Oh K!’s Clarifying Pink Fizz T-Zone Bubble Mask

I seem to have a lot of sheet masks. It feels like I have hundreds and hundreds of the things. Some have been gifts, some I’ve bought myself and they all live and appear to breed and multiple in a drawer. Don’t get me wrong, I do use them! But unlike a traditional mask you can’t always throw one on your face and go live your life. Subconsciously I feel like I should lie down when using these, and some full faced ones that maybe the case. BUT I find if you have the time they can be very handy for a skin pick me up, and I need a pick me up right now! So diving into my extensive stash, I’ve chosen Oh K!’s Clarifying Pink Fizz T-Zone Bubble Mask. I couldn’t tell you how much I paid for this because I can’t remember, but you can pick this up in general for between £5-£7.00.

Oh K! Clarifying Pink Fizz T-Zone Bubble Mask
Why did I choose this?

I know it seems quite gimmicky but I’m really loving masks that bubble and foam on the skin at the moment! I’ve always said skincare for me should be enjoyed and be beneficial. If I don’t enjoy using something then what’s the point? I don’t want it to be a hardship. And I now know I enjoy bubble masks. Since I haven’t used one from this brand before I decided to give it a whirl and see if it was any good. Hoping that not only would I enjoy it but it would hydrate my skin and make it look or/and feel better.

What is this designed to do?

This mask is designed to exfoliate the skin, make the skin appear to be be brighter and smoother. All done so gently that this mask could be used on a daily basis (not the same mask of course, this isn’t designed to reuse).


Although I’m not a lover of the colour pink, the fact this mask comes in a pink packet makes it look cute and eye catching. The image of bubbles all over the front signifies what this mask is supposed to do which is useful. And I like the fact it shows you on the front what the mask is supposed to look like and the area of the face it targets (honestly when I bought this I didn’t look at the picture so had no idea what area it was going to focus on).

How to use.

Cleanse the skin. While the mask is in the packet, activate it by spending 5 seconds rubbing it between the hands. Apply to the face for 10-15mins. Remove then rinse off.

How does it look?

Pale pink in colour and typical face skincare tissue mask in texture. This mask doesn’t cover the whole of the face, only the section that we think of when it comes to someone’s t zone. So this is the forehead and the nose. Think of a diagram of a uterus and it’s a similar shape to that! Strange but totally true, sorry.

In Use.

I did as instructed which was give the packet a little rub. Once I took it out I could see little bubbles escaping from the top of the packaging. It made my heart brim with joy when I saw how soaked in solution this mask was when I pulled it out! It was almost dripping! Moist and full of hydration. I did wonder if I had rubbed it for long enough because there wasn’t too many bubbles on this at first BUT the magic happened when I popped this on my face…

It needed a little adjusting to sit ok but sit it did and it clung to my face independently and nicely. Slightly cooling, very moisturising in feel and very comfortable to wear. The bubbling didn’t take too long to kick in and I could hear a fizz and felt it under the mask. By the time I passed a mirror and looked at my reflection the pink mask was looking a little white. Fast forward 5 minutes later this was a mask foam and looked very 3D! All the way through using this I could hear it hissing quietly and fizzing away and I loved it!

Was there a fragrance? A delicate one that was nice to get a whiff off. Think of cherry and floral mixed together (not cherry blossom that’s a different scent altogether!). That’s what this fragrance made me think of. It wasn’t distracting because it wasn’t strong but it was very pleasant.


I wasn’t too sure if the packaging said this was to be washed off thanks to no instructions but little pictures present on it. Why would you wash it off after you take the mask off? Well I found out soon enough! I took it off, said goodbye sadly and threw it in the bin. I went to see if the remaining bubbles/foam would rub into my skin and they didn’t. What they left was a creamy looking film on my face with a similar feel and texture to a cream. At that point I KNEW it needed rinsing off so I did. My skin felt soft, clean, looked matt and overall this area felt refreshed. Slight confession here. When I saw I rubbed it all over my face! Then rinsed. Waste not want not, right?

Skin Afterwards.

It didn’t look massively different but the shine formed throughout the day was gone so matt skin was left. As mentioned, I did have that feeling of freshness, cleanness, a little smoothness and generally a little perk to the skin. But how much I enjoyed using this made me feel the experience was worth it.

Any issues?

