Christmas 2021 Bath Blaster & Soap Advent Calendar From Bomb Cosmetics

I think it’s safe to say we are all well and truly done with Christmas. For most it’s been a quiet one and hopefully a good one too. The aftermath of the weekend is still visible in my house. And when I can muster some strength I will perform some cleaning and storage magic to make it seem Christmas never existed. But not right now, too tired. While the memories are still fresh I thought I would finish off my thoughts on the second advent calendar I purchased for this Christmas. The first was from Fragrantasia, and the second one from Bomb Cosmetics.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blaster & Soap Advent Calendar
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blaster & Soap Advent Calendar.

I’ve never had a bath product based advent calendar before and considering how much I love my baths, I’m wondering why! So when I saw this pop up on Amazon I thought why not? Priced just over £10.00, it was very affordable and worth the risk of purchasing.

The Look.

Simple yet eye catching. I think its down to the bright almost purple pink colour of this which makes this pop. White detailing on each door finishes the look off. This would appeal to a younger market definitely.

What Did I Get?

24 doors with either mini soaps or bath blasters (bath bombs) behind them. Each piece different in regards to fragrance and/or look. The majority of scents these items had were what I would call normal and everyday with a few being more Christmas based. Things that were included were Jelly & Custard Bath Blaster, Electric Dreams Soap, Free Spirit Soap, Cotton Fresh Soap and Pineapple Expressed Bath Blaster.

Caiperina Soap

The Soaps. All rectangular in shape, with some being slightly different sized than others. All semi translucent (except one), so you could see some form of shape/pattern in the middle of it. Different colours such as blue, pink, pale green, darker green etc, so these made them look fun and interesting.

Cherry Bathewell Blaster

Fragrance. All of the soaps had one thing in common when it came to how they smelt, they all smelt clean and fresh. Slight differences I could smell, such as one being citrusy with lime. One was a touch sweet and floral, one was fruity etc. All fragrances were pleasant, none were offensive and not powerful. But they did have enough strength for the fragrance to ‘be there’. I did feel the fragrances could have been more different and varied. After awhile they started to smell the same and didn’t stand out too much. Some warming or more festive fragrances would have been greatly received but there weren’t any.

Lime & Dandy Soap

In The Shower. In reality having 12 soaps in a calendar is hard to get through and quite wasteful if trying to use one a day. So many of these, if I’m honest, are still living in the calendar. What I have used still had the fragrance detectable in the shower. Lathering up could have been much better. I expected more lather and for it to be creamier but it wasn’t. Did it clean my skin? Yes. But I felt it left an almost film like layer on my skin which made me use a shower gel to rinse myself off.

Cleopatra’s Desire Blaster

Bath Blasters. All shaped the same which was a small and simple heart. All coloured differently e.g lilac, white, blue etc. But they were void of any other detail. No glitter, no shapes, nothing embossed.

Fragrance. There were a few that stood out to me such as the Fresh Berry Blaster. But if I’m honest I wish they were more fragrant. Considering how small and plain these were I needed them to wow me at least scent wise but overall they didn’t. They didn’t to be stronger and have a bigger identity to them.

In The Bath. These fizzed a little and barely coloured the bath water. There was hardly any fragrance. No bubbles either, which in fairness I didn’t expect anyway. The problem with these were they were so small they didn’t make an impact. I even threw in 3 or 4 at a time and although created a bigger fizz still left me underwhelmed. Did I enjoy using these in the bath? Not really. It added nothing to my bath experience unfortunately.

Would I Buy This in 2022?

No. I didn’t enjoy this enough to grab for next year. The soaps should have produced a nicer lather and my skin should have felt fresh. It did neither. The bath blasters should have been more fragrant and add something special to my bath, which it didn’t. To make this calendar better, I would include better quality soaps. The bath blasters I would not keep as simple and have them be a mini version of their usual bath blasters. These would normally contain shea and cocoa butter which are more moisturising. Or for more decadence, swap the blaster for their melts with a higher percentage of cocoa and shea butter. These don’t really fizz but they would envelope the skin in a light oily goodness which is bliss!

This might be an ok advent for someone younger. But for me who lives in the bath, it doesn’t quite hit the mark. Christmas 2022 the search is on for a different bath and body advent.

