Give Me The Ultimate Face Fix Sheet Mask

The last few days have finally felt more Autumnal in the UK. Not only are their physical signs all around but also on me too! Skincare experts say that seasonal changes mean a need to shake up the products we use on our skin. Why? What our skin goes through is different per season and how it behaves can be different too. What may work during the Summer may not be as effective in the Winter. I suspect a skincare overhaul will be coming very soon for me as my skin now isn’t what it was a month ago. Recently, I wanted an easy to use and quick treat for my face. So this week I chose Give Me The Ultimate Face Fix Sheet Mask. No idea who gave this to me (birthday, Christmas, one of those), but it retails for around £6.00.

Give Me The Ultimate Face Fix Sheet Mask

Why did I grab this one?

Although my skin doesn’t look or feel dry, I feel it’s lacking something. It just doesn’t seem to feel plump and hydrated as it could be. So for a skincare band aide, I thought I would use a mask that would provide an instant hit of moisture which this mask claims to do, just to tide me over.

What is this supposed to do?

Provide hydration to the skin, improve the elasticity of the skin along with it’s overall strength.

How to use.

Apply to clean and dry skin. Leave on for 20-30minutes and remove.

On the face.

The mask itself was good in regards to quality. It had a good thickness to it and was drenched in plenty of solution. Placing it on my face wasn’t hard although needed a little smoothing out. Usual structure and look as most sheet masks have e.g. eyes, nose and mouth holes visible. One thing I did feel was the holes for the eye areas were too small on my face. No matter how much adjusting of the mask, they came too close to my eyes which they didn’t like.

I couldn’t detect a fragrance while I was wearing the sheet mask, but when I opened the packet initially it reminded me of a faint mix of cucumber and lemon. Fresh, clean, quite neutral and pleasant.

This was very cooling on the skin, which made me wish I had put this in the fridge before I used it.This would have added to the experience and really wake up my skin.

I was expecting to have this on for the full 30 minutes but I took it off after about 10 minutes. The mask itself stopped adhering to my face and it became annoying trying to adjust it constantly. I think my skin zapped the serum out of it super quick and there was little left to keep the mask on.

My skin after use.

No visible differences. It felt a little more hydrated but not massively. I didn’t need to follow up with a moisturiser or serum or anything like that which meant it did enough. I’ve been concerned about the appearance of stubborn spots lately and it was nice to see this caused no negative issues with my skin, including spots or general irritations or dryness.


I thought the sheet mask was ok. To say it helps with skin strength and elasticity seems a bit far fetched in my opinion, but it will give a hit of moisture. I would have no problems using this again but I don’t think this delivered what my skin needed at this moment of time. And to buy it for £6.00 or £8.00 for two off the website? Probably not. I could get another type of mask cheaper that would provide the same sort of results and save me a few pennies. But would I recommend this for someone else to buy? If you can get this at a good price, maybe in a bundle of other products, why not? Is it the best or cheapest mask I’ve ever used? No. Worth a go if priced well but not for me.

There are other skin care products I would like to try from this range. I think this wasn’t the best fit for me but completely open minded to trying others out. If you want to check this mask out it’s available direct from Give Me Cosmetics here.

Primark’s PS Dream Sleep Bath Foam

I’m probably one of a few people that can say this, but I was never a massive Primark visitor. It just didn’t appeal to me as a shopper, and I would normally only go in there for a few essential items. But when I discovered they had their own skincare and beauty lines on sale, they got me! I can’t wait to visit my local store minus children soon. I want to see what they have available and if there is anything new for me to try. In the meantime I’m going through a few of the pieces I already own, such as PS Dream Lavender & Jasmine Sleep Bath Foam. Was £3.00 originally but I picked it up for £1.00 a few months ago.

Primark’s PS Dream Lavender & Jasmine Sleep Bath Foam

Why did I buy this?

Up til this point I have only tried some of Primark’s skincare products, nothing to do with bath and body. So for a £1.00 I thought it would be a good product to start with. The combination of lavender and jasmine seemed a nice fragrance combination and potentially very relaxing. And I love a good bath so why not?


110ml of bath foam comes in a tall, plastic screw top lidded bottle. The opening of the bottle isn’t massive and to get the bath foam out you need to squeeze and pour. The packaging is simple in look but pleasant. Label is textured and white and lilac in colour. The bottle comes in a box which mirrors the colouring and overall design of the bottle itself. Overall, it’s a decently packaged bath product which I can’t see too many people disliking.