The section of the mask that goes over the nose I think was too wide. I appreciate the fact that everyone has different sized facial features but this width meant it went too close to the corner of my eye for me. And there wasn’t really much I could do to change the position by moving the mask up or down because of it’s size and shape.


I loved using this! I enjoyed it from beginning to end. The shape of it was different and targeting a specific area which was good. Great if you have that as a concern and don’t need a full facial skincare mask. It was comfortable to wear and I walked around still living life. Full of hydration but it didn’t leave my skin oily, greasy or wet. And the bubbling action was EVERYTHING! So it’s a yes from me!

There is a point I would like to make about this product. I occasionally have a spot or two growing on particular areas such as the forehead, chin or cheek. My t-zone in my opinion is not a problem area so if it was I may find this mask showing more of a change to the skin. But I would still buy this again because of all the things mentioned above, but ideally not full price.

This is available from lots of online retailers. Best price I could find was £3.50 The Beauty Store, but I’ve never shopped from there so can’t comment on reliability, customer services and more importantly the trust factor. If in any doubt ASOS and Amazon sell this mask, but it is more expensive!

5 Black Friday Deals on Wax Melts, Bath/Body & Skincare Products

Is there such a thing as a Black Friday sale? I feel like Black Friday lasts about 2 weeks, so maybe a Black Fortnight? It’s not such a bad thing. If what’s up for grabs are things customers want and are genuinely good buys in regards to cost and quality, then why not? So I thought I would create a short but hopefully helpful post highlighting some Black Friday (or just general special offers ) deals available from now and over the next few days. All focusing on products or/brands I’ve used before. *Photographs in post are for illustration purposes only, not necessarily products included in sales. But they are images of products I’ve bought, gifted, used and reviewed in the past relating to the brands (links to those are right at the bottom).

Wax Melts & Candles

Pretty Home Aromas. Love this wax melt company because their wax melts are designed beautifully with fragrances to match! Their Black Friday deal is 30% off everything on their website with free delivery of a £20 spend or over. This deal is available starting from Friday 26th November until midnight Monday 29th November.

Pretty Home Aromas Autumn Wax Melt Collection

Mulberry Lane. Still on the look out for an alternative advent calendar? A wax melt lover? Mulberry Lane have 40% off their advent calendars while stocks last or till offer ends on the 30th November. 25 wax melts each 20g will provide hours of fragrance and a massive variety of fragrances to try out. Use code ADVENT40 to apply the discount.

Mrs Mac Candles. Wax melts and candles galore! Almost everything is discounted on their website with their cheapest wax melts priced at 44p! I’ve had a look and the variety of fragrances available at a lowered price is brilliant. From Christmas to fruity fragrances and perfume inspired scents, there’s something for everyone. No code needed, discount already visible and applied.

Mrs Mac Candles Hot Apple Pie Wax Melts
Bath & Body Products

Miss Patisserie. This range have their products available not only direct from themselves but various online and instore retailers. On ASOS all their products from bath bomb to bath slabs are discounted up to 40%.

Miss Patisserie’s Salted Caramel Bath Slab

Superdrug. In my opinion Superdrug have great offers all year round. I can always find something I want to buy on a weekly basis AND save some money too! Two things have stuck out for me with their current deals. Bloom Drum Gift Set which contains 5 different body and fragrance products including an eau de toilette is a fab gift idea. Down from £20.00 to £10.00. BUT the one that I’m gagging to purchase myself is a stonker of a deal! Superdrug’s Vitamin E Bumper Gift Set contains EVERYTHING you need for a full facial skincare routine. Cleanser, scrub, serum, facial mist, moisturisers, everything! And from what I can see they are all full sizes. Price? Down from £30.00 to £15.00.

Superdrug’s Bloom Body Mists

Hopefully these ideas won’t give your credit card too much heat, but please shop responsibility! Offers and prices may change at any time, so please bare this in mind as the above is correct at the time of writing this post. If you haven’t used any of these brands or products before, and looking for some reviews…guess what? I have some below for you to read at your own leisure! Happy shopping people!x

Pretty Home Aromas Wax Melt Autumn Bundle

Pretty Home Aromas Cosy Cuddles 80g Wax Melt Segmented Pot

Mulberry Lane’s Cocoa Butter Soy Wax Melt Pot

Mrs Mac Candles Hot Apple Pie Wax Melts

Miss Patisserie’s Salted Caramel Bath Slab

Superdrug’s Bloom Driftwood & Sea Salt Body Mist

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Nourishing Eye Cream

Skin Republic’s Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patches

If you use skincare, is there one Holy Grail product you always search for? Mine is the perfect eye product. The problem I find with eye products is they are the hardest to get right. Or better still, it’s hard to get one that works the way I want it to. So I accept the fact some products for this area may only provide a temporary fix, which is ok with me. And that’s where under eye patches can be very handy. I’ve decided to try out Skin Republic’s Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patches. I bought these in a collection some time ago. These retail for £5.99 per pack for 3 sets of patches.