Christmas 2021 Wax Melt Advent Calendar From Fragrantasia

Christmas comes and goes in a blink of an eye. And then we all deal with the aftermath, right? Too much food and possibly too much drink. Parents walking on bits of Lego and the paper recycling bin overflows within 10 seconds. So as I throw out the last empty gift boxes and bags, it gives me a chance to reflect on the advent calendars I bought this year for myself. One by Fragrantasia which contained wax melts, and Bomb Cosmetics calendar which contained bath blasters and soaps. Were they any good? Something to repurchase next year? Let’s focus today on Fragrantasia’s Wax Melt Advent Calendar to find out the answer..

Fragrantasia’s Wax Melt Advent Calendar 2021
Fragrantasia’s Wax Melt Advent Calendar

This is the second year I’ve bought a wax melt advent calendar from this vendor. I enjoyed the first one and I didn’t hesitate to purchase this for 2021. As a wax melt lover I would be crazy not to purchase this type of advent as it’s my idea of home fragrance heaven!

The Look. Firstly, this is different to last years which is great. You don’t want a repetition of what you’ve had before. In keeping with the current craze for gonks (which this had on the front of it), it was cute in design, rectangular in shape and overall presented very well.

Day 6. Tangerine.

What did I get? 25 doors which held 25 wax melts behind them, with number 25 having an exceptionally big door which made me think how big IS this wax melt? Each wax melt was fragranced differently. At the time Fragrantasia had two advents available. One containing their best seller’s fragrance wise and the other falling into the more traditional side of Christmas or winter scents, with a few everyday loved fragrances thrown in to add to variety. I opted for the traditional version.

Day 6. Dragons Breath.

The Melts. I was super impressed with these. Size wise a touch bigger than last years so a substantial amount of wax. Perfect size to pop into a wax warmer, no more was needed. Day 25 wax melt though was different. It was as big as the palm of my hand which made it an even special wax melt to see and would provide hours and hours of fragrance. This made Christmas Day’s opening even more exciting! Each melt looked different whether that was in regards to colour, impressions on them or the addition of glitter and/or shapes. I loved this! It shows time and care put into the making of these which could easily have all been white and plain. Surely that would’ve been the easiest and quickest thing to do? But not as interesting on the eye for the opener.

Day 16. White Christmas.

Fragrance. I would love to list my favourites but genuinely I can’t remember all of them because there were loads! There was a mix of bakery based scents, floral, fruity, fresh and clean. What I noticed was there was no scent that was too much strength wise or too heady.

It’s hard to please everyone but I imagine most people would have liked the scents this contained because they were varied. Scents included were Let Them Eat Cake (LOVED this one!), Baby Powder, Snow Fae, Caramel Snowflake (oh loved this one too!), Avobath, First Snow and Purple Rain to name just a few. Out of all 25 scents there was only one I didn’t like, but it’s a scent I’ve never liked anyway to be honest. But the rest I enjoyed melting.

Longevity wise these lasted so long. I couldn’t melt them daily as they would last for hours. The fragrances filled the rooms they were in well and smelt fabulous. Each one had the perfect strength to them dependant on the type of fragrance family they belonged too. All were noticeable. Some became stronger as they melted, some were more BAM straight away! Performance wise all great in my opinion.

Day 25. Christmas Day. Gingerbread.
Would I buy this in 2022?

If Amy (the owner) makes these next year I’m putting my name on the list for sure! I enjoyed this so much. The quality was there in regards to look, fragrance and strength. This cost £25.00 but genuinely I think it was worth it. Only niggle I can think of was about the design of the calendar. It was very fiddly getting the wax out of each section. But that’s about the actual calendar structure itself not the wax, so hopefully something easier will be used next year.

Any wax melt fan needs one of these in their lives when it comes to the festive period. What I found was there are some scents I’ve never tried before and this was the perfect time to sample them, and now they are on my list to buy in a bigger form! If you want to try out wax from Fragrantasia, they are taking a well earned break now but will be back in January ready to service the fragrance needs of you wax lovers. Website is off at the moment, but you could always join their friendly Facebook group here where they share their daily melts.

