an ingredient exfoliates the skin getting rid of the dead skin cells, leaving it looking and feeling smoother and less dull. Skin should feel rejuvenated and look more vibrant.


Comes in a packet, which I think all tissue face masks come in as standard. Loved how brightly coloured this was (orange), very eye catching. Explains simply what this mask is supposed to do on the front and back, with relevant information such as ingredients and warnings clearly marked.

How to use.

Apply onto clean skin. Avoid eye area. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove and pat in any excess serum left on skin.

How does it look?

Very much like most tissue face masks. White in colour, soft in texture and made from some form of material. Openings for eyes, nose and mouth are visible. Not the most attractive thing you will ever see but practical and created like this for it’s intended purpose.

In use.

When I took this out of it’s packaging I was surprised how much solution this was covered in. It literally was DRIPPING with the stuff, so not skimping on it at all! Once I unfolded it I applied it to my face. Easy enough to do, I just took my time to make sure it was positioned properly. It clung comfortably to my face so I could get on with a few tasks over the 20 minutes. Very cooling on the skin, and felt very hydrating too.

And how did my skin look afterwards?

When I removed the mask, my skin did feel hydrated and clean. The immediate feel of hydration did die down somewhat and then was replaced with feeling as if it was still clean, but had something on my skin. To touch it, it felt a little tacky. But what I did notice was my sweaty looking skin (thank you heat!) now appeared matt and the shine taken away from the majority of my face.

Next day was where I could see my skin had benefited from using this product. It did seem a little smoother and fresher looking. I liked how it seemed more rested and less lifeless than it did before using the mask.

Something unexpected?

The day after using this mask it was a crazy hot day in the UK, around 30 degrees. I did a lot of walking outside that day. When I did my evening skincare routine, I cleansed my face which felt very very sore. It’s not something I’ve experienced before. I was wearing sun cream of spf50 but I suspect it needed reapplying which I didn’t…So either the sun had totally fried me or the combo of mask and sun made my skin sensitive. Can’t be 100% sure, so will leave a question mark on that. But I know when using products with glycolic acid in it, they mention the need to use sun care products alongside them. And this product had it on it’s packaging also. So if you use this, please make sure you use sun protection if venturing outside!

Would I buy this again?

Putting to one side sun hating face, I may or may not buy this again. If I did, it would be once in a blue moon, special occasion type purchase. It would be for a treat for the skin, no more no less. I found the results on my skin were visible for around a day. Sun, heat, lack of sleep and wearing face coverings makes my skin hard work so I got a decent amount of time looking better. But for a regular purchase, price wise, not for me. Not full price anyway. I also think I would prefer an exfoliator that was in a more physical form such as a liquid, cream, tonic etc. And if using a mask after, probably a separate one.


I think this is an interesting and unusual product, at least compared to what I’ve bought and used before. If you are time starved, don’t want to use multiple products and you really enjoy skincare then yes, I would recommend this. Easy to use, quite effective but results may not be instant or long lasting. Think of this as a perk to the skin. Price wise, this may put some people off as it’s a one use item, but if you fancy a splurge or to give as a gift….?

Can be purchased from Look Fantastic, ASOS and more. Happy exfoliating!

Superdrug’s Vitamin E All Over Body Cream with Hibiscus Extract

Currently in the UK, it’s not warm it’s ROASTING! This is not the time for me to forget about looking after the skin on my body. One trip to put something in the bin outside my house makes me feel like a dried out piece of oven baked chicken. So besides the use of sun cream/lotion, I’m upping my body’s moisture, not only from the inside but the outside too in the form of body creams. On my current body care rotation I am using Superdrug’s Vitamin E All Over Body Cream with Hibiscus Extract. This costs £4.99, but I bought it when it was a buy one get one half price deal within the Vitamin E range.

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Body Cream with Hibiscus Extract

Why did I buy this?