Skin Republic’s Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patches

Why did I buy these?

At the time I had never used this brand before. The collection I purchased consisted of various masks and eye patches which I really wanted to try. What made this even more appealing was the fact the set was half price. But the reason why I decided to use these recently was I fell in love with a tissue mask from this brand, so I was gagging to see if this was just as good. And I needed a pamper! Who doesn’t? Tired, running on empty and eyes looking sad and lifeless. This was much needed so I gave it whirl.

What are these supposed to do?

These eye patches are designed to make the under eye appear younger. Helping to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, reduce puffiness and dark circles. Basically to make this area look more alive and healthier!

What’s my eye area like?

Up at 4.30am during the week, 2 kids, work, blog….tired! They can look occasionally a little puffy and slightly dark but in all honesty I think it’s something I notice more than anyone else. But general life does show itself in this area, and I’ve kindly been told on a few occasions how knackered I look!

What do you get?

Within this packet (typical packaging for eye masks and sheets masks like this), there were 3 pairs of eye patches. Each pair should only be used once and aren’t reusable.

How to use.

Skin should be cleansed before using these patches. Apply each patch under eyes and leave on for 30 minutes. Remove and do not wash off.

It does say on the packaging that to get the best results you should use these twice a week for a full month so keep this in mind.

The Patches.

On one side of the patches it looked similar in appearance and feel to the same material facial sheet masks are made off. On the other side, which is attached to plastic it sits on before you remove to use it, it’s sticky and smooth almost jelly/plastic like. This is the side you apply to your undereye. These are fragranced. Not too heavily but there is something there. It’s a nice scent, a little floral but not strong.

In Use.

These suckered themselves to under my eyes no problem. They felt quite thick so it didn’t feel natural or comfortable wearing them for 30 minutes. The plus side was there was no way these bad boys were coming off. I’ve tried using these without putting them in the fridge and from the fridge for added coolness, and in all honesty I felt no difference. They did feel a little cooling regardless but I guess that’s due to the material the patches are made from.

And the result?

Nothing noticeable. Under my eyes didn’t look or feel any different. But I only used what was contained in the packaging spread over 2/3 weeks, so I wasn’t consistent with them as suggested.


Tricky one to answer yes or no. When I bought these I didn’t realise it was suggested you needed to use these quite regularly to see some form of change. Most facial tissues/eye masks I’ve used before are designed to give an instant lift or result, not needing to use them all the time. So because I didn’t use them like this I can’t judge them fairly. But what I can say is what I liked and didn’t like about them..

I liked the fact you got 3 sets of eye patches. Each pair individually wrapped so no drying out or spoiling of the product. What I didn’t like was how thick they were. It made that area feel very rigid and to wear them for 30 minutes seemed 15 minutes too long. I would have liked these to have been more moisturising immediately which I didn’t get, and if placed in the fridge more coolness would have been beneficial. And of course, an instant effect would have been brilliant. If I wanted or needed to see improvements over time surely I would opt for an eye cream or serum instead? That would be more cost effective. To try these out for a month you would need 3 packets, which if not on offer would cost £18.00. That’s not expensive but compared to an eye cream it is!

These may not be what I had hoped for, but these maybe right for others out there. Available from many places such as Superdrug, picking these up shouldn’t be difficult. I would try these out when on offer such as half price or 3 for 2 deal if possible to see if these work for you and your peepholes.

Mrs Mac Candles Hot Apple Pie Wax Melts

We all have our favourite scents that we want to enjoy in our homes. There is nothing more inviting than walking into a room that smells fabulous, right? I’m currently in love with some of the typical Autumn and Winter inspired scents. They tend to give a cosy feel to a room, which is ideal when the weather is damp, dark and chilly. No surprise then that I’ve been melting Hot Apple Pie Wax Melts from Mrs Mac Candles. I bought a selection of these around a month ago. This came in the form of 2 discs and normally £1.75, but I bought these when there was a 40% off sale.