My Budget Friendly Christmas Gifts For My Friends

It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow. Seeing people shop till they drop even today doesn’t surprise me. It’s called working in retail, you see it all! Am I a last minute shopping kind of girl? Nope. When I was younger, occasionally, but not anymore. I like to plan, prepare and execute the act of gift giving well before the event. So, I try to pick up things months before when they are on special offer, pop them away and bring them out closer to a birthday or Christmas. And this is what I did for 2 out of the 3 gifts below.

Candle & Salt Rock Tea Light Holder

Both of these were purchased from Home Bargains and these will be given to my neighbour. I bought these because I know my neighbour is house proud, and loves to use things in her home to create fragrances e.g oils and wax melts. And I know she’s very particular when it comes to how things look so I thought the tea light holder would make this a killer gift combo! This was a purchase I made a week or so ago. Not planned, but I saw them and my neighbour just came to mind so I grabbed them. Candle £2.49, tea light holder £1.49. Total cost: £3.98.

Twisted Peppermint Candle & Rock Salt Tea Light Holder
Bath Fizzer, Mud Face Mask & Body Mist

All of my friend’s are people who love a bit of pampering, nice scents and look forward to unwinding. I thought this would make a great and inexpensive pamper present. Mud Mask (Home Bargains) 49p, NSPA Body Mist (reduced to 79p from ASDA) and I Heart Revolution Bath Fizzer from Superdrug (was half price and on a 3 for 2) £1.16. Total: £2.44

I Heart Revolution Cookie Bath Fizzer, Earth Kiss Mud Mask & NSPA Mango & Passion Fruit Body Mist
Bath Fizzer, Under Eye Patches & Body Mist

Another gift for a friend, and someone I work with. Trust me, I know she works hard! Early mornings, late nights, THAT’S why I popped in the under eye patches to help soothe and revitalise her eye area. The bath fizzer is fun and I think is a good addition to a bath time routine. And the body mist because I adore this one, it’s gorgeous in scent and I think she would appreciate and use it. Skin Republic Eye Patches (were half price) £2.99. I Heart Revolution Bath Fizzer from Superdrug (half price and 3 for 2) £1.16 and Superdrug’s Bloom Body Mist 99p. Total Cost: £5.15.

Skin Republic Retinol Eye Patches, I Heart Revolution Cookie Fizzer & Superdrug’s Bloom Orange, Rose & Amber Body Mist

So as you can see, these three different Christmas gifts are not the biggest and flashiest, and definitely not the most expensive. But it just shows that you don’t need to give a huge amount of ‘stuff’ to show some form of appreciation or thought for someone.

For all of you who are super last minute when it comes to buying gifts e.g running down the aisles on Christmas Eve at 8am, I will not judge you but I will pray for you! Best of luck, and please don’t kill yourself or your credit score in the process.

Treacle Moon’s Limited Edition Spiced Plum Frosting Shower & Bath Gel

It’s nice to have something to put in the bath or use in the shower that’s different. There are certain products I repeat purchase but once and awhile there comes along something that stands out. I shower in the morning and have a bath in the evening, so if I can use the same product for both it makes my life easier. And that’s why a shower and bath gel or cream are perfect. So going back to products that are a bit different to the norm….how about a limited edition winter inspired shower and bath gel with an unusual fragrance (compared to the usual ones on the shelves that is)? Well I found one! A frantic dash to my local ASDA store last week resulted in me leaving the building with Treacle Moon’s Limited Edition Spiced Plum Frosting Shower & Bath Gel. £1.50 for a 500ml bottle.

Treacle Moon’s Limited Edition Spiced Plum Frosting Shower & Bath Gel
Why did I buy this?

I’ve bought and used different products from this brand and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. Seeing a new fragrance, limited edition and seasonal, was a no brainer to buy and try. I love my fruity fragrances anyway, and this just seemed so appealing sat on the shelf. And £1.50 for a bottle is the lowest I’ve seen their shower & bath gels so even more affordable than usual.


Simple but beautiful. 500ml of product sits in a plastic flip top lidded bottle. It’s clear because you can see the gel in it as it’s coloured. What makes this striking and stood out for me was the label. Mostly white in detailing with wintery looking leaves, dots and a large festive looking plum to finish it off. How could you not be drawn to this?