Having a cheeky sniff from directly from the bottle, it’s not going to be a massive surprise to say that this smells of lavender. Lavender can smell very strong AND also quite old fashioned. This isn’t heady in scent or strength. It’s there but not in your face. It does smell like it’s mixed with something else which I find is the way I enjoy lavender. And this has a hint of floral, which I assume is the jasmine element. Overall, it smells lovely enough, it does have that relaxation vibe to it and isn’t offensive. But if you hate lavender chances are this is not going to be for you.


With this being labelled as a bath foam I expected a gel like texture. Thick, glossy but liquid. When I first unscrewed the lid I did think it was odd how small the opening was, but when I squeezed it out I understood why. The consistency of this reminds me somewhat of a bath oil, even the colour of it. It’s quite runny and lose, but if you touch it between the finger tips it’s not greasy but very light in feel.

In the bath.

Under warm running water, I added 3 generous squirts of this. It foamed up slowly, the water remained clear and the foam was very soft and airy. I expected the fragrance to really come into it’s own now added with water and the heat of the bathroom, but unfortunately it didn’t. Barely there and actually very disappointing as I thought it would travel and linger in this room.

Sitting in the bath, it was an ok experience. The foam lasted a decent amount of time. I didn’t particularly feel the bath relaxed me. In fact it was on the boring side. It didn’t dry my skin out or irritate it, but it didn’t moisturise it either. In all honesty I’ve bought foaming baths from supermarkets that I’ve enjoyed much more and better value price and size wise.


I assume this was part of an old stock when I bought this so hope this is why I got the results I did. But no I wouldnt recommened this. And there are a few reasons…

Essentially this is a foam/bubble bath. 110ml for £1.00 at a special price, or £3.00 as standard for me should have given me a better quality of product. So not good value.

The main issue for me is the fragrance. Where was it? Lavender is always hyped up when it comes to relaxation and sleep, so if it’s not there scent wise how can it be called a Sleep Foam? Needs to be stronger. Doesn’t have to blow someone’s head off but be there. And no point in the scent being present while sniffing the bottle, it needs to be present in the bath too.

Because of the size I expected a decent fragrance and an aromatherapy inspired/based bathing experience. What they should have done is kept the same size and made it into a bath oil with more fragrance. That would have been a winner! Or up the size to 250/300ml, throw in a stronger scent and this would have been a better purchase.

So not something I would purchase again if it was available. Shame, as this could have been a great little product in a gift basket, box, ready to give out for a special occasion. BUT I would still want to try out other products from this fragranced range to see if fragrance and quality is any different dependant on product.

Superdrug’s Bloom Orange & Amber Body Mist

I was expecting to welcome Autumn with open arms this September. Nope! Currently sat in my own pool of sweat with the sun blazing through the window and feeling thankful I had time to apply sun cream on my children. What went wrong? I LOVE Autumn and I am very VERY disappointed it’s not loving me back right now. So I decided to give in and keep in the Summer mood with a change of body fragrance. Thinking of this season I thought of energy and freshness, I decided to use Superdrug’s Bloom Orange, Rose & Amber Body Mist. Usual price £1.49, I got this for 99p earlier in the year.

Superdrug’s Bloom Orange, Rose and Amber Body Mist

Why did I grab this?

Sometimes using the same fragrance day in day out is boring! Since I am a regular user of body mists, I have lots of different ones at my disposal. This one I decided to try because yes I was bored, but because the name of this made me hope for something zesty, Summery and uplifting.


Tall, thin, rectangular clear plastic bottle with a spray top dispenser with lid. It really isn’t anything special but bare in mind how much this costs, what more would I expect? What does make this less bland in such a simple way is the pop of creamy orange colour from the front label. Basic in appearance, but very clean in look which I do find quite appealing.


Sometimes I read scent descriptions online sometimes I don’t. More than likely I do and forget what it says which is maybe the case with this one. What I thought this would be is totally different to what it is, which is actually a good thing. I don’t find this zesty, citrusy or orange like. What I get is a little sweetness, white, light floral notes keeping it fresh and quite youthful. Then warmth and depth from some musky elements (probably the amber and other incense like fragrance/s). It’s a brilliant scent and I really enjoy it. And strangely enough when I sprayed it it made me think of Autumn! I just can’t give that season up can I?

