Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box Part 2

Wax melts are addictive! They’ve grown in popularity over the years so who can blame anybody for having an obsession with them? They make the rooms in your home smell amazing, you can pretty much get any fragrance you want in them and they are easy to use and affordable. And dare I mention how some are so pretty they are a joy to look at but a pain to melt? So it hurt me a little to melt pieces from Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box that was kindly given to me by Angela the lady behind the brand. But we need to know what they smell like, right? So let’s begin with the review….

Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box

What was included in Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box?

You will find the contents, pictures and my first impressions of this collection here – Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box.

Apply Bonbon.

I snapped a fifth of this wax melt and popped it into my warmer. Such a Spring/Summery type of wax pool with it’s shades of orange, a bit of green and a little yellow. Fragrance wise I can sum this up simply and easily. This is a mix of juicy sweet apples with chewy sweets! It’s not syrupy sweet, it doesn’t smell like a cheap and synthetic scent that makes you pull a face. It’s yummy, it’s delightful, it’s fruity, it smells so good! Strength of Apple Bonbon is a medium. Doesn’t need to be any stronger it’s perfect! Longevity wise I had this melting for a good number of hours over 2 days and only changed the wax to try something else, not because the scent had faded.

Apple Bonbon Wax Melt

Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

I used a fifth of this melt. What was lovely to see was the two colours of the wax while it melted. It created a beautiful and even wax pool. You get a fleshy slightly sweetened hit of pumpkin that has been rolled around in a selection of warming spices. This is Autumn in wax form for sure! Comforting, cosy and delightful. Medium in strength and longevity just as good as Apple Bonbon. Melted over 2 days and only taken off for a change over of wax.

Pumpkin Latte Wax Melt

Black Sweets.

This wax melt smells identical to the Black Jack sweets. There’s an aniseed, liquorice scent wafting through which is very distinctive. A beautiful shimmering purple wax pool was created which was so pretty! The fragrance I got was so specific before it melted, but I only got this faintly while it melted. When this happens I do a few things. Change the amount of wax I’ve used. In this case I did think I used a bit too much. Change the position of the warmer it’s melting in or change the room it’s in completely. So I’m in the process of doing that so can’t comment as yet on the final result. But on cold it’s a great scent and unusual one.

Black Sweets


I felt bad hacking a third of this grinning pumpkin head but needs must! A gorgeous two toned wax pool was created of mint green and pink which shimmered! Fragrance wise this is an effervescent, energising, and sweet scent. I got a little citrus in this, a little berry. There’s a mix of different fruity inspired scents here all sugar coated and in sweet form. Strength wise a medium. Again on for 2 days and then a wax change.

Hareebos Wax Melt


It’s so hard to cut a small piece off such a big wax melt! I could have used less but I again I used roughly a fifth. What I realised after giving it the chop is inside the middle was a surprise of purple and pink wax chunks. So when this was melting not only was there a stunning golden orange pool but a hint of these two colours as well. And to top it off this was truly golden because it had gold pigment running through this which was eye popping!

Fragrance wise I thought I knew what I would get with Candyfloss, but this was a bit different. It wasn’t overly sweet. So think of traditional candy floss scent, take the sweetness a notch or two down and throw in a little fruitiness. Medium in strength, long lasting (melted over 2 days) and threw a scented curve ball at my nose!


Dolly Mixtures.

This snapped off effortlessly thanks to it’s shape and thinness. Yet again the magic number seems to be 5 and I used a fifth of this wax melt like the others. The section I used had a bat on it, so to see it slowly submerge in a sea of green gave me Batman and Joker vibes. Such a lovely pool was created with irregular splodges of black, green and yellow molten wax with a shimmer. Similar in scent to Hareebos but more citrusy and fizzy. Strength, like the others was a medium. And wax changed as the others after 2 days.

Dolly Mixtures

Sweet Melody.

I didn’t use much of this wax melt. I broke a small piece of it off and removed the ghost shape off the top and popped that into my warmer too. The scent from this was so warming, so enjoyable. This reminded me of when I was little and my dad would give me hot Vimto. Smells just like the drink! Rich, berries, sweet. And dare I say there seemed to be a slight hint of bubblegum in this? Absolutely delicious! Another medium strength melt on the verge of being strong. This built up strength once it started to melt and packed a fruity punch in my kitchen. I can tell this would be a long lasting fragrance but I had this on for my usual 2 days with no sign of fading.