This sounds silly to say but what exactly does a plum smell like? I can’t say I’ve ever grabbed a plum to sniff it! So saying this smells like plum wouldn’t be totally accurate if I can’t think of what the fruit smells like. But what this does remind me of a little is dark cherries. Dark cherries which isn’t harsh or sharp but quite creamy with a hint of spice at the back of it. It’s a beautiful scent and one I don’t think I’ve smelt in a shower or bath gel before. Very different yet very seasonal.

Look & Consistency.

This is a gorgeous shade of an almost burgundy red. Very striking! Smooth, glossy, opaque and thick. But of course it is a liquid and similar to many bath or shower gels in consistency.

In The Shower.

On a sponge this created a very creamy foam. I didn’t need to use a lot, and it washed my body well and I really enjoyed using this. The fragrance was very noticeable and I know this is one of the reasons I loved using this because of how it smelt.

In The Bath.

A small amount under warm running water created lots and lots of bubbles! Bubbles that lasted a long period of time and didn’t disappear straight away. The water underneath at first was slightly coloured, but became clear quite quickly. Like in the shower, the fragrance was there. It’s one of those scents that was comforting and lovely. I forgot it was there and then I had to remind myself where the lovely smell came from when my nostrils got a whiff of it. This was a very relaxing bath that helped me unwind. This shower and bath gel didn’t dry my skin out or irritate it at all.


If you don’t like fruity scents this probably isn’t for you BUT if you do this is a must! The scent is gorgeous, it foams up fabulously, comes in a great size and is only £1.50! And the packaging screams winter which is perfect for this time of year. So do I recommend this? Oh yes I do! In fact, I wish I picked up two of these.

If like me you have a fruity side when it comes to your bath products and want to grab this for yourself or as a stocking filler, there are a few places you can get this from. I’ve seen these on the shelves of both Tesco and ASDA, and I believe Waitrose stock the Treacle Moon range so this maybe there too. But ASDA do have this for the best price so check there first if you can.

Happy plum picking!x

Last Minute Stocking Filler Ideas From Aldi’s Lacura Bath & Body Range

Surely I’m not the only one who thought they were pretty much prepared Christmas wise, only to realise there are one or three people that need a small gift or gifts for the the festive season? But in all seriousness, I do not have a big budget and I definitely do not have the time to run up and down the high street like a crazy woman to fill these present gaps. And I’m sure YOU don’t either! So if you’re still looking for some bath and body stocking fillers and you shop in the supermarket store Aldi, read below. All of these products I’ve bought, used and reviewed. And it’s safe to say I would give (and have done) these as small gifts or part of a selection of small pieces. And the best bit is these are all under £2.00 each!

Aldi’s Lacura bath & body products
Hemp Hand Cream.

This was something I purchased last year and was surprised and happy to see it in stores again this year. This is a very nourishing and protective hand cream which works great on dry hands, especially now it’s a colder season and central heating is on full whack. £1.49 for 65ml.

Aldi’s Lacura Hemp Hand Cream
Spa Foaming Bath Soak & Luxury Bath Float.

I expected these to be limited edition but they’ve been in my local store for a few months now and regularly replenished. Beautifully scented product that creates lots of bubbles, and would no doubt create a relaxing bathing experience for any wannabe mermaid. £1.79 for 500ml.

Aldi’s Lacura Spa Foaming Bath Soak & Luxury Bath Float
Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel & Hand Cream

My latest discovery and purchase from Aldi’s Lacura range. Fits in perfectly with this time of year scent and packaging wise. If you know someone who has a thing for hand washes (you will know who they are trust me!), likes to use hand cream and has a massive collection of bath and shower gels, they probably would appreciate these. You could pick up all three in this fragrance, each priced at £1.99 (400ml of shower gel, 100ml of hand cream).

Aldi’s Lacura Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel & Hand Cream

There’s still time to grab a few items that you need to get for Christmas presents/stocking fillers. You really don’t have to spend too much on good items for the people in your life. Even better if you can grab these during your normal day to day shopping of groceries!

Aldi’s Lacura Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel & Hand Cream

Back in the day, supermarkets used to sell only food. Fast forward to now and they sell everything and anything! That’s why going to buy your daily or weekly essentials can be dangerous and sometimes very expensive! BUT, having everything under one roof isn’t a bad thing and going to buy groceries sometimes leads to some new discoveries of the non food variety. I found some new bath and body products last week in my local Aldi store. What did I find? A selection of new shower gels, hand creams and hand washes, all Winter seasoned inspired. So me being me, I picked up the duo of Lacura’s Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel & Hand Cream. Each at a cost of £1.99.