I’m a body lotion/cream/butter addict! I love applying it, even if I’m in a rush. I hate dry skin on the body and it’s a part of my routine I rarely deviate from. And with so many textures and fragrances out there, it’s fun to try as many as I can out. This particular one I ordered because of the multibuy offer, and there were various products from the range I wanted to try and could afford to. This seemed a good size, interesting fragrance and a good price so why not?

What is this & who is it for?

Designed for normal to dry skin, this body cream is supposed to moisturise the skin while leaving it fragrant and smooth. With the added addition of Vitamin E, this helps to protect the skin from environmental damage and premature ageing.


465ml of body cream is housed in a screw top tub. Quite simple in look and design, with it’s splashes of cream and peachy pink colouring. Quite Summer and flowery like in look, with mentions of it supporting the charity Marie Curie. 15% of the price of the body cream goes to them.


This fragrance is noticeable and not subtle. It’s a sweet floral scent which is quite specific, good strength to it but not something my 12 year old son would probably want to smell like. Not old fashioned at all, quite pretty and feminine. I quite like this. But be warned, if your sense of smell is easily aggravated or sensitive e.g hay fever, this might be too much.


The fact that it lives in a tub means this isn’t a sloppy and lose body lotion. It definitely IS a cream! Thicker than a lotion but not as thick as a body butter. It holds it’s shape while in the tub but when you take it out the texture isn’t as thick as it appears.

On the skin.

I hate being stingy with body lotions. I would rather use more than less. But this body cream is quite rich and you don’t need to use too much. Despite how thick this looks when you scoop some out and apply it, it’s consistency is more body lotion like in use. Very easy to rub into the skin if you don’t use too much. There is a slight waxiness to it, but it’s not too much and doesn’t leave the skin sticky. It doesn’t leave my skin looking shiny but a very delicate appearance of being hydrated with a sheen.

I find when this is first applied the fragrance is very much there. But it doesn’t seem to linger as time and hours go on. The fragrance is stronger than most of my current collection of body lotions/creams, but because it doesn’t continue with the same strength it’s good as it dies down naturally and fades.

After use.

This moisturises fine for me. I don’t feel like my skin is thirsty and needs reapplication once its used in the morning or evening. My skin I would say is normal. I moisturise twice a day so I don’t allow my skin to dry out for nothing or no one! So it’s in a decent condition and this works for me. Also, the occasional patch of psoriasis doesn’t seem to be set off or made worse by this product which is good.

Is this really for normal to dry skin?

Normal definitely! It will do the job well. Dry? Just about I think, but without suffering from dry skin I wouldn’t want to give a definite no or yes.


Yes I would, for the following reasons. You get a whopping amount for the price. And despite the relatively low everyday price, this product and range regularly are on offer so you can get it even cheaper! The cream is lovely to use, does the moisturising job and fragranced well. Just be mindful if fragrance isn’t your thing in body care or/and you aren’t a fan of floral scents this won’t be for you.

Good news is at time of writing, this body cream and others from the Vitamin E range are on a buy one get one half price. So grab your multi buy deal here now to help combat your dried out skin thanks to the UK sun!

Primark’s Soothing Vitamin E Eye Patches

I LOVE my friends! I don’t have many (quality over quantity!), and those I have I suspect know me better than I know myself at times. They understand my quirky sense of humour. They respect the fact I get up very early in the morning to work out when most people aren’t awake for hours. And they know how much I love skin and body care. So a slight squeal may or may not have left my lips when one of my amazing friends gave my a selection of goodies a few months ago, containing food and skincare. One item being Primark’s Soothing Vitamin E Eye Patches. Cost, £1.50.

Primark’s Soothing Eye Patches

Why was I excited over these?

I love eye treatments! Eyes are definitely the windows of the soul, and as a busy mum of 2 who works and writes, tiredness is my middle name. And tiredness will ALWAYS show in the eye area. I would never say that eye patches totally transform the eye area and be the holy grail of eye care. But for an instant sense of relief feel and look wise, I find these to be very handy.