Sweet Melody

My final thoughts.

This set is incredible! The sizes, the appearance of each wax melt, the fragrance. All of which tie in perfectly with the theme of everything October, which includes Autumn, Halloween and what do people big and small love getting during Halloween? SWEETS! And smelling like sweets this set did indeed!

Although this box is no longer available for sale, if it was, I would recommend this in a heartbeat! More so if you love your sweet inspired scents. I am very impressed with this collection and impressed with the quality of wax Glow creates! I am so excited to see future subscription boxes and if you can get one please do! Glow’s Facebook group will announce when they are available so feel free to join their loving, wax mad community. But if you want to cherry pick your own wax delights visit their website here because they truly have some beauties available.

Primark’s P.S Frosted Berries Hand Cream

When everyone starts to wear winter coats and jackets, you know there’s been a seasonal change. With the onslaught of Autumn comes wind, rain, a cooler temperature and central heating on full whack. Weather changes effect our skin too along with our fashion choices and heating bills. I’m mixing up my skincare routine a bit to compensate for this but my body care routine for now remains the same. Although I have noticed my hands have been looking a touch on the ashy side which is a no no! The call of a hand cream has reached me, so I’m listening, and I’ve decided to start use Primark’s P.S Frosted Berries Hand Cream I picked up last week. 80p for 30ml.

Primark’s P.S Frosted Berries Hand Cream

Why did I buy this?

I have loads of hand creams at home so I didn’t NEED a new one! I heard Primark was selling a pumpkin scented one and I just wanted it. Perfect for the month of October. But my local store didn’t have any so I picked this one up instead. No massive problem as I like berry scents anyway. I thought it could be ideal for work and throw it in my bag. So for 80p I thought what was the worst that could happen so why not buy it?


30ml of hand cream comes in a standard, plastic tube with a screw top lid. Lilac in colour, giving off wintery vibes (but in a cute way) thanks to the illustrations on it e.g berries, holly, stars etc. Practical packaging, very sweet to look at and the perfect hand bag or pocket size.


My kind of scent! A mix of berries with a slight hint of vanilla. Not the most sophisticated scent I have ever smelt. But I think fruit, especially anything berry inspired, is a hard one to make it more than what it actually is. It is sweet, it’s a very nice scent and not too strong.


White in colour with a decent thickness to it. I would say it’s comparable to many hand creams when I think about how thick it is. Just a touch more thicker than a normal body lotion but no way near as thick as a body butter.

On the hands.

I used a good squeeze of this, around half of a finger tip. I rubbed the back of my hands together first then the palms. Super easy and quick to rub in which I liked. What I found quite curious was the fact once rubbed in it didn’t leave my hands tacky, greasy or shiny. They felt and looked matt, and I could use my hands straight away without fear of not being able to grip something or leaving hand prints on things. I quite liked this because sometimes you have to time when you use a particular hand cream because of how moisturised it leaves your hands.

But on the flip side for my hands this needed to be thicker, more moisturising and protective. I use my hands a lot in work and of course I wash and sanitise them like crazy. It gave a little hydration and enough for my hands right now, but formulation wise this would need to be more hard working if my hands were in a drier state. I can imagine having to use this a lot and often which isn’t ideal for me. But as my hands aren’t bad right now once or twice a day for application is fine.

The fragrance was there and it smelt lovely. It wasn’t too much strength wise but was noticeable. An ideal strength because if anymore I think it could have been overkill. On the body in general I find it ok to have heavily fragranced lotion on myself. But hands are different. They can be close to the face a lot and I don’t want to be knocked out by how it smells. I’ve used this during the day and also at night before bed, and the next morning there was a faint trace of the fragrance still there.


I think this is a decent hand cream. Good size, great price and presented well. I don’t think this is ideal for very dry hands but for normal it should do the job. I’ve had more moisturising hand creams before but they did contain ingredients such as shea or cocoa butter. This doesn’t. But you do have to ask yourself what do you want or expect for 80p? If you lose it, or you need a hand cream for multiple places such as your bag, car, desk, etc, this wouldn’t break the bank. And dare I say this would make an ideal stocking filler….So yes I would recommend this. But if you want something more hard working this wouldn’t be my first choice. So treat your hands according to their needs!x

Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box

When it comes to making wax related purchases recently I’ve been very good. I’ve bought a few pieces but these have mainly been for Christmas gifting. So what I didn’t expect to wing it’s way to me was a Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box. Why? Because I never ordered it! It was kindly gifted to me by the lady behind the brand Angela, and a co-conspirator (who will remain nameless!) from Glow’s Facebook Group.