Aldi’s Lacura Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel & Hand Cream
Why did I buy these?

These were striking to look at! I tend to find the way products are laid out in Aldi a little confusing and sometimes difficult to see. But these shot out at me like a bow from an arrow! I couldn’t help but feel this new range were similar to Bath & Body Works which is a US brand now available in the UK. So how they looked pulled me in. The fact they were new and products I like and would normally use, triggered me to buy them. And the fragrances screamed Christmas so why would I NOT buy these? Oh, and of course the price!


Shower Gel. A fabulously shaped plastic bottle for 400ml of product. Not straight up and down in shape. This is tall with faceted corners on the top and bottom making it look interesting and different. The bottle is clear, so you can see the vividly coloured red shower gel sitting within it. Super cute labelling which is festive with a twist (see pic below). Eye catching to the fullest!

Lacura’s Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel

Hand Cream. Exactly the same colouring and design look wise as the shower gel, but the hand cream is housed in a plastic flip top lid. Pretty much standard for most hand creams available on the market. 100ml in size.

Lacura’s Winter Candy Apple Hand Cream

The scent of these products is the same-ish and absolutely lip lickingly good! It literally smells of juicy, red apples. With a little sweetness but more importantly that tartness that some apple varieties have. I can honesty say at first whiff this is my favourite apple scented product/range ever!

Shower Gel

The shower gel is bright red in colour which of course is in line with the fragrance and the packaging/labelling. The consistency pretty much is the same as other shower gels, which is quite thick and gel like.

As you can imagine with me being the bath addict, I used this in the bath. I squirted two decent sized blobs of this under warm running water which immediately created bubbles. By the time my bath had been filled the bath was FULL of bubbles! Plentiful, soft, airy and white! The bath water underneath remained clear with no colour. It was a nice bath to be in. No better or no worse than others I have had before, but I was quite relaxed in it. In the morning I’ve used this in the shower. Lots of bubbles/foam, quite creamy and washed my not so little body like a dream! A great little pick me up at 5am in the morning if I do say so myself.

I could get the fragrance of the shower gel but it was quite soft. Pleasant, but soft. When I got out of the bath I did get the fainest whiff of this on my skin but just about. My skin out of the bath wasn’t dry or aggravated so I could continue with my body care routine as usual.

My only negative about this product is I think the fragrance should have been stronger. Its such a great scent, I mean, how many shower gels out there smell of apples? So make it stand out a bit more please, don’t be shy!

Hand Cream.

I assumed the consistency of this would be quite thick almost body butter like, but it was white, and more lotion like in consistency. It rubbed into my hands like a dream, very quick and easy. And it gave my hands an immediate look of moisturisation rather than greasiness. They didn’t feel tacky once I applied this, but I did feel a few minutes later they looked and felt quite normal.

Fragrance wise this stayed on my hands but it wasn’t overpowering. What I found interesting was the fact that I swear I could detect a hint of floral, which made this scent even more pleasurable and unique.

I think this hand cream is for those with normal hands. For it to be suitable for drier hands I think it would need to be richer, waxier and probably thicker. But for everyday use when your hands aren’t looking mummified I think this will do just fine. Or if you need to use your hands straight away after application this is good. I think I prefer a richer more nourishing consistency.

Are these dupes for Bath & Body Works products?

I’ve never seen in real life these products, used them or sniffed them so I genuinely couldn’t compare them. Do I think they are inspired by the range? Probably. Same fragrance name, the look of the packaging though is different enough but with a few similarities e.g colouring.


The fragrance alone grabbed me. It’s not a typical fragrance to have but it’s a very Autumnal/Wintery scent, but we just don’t see it really on the market! So scent wise it’s different. Packaging is striking and the price is affordable. Would I say the shower gel (used as a bath foam) was the best I have ever used? Or the hand cream in my top 5 of hand creams? No. But are they decent products and overall recommended? Yes they are. Good prices with good sizes to match. This screams a Christmas stocking filler to me. But if you grab the hand wash (I didn’t buy that), the trio would make a great stand alone gift for just under £6.00!