Hot Apple Pie Wax Melts

Why did I buy this?

I follow Mrs Mac Candles on Instagram. Never ordered from them before, but their wax melts have always looked so appealing. Great variation of scents available and super affordable. So they’ve always been on my to order list. Being a new vendor to me, getting these at a discounted rate gave me a great opportunity to try them out without spending too much. The actual scent Hot Apple Pie is an easy purchase for me because I love bakery scents and this scent is perfect to hermit with inside!

How do these look?

I have never had wax melts look like this before which made these already very special. What came was two discs roughly 4cm in size. A beautiful shade of mint green, with an eye catching raised design on the top of each. Finished off with what I always love to see is a little magical sparkle from glitter! Wrapped up in a clear plastic sleeve. So incredibly pretty and packaged simply and practically.


Just as I had hoped and expected. A warming hit of cinnamon with spices (possibly being cloves and nutmeg) mixed in which gave it warmth and depth. Of course it wouldn’t be Hot Apple Pie without the scent of apples! Just ripened juicy apple cutting through giving it that fruity, clean and not too sharp element to this scent. A gorgeous and classic combo.

In melt.

I used one in my warmer, and found because these are quite thin, they really didn’t take too long to melt all the way through. The wax pool left was the same shade of gorgeous green as when it was solid, with the glitter floating around the top. I liked this scent in the kitchen because it fooled me into thinking I was in the middle of baking which I wasn’t! A very homely feel this scent provided which was slowly released as the wax melt/disc became molten.

Strength & Longevity.

Strength wise this was a medium. The fragrance was obviously there and you could easily pick it up in the room but it wasn’t clawing. Some fragrances that have a spicy element to them can be very strong which I’m glad this one wasn’t. I had this melting for over 2 days and it performed very well. After that, I did feel it needed to be changed strength wise but I also just wanted a change of fragrance. When I use a wax melt, bare in mind I have these melting for hours not just an hour or two a day. So believe me when I say these were worth the price!


Considering this is a new wax melt vendor to me I’m so glad I’ve tried them. These particular wax melts smelt great and gave me what I had hoped for. They performed very well, they looked fantastic and dare I say would make great gifts for Christmas or any other gift giving occasion. So totally recommended and I am glad I ordered other wax melts too!

If this review has peaked your interest and you want to purchase this fragranced wax melt here’s the link. Don’t worry if this isn’t your type of scent because there are loads of amazing sounding scents available to buy. Please don’t blame me if you spend a small fortune, but your house will thank you for it!

Candy Cane Lane’s Gingerbread Jingle & Fluffy Marshmallow Reed Diffusers

Hearing Christmas songs from the start of November has not only hurt my ears but my soul too. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t mind seeing Christmas related things early but not the music! Drives me absolutely crazy! I am however enjoying seeing the new Christmas inspired home fragrance products. I became particularly taken by some new reed diffusers in Home Bargains recently. I picked up Candy Cane’s Gingerbread Jingle and Fluffy Marshmallow Reed Diffusers for £1.99 each.

Home Bargain’s Candy Cane Lane Gingerbread Jingle & Fluffy Marshmallow Reed Diffusers

Why did I buy these?

A few reasons. I’m falling in love with reed diffusers as a form of home fragrancing. The packaging for these totally drew me in because they are cute and festive but not in the traditional Christmas way. The scents I thought I would like, and the diffusers were affordable.


Both come in a small and thin rectangular box. Gingerbread Jingle is mainly mint green in color whereas Fluffy Marshmallow is a light salmon pink shade. Both have silver holographic slightly raised patterns on them and a coloured pom pom stuck on the top each box. There’s an open window on the front of each box so you can see the actual diffuser.

Each bottle section of the diffuser is clear and transparent. But they have a label on them with illustrations mirroring the box each fragrance comes in. So Gingerbread Jingle has gingerbread men and woman all over it, snowflakes and trees. Fluffy Marshmallow has baubles and snowflakes decorating the label.

What do you get & how to use.

Each diffuser has the fragranced liquid/oil bottled and 6 short and thin reeds. Take the stopper from the bottle off, pop the reeds in the fragranced liquid and enjoy! The reeds will soak up the fragrance and release into the air.