Have I purchased from Glow before?

I haven’t unfortunately! I’m a part of the group and I’ve seen some great reviews and feedback from other members who have. It’s one brand I’ve wanted to experience but the amount of wax I already have is a little silly. So new purchases in general I’ve resisted. So to say I was delighted when this arrived unexpectantly was an understatement!

What’s a Glow’s Sub Box?

Every month a selection of wax melt pieces is created with a theme in mind. This will be reflected in how each piece looks and how they smell. These are hand made and finished off with a treat or two (October’s contained sweets which me and my mini me wolfed down straight away!). Limited number of sets are made so very exclusive and normally publicised within the Glow Facebook Group.

What’s included in the Glow’s October Collection?

So much! So let’s start at the beginning…

7 wax melts.

Hareebos. A chunky cackling pumpkin head. 2 tone in colour ( pale green and pale pin) with a dusting of glitter.

Black Sweets. A lilac coloured coffin shaped wax melt with a touch of pale blue. An impression of a cross sits on the top with a dusting of silver glitter.

Sweet Melody. A circular disc shaped wax melt in a shade of creamy pale purple hinted mauve, with a cream coloured ghost shape sat on top. Spookingly cute!

Pumpkin Spiced Latte. A sizeable pumpkin shaped wax melt with a flat bottom made up of two colours. Bottom is pale pink, the top is pale blue. It’s covered in a glittery pigment which slightly changes the colour of this area dependant on light hitting it.

Candyfloss. Another whopper of a pumpkin shaped wax melt. This time it’s a more traditional looking one in a shade of orange. But not to be outdone by it’s twin (although not identical), it has been lovingly lavished with gold mica pigment on the top to give it the wow factor.

Apple Bonbon. Just when I thought these wax pieces couldn’t get any bigger this one gets dragged out of the box like an overdue baby! A very unusual shape (well it is to me). Not sure how to describe the shape so see pic below for reference! Multi-coloured, with shades of pink, purple and green.

Dolly Mixture. A green coloured disc with different shapes on top. A white ghost, an orange pumpkin, a black bat, a purple witches hat and lastly I think is a purple cauldron. This is just adorable!

First impressions?

This screams Halloween! But not your typical dark, creepy, serious and scary Halloween. This is colourful but not garish. Super cute, fun and incredibly pretty! Great variation of colours, shapes and the sizes are beyond generous! These are substantial and weighty pieces which should keep someone in wax for a very VERY long time! An absolute feast to the eyes and you can tell Glow have put lots of time and energy into this collection making sure it was special and offered great value. A fabulous set.


I haven’t melted any of these pieces yet so give me a chance! But from having a cheeky sniff through their packaging they smell glorious! Perfect for me as they seem quite sweetie inspired which is one of my favourite fragrance families. I expect great things from these smelling the way they do on cold (unmelted), so I can’t wait to get these babies out to use! But they are so pretty and like works of art, part of me wants to leave them untouched and love them from a far safely in my wax stash….

Who would like to know how these pieces melt and how do they smell? Shall I do a follow up post and delve in a little more? Get those wands out, cast a spell readers and I may comply!x

I Heart Revolution Sugar Cookie Bath Fizzer

It’s a running joke between myself and friends that I spend most of my time in the bath. I don’t mind, I love a bath! I’m always on the look out for bath products which are of a good quality, fairly priced and enjoyable to use so I can continue living my best mermaid life. One product I had my eye on when they were first released were the cookie bath fizzers from I Heart Revolution. Sugar Cookie Bath Fizzer was one that I purchased from Superdrug. This retails for £3.50 each.

I Heart Revolution’s Sugar Cookie Bath Fizzer

Why did I buy these?