If this review is making you itch to buy this, I would suggest to check out your local Aldi store asap as I suspect these will fly out and being seasonal especially will probably be limited too. And if Lacura’s Winter Candy Apple isn’t your favourite fragrance, there is Gingerbread and Winter Cookies available too! Happy holiday shopping! Ho ho ho!

Stocking Fillers On A Budget

So you’ve bought your Christmas gifts. Braved the busy shops and temperamental weather. Felt zero shame being handed your 100th parcel from the Amazon driver or local postman/lady. Mum, dad, partner, kids, the shopping list is long right? Buying for your nearest and dearest can be expensive and time consuming. But what about the smaller purchases you need to make? Could be a teacher gift, a Secret Santa at work or you just want to give smaller gifts to friends but you want to make them affordable. Why? Because Christmas is making you BROKE! Today I thought I would share a few general ideas with all items mentioned being easy to pick up while out shopping, doing your groceries etc,so hopefully not going out of your way and wasting your precious time.

Bath Salts

Some people hate them, some people love them. Personally I adore them and anyone who likes to spend as much time as me in the bath are more likely to appreciate such a bath time treat. Gone are the days where bath salts were just plain, unscented, mineral based salts. Now you can get them in a variety of different fragrances with essential oils if you prefer a more fragrant bath time experience. Bath salts are said to have various effects on the body, such as easing muscles or helping those with skin issues. So think of your exercise loving friend, wannabe mermaid cousin or Nana who loves baths but hates bubbles! Prices start at £2.49 and upwards. If you are lucky sometimes cheaper! (see pic below).

Dr Salts Lavender & Lemongrass Bath Salts. £1.49 for 1kg from Home Bargains.
Foot Masks

Can’t go wrong with these! Feet up on the sofa, watch TV and have these bad boys on for up to 20 minutes to give the a hit of moisture leaving feet hydrated and soft. I would, and have, given these in gift sets many times to teachers and friends. This is the time of year we forget we have these body parts as they are wrapped up like Egyptian mummies. Give them love, give them lotion! Prices start from 89p in discount stores.

Face Masks (of the skincare variety)

An ideal stocking filler for not only those that love skincare, but for those who like to have a bit of time out to pamper and unwind. I’ve noticed lots of parents buy these for their pre teen and teenage girls to put in stockings or Christmas Eve boxes, so great for a wide range of ages. You can spend as little or as much as you like on these type of things. Depends on your budget, what brand you want and possibly ingredients it contains. Skincare face masks can be as cheap as 69p so take your pick!

Eye Patches/Masks

If you know someone who loves a face mask, chances are they would love eye patches too! If you have a friend who moan about their eye area or how tired they feel or look, buy them these! They will be super grateful. Not expensive and regularly on offer. One eye mask I’ve really enjoyed and seems to be priced around the £2.00 mark constantly is Garnier’s SkinActive Moisture Bomb Night Time Eye Tissue Mask. A fabulous treat for the eyes.

Garnier Eye Tissue Masks that are constantly £2.00 in Tesco stores.
Hair Treatments

This one never occurred to me! I got a few as part of a birthday gift and thought it’s such a good idea! If you get the sachets they can be super affordable and they always seem to be on some form of offer, such as Palmer’s Olive Oil Deep Conditioner. Usually £2.49, currently £1.66 at Superdrug (at time of writing this post).

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack & Olive Oil Deep Conditioner
Reed Diffusers

I had to mention these, not because I am slightly obsessed by them at the moment, but you can pick them up from anywhere especially your local supermarket. Plus they come in a variety of sizes, fragrances and prices. If you want one that is cheap and is part of a gift rather than one gift, I suggest go for a mini! Reed Diffusers can cost as little as 80p from Primark or a supermarket such as Tesco for £1.00. I’ve tried one from both and the Tesco version provided a good scent with a decent strength, ideal for small spaces or rooms.

So, my advice to all you shoppers trying to get last minute bits is PLEASE DO NOT STRESS OUT! You don’t have to spend loads of money or waste lots of time running around buying stuff. Go to your local supermarket or discount store, buy your bread, milk and cereal and grab some of the above if needed.