Strength & Longevity.

Strength is an odd one with this body mist. First time I sprayed this of course I could smell it but it was very light. Then it sort of developed a little strength wise. I would still say this is light though. It’s not a heavy scent. And if used during warmer and brighter times to be honest it could be too heady and strong. As per usual I could have had this a bit stronger but then you run the risk of this being overkill. Longevity is decent. It’s noticeable for a few hours but me being me I would need to reapply after that.

Bloom collection


I actually really like this scent and so glad it wasn’t what I thought it would be initially. It’s unusual, it’s warming and relaxing but energising and quite fresh all at the same time. If there ever was a scent you could take through from Summer to Autumn it definitely is this one, as it contains elements that transfer well from one season to another.

Considering the elements this contains you would think it would be overpowering, but far from it. Very natural, as if the scent was meant to be there. So of course this is recommended if the scent I’ve described tickles your nose and you want a delicate fragrance. It’s super affordable, and please don’t expect something costing less than £1.50 to last 24hrs because it just won’t! If the scent disappears reapply it’s cheap enough. Good quality, good price and great scent! Visit instore for this fragrance fix of grab yours online here.

Soul Energy’s Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb

I am a sucker for a pretty bath bomb! If you spend a few pounds on something that is a one use one time bath product, you want to enjoy it! And it always helps if it’s easy on the eye. Most people would rush to a well known store on the high street for their bath bomb fixes. I, on the other hand, try to purchase from smaller businesses who create and/or sell good quality bath goodies showcasing imagination and skill. I bought various bath bombs from a small company called Soul Energy earlier in the year. One item included was Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb. Original price if I recall correctly was £5.95 but there was a discount applied at the time of purchase so got it a little bit cheaper.

Soul Energy’s Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb

Why did I buy this?

If you visit the various social media sites of Soul Energy, you won’t need to ask this question! All of their bath products are eye catching, vibrant, and not what you get from the high street. The look of this particular item caught my eye as I love the visual appearance of crystals. The colours were glorious and I just thought it resembled a piece of art.

What does this look like?

This bath bomb is inspired by crystal geodes, which always reminds me of a museum’s gift shop. It’s flat on the back, and somewhat flat on the top but not totally. Around the sides it’s shaped like the geode slices you can purchase. Not totally round, but smooth, and going in and out at certain points.

The middle dips down a little, having a bumpy texture to it. Not one block colour, but shades of blue, purple and grey with a delicate sprinkle of glitter and pigment in silvers and golds. Around the edge it pops more, thanks to the middle being outlined in black and around that a generous dusting of gold mica pigment finishes it off.

If you look at the rest of the bath bomb (the back and the sides), it’s a beautiful pale blue colour. Overall the bath bomb is beautifully made and decorated, eye catching, dare I even stay stunning, and a one off! And this is such a good size as it takes up more than the palm of my hand (and my hands are not small!).


A soft and delicate white floral scent to this bath bomb. White florals I tend to find to be the less heavier of the floral scent family, and also one of the cleanest and freshest types too. This is a scent most people would like, and especially those who don’t want something that’s highly fragranced. Personally I would have liked this stronger, but this would be great for the days my head can’t deal with it overpowering smells e.g hay fever, headaches, tiredness etc.

In the bath.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this one. Placing this on top of the water, it fizzed and gave off some lightly coloured foam. It even did a few turns in the bath tub. Very nice but not amazing I thought. Until I could see the thinnest of coloured streams coming out of it which I wasn’t expecting. These streams got bigger and wider and the colours were vibrant and popping! Blue, purple, green and white. Absolutely gorgeous to look at. On top of the show of colour, there was a little foam/bubbles produced, but not loads.

Once the colours disappeared the water merged into a tranquil and regal shade of aquamarine.

Fragrance wise I detected it faintly but not much.

The bathing experience itself was relaxing, the perfect set up for me to read a book and overall I had a nicely chilled out time. Non drying and irritating on the skin (in the bath or out), and didn’t stain the bath either (result!).