Ever had a mental shopping list of things you wanted to purchase? These cookie bath fizzers were definitely on mine. I timed my purchase of this very well because these fizzers were half price in Superdrug PLUS on a 3 for 2 deal so these were fabulously priced! I bought myself 3 of these and the other 3 have been put away for Christmas gifts.


So cute! The fizzer itself is plastic wrapped but housed in a cardboard box. The box is various shades of pink, with a fun and cartoon like face of a monster on the front. It’s mouth is where you can see the fizzer peaking out of. I love how this is presented. Definitely more for the younger market than older, but is fun and eye catching.

The Fizzer.

Shape and look wise this makes me think of a rusk biscuit for babies and toddlers! Flat bottom, slightly domed top but a little lumpy and uneven in texture. Not totally smooth around the outside, giving it a hand made look. Sugar Cookie is a good size. It takes up the whole palm of my hand. Lemon yellow in colour with pale pink splodge like circles on it. Texture is what you would expect from most bath bombs or fizzers, chalky and solid.


I gave this a good sniff before I used it and to be honest there was no defined scent I could pick up on. If chalky had a smell it would be that, the tiniest sweet hint to it but nothing specific.

In the bath.

I popped this onto the top of a warm filled bath. Of course it fizzed as I expected, and did a little twirl and spin in the water which was nice to see. It slowly turned the water from clear to a very VERY pale green. The fizzer itself took a long time to disappear. But other than fizzing, disappearing and turning the water into a bit of a bland colour, that was all that happened in my bath. No obvious fragrance. If it was there it was so subtle I didn’t sniff it. No bubbles or foam, which I wasn’t expecting anyway. Just green coloured water.

I’m going to be honest, being in this bath was quite boring. No scent, no real colour and nothing to entertain me. In the end I poured in some foaming bath milk I had on the side to perk it up. Before I did this, I found the water wasn’t irritating or drying but not moisturising either.


I wouldn’t buy this for myself again. It added nothing to my bathing experience and I didn’t enjoy it. I’ve bought and used many different types of bath bombs and fizzers over the years, and I think my expectations are quite high and this just didn’t cut it. I know what I want from a bath product and this didn’t deliver.

BUT…what I would say is this should be absolutely fine for a young person. They will like the packaging, the look of the bath fizzer and probably find it ok in the bath. So if you want to get a bath fizzer for someone young or someone who likes fizzers or bath bombs but isn’t very fussy about them, this would do the job. Think of the friend or family member who throws in 60p bath bombs from a supermarket or discount store into a shopping basket, then I think this would meet their requirements. But buy these when on offer e.g 3 for 2, a third off, half price etc.

To say I’m disappointed in this is an understatement as I was looking forward to using it. And the reviews for this fizzer (in various different fragrances) seemed good. But if I haven’t put you off with my lack of love for this product, at the time of writing this post this fizzer and others are on a 3 for 2 deal at Superdrug here.

Cookie Fizzers from I Heart Revolution in Ginger, Oatmeal and Raisin and Sugar Cookie.

Beauty Kitchen’s Abyssinian Oil Prime Time Cream Cleanser

Skincare for a few is a passion. For the majority it’s a necessity. Most people care if they have clean, healthy looking skin. So they will at least buy and use the basics to make sure this happens. A cleanser of some description and a moisturiser is probably the least the majority of people will use on a daily basis. Cleansing the skin can be a boring act and products used compared to others not very interesting, but I love it! And that’s why my mind and wallet are open to trying out new cleansers. My current cleanser is the Beauty Kitchen’s Abyssinian Oil Prime Time Cream Cleanser. I bought mine in a set direct from the company, but on it’s own full size is £12.50 for 150ml.

Beauty Kitchen’s Abyssinian Oil Prime Time Cleanser

Why did I use this?

Why I bought this was simple. I’ve had products from this range before and really liked them. So I bought a discovery collection of products at a brilliant price as it was on sale. Why I started to use this product in particular was because of the change in season. I wanted to use a cleanser with a different, richer texture which hopefully would remove dirt from the skin and hydrate it at the same time.


This cleaner comes in a black tube. Or at least this size does (30ml). To dispense the product you have to push the top. It means you get a measured amount of product per pump so it’s hard to overuse. And this action stops oxygen from getting to the product so preserving it for as long as it’s been designed to stay effective.