Aveeno’s Calm+Restore Nourishing Oat Cleanser

It’s slowly sinking in that skincare purchases are no longer just for me anymore, they’re also for my children. Before I would buy things for myself out of need, curiosity or blatant greed. But now I have to think about what THEY need and what would be good for them. Why? I have one pre-teen on my hands and another following quickly and their skin is changing constantly. I purchased Aveeno’s Calm+Restore Nourishing Oat Cleanser a few months ago from Boots with my daughter in mind. There was a third off the price at the time so I paid less than £6.00 for 200ml.

Aveeno’s Calm+Restore Nourishing Oat Cleanser
Why did I buy this?

Aveeno Moisturising Lotion is a product we’ve been using in our household for years now. It’s one of those products myself and my daughter use from top to toe and I trust it! My daughter suffered from eczema and when it became more manageable and the need for thick and greasy products weren’t needed, I swapped to this. It works for her and for my skin too as a general moisturiser. Imagine my delight when I saw Aveeno’s skincare products had been released in the UK! I thought this would be the perfect cleanser for my daughter, and good for me to dip in and out of when needed.

What is this supposed to do?

This is a cleanser. It’s designed to clean the skin by removing dirt, grime, oil etc. But what makes this more special is it’s supposed to be ideal for sensitive skin, and those that fit into the normal to dry skin type bracket. So it’s gentle, non stripping and helps to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. Also fragrance free (fragrance can be irritating for those who have sensitive skin), non foaming (dependant on what’s in a product that makes it foam, that can be drying to the skin). And contains oats which nourishes the skin.


200ml of cleanser is stored in a very practical and simple tall and thin plastic bottle. Pump action and clear, so perfect to keep an eye on this when it starts running low. It’s design and labelling is quite basic but ties in perfectly with the other Aveeno products in the range, yet stands out as being skincare rather than body care.

How to use.

Apply 1 to 2 pumps of cleanser to wet skin. Massage into skin using circular movements and rinse off with warm water. Pat dry. Use morning and evening.

Texture & Fragrance.

The texture and consistency of this cleanser is unusual. It’s quite lightweight and is close to being similar to a gel cleanser but is a touch too creamy in feel to be a true one. Colour wise it’s cream coloured. It’s not the most appealing to look at because of the colour and consistency in my opinion.

Fragrance wise as you can imagine if it’s fragrance free there isn’t one! What I always find though is products that are fragrance free have a slight smell to them which I can’t describe. And I get it with this. So yes no fragrance but even my daughter mentioned she didn’t like the smell of this. So smells of nothing but something at the same time.

In use.

I’ve used this cleanser myself and this is what my daughter uses twice a day. The cleanser was used as directed and when I first used this I wasn’t keen on the texture because it’s so different. I found one pump wasn’t enough to clean my face so went for 2. Pretty much clear in look on the skin, easy to use. No greasiness, not oily or anything like it. And of course no foam as it’s non foaming. Washing off was quick to do, and followed up by patting my skin with a face cloth. Would this remove make-up? Not sure as I’m not a make-up user. So possibly light make-up but something more heavier I suspect this wouldn’t be the best.

After use.

My skin looked and felt clean. Compared to another cleanser I have on rotation this seemed to be more gentle. My skin didn’t feel tight or dry, it felt very comfortable and normal and ready for the next stage. Looking at my daughter’s skin I can only assume she’s had the same results as it looks good with no obvious issues.

Would I buy this again?

Neither mine or my daughter’s skin I would say is dry. In fact I would call our skin type normal. And thankfully sensitivity isn’t something I would say we suffer from facially. But because my daughter has been an eczema sufferer I am super careful and worried about her skin so I treat it as if it was sensitive, if that makes sense? So for her I would definitely repurchase this because it does what it needs to do for her. For myself? I don’t particularly enjoy using this product. I don’t think I need this type of cleanser on a daily basis BUT there will be times this would be useful e.g weather changes, hormonal, illness etc. So for now I’m happy using this through my daughter if and when needed but won’t be purchasing it solely for myself.


This is a handy product to have in the bathroom. Our skin doesn’t behave exactly the same way every minute of everyday and there could be random times of dryness and sensitivity that pops up for anyone. Or, it could be something that is a regular issue. This cleanser I would give the thumbs up in regards to purchasing if you fall into the skin type categories already mentioned. I would even suggest to use this if you just want a basic cleanser (non foaming, no fragrance, gentle and no frills and spills) but a good quality one that nurtures the skin. Ideal for different members of the family to use e.g children, which is always handy!