What are these & what are they supposed to do?

Gathering the very little information there is on the packaging, there are 15 treatments included. Placed under the eye area, they are designed to soothe and nourish the skin under the eyes. Ingredients include glycerin (moisturising), Papaya extract (rich in antioxidants), Morus Alba Bark Extract (another anti oxidant and calms irritations) and of course Vitamin E.


These eye patches come in a packet. The packet itself has quite a relaxing and chilled out look reflecting the soothing action of these patches, thanks to the green colouring. Resealable once the top of it is ripped open, means the rest of the patches won’t dry out and and be ruined. Instructions and details on the back are beyond small so get your specs out. And what information is present is very basic.

What do they look like?

When I opened the packet I was greeted with two thick stacks of eye patches. Quite standard basic eye patches. White in colour, under eye shaped and opaque. Very similar in feel to a face tissue mask.


No obvious fragrance as such but there was something very faint. It remained me of how aloe vera gel smells, a delicate watery plant like fresh type smell.

How to use.

Apply onto clean face. Place under the eye area and leave on for 15-20 minutes.

In use.

I’ve used these about 4 or 5 times. I left them in the fridge so they were nice and cold. I had to separate the patches from each other which took a bit of time, but when I did it was noticeable they were soaked in some form of serum/solution. Thickness of the patches were enough to work with and helped with application. Easy to apply, although I needed to work out a few creases so they lay flat and in position. But they stayed still, no moving, for the full 20 minutes of usage. Quite comfortable on, very cooling and it felt quite pleasant.

After use.

Touching my under eyes I did feel a little tackiness, but they didn’t look oily and I didn’t see any obvious residue. Did the under of my eyes look any different? No. Did they feel a little more relaxed and hydrated? Yes they did. They were nice enough to use and to be honest I got the experience and results I expected so I’m not complaining.


If you are looking for a serious eye product where you want a specific result such as reduction of lines, getting rid of dark circles, then no. To me, this isn’t serious skincare, its a bit of fun and pampering. And if you treat it like that you wont be disappointed. Pop them in the fridge, run a bath and use a good quality bath bomb. Light a candle, eat some chocolate and slap these on. So would I buy these myself? I might, because they are cheap and provide light relief. But I wouldn’t rely on these changing my eyes dramatically or permanently.

Fragrantasia’s Magonlia Orange Blossom Wax Melt

If I had a list of all the fragrances I wanted to try in wax melt form, the list would be absolutely massive! There is only so many hours in the day to melt wax, and only so many wax warmers a woman can own, so it takes time for me to try out all my wax goodies. But one wax melt I have really wanted to try over the last few years has got to be Magnolia Orange Blossom. I was kindly given a selection of wax melts, including this one, from Amy at Fragrantasia.

Fragrantasia’s Magnolia Orange Blossom Wax Melt

Why this one?

It was actually Amy who has mentioned on so many occasions how this is her favourite wax melt fragrance. And many others in the wax community I am a part of have raved about what a lovely scent this is. So I wanted to see for myself if this was any good.

The look.

I love the variety of wax melt shapes from Fragrantasia. This wax melt is is a creamy orange coloured multi petalled flower shape. Great size, very chunky and perfect to pop the whole thing in a warmer. I love these individually shaped melts because there’s no cutting or breaking involved, easy to store and super cute.


Not what I was expecting! The scent name was absolutely no help to me when guessing how this smells if I’m honest. I wrongly assumed this would smell like a citrus, sharp orange scent with sweet florals mixed in. NOPE! Straight away this is very unusual. It has a similar style in scent as the usual laundry ones on the market. It’s clean, fresh, powdery notes with lots of strength to it. Mixed with this is white florals. So not your sweet, feminine blooms you may have sniffed before. These add to the cleanness of this scent. Think of a slightly earthy, clean floral laundry scent which packs a punch but isn’t eye watering like a lot of traditional laundry scents. This is how to smells to me.