If you love your baths, and your bath bombs like I do, this should be a must! A simple tennis ball shaped, one block colour bath bomb sometimes won’t do. And a little artistry can set someone up for a great bathing experience. For a gift this would blow someone’s mind as it really is a beauty. And a much deserved treat for yourself. So yes, recommended!

Like many independent vendors, especially if they make their own products, their stock changes regularly. So what is available one day may not be available another. And I don’t see this particular one on the website anymore. BUT, what I would say is every single piece on the website looks amazing and the quality is there to see without a doubt. Guaranteed there will be something for everyone, question is, which bath bomb is for YOU? Soul Energy.

Skin Republic’s Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Sheet Mask

I am no skincare expert, just a skincare lover. Whatever I buy I don’t expect miracles (although the occasional crossed fingers sometimes happen!), but I do want to see some improvements. Some over time, some a short term quick fix. And I find a quick fix product can be found with a face mask. Skin looks tired? Possibly dry? A need of TLC? A sheet mask can be very handy. Precisely the reason I grabbed Skin Republic’s Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask Sheet. I bought this as a set ages ago from Superdrug when half price but they can be bought individually there for £5.49.

Skin Republic’s Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask Sheet

Why did I go to use this?

Honestly? My face has been a state! I know my skin and within the last week I’ve suffered from quite a few spots and uneven skin in general. This isn’t how it normally looks. One spot, maybe two, not a football team’s worth! Not too sure whether it’s because I introduced a new product to my skincare routine or just bad luck, stress, facial covering wearing etc. But not good! And my skin has looked a little lack lustre too which is another no no. I needed something easy and fast to use. This mask, and what it claimed to do, seemed perfect and worth a go.

What is this mask supposed to do?

Gently exfoliates, deep cleanses to provide a clearer, cleaner and more vibrant look to the skin.


Comes in rectangular shaped packet. Even though all tissue masks come in the same type of packaging where it’s in a flat packet and you rip the top off to get into it, this is an eye catching one. Silver and black in colour with hits of purple, and a picture of half a face on the front wearing the bubble mask. Not particularly keen on the image because it’s not a true image and photoshopped to an inch of it’s life.


To activate the mask you have to rub the unopened packet. Once opened and unfolded, place onto clean skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Take it off, rub in any left over bubbles into skin then rinse off with water. To get the best result, use once a week.

In Use.

I used this while having a bath, cleansed my face and gave this packet a good little rub. Once I opened it I could see the mask was black in colour but was slowly but surely being covered in foam. Taking it out of the packet, it was less black in colour as the foam was taking over. But the look of this is pretty much the same as other tissues masks. So expect holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. The thickness and quality of the actual mask was good, and it sat on my face comfortably.

Now, this is where the fun began! This..mask..fizzed! I could feel it delicately fizzing over my skin, almost tickling it. It wasn’t uncomfortable, it was an unusual sensation and enjoyable! And as time went on this lightly covered foam got thicker, and I couldn’t even see the actual mask anymore!

After 20 minutes had passed, I took the mask off and rubbed in the remainder of the foam on my face into my skin. It felt so creamy, almost like shaving foam and there was a good amount of it. Rinsing off was easy and then I used a warmed damp cloth to pop over my face. My skin felt refreshed and clean and I loved the experience from beginning to end!

Nearly forgot…Fragrance.

This mask was fragranced. Not heavily, but perfectly scented in a neutral and clean and fresh scent. Pleasant, helped with relaxation and not heady at all!

Skin Afterwards.

I didn’t see a dramatic or a massive change after I used this but it felt good, felt and looked clean and that’s what I had hoped for straight away. Not dry, not irritated, no issues. Did my skin look fresher immediately? I would say a little yes. Enough for me to feel that my slightly textured skin looked less textured.

The Morning After The Night Before.

My skin looked better in the morning than after application. Although I was exceptionally tired, my skin didn’t look it. Still retained that fresh and clean look, and was less lifeless. I was actually quite impressed!


I remember sitting in the bath with this on my face thinking how I would buy this purely for the experience! I LOVED using this! It was something different, interesting and I really enjoyed it. And personally that’s what I want from skincare, I want to enjoy using products AND get some form of results. Results wise my skin looked a touch tweaked, less rough with a little more life in it after one use. The following day it looked tweaked even more. So recommended? Totally! I couldn’t use this once a week as suggested but once a month more likely, only due to cost and nothing more.