This product along with the rest of the skincare range from Aveeno can be purchased instore and online from Boots and also Amazon*. Both are currently selling this cleanser for £8.00.

*Contains an affiliate link which means if you use the link to purchase, I get a small commission from the sale at no cost to you.

Palmer’s Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub

I love a good scrub! There is nothing more satisfying than scrubbing the face or the body and revealing soft and supple skin. As much as I love the process and the products I use, it’s something I wish I was more consist with. But I always get there eventually, and I couldn’t help but pick up Palmer’s Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub from Tesco on my latest shopping trip. Cost with Clubcard was £3.50, normal price £5.40.

Palmer’s Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub
Why did I buy this?

As a brand, I love Palmer’s! Always have. When I was a teen I was a regular user of their ever popular Cocoa Butter body lotion. Over the years their products have grown in variety and so has their subranges. Their Coconut Oil range has always caught my eye, and I’ve even tried their lip balm which I enjoyed using. But the skincare has been on my hitlist. So with the range being on special offer, I grabbed the scrub because I needed a new one and a good quality one to help condition and smooth out my skin during these wintery months. Good excuse to buy, right? So why not?

What is this supposed to do?

This scrub is designed to gently remove dirt and dead skin cells, leaving skin and it’s complexion to appear and feel better, fresher and brighter.


90ml of scrub lives happily in a plastic, flip topped lidded tube. If you look at the labelling on this product this screams the Palmer’s brand but the colouring and use of neutrals and browns is how the Coconut range is designed so stands out.


Creamy, slightly sweetened and of course coconut scented. It’s pleasant, it’s not sickly and I really enjoy it.

How to use.

Apply to wet face, massage into skin and rinse off.

In Use.

I squirted out a decent amount of scrub to use. The texture looked lotion like which surprised me. I expected to see visible grains or for it to look somewhat lumpy which it didn’t. But applying this onto my face, gently, it was obvious there were grains inside it. There was quite a lot in fact. They felt relatively smooth and small as I moved this around my face. I could definitely feel the exfoliating action. Because there is a lot of grains in this, I’m glad I was slow using this because if I applied too much force or rushed the process, I think I could have hurt my skin.

The fragrance surprised me. My initial sniff before applying this was what I got in use. But I got something else as well while smothering my face with this. It had a delicate incense like hint to it, making it warming and fuller in scent. Dare I say almost a caramelised sugar type fragrance too? Whatever it is I adore it! And it made me think how much I need to grab the body lotion if the fragrance is identical or at least similar!

Rinsing off was easy. With most products I finish off gently patting my face with a damp and warmed face cloth. This helped get rid of a few lingering grains on my face and gave my skin added relief and comfort while finishing myself off.

My skin afterwards.

My skin felt fresh, clean and quite smooth. I’m going to let you into a secret.Although I normally would cleanse my face before exfoliating, I couldn’t be bothered the first time I used this. So it had to clean my face, remove eye brow pencil and general dirt from the day which it did. My skin was spotless. Look wise it appeared matt but not dry, and my skin although feeling that slight clean sensation, wasn’t tight or irritated in anyway.


Not negatives as such but more observations. Who creates products sized 90ml? It’s such an odd number! Make it 100ml and I’m happy! Personally I think the grains could be just that little bit smaller or slightly less grains in this scrub. This would mean you could use it faster without being too harsh.

Palmer’s Coconut Sugar Facial & Coconut Oil Balm

Exfoliators for the face and body need to do some simple tasks. Leave the skin feeling smooth and ideally look it too. Clean and fresh is up there as well. Gentle but thorough enough for the relevant part of the body. Not leave the skin sore and prep the skin ready for the next stage. oh…and don’t dry the skin out that’s a no no! If the product does all of the above it gets a thumbs up from me and this does. Easy to use, effective, affordable, comes in a range if you want matching products. And it smells so good! So if you love your physical exfoliates but don’t want to spend your whole paycheck on one, this could be the one for you!

If you fancy picking this up doing your grocery shop, head to Tesco. Available in store and online here. Special Clubcard promotion has recently ended, but worthwhile keeping an eye out for it in the future.