In melt.

This went from an orange flower to a pool of wax quite quickly as it was a warm day. No glitter, pigment, no shapes, purely orange wax. Which to be honest was still nice to look at because unless it’s Halloween, I don’t seem to purchase much wax this colour. It’s a great Summer-inspired wax solid and warmed through.

Strength & Longevity.

On both of these scores this did not disappoint! The scent was there before the wax warmer was even turned on. It became more stronger the more liquid it became. Melting away happily in my kitchen, this spread through the downstairs of my house like wild fire! So strength wise it’s way up there. Longevity wise, this surpassed 3 days of continuous fragrance. By Day 3, the strength had become a little less as you can imagine. But my wax warmer was on for at least 5 hours a day at a time. 10 out of 10 for both strength and longevity.

Fragrantasia’s wax melt shapes, wax chunk pots and various other shapes.


Since this wasn’t what I expected, I did a lot of thinking on the lines of do I actually like this? And I do! The fragrance is different and not something I’ve smelt before. It’ a great alternative to the laundry scents out there we all are aware of and probably used. It’s not as in your face as standard laundry scents and is softened, but still has a full on force. The white florals add to this and gives it a more broader appeal rather than making it too feminine in fragrance. So, great scent, great strength and great longevity RECCOMENDED! Oh, did I mention price? This wax melt is only £1.00! Great price to try various scents without spending too much at Fragrantasia! Grab your Magnolia Orange Blossom wax melt here. I dare you not to add more waxy treats to your basket! Go on, I won’t tell!x

Treacle Moon’s Papaya Summer Body Scrub

Body and skincare for me isn’t just the act of cleaning and moisturising the face and body, it’s about selfcare. Not sounding dramatic, but it’s about spending a small amount of time on your own making yourself physically and mentally look and feel better. There are times of course it’s all very rushed and part of an everyday routine, and then it can be spending an hour in the bath in a coma. So these products are important to me, along with their quality and price. One product I picked up recently from my local ASDA store, was Treacle Moon’s Papaya Summer Body Scrub. Reduced in price, wait for it….to 87p!!

Treacle Moon Papaya Summer Body Scrub

Why did I buy this?

I’ve tried different products from Treacle Moon, and none of them have disappointed me! So they are definitely a brand I go to for quality and affordable bath and body products. I’ve used the Coconut Island body scrub before which I loved, and Papaya Summer looked so appealing. The name, the colour and of course the price! I would have been crazy not to pick this up!

Do you need a body scrub? What are they supposed to do?

For me, a body scrub primes the skin like a facial scrub does. It removes dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling smoother and looking less dull. This gets it ready for whatever lotions and potions you want to put onto the skin, making them more effective. So, although it’s not something I use as regularly as I should, it’s a must for me and a very satisfying process.


225ml of scrub comes in a plastic flip top tube. The tube is clear and see through, so you can see the scrub inside it. And what I think is fun is the illustrations on the front. It has a holiday vibe to it with palm trees and dancing silhouettes of people visible. All brightly coloured, which is set off by the bright colour of the scrub itself underneath.


Totally yum! Off the top of my head I can’t even think what a papaya smells like. But this to me has the sweetness of a ripe, fleshy, tropical fruit. Mixed with a little ice cream and a sprinkling of sweets on top. This IS my kind of scent and it’s delicious!

Texture & Look.

Colour wise, this is vibrant! A very bright orange colour with tiny brown speckles in it which makes this product stand out. I thought this would be similar to a body lotion in it’s consistency, which it was and wasn’t at the same time. When squeezed out of the tube it did remind me of a lotion, but the look and feel of it had a lighter, slightly whipped texture to it. Airy, and between the finger tips felt like it wanted to melt (which it didn’t).

How to use.

Apply onto damp skin, rinse then towel dry the body.