Smells just like the other products in the range. Aromatherapy oil like but not as pungent and strong. There’s an uplifting citrus note in this. A little floral also and overall a very pleasant scent with a touch of sweetness.


Some of the ingredients of this cleanser are of course Abyssinian Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin, Shea Butter and Rose Absolute.


This reminds me a bit of a hot cloth cleanser in regards to it’s texture. It’s white in colour, quite thick in consistency as it holds it’s shape. Very much like a thick moisturiser such as a night one. It has a little waxiness to it but it’s not too obvious.

How to use.

This is important to follow these basic steps and I will explain why in a minute! Massage onto damp skin and remove with a konjac sponge with warm water.

How did I find this?

I made a mistake using this so I hold my hands up! Rather than apply this onto damp skin I just dispensed 3-4 pumps of this cleanser and rubbed it onto a dry face. What happened next was this behaved like a moisturiser. It didn’t move around my face for long. What it did do was sink into my face. I then removed what was left with a warm damp flannel. So wet your face first!

Take 2. I wet my face and found that anything less than 5 pumps of cleanser wasn’t enough. 5 was just right and this moved around my face easily. It did feel like I was rubbing cream onto my skin but not INTO it. Very easy to use and to remove. I’m not fancy enough to use specific sponges for cleansing, so I use a face cloth which is damp and warm. No idea if this would change my experience but I wasn’t going to purchase something new to use with it. In regards to cleaning my face, I don’t wear make up, so it didn’t have much to remove. But appeared to remove general dirt and grime well.

Skin Afterwards.

My skin looked clean. A little tight but this didn’t concern me. It left my face quite matt with no shine or greasiness. And seemed ready to have other products to be applied onto my skin straight away.


This is a nice cleanser. Is it the best cleanser I’ve ever used? No. Nor is it the cheapest. I would recommend this if you are looking at buying into skincare which is based on natural ingredients. But buy in kit form ideally when it’s priced well e.g special offer, sale. 150ml for £12.50 is comparable to other mid range cleansers on the market and of this quality ingredients wise. For myself I would be happy to receive this as a gift, but feel my skin needs something else to pimp up my cleansing routine.

The good thing about this range is it’s available from many outlets if this sounds like something your skin would love, including Amazon* Includes affiliate link at no cost to you but provides me with commission to help me buy more stuff!

Pure & Co Peony & Water Lily Eau de Toilette

There was a time I could buy a perfume or body fragrance and it would last me months and months. Now my mini me has decided to give herself a spritz or 10 at every opportunity, so my fragrances seem to get lower and lower as the days go by. But thankfully I try to have a small reserve of fragrances hidden away just in case. I’ve decided to start using Pure & Co’s Peony & Water Lily Eau De Toilette. Bought from Boots, it’s currently priced at £15.00 for 50ml.

Pure & Co’s Peony & Water Lily Eau de Toilette

Why did I buy this?

I bought this fragrance in a gift set which included a candle. At the time, these sets were half price, and I thought they were great value and great future gifts. The scent description I thought seemed quite pretty and appealing and I hoped they would be liked by those receiving this as a present.


Almost square in shape with rounded corners. Clear, with the brand logo and fragrance simply printed on the front. The lid is wooden with what looks like cork inside to keep it snug around the spray dispenser section. It’s not fussy in appearance, quite cute and very understated. I like it!


Quite unusual, or at least it is when sitting in my collection of fragrances. I can smell equal parts of white florals and a pepperiness to this eau de toilette. The floral being quite light, clean and slightly feminine. The pepper giving it a spiciness and warmth to the overall scent. It’s an interesting combination, but I’m not convinced the floral part comes through enough. It needs to be stronger, and I feel another element needs to come in because I don’t think these two elements alone are making it well rounded enough. I don’t hate this fragrance but I don’t love it either.

Strength & Longevity.

One thing I’ve discovered is fragrances that are florals and more so white florals, will give a fresh feel to a scent. They can also be quite soft in strength too. This isn’t the strongest scent I’ve ever smelt and is very light. In fact too light. Longevity isn’t amazing. It didn’t last very well, and I have to apply a lot of this onto myself regularly. For my daughter though this was good. I don’t want her wearing something too strong and overpowering. Light and delicate is ideal for her because she is a child, but it gives her the idea she is wearing something nice and more importantly smells nice too.


