Strawberry Melts Rhubarb Rose Dove Wax Melts

What I love about the world of wax melts/shapes/pots/bars is their versatility. Wax vendors across the UK ( and I’m sure abroad too ) have some amazing scents and such a huge variety it means those who love wax and buy it are spoilt for choice. One of my latest purchases from Strawberry Wax Melts is the invitingly named Rhubarb Rose Dove which has been melting away in my home recently.

Strawberry Melts Rhubarb Rose Dove

Why Rhubarb Rose Dove as a scent? I chose this because I’ve had Rhubarb Rose and Dove separately in wax melts in the past, love the scents and thought surely this must be a wax marriage in heaven?

Appearance. These melts came in a pack of three. Each a good size which could individually be popped into a warmer with one piece being sufficient for one use. Each wax melt is shaped as a 6 petal flower. Each one not identical in colour but similar, with different shades of pink and purple running through each.

Scent. What you get with this melt is a fruity, uplifting scent with a floral rose element to it ( rhubarb rose ), but then it becomes very clean and fresh all at the same time ( dove ). It literally is the smell of a bar of soap of the same name with a floral sweet twist to it.

In the warmer. Watching this melt was definitely enjoyable. These wax melts as mentioned are a decent size so took a little time but melted in the end. The flower slowly drowned and turned into a very pale lilac shimmering pool which was so pretty.

Strength & Longevity. Strength from this is great. I would describe this as being medium to strong. This was melting away, as all of my melts tend to, for at least 3days ( hours at a time ) and it was still going great guns. By the time I changed it it was purely to change scent not because the scent had died.

Recommended? 100%! I LOVE this scent! Why? Its a great alternative to a traditional laundry/clean scent which this is…its clean. Its clean but unusual and so enjoyable to smell thanks to the floral twist. Talking about floral.. where rose is concerned I’m not a rose fan, but this isn’t that full on rose thanks to its sweetness. Its such a beautiful blend and with dove added to it you just can’t lose. I defy anyone that wouldn’t at least like this scent let alone love it. This one is on my to buy again list.

Fancy this in your wax warmer? Head over to SW’s website here now and get that home smelling beautiful! These won’t break the bank at a cost of £2.50 for a pack of three which will provide hours and hours of fragrance.

Nuxe Prodigieux Perfume

I don’t call this blog mybeautywaxstash for nothing….I HOARD beauty, bath, body and wax products! Not intentionally to be fair. Sometimes I struggle to find the time to use items, sometimes I buy them at great prices and ‘ stash ‘ them away to use in the distant future and sometimes I simply forget I even bought them. Nuxe Prodigieux perfume was an item I bought in a gift set when it was on sale after Christmas, and I thought it was about time I actually used it as I fancied a fragrance change.

Packaging. Very elegant. 30ml of eau de parfum living in a tall and thin glass bottle with a gold lid. The bottle itself is quite simple in look but beautiful, and mirrors the style of the box it comes in. Both have an ombre effect going on as the base is coloured a gorgeous copper colour and gets lighter to the point its clear in the bottle but the box is gold.

Nuxe Prodigieux Perfume

Scent. This is what I would call quite a classic scent. It’s feminine, floral with the tiniest hint of citrus, musk and vanilla. The floral element to me probably stands out more, but has a warmth to it making it a richer, heavier scent rather than light and whimsical.

Strength & Longevity. When I first sprayed this, because of the type of scent it is, I assumed this would be very strong and possibly linger in an overpowering way regardless of how little or more I used. Strangely enough this wasn’t the case at all. I could smell this all day when I wore this while at work but it was subtle and pleasant, and didn’t make me feel like a walking fragrance counter from a department store.

Nuxe Gift Set

Recommended? Definitely! I know of Nuxe as a skincare brand rather than a fragrance one, but I’m so glad I took the plunge and got hold of this scent. Compared to any other fragrance in my collection, this one I don’t feel would date. It’s not relying on any trends and is sticking to a a formula which is timeless, sophisticated and is what many would call ‘ a true perfume ‘. I can see a young lady to an older woman loving this fragrance so not a scent that would exclude any age. Would you want a classic scent in your fragrance wardrobe? Currently on sale for £13.89 ( at time of writing this post ) for a 30 ml bottle on Amazon. Get yours here* and treat yourself (or someone else! ).