After doing a quick search, the best price I could find for this was £3.84 (30%off currently) at Look Fantastic here. Worth the price if you are looking for your instant facial fix with a touch of fun thrown in!

Beauty Laundrette’s Eau Yes Body Mist

I love fragrance. It creates a mood for me and a state of mind, even if it’s for a short amount of time. I COULD spend crazy amounts of money on these products but I don’t. It’s called Adult & Parenthood e.g I can’t afford it! Not regularly anyway. So more affordable alternatives such as perfume or body mists are a must! So I was very interested to see the brand Beauty Laundrette in Superdrug. A totally new line to me, which includes a variety of fragrance and body products all priced in a budget friendly way. So I bought a few pieces, including Eau Yes Body Mist. Normally priced at £5.50, I got it when it was on a half price promotion.

Beauty Laundrette’s Eu Yes Body Mist

Why did I buy this?

A new range (at least to me) always perks my interest! The packaging on the website looked super cute, I am a massive fan of body mists and this was priced so well. Plus I have a daughter who know leaves the house smelling like a perfume counter. Which I wouldn’t appreciate if she was bathing in a £50 bottle of an eau de parfum! But a body mist? Not bothered!


Very unusual this one! The whole range looks youthful, fun, feminine and has their own take on laundry products packaging. Slightly curved around the edge with a trigger top to release products. But the trigger isn’t push down as traditional fragrances are, you squeeze it. Soft pink in colour, so no mistaking this for a household item. Lettering in a metallic copper colour. Different, simple but very eye catching.


This is a very fresh and delicate scented body mist and NOT my usual type of scent I would go for. It’s floral based, but more white flowers so it has a more fresh and clean feel to it rather than it being heavy, sweet and dare I say old. It’s pretty, it’s airy and it immediately make me think of Spring and Summer time. If I’m honest, the first time I used this I wasn’t too keen. I didn’t love it, in fact I didn’t even like it. But it grew on me. And the more I used it the more I DID like it! Totally different to anything else I have in my fragrance wardrobe.

How I use this.

It’s not something I thought about until recently, but who actually uses body mists on their body? I mean, direct contact onto the skin? I never have. But when you read the packaging (I never do, not for a fragrance!) it does say apply on the body (well this one does). I apply this onto my clothes. The idea of putting it onto my skin is a no. I wouldn’t as I don’t want my skin to be irritated (psoriasis sufferer). I don’t know whether these types of formulations would dry my skin out (contains alcohol). But if I want my skin to be fragranced I would just use a fragranced body lotion.

Strength and longevity.

Strength is very VERY light. I found I needed to apply quite a few bursts of this to get close to the strength I wanted. The type of fragrance it is I think it suits being soft rather than full on, but personally I think it should be just a touch stronger. Longevity can only go so far if it’s already a soft fragrance. This is one of those body mists reapplying often is more likely than not.

Would I buy this again?

For myself probably not. And only because of the strength. The scent, although not my usual type is actually quite nice and it won me over, but I like my scents to be a little more punchier on the power front

Beauty Laundrette products


I actually would, for a particular group of people….

*People that don’t like strong scents and want something that’s almost invisible.

*Someone may work in certain industries where strong scents would be a no no e.g working with food, hospitals, care homes etc.

*This maybe purchased for a child or teen, who you want to have a nice fragrance, but not one that is overpowering (well the parent doesn’t!).

So, if you like your fresh florals and scent to be light, this would tick the boxes. It does have a nice scent, an unusual and cute packaging (some people will love it some won’t) and when on offer is good value. At the time of writing this post, this body mist is on offer with a third off so grab yours here now if this ticks your fragrance boxes.

Bomb Cosmetics Ring of Roses Soap

The bar of soap. An item that has been bought and used millions of times over the years, but possibly appreciated that little bit more since March 2020. In all honesty, it never has been my favourite product to clean my body with. But with there being so many fragrances, shapes and designs, the bath and body product addict in me is attracted to the occasional bar or two. I was lucky enough to receive as a gift (birthday or Christmas I genuinely can’t remember!) late 2020 a gorgeous Bomb Cosmetics gift set from a friend. Ring of Roses Soap was included in this.

Bomb Cosmetics Ring of Roses Soap

Why did I use this?