In the shower.

I ran a bath as I always do when using a body scrub. Once I finish using a scrub I soak in the bath for a good 30minutes. I wet my skin while the shower was on, and used a healthy blob of this on each section of my body. Easy to rub in and I could feel the coconut shell straight away. I thought they would be bigger but they were big enough to do the job. I didn’t need to apply too much pressure, and although the exfoliating bits were present the rest of the scrub slowly disappeared into my damp skin.

But it was the smell of this that made the scrub for me. Beautiful, fragrant, mouth watering and totally enjoyable!

Once I finished I didn’t rinse this off, I just lay in the bath and let the water run it off my body naturally. Any few stray bits of exfoliate I removed but to be honest it pretty much came off with a sweep of the hand.

Skin afterwards.

Felt clean and smooth, not dry at all and totally matt. Unlike most recent body scrubs I’ve been using, this left no residue at all. No oil, no layer of anything, it just left clean skin. My skin was lightly scented which was a pleasant surprise, as I love the smell of this far too much!

Who would love this?

If you love the idea of scrubs but don’t like the idea of them being oil based but you don’t want to experience the dried out feeling afterwards, this is for you. Loving fruity scents? Then you will adore this. And if you want an affordable body scrub that is effective and always low in price as standard hands down this is a great purchase.


Yet again Treacle Moon have not let me down, I love this scrub! I probably would use this 2 times a week, which means with the amount in the tube it would last a good amount of time. The texture and scent of this was delightful, easy to use and remove, and can be grabbed off the shelf in certain supermarkets, so an easy purchase. The price I paid for this was brilliant! But their products normally are affordable all the time anyway so can be repeat purchased without going into bankruptcy. I can’t remember how much Tesco or ASDA normally sell this for, possibly £1.95 or £2.95? Regardless, I recommend this 110% as I would with all products I’ve tried so far from this brand!

5 Teacher Gift Ideas For Under £5.00!

It’s nearly the end of the school year, and this is when some parents/carers are thinking about teacher gifts. This isn’t something that people should feel they HAVE to do, but personally I think my daughter’s teacher’s are brilliant so I will. It’s my way of saying thank you for all their hard work, especially considering how difficult the last 18 months have been. So a small gift will be winging there way to them in less than 2 weeks. If you are doing the same, what are you going to purchase? Or are you stuck for something to buy? Here are 5 gift ideas to help you out. These ideas are super affordable, each under a fiver and can be picked up in a supermarket or high street store.

Miss So…? Secret Crush Perfume Mist from Superdrug. A clean, fresh fragrance with powdery and delicate musk notes. A really good perfume mist because it’s one that the majority of people will like e.g it doesn’t belong to a particular fragrance family such as floral, smells heavily bakery based etc. Always seems to be on offer and currently half price at £2.98. Review here.

Miss So…? Secret Crush Perfume Mist

Treacle Moon’s Marshmallow Hearts Hand Cream from Tesco. A highly moisturising, sweetly scented hand cream housed in super cute packaging! A great practical product and ideal for those teachers who have a sweet tooth and love these types of scents. Only £1.75. Review here.

Treacle Moon’s Marshmallow Hearts Hand Cream

Treacle Moon’s Marshmallow Hearts Shower & Bath Gel from Tesco and ASDA. If you want to match the hand cream with the shower & bath gel, this product is perfect for a gift duo! Scented the same, 500ml in size, lovely packaging and only £1.95! Review here.

Treacle Moon’s Marshmallow Hearts Shower & Bath Gel

Superdrug’s Turmeric Face Mask. A great detoxing face mask that leaves the skin feeling fresher and smoother. Brilliantly priced at 99p AND on a 3 for 2 offer with other skincare masks! So great time to buy a few if you have more than one person to buy for. Review here.