This scent won’t be for everyone. And not everyone is like me who wants a strong in your face scent. But if you want something subtle, quite fresh but unusual you would like this. But the price is the drawback and how long it lasts. For £15.00 I would expect this, regardless of how delicate in scent, to last well or at least longer than it did. If it doesn’t, surely you could find a body mist literally a tenth of this price that would last the same if not better? So unless this is on a special offer or promotion I would say go for another alternative. I bought this when it was on sale in a gift set but I would be very annoyed if bought full price with how it delivered.

If this does rock your fragrance boat, you can get this from Boots here. This is just the fragrance remember and not the gift set I purchased. There’s also different fragrances from the same brand available, and body mists which maybe a good and cheaper alternative to this.

Fizzy Smelts Harry Potter Inspired Wax Melt Box Part 2

It’s rare that I do a blog post in parts 1 and 2, but sometimes you get your hands on something that requires more time and words to review than just a standard post. If you keep up to date with my blog posts, you will know last week I gave an overview on a Harry Potter Inspired Wax Melt Box from a wax vendor called Fizzy Smelts. Today’s post is more about how these pieces melted, their strength, longevity and of course how they smelt.

Fizzy Smelts Harry Potter Inspired Wax Melt Box

Maple & Elm.

I expected something quite woody fragrance wise from this wax brittle. What I got was something more bakery based. Sweet, literally smelt like maple syrup with a slightly spicy undertone to it. THIS is definitely Autumnal. The wax pool left was a stunner! A shimmering emerald green which was beautiful. Strength wise, I would say light but closing into medium. It wasn’t a force to be reckoned with but filled my kitchen naturally as if that scent was meant to be there. I had this melting for 2 days and I felt that was then time to change it as the scent became less.

Maple & Elm Wax Melt

Turkish Delight.

I have to be honest, I don’t know what Turkish Delight smells of because I tried it as a kid and it grossed me out. But what this cute froggie does smell like is dark chocolate mixed in with a perfumed rose. I’m not a rose fan and this is very much rose and screams floral, but this combo is a killer and a winning one. I ADORE this scent and have to say I am so glad I got the chance to try it out! Strength wise I would say this was medium to strong. I melted this in my living room in the morning. Came home afternoon, opened the door and BANG! Longevity just as great. I changed this after 3 days and the fragrance was still going.

Turkish Delight Wax Melt

Dragon Mountain.

This is a mix of ripe fruit to me. Might not be this combo but this smells like a mix of peach and berries to my nose. It’s delicious, mouth watering and sweet but not sickly. Strength wise I would say this is a medium. Longevity, this lasted 2 days before I felt it did need to be changed but a kitchen is a testing place for fragrance, especially if it’s a more bakery or fruit based scent. Kitchens can have lots of varied cooking smells competing with each other.

Dragon Mountain Wax Melt

White Musk.

A powdery and clean scent. Very neutral and not too heavy in fragrance. I used one of the melts but found it was just too light in strength so threw in the second melt. This upped the scent more, and this was light to medium in strength. A lovely scent which was quite subtle. Longevity, over 2 days and then it needed to be changed.

Coconut & Apricot.

I can’t say I’ve had any wax melts scented of apricot but this one was a delight and slightly misleading. Misleading in the fact that giving this piece of wax a sniff before melting smelt nice. But having this warmed through the wax melt smelt great. Scent wise for me the apricot was more dominant. Uplifting, juicy, sunshine filled apricot fragrance that would make anyone smile. The coconut was hidden beneath this giving it a slightly creamy base and helping it have a tropical hint to it, but it was super delicate. Strength was light. Longevity, again, 2 days, using both of the melts.

Coconut & Apricot Wax Melt

Baby Powder.

Most people are familiar with the scent of baby powder. This is clean, neutral, powdery and very easy on the nose. Similar to White Musk but much simple in my opinion. Some versions can be quite strong and heady, this is of medium strength so not overpowering. I had this melting for 2 days in my kitchen which helped odourise the smell of chaotic cooking. I used both wax melts at the time.

Magical Dreams.