How do these smell?

Gingerbread Jingle smells surprisingly of gingerbread! You get ginger, warming spices (possibly cinnamon, nutmeg etc), sugar (although not too sweet). I like it! It’s not too ginger but it definitely is a bakery fragrance but the spices really make it come alive.

Gingerbread Jingle Reed Diffuser

Fluffy Marshmallow I’m not sure whether I would call it marshmallow scented as such. It has a sweetness to it, almost sweety like. But seems to have a touch of vanilla in it as well. It’s not as complex as the Gingerbread version but if you like your sweet inspired scents you probably would like this.

Fluffy Marshmallow Reed Diffuser

Strength & Longevity.

I put each of the diffusers in different parts of my home. Gingerbread Jingle in my bedroom on the window sill, and Fluffy Marshmallow at the top of the stairs. Despite the fact the diffuser is quite small, Gingerbread performs really well in my bedroom which is a medium sized room. It’s not strong, but you get a good whiff of this and for this room the strength is perfect. So I would say it’s a medium. Fluffy Marshmallow I’ve had to move around quite a bit to see where it works best because the is light. I would have liked this to be stronger but think this is best suited to a small room or area not a large or open space. The diffuser itself is small and the scent not punchy but it does give off fragrance. Just not enough for me.

When it comes to longevity, I’ve been only been using these for 3 days so can’t say how long lasting they are. But so far so good, but Gingerbread is the clear winner!


I really like these reed diffusers. The pom pom bit on the top of the packaging annoys me, but other than that their overall presentation is sweet and easy on the eye. Good choice of fragrance for this time of year, but clearly Gingerbread Jingle is the best in regards to it’s smell and strength. So I would recommend this one and I’ve even purchased a few for Christmas gifting too!

If you aren’t a fan of a reed diffusers but possible the fragrances mentioned, these do come in candle form as well! Just saying….don’t call me an enabler when you visit Home Bargains next!

Bubble Up Sail Away With Me Bath Bar

One of the things I look forward to late afternoon or evening time is having a bath. Especially if the day has dragged, the weather is rubbish and it’s been a hard day at work. Do I have a favourite bath product? I like lots of different ones but which one ends up in the bath is dependant on my mood and skin needs. I decided to use an item I have tried before but in a different fragrance. Bubble Up Sail Away With Me Bath Bar was the most recent item of choice. I bought this from my local ASDA store ages ago for less than a pound!

Bubble Up’s Sail Away With Me Bath Bar

Why did I choose this?

I bought this originally because I tried another fragrance in this bath bar and absolutely loved it! The fact that this was scented differently to my first purchase and super cheap, seemed a sign from above to buy it so I did. But choosing to use this was because I hoped for something fresher and cleaner in scent. I also wanted an extra hit of moisture to my body since my skin really needed it.


This bath bar comes in a small cardboard box. Green, white and black in colouring. Very simple and does remind me a little of a certain high street brand that sells bath bombs! What I like is there is a clear window at the front where you can see the bar, so you have an idea of what you are going to get.

How the bath bar looks.

Rectangular in shape and quite long, roughly 9cm. 5cm in width and 2 cm in depth. So size wise chunky, generous and you could easily get two baths out of this bad boy! This is made up of two colours which is mint green and an aqua blue. These are in stripes going across, but each section of colour is slightly rounded at each end giving it an interesting look. Besides that, it’s flat on the other 4 remaining sides. A little chalky in texture as a bath bomb, but not as much.


It’s not very strong when sniffing this straight out of the packaging. But it definitely has a fresh and clean scent to it. Delicately earthy in a plant type way but is a little sweet too. Swimming in a salty lagoon, filled with plants on the bottom of it. Having fully opened flowers close to land with it’s scent being carried by a wind close to wear you are floating. All of these elements hit the nose. THAT is what I think of while getting this scent. Very pleasant and exactly what I had hoped this would smell like.

How to use.

Crumble some of this under warm running water and off you go!

In the bath.

I didn’t use all of this I snapped it in half, which was surprisingly easy to do considering it’s thickness. As the hot water tap ran, I popped this under it holding it at first, then I released it so it could enjoy it’s new home. You could see the bar itself froth a little, but the most noticeable thing was the foam it produced. There was a really good amount in the bath tub. White, fluffy foam and underneath it the water turned into a beautiful shade of blue.