I seem to go through so many shower gels. The reason is, I use them for both shower and bath, so they don’t last that long. Having an actual soap is great to use when I’m showering in the morning and time starved because it’s practical and quick. This soap bar looked quirky, and I fancied a change from my current shower & bath product.

The look.

This soap is a vibrant, eye popping shade of purply pink, with black and white swirls running through it (reminds me of liquorice). Very funky and slightly psychedelic! This is also a decent really size. It covers pretty much the palm of my hand. Not too thick, roughly an inch in depth. And not totally square in shape either, giving it a more handmade look and feel. Smooth on all sides and opaque.


I expected this to smell roses, and if I’m honest I’m not a fan of rose. It can be very old fashioned in scent to me, if it’s not the right type of rose. So not sure if this is good or bad, but it didn’t smell of roses. There did seem a touch of floral in there somewhere but very faint. And some other form of essential oil that I can’t put my finger on. But overall the scent wasn’t specific enough so might appeal to many e.g not particularly feminine. So a subtle (as it wasn’t strong) fragrance which was nice enough, but not what I expected. Didn’t match how the soap looked and didn’t wow me.

In the shower.

This lathered up well. Didn’t take much effort using a sponge and water from the shower. The foam was white, quite creamy but not particularly light, fluffy and bubbly. What it did though is clean the skin on my body very well. Easy to rinse off, no strange or sticky residue. I could smell the fragrance while using the soap, but again, it wasn’t strong but still pleasant.

After washing with this, I didn’t feel squeaky clean, just clean. This was perfect and what I wanted! No irritations, no dryness, just clean skin.


I think this is a practical but fun bar of soap. I can see this being a winner for younger people especially, so pre teens and teenagers. It does what it’s supposed to do, looks good and easy and quick to use. Would I buy this myself? No, for a few reasons. Although it looks good it doesn’t quite appeal to me. And the fragrance could have been better. I like using products in the shower that smell nice and although this wasn’t bad, I would have liked something more punchier and have a different scent to it. Remember, this would last awhile considering it’s a soap, so realistically you need to like it a lot before you get too bored of it!

Is this soap bar more in taste with your daily shower or bathing routine? You can grab this for £3.25 here direct from Bomb Cosmetics.

Fragrantasia’s Sweet Heart Wax Chunk Pot

If you are someone who likes using home fragrance products, are their certain fragrance families that you really like? It’s rare that if you burn a candle, or use a reed diffuser, that you aren’t bothered about what type of scent it’s giving off. We all have our own tastes because fragrance is a personal thing. There are a few I’m not too keen on, but thankfully many more I like. And I think this is why Amy at Fragrantasia, sent me the selection of wax melts and wax pots that she did. Included in this box of goodies was Sweet Heart Wax Chunks Pot.

Fragrantasia’s Sweet Heart Wax Chunk Pot

Why did I melt this?

Not only do I have a sweet tooth in regards to food, I also have a love of sweet scents. From it’s name alone I assumed it would fall into this category and I hoped it would be based on a certain packet of sweets available in the UK. Only way to find out was to melt it so I did!

What’s a wax chunk pot?

Some wax melts come in pots, so they are literally poured into them in liquid form and then left to set. A wax chunk pot is the same think BUT there are at least two elements to these. One being actual chunks of wax, which tend to be fragranced in one scent. And then on top of this is an overpour of wax which is in another fragrance. This giving it the name of a wax chunk pot.

The Look.

I am a sucker for a wax chunk pot! Never have a found one that wasn’t appealing. In Sweet Heart, the main wax is a very soft shade of lilac. Plain, no glitter, totally smooth. What you see breaking out of the surface is decent sized mid pink coloured chunks of wax. There is nothing sparing about these shapes! This wax chunk pot is filled with them. Not only can you see a good amount creeping through the top, but looking at the bottom and the sides of the pot itself, you can see many more embedded into the wax.


I expected a similar scent to the sweets Love Hearts. What I got was something similar but with a twist and much better if I’m honest. I got the fizzy sweety like aspect of this. But then what struck me was the deep, dark scent of cherries. This made it have so much depth and gave it a massive hit of the fruities! Unusual, addictive, well balanced and fun to sniff!

In melt.