A glorious wax melt that immediately made me think of the cordial Vimto in scent. Not as syrupy sweet as the drink, but this wax melt smells like it has a berry based element to it, sweetened with a soothing vanilla hit. Totally delicious! How this melted was so impressive. As it heated up, the cream coloured large heart shaped wax melt started to leak a stream of red, which slowly turned it into a soft red coloured pool of wax. Strength wise a medium. Longevity? Not sure, I’m still enjoying this one so can’t comment on that.

Magical Dreams Wax Melt


This one smelt so tropical but not in an obvious way. I got a little creaminess from coconut in this wax melt, and vanilla. Even a possible touch of floral. If I’m honest not too sure what else was included, but if you like tropical scents but not too fruity and obvious, this could be for you. Strength wise I would say this was light. After adding the second wax melt to the mix and moving my wax warmer, it became more light to medium. Like most of the other waxes this got changed after day 2.

Seychelles Wax Melt

Overall thoughts.

This set if I remember correctly, was a themed wax box brought out in the month of July. So the scents included were perfect for Summer. A good mix of fragrances but all connected well with each other. Pieces were well made and thought out and looked great. A Harry Potter fan wouldn’t be disappointed with this as it’s definitely inspired by the brand. I liked all the scents. For me, a few could have been a bit stronger, but that’s my personal preference. I got a good amount of hours out of all of these pieces which represented great value for money.

This set as far as I’m aware isn’t available now as it was a one off themed box. But if this post has caught your attention, visit Fizzy Smelts to see what their latest themed box is and also check out other waxy goodies!

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Pizza Me Bath Bomb

I officially declare the season for the bath bomb OPEN! It’s windy, raining a lot and the chill is finally hitting us in the North West of England. So this is the perfect opportunity to ditch the 5 minute shower and indulge in a 30plus minute bath to keep the body warm and the soul happy. Well, this is what I’m telling myself! So which bath bomb is catching my eye at the moment and dragged out of my stash? Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Pizza Me Bath Bomb. Costs £6.25, but if you know me you will know, I bought this when it was on sale so got it cheaper!

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Pizza Me Bath Bomb

Why did I buy this?

It was something different and eye catching from the pictures on the website. So surely it would provide an enjoyable bathing experience? I do love my bath products, more so bath bombs or similar things, to look appealing and pretty. But I also like products that don’t take themselves too seriously and scream fun, which this does.

How does it look?

120g of a not so perfect triangle shaped bath bomb that looks similar to a slice of pizza. Orangey/yellow on top, not totally smooth with a raised rim around the curved edge creating a crust effect. The rest of the top dips with some raised deep red wonky circles giving the look of pepperoni. Turn this bath bomb around and you get the unexpected which is lots of colour! Shades of turquoise, purple and a little yellow, reminds me that this is definitely NOT for eating. If you look at my pic below you will not see a pizza slice inspired bath bomb as such, but more a deconstructed colourful bath bomb because unfortunately I broke mine just as I was taking pictures of it.


Smells like sweeties! Plain and simple! Jellybeans is what this bath bomb is supposed to be scented of and I would say yes, agreed! It’s not too strong, or overly sweet. Just enough to be enjoyable and energising and will win anyone over who loves their scents to match having a sweet tooth.

In the bath.

I really wanted to do a fancy bath bomb drop but of course that couldn’t happen as I broke it! So what I did instead was place the three pieces of this poor battered bath bomb treat onto the surface of the bath water. Immediately there was a fizz from each and an explosion of colour. So my bath had three different areas that had three pools of a colour blast which was stunning! It’s easier to mention what colours weren’t present as pretty much every colour imaginable was there. Blue, red, yellow, pink….the list just went on and on. Absolutely gorgeous with the fragrance floating around my bathroom in a delicate fashion.

The fizzing took a few minutes to stop, and the colours after around 15-20 minutes merged to create a deep sea green bath. It was quite gentle on the skin considering mine has been playing up recently. Non drying, in fact, quite hydrating on the skin while I was in the bath. And skin absolutely fine once out.


So far I’ve used a few bath products from Dirty Fresh Cosmetics and enjoyed them all. This bath bomb being no exception. It looks great and quirky, good size, smells brilliant and the bath art it created is totally crazy! There is nothing I didn’t like about Pizza Me Bath. I enjoyed using this from beginning to end and it gave me a relaxing bath which was exactly what I hoped for. The only thing that hurts my soul about this bad boy is that I broke it!

Buy it, try it, love it here.

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