Fragrance wise it was delicate but more obvious when the bar was used. The scent was the same and incredibly pleasant and relaxing to experience while I sat in the middle of my very own froth covered sea. The strength was actually perfect because it was soothing and in the background rather than full and heavy on the nose.

This bath bar on the skin was so moisturising! I know this sounds crazy when you are sat in water but even between the hands I could feel this contained something like a butter or oil. It left my hands feeling soft and nourished.That’s how my whole body felt while using this. The foam, the fragrance, the colour and the hydration made me enjoy this bath so much! So much so I got out having to get one kid from after school club, left the bath, and hopped back in on my return to continue loving it!


This range reminds me not judge a book by it’s cover! I remember seeing these products in my local ASDA thinking they probably weren’t the best. I took a chance purely because they were so heavily discounted and only then after use did I realise how good the first bath bar was. The look of this is appealing. The size is generous considering I only used half of this. The fragrance was lovely. Foam created was a great amount AND this was soft, gentle and moisturising to the skin.

If whoever is reading this gets a chance to buy this, please do! This is recommended 110% It’s a shame ASDA appear not to stock this anymore. But fear not! I’ve found this and a decent selection of bath goodies from Bubble Up available from The Perfume Shop. This bath bar is available for £4.49 and can be found here. If you are a lover of a good bath bomb, I doubt you wouldn’t love this! Enjoy and happy shopping.

Christmas Advent Calendars For The Bath & The Home

It’s November. I can type the word CHRISTMAS without displaying a nervous twitch. My heart finally can embrace this time of year, so it seems a good time to talk about something most people buy for the start of the festive season, which is an advent calendar. And who doesn’t love them? Totally acceptable to eat a piece of chocolate at 7am before school or work. Sampling the delights of various flavoured gins daily and wolfing down a mix of cheese any cheese board would be proud of! Yes please! Advent calendars are popular, and more imaginative than ever in regards to what they contain. But I’m going to focus on areas closer to my heart (rather than stomach), which is bath bombs and wax melts. So guess what I’ve bought myself? A wax melt advent calendar from Fragrantasia, and a bath bomb advent calendar from Bomb Cosmetics.

Fragrantasia’s Wax Melt Advent Calendar & Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bomb Advent Calendar

Fragrantasia’s Wax Melt Advent Calendar.

I love wax melts, and discovered advent calendars containing these a few years ago. I opted to purchase Fragrantasia’s for Christmas 2021 because I bought one last year and loved it! Not only that, but I am a regular user of their wax which I can say is of an excellent quality. So a no brainer purchasing this.

Standard rectangular shaped advent which this year has the ever popular gonk image on the front. Looks fun and festive but not taking itself too seriously or too traditional appearance wise. Very much on trend with it’s appearance.

25 doors hold a different wax melt behind it. All fragrances are different, so no duplicates here. The first 24 days will contain a sample size of wax which will be the perfect size and amount to pop into a warmer, and will provide a few hours of fragrance. But door number 25 is a special and big one, because it’s keeping what I think to be a full size piece of wax ready to discover and melt.

Fragrantasia’s Wax Melt Advent Calendar 2021

Fragrantasia have two advent calendars available. One containing traditional Christmas scents for those who want to get into the festive fragrance mood, and also one containing their best selling fragrances. Ideal for those who want more of a general mix of scents and not too concerned about them being themed. I opted for the traditional Christmas one because I want to be more like Elf than The Grinch this year, and I love these scents anyway!

So how much is this box of waxy goodies? £25.00 plus p&p. And yes, you can buy wax melt calendars on the high street for less but I now the quality I get with this brand and will not be disappointed! Plus loving hand poured and packaged by a one woman company rather than a factory, so I now which one I would rather choose! If you want one of these please hurry up as these are close to selling out. Check out the traditional Christmas version here, and the best sellers version here. Your home will thank you in December!

Fragrantasia’s Wax Melt Calendar 2020

Bomb Cosmetics Advent Calendar.

I really wanted a bath bomb or bath product advent calendar this year. I’ve never had one before and I knew I would love opening each day wondering what was behind each door. So I did find one with a vendor I love but it sold out! So doing a quick search I found Bomb Cosmetics advent on a special price on Amazon so thought let’s give it a go! I’ve had bath bombs, fizzers and soaps from them before so had a good idea what to expect quality and style wise so why not?