My favourite bit with a wax chunk pot! I used just under a third of this in 2 warmers (one in the kitchen on one day, the other in the living room a day later). This didn’t melt evenly, which was what you want with this. Slowly, the wax melted, with the main wax going from a solid lilac to a liquid rich, red pink colour. And the chunks, which I think helped make the wax turn into this vibrant shade, was the last to go, almost swimming for it’s life! Super pretty, fun to watch and while warming through released fragrance pretty much immediately.

Strength & Longevity.

Strength is a medium. I found this was the same regardless of which room this was melting in or the warmer used. This was the ideal strength for this particular scent. Longevity was great as usual with wax from Fragrantasia. On the whole I tend to melt the same piece of wax for 2 to 3 days for hours at a time. I had this on for 2 days in 2 rooms for hours, and only changed it to mix up my fragrance, not because the scent had gone.


Lover of fruit and sweet inspired fragrances then yes you need this and it’s totally recommended! I’ve melted ALOT of different fragranced wax over the years and some similar in scent to this one. BUT it’s the cherry element that brings this out. It’s a fun, enjoyable and such a yummy scent that doesn’t go overboard in regards to strength or being sugary sweet. And with it being in a wax chunk pot it automatically is super pretty!

Sweet Hearts Wax Chunk Pot is £2.20. I think the pot is around 45/50g in weight, which will provide hours and hours of fragrance. If this is for you, head over to the website here to order. If this isn’t ticking your fragrance boxes, there are plenty more to choose from. Happy shopping!

Oh K! Foaming Cleansing Bar

It’s probably more so recently I’ve discovered more and more brands when it comes to skincare. Social media has its flaws of course, but can be very useful. Finding out about companies, brands and products through places such as YouTube and Instagram to be honest, is very handy, easy and addictive! Although I haven’t seen much about the brand Oh K! through these sites, I did stumble across them when they had a sale on many months ago. Curiosity, and a lover for a bargain, I purchased their Foaming Cleansing Bar for £1.00! Usual retail price is closer to £10.00.

Oh K! Foaming Cleansing Bar

Why did I buy this?

Cleansers come in a variety of shapes and forms but an actual bar? I’ve heard of people washing their faces with a bar of soap, but surely that’s quite an old fashioned practise? This intrigued me. Products now being placed in bars e.g shampoo, conditioning bars, is much more common now to reduce packaging materials and be more environmentally friendly. But on my shopping travels actual cleansing bars for the face don’t seem to be as obvious. So I wanted to now if it was effective. I liked the idea of it and the price was fabulous!

What is this?

Think of an actual bar of soap but designed to cleanse the face. Simple. Designed for everyday use.


The bar is cling wrapped but came in a small cardboard box. Mostly green in colour, modern in look with a quirky feel to it. Easy on the eye and quite cute!

What do you get?

Not only do you get the actual foaming cleansing bar itself, but also a small mesh bag. From the packaging it shows this mesh bag is to keep the bar in it when not in use, and hang it up in the bathroom.

What does the cleansing bar look like?

Circular in shape. Roughly 6 inches in diameter and 2 inches in depth. Very chunky and a decent size. Mid green in colour, but not opaque. It has an almost semi transparent look to, as if looking through frosted glass and you can see through it but can’t.


I quite like the scent of this. It’s not strong, but it has a clean and fresh fragrance to it. I definitely get tea tree, as it has that slight antiseptic scent to it. A touch of citrus, and overall quite a neutral scent. Pleasant, not specific and not powerful.

How to use.

Add water to the bar and rub between the hands to create lather. Use the lather to cleanse the face and rinse off.

In use.

I’ve used this for over 10 days, morning and evening. I’ve not used any other cleanser alongside this, as I sometimes double cleanse with another product. And I haven’t changed any other area of my skincare routine, just to see how this fairs on the skin.

The bar itself was super easy to lather up, and did so very well without too much water. Rather than it producing a handful of bubbles it created more of a slightly bubbly cream. On the face it swished around easily, and it felt as if it was cleaning my skin. The only thing I did find if using less soap and more water gave me a better consistency of product to use. I’m not a wearer of make up, but it removed my eyebrow pencil fine. Sun cream hasn’t been tested on as I haven’t used much over the last 10days. But general day to day grime while using this seemed to do the job.

While using this bar, it’s fragrance was hardly noticeable. Just a tinge of something clean.

Skin afterwards.