Superdrug’s Turmeric Mask

The Body Shop’s Moringa Bath Bubble. A small but mighty part bath bomb part bath truffle. Fragrance, foam and honestly at £1.50 a bargain! Comes in 4 other fragrances including Pink Grapefruit, a few of these in one gift bag with a card would be welcomed by anybody. Hopefully they have a bath and not just a shower….Review here for Moringa Bath Bubble, and Pink Grapefruit.

The Body Shop’s Moringa Bath Bubble

All of these items for the bath and body are under £3.00 EACH! The great thing about the products above is you could be doing your usual food shop or grabbing hair removal cream, and stock permitting, get these gifts purchased at the same time! Happy teacher shopping!

Soul Energy’s Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust

Just as I was enjoying the cooler temperatures in the UK, I’m sweating in places I didn’t realise existed! It’s getting a little brighter and definitely warmer in the city of Manchester. Despite this, as per usual, I am DYING to throw myself into a warm, fragrant, relaxing bath late afternoon time. And this is where my stash of bath products comes in vary handy! One that I had recently used as a mental and physical tranquilizer was Soul Energy’s Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust. 150g for £4.20, although I bought this when there was a sale.

Soul Energy’s Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust

Why did I go for this one?

I LOVE bath bombs! But I also find bath dusts a great alternative. They do exactly the same job but you tend to be able to get at least 2 uses out of them rather than throwing one bath bomb to it’s death. The look of this dust is so pretty and the scent is perfect for me, sweet and fruity sounding! So I was quietly confident I would enjoy using this.


150g of bath dust is filled (and I mean FILLED AND SQUEEZED) into a resealable packet. Clear on the front so you can see the bath dust, with the company label in black on the top of it. And behind it’s opaque silver with an ingredients label added.

The look.

This bath dust really is a grabber! You can see through the packaging 4 different colours to the dust. A beautiful royal blue, a bright Barbie-esque pink, a white iridescent and speckles of purple. Eye catching, pretty and super appealing!


Right up my street! Think of a mix of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries and this is it! Of course, it’s sweet, but not sickly. There is a slight tartness about it which makes it smell more sophisticated rather than a bag of sugary sweets that smell like berries. Love this scent, it is a delight!

In the bath.

I used just over a third of the packet in the bath. I let the warm water run and not so delicately threw the dust into the bath and wow, did it make an impression! As soon as the the dust hit the water explosions of colour swam on the surface. Rounds of pink, dots of purple, areas of blue. Such a colourful sight. A little white foam was produced, but not much. But it was all about colour for me. And the water underneath remained constantly an indulgent shade of purple which made me want to jump into this even more.

The fragrance was there, but only lightly. And if I’m honest I didn’t feel as if it lasted or was noticable during my 20-30minute soak.

Once all the foam and pockets of colour had gone, the water in the bath was the beautiful parma violet purple which I loved and stayed that way to the very end. What took me some time to notice was the fact the water gently glistened. I don’t want to say sparkle as it was so much more subtle than that. It lightly twinkled and I have to say the magpie in me found it totally mesmerizing!

On the skin.

Not too sure whether it’s the heat, being run down or whatever, but I have a few small itchy areas on my body. This bath dust didn’t make them worse or trigger them in anyway. Overall, no issues with this and it didn’t dry my skin out.


Definitely recommended! The look of this is absolutely stunning and in my opinion, this is where smaller businesses really shine. Time, thought, creativity and love are put into hand making products like this and it really shows! You would be hard pressed to grab something that looks like this off the shelf in a supermarket. Up to 3 uses from one pouch makes this affordable and comparable to a decent quality bath bomb. This was gentle on my skin and of course provided perfect me time at bath time. Only thing I would like to see an improvement on is the fragrance, which a little more stronger would have been better for me because the scent is so good!

At the time of writing this post, Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust isn’t available. BUT there are other fragrances such as Lovely Peony and Cherry Flower (how good does THAT sound?). These can be found here if you want to indulge in a quality, bathing experience.