This advent calendar is shaped traditionally but not styled traditionally at all! A brightly coloured shade of pink makes this stand out.Each door has a simple but cute outline of a present shape on the front. It’s important to note that there are 24 doors rather than 25.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bomb Advent Calendar

So what will this calendar contain? This doesn’t just contain bath bombs. If you want to be sneaky you can look on the back of the calendar because it mentions the ingredients and name of each product. It doesn’t tell you which product is behind which door thankfully! But what you will get is a mix of soaps and bath blasters which is what they call their bath bombs. Just having a quick glance they all seem different in fragrance and type so lots of variations for the opener. Important point to make, these products won’t be full size and are minis. If they were full size the box would be massive and so would the price tag!

When I bought this it was on a special deal of the day price down from £19.99 to £12.10. AND at the time of writing this post it still has that special price! Very affordable but would suggest to order sooner rather than later if you fancy it. Link can be found here.*

So have you bought your advent calendars yet and what type? Please don’t mention if you have bought a gin one because that will upset me way too much!

*This contains an affiliate link which gives me a little commission if you purchase the product mentioned but at no cost to you.

Primark’s P.S Creamy Cleanser

I’m finding my visits to the store Primark becoming more and more frequent as the months go on. Two areas (if I’m not shopping for items for my kids) I always head for is the home fragrance section and beauty. It took me a bit of time to realise they had their own bath, body and skincare products. But once I found them I can’t help myself but make a sneaky purchase or three! One of my most recent purchases from their skincare range is the P.S Creamy Cleanser with Vitamin E & Organic Rose. Cost? £2.00 for 150ml!

Primark’s P.S Creamy Cleanser

Why did I buy this?

Cleansing products is something I’ve been running low on. It’s the first stage of skincare and I refuse to get caught short because it’s an important stage. This one I picked up out of curiosity. I’ve only tried one other skincare product from Primark before which was ok so I thought let’s try more!

What is this supposed to do?

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive. This creamy cleanser is designed to remove general dirt and make up effectively and gently, while leaving the skin clean and smoother.


150ml of cleanser is housed in a pale pink coloured tube with a flip top lid. Very basic, simple but easy on the eye.


I’m not too sure if I’ve ever used a cleansing lotion before, but I imagine it has a similar if not identical texture to this. It’s lotion like in consistency, quite fluid but not too runny. White in colour. No major slip and slide to the product, so not greasy or oily.


Rose. Floral, flowery, feminine, rose! Did I mention I’m not a fan of the fragrance of rose? Well, not on it’s own I’m not. And this is rose. Thankfully it doesn’t come across as an old fashioned, strong version. But there’s no mistaking this to be rose!

How to use.

Wet hands, and apply to face. Rinse with water.

In use.

Yet again my inability to read astounds me! I’m terrible at reading instructions on how to use skincare products and make it up as I go along. I thought it read wet face so I did! I wet my face and then rubbed in a good blob of this into my skin. What I liked about this is the fact it didn’t sink into the skin, so I could massage this in for a good minute or 2. The product easily moved around the skin. It didn’t feel heavy or greasy. I then wet my hands (finally!) and continued to rub the cleanser into my skin, which created a light and small amount of foam. To remove I rinsed off and no residue was left.

The fragrance was obvious while using this cleanser. Since I’m not a fan of rose, I did wonder if this would be overpowering or put me off using this and on both counts I can say it’s a no. The fragrance was there but not strong or heady so I didn’t actually mind it. And it didn’t dampen my cleansing routine or put me off in anyway.

I’m not a make up wearer, just an addict of the good old eye brow pencil. So how good this is at taking make up off I have no idea. But focusing a few second into rubbing the cleanser in my eyebrows removed all traces easily and quickly.

Skin afterwards.

Once I rinsed this off I used a face cloth, slightly damp and warm, and patted it onto my skin. My skin looked clean and quite fresh. This was the case just after use and also the morning after the night before. My skin didn’t feel dry or tight, but that typical just washed feel and I need to pop some moisture onto my skin was what I did experience. Looking at my skin I noticed a small dry patch on my nose, which isn’t something I get normally. But I’ve ben using this for over a week now and this doesn’t seem to happen anymore.