Did it feel particularly clean and fresh? Yes, it felt like that. What I would say is when removing the cleanser there was that squeaky feel straight after, which I didn’t like. But sorted that out by using a warmed damp flannel to go over my face straight after. Skin in look was normal. No massive differences. It looked as clean as it felt. So it did the job it was designed to do, no more no less.


I think this would appeal to a certain type of person. Those who like the idea of not using products in packaging they feel isn’t necessary is definitely one. Someone who wants a cleansing product that is simple to use and not complicated, but with half decent ingredients. And someone who loves to use a bar of soap! This won’t be for everyone. As a cleanser it does what it’s supposed to do so if you are all or any of the above, this could be good for you. Would I buy this again? No. Using this makes me feel like it’s a task I have to do rather than something I enjoy to do. And I’m frightened one of the kids will think it’s for the body and use it on places my face does not want to go near…

If this does seem like your kind of cleanser, you can find this available to buy from Amazon here for £10.73 (*affiliate link included. It means if you purchase from the link I get a small commission but has no effect on the price you pay*).That may seem pricey, but this should last a good few months so not a considered purchase at all.

The Bath Bae’s Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak

A lover of having baths, an addict when it comes to a good bath product! The range of products you can get to pop in the bath is vast! You can get these from pretty much anywhere and any shop, store or supermarket you walk into these days. What you can also do, is go online. There’s plenty of small businesses that sell, handmake and package their very own bath bombs, fizzers, bath rocks and more. As you can imagine I have an extensive bath product stash, which is always a pleasure to delve into. A few evenings ago I headed straight for The Bath Bae’s Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak. Bought many months ago, £4.99 for 200g.

The Bath Bae’s Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak

Why did I buy this?

Watermelon and bubblegum? Who on earth has ever come up with such an amazing sounding combination except for The Bath Bae? This juicy, mouth dribbling combination caught my eye immediately on their website when ordering, because it sounded delicious and unusual! Why would I NOT buy and use it?

What’s a bath soak?

The Bath Bae’s Bath Soaks are basically powdered bath bombs. Not shaped, just pure, unadulterated bath bomb dust! So they do exactly the same thing as a bath bomb. Within each bag of 200g of bath soak, it’s the same as having two bath bombs.


I love how this company packages their bath products. The bath dust is housed in a packet. On the front it’s clear so you can see whatever bath gem is in it. Company logo on card folded over the top of the packet, and a sticker mentioning product is vegan & cruelty free is visible. On the back it’s opaque and silver in colour, almost holographic in look. To open, rip the top of the packet open and reseal when not in use. This looks quite modern but has a retro twist to it. Eye catching and appealing, perfect for gift giving.

How does the bath soak look?

A fine, powdered mix of baby pink and mint green colours. Not mixed together in it’s packaging. You can see the green on the bottom and the pink on the top. Colours that represent the two fragrances perfectly, and although shouldn’t, work well together look wise.


In real life, it’s quite a refreshing, subtly scented fruit. Almost similar to red berries that’s been infused in water. This is what I get with this, but of course with the sweet notes of bubblegum added. It’s a lovely scent, great for those who like sweet inspired scents mixed in with fruity elements, without it being overloaded by sugar fragrance wise.

In the bath.

Rather than use the whole bag at once, I used half on one occasion and the rest another. First time I got a mix of the pink and green bath soak and as soon as it hit the water the colour and fragrance was there. The colours were pink and green twisting and turning into each other, while at the same time white foam was created as it fizzed.

My second bath with this consisted mostly of the green section of the bath soak, as that’s the bit that was at the bottom of the packaging. The bath turned into the most stunning sea moss green ever! A totally different shade to when I first used this, and a different shade of green to what was in the packet. A total chameleon and a VERY hard bath product to photograph as each photo taken showed a different shade of green! Like the first bath, a little foam was produced. Not loads, but more than what I thought and both times it took a little while to disappear which was great. So not only was their colour and fragrance, but bubbles too!


Yes! And for a few reasons. You might not think the amount you get is a lot but it’s the right amount for one full on bath treat or two, so good value. The colouring and scent is very unusual, and if like me looking for something different, this could be it! It creates a beautiful looking bath, which not only scented my bathroom nicely but my hallway too! So the question should be, why would I NOT recommend this?

If you are fruity like me and need this in your bath tub, grab Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak here.