I have to say my first thoughts of this cleanser after using this for a good week now, is it’s not bad at all! Price wise of course it’s great, packaging is practical and non-offensive. And the actual cleanser does what it’s suppose to do. I actually enjoy using this which I didn’t think I would. I liked the texture, I liked how it slightly foamed up and I can see this working as part of a double cleanse routine if someone was that why inclined. The fact this is rose scented and I haven’t moaned about it is a miracle, which is a testament to this product indeed.

So would I buy this cleanser for myself again? I wouldn’t rule against it! Although not as comforting to my skin as itmay need I still think it did well. I definitely wouldn’t discount it for future purchase and use. But recommend to others? I would! I think this would be good to use especially during warmer months and if you like cleansing lotion textures anyway. If you have no massive issues with your skin and looking for a budget cleanser to keep your face going this would be fine. This screams a product geared towards the younger market. Teens to mid 20’s I think would like using this, and also appreciate the price tag!

£2.00 for 150ml cleanser won’t break the bank. So why not head to the skincare section of Primark to see if this could be a good buy for you!

October’s Round Up of Bath, Body And Home Fragrance Products

October has been a busy month. Autumn finally has smacked us all in the face in the UK, families have had at least a week off from school during half term spending time with their little darlings and I’ve had the chance to use more new products and write new blog posts! Question.. have you kept up to date with my product reviews? No? Not a problem if you haven’t, let’s have a recap…

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Pizza Me Bath Bomb

My first review of October was on one of my favourite bath products which is a good old bath bomb! BUT with a difference! Not your standard chalky ball of colour but a pizza sliced shaped vibrantly coloured bath goody which created such a fun and enjoyable bath art my body and eyes loved. Dirty Fresh Cosmetics really deliver when it comes to imaginative products for the bath as I’ve tried one or five already!

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Pizza Me Bath Bomb

Fizzy Smelts Harry Potter Inspired Wax Melt Box Part 2

Oh this collection from Fizzy Smelts was fun! My ever growing appreciation of all that is Harry Potter (thanks to my daughter) MADE me purchase this super cute fragrant wax melt set. Lots of wax, great looking pieces and came with some Harry Potter specs which my daughter stole as soon as the box was opened! Wax melts do not have to look and smell conventional or boring.

Fizzy Smelts Harry Potter Inspired Wax Melt Box

Pure & Co Peony & Water Lily Eau de Toilette

An interesting fragrance from Pure & Co which I thought was pleasant but didn’t quite deliver the punch and longevity I hoped for. But that’s ok! It’s a good reminder that like anything things can be a good buy and sometimes not. But good fragrances I believe don’t have to cost the earth if you buy the right one!

Pure & Co Peony & Water Lily Eau de Toilette

Beauty Kitchen’s Abyssinian Oil Prime Time Cream Cleanser

This cleanser from Beauty Kitchen was one of many products I’ve tried from the brand. An effective cleanser for my skin, nice texture and has many other products from the brand that would compliment it.

Beauty Kitchen’s Abyssinian Oil Prime Time Cleanser

I Heart Revolution Sugar Cookie Bath Fizzer

Lots of people are aware of Revolution’s make up and skincare products, but less of their bath bombs and fizzers. Was this the best bath fizzer I have ever used? Definitely not! Packaging great, look of the fizzer was ok, price brilliant but not for me quality and performance wise.

I Heart Revolution Sugar Cookie Bath Fizzer

Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box

An Autumnal treat for the nose and eyes for wax melt lovers! A beautiful collection of October themed wax melts from a UK wax vendor called Glow. Kindly gifted to me, and I found my first impressions of this set gave a massive thumbs up!

Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box

Primark’s P.S Frosted Berries Hand Cream

Yet again my visits to Primark have made me visit their body and skincare products. But this time I went straight for their hand creams. Frosted Berries Hand Cream is packaged nicely, smells lovely, could be more hydrating but for 80p? Budget busting and something many people would happily purchase and use!

P.S Primark’s Frosted Berries Hand Cream

Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box Part 2

My final write up on the wax goodies given to me by Glow and Glow these pretties did! Their beautifully made appearance matched their glorious scents and I got the chance to melt each piece sent to me. Very impressed with them overall and a wax vendor I will definitely purchase from in the near future.

Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box

So out of all these products I’ve tried, has there been any that have caught your eye and whispered to your credit card? And are you excited to see what I will review in the month of November? I sure am! Bye bye October, hello November!