* Affiliate link is included which I may earn from qualifying purchases *

Druid and the Witch Rainbow Cloud

I’ve noticed recently within the bath bomb world there has been a very affordable bath bomb from a discount store which is in the shape of a cloud and gives off streams of colours while in the bath. Is this a totally new product? No. I’ve seen many online bath and body product vendors make these type of bath bombs for awhile now but it does seem to have filtered through onto the high street. So this got me thinking…..have a actually got one of these bath bombs in my stash and if so what is it like? And guess what yes I do, or should I say I did. Not from the high street but from an Etsy seller called Druid and the Witch. Their Rainbow Cloud bath bomb costs £2.20 and I bought mine within a set sometime last year.

Rainbow Cloud by Druid and the Witch

Appearance. From the name of this its not hard to guess this is the shape of a cloud, and a flat one. Takes up the palm of my hand in regards to length and is roughly an inch in depth. On the front you can see a delicate and pretty mix of white and shades of purple highlighting the shape of it. And for added detail there is a slight shimmer to this bath bomb and a hand painted silver lightening bolt on the left hand side. On the back is the relevant labeling in regards to fragrance and ingredients. If you look on the bottom edge of Rainbow Cloud you can see different colours popping through ( purple, blue, yellow ) giving you a hint of whats to come during bath time.

Scent. Mine was scented Blueberry Lemon whereas currently its the fragrance Candy Hearts available for purchase online. When I took this out of its plastic wrapper and gave it a little sniff there was a faint smell of something citrusy but if I’m honest it wasn’t strong or very apparent.

In the bath. I had the warm water running when I put this in. As it got caught up in the current I could see this turning round and round like a windmill, while it released streams of different colours. It wasn’t as uniformed as what I thought it would be e.g separate straight lines of colour, but that’s a little hard to do if the poor thing is fighting for its life in my bath! While the different colours was released ( I saw green, purple and yellow ) some foam was created, and once the show had ended the water in the bath became a pretty sea of lilac coloured water topped off with fluffy foam.

On the skin. No issues for me, no irritation, and I continued with my usual after bathing ritual of moisturising with a body lotion while feeling very relaxed.

Did I get what I wanted or expected? One of the things I love while using bath products such as bath bombs is fragrance. Before use, during and after I didn’t really get much fragrance which I would have liked. But in all fairness this product has been in my stash for a good number of months so whether that affected the scent I’m not sure. In regards to the colour it provided I thought that was pretty but my normal bath bombs could have given the same effect this did but I was surprised it produced foam at all let alone the amount as I thought it would behave more like a bath fizzer and just give colour rather than a foaming bath bomb.

Recommended? I would happily try this out again in a different fragrance and use straight away once purchased. As mentioned it was only the smell or lack of that didn’t quite grab me but everything else I enjoyed. It’s affordable, kids would love this ( and the bigger ones too! ) for the colour aspect and overall I think it was fun. Fancy trying this out for yourself? Visit them on their Etsy store here.

Strawberry Melts Rice & Shea Flower Wax Melt

2020 is the year I stop hoarding and melt my wax! Well…at least I can only try. I buy wax that tempts my nose and my eyes in regards to their scent descriptions and their looks online or in store. Sometimes I end up trying wax that I wouldn’t normally go for which would include this wax melt from Strawberry Melts, in the fragrance of Rice & Shea Flower. Why not? Well…its not my typical sounding go to scent but it was included as a free sample in a previous order and curiosity got to me. The mood took me and I needed to now what this would be like so I melted it!

Appearance. I LOVE wax melts that are shaped and this was super cute! A small but perfectly formed gingerbread style shaped piece of cream coloured wax with small, scattered shards of ( I think ) some form of glitter, which made this cheeky little thing a little more special in look.

Strawberry Melt’s Rice & Shea Flower Wax Melt

Strawberry Melts Scent Description. An exquisite powdery feminine fragrance with top notes of ozone, ginger and aniseed, middle notes of coconut milk and rice flower, and base notes of amber sandalwood and musk.

In melt. This little wax didn’t take long to melt due to it’s size, and all I could see was it drowning in it’s own juices which when melted was a simple creamy coloured wax pool. Scent didn’t hit me straight away, more like it crept up on me after an hour or so as it worked its way into my living room where my wax warmer was set up and on.

My Scent Description. Now….the actual wax name for me didn’t quite tell me what I needed to know in regards to what this was going to smell like, and probably the reason why I never bought this when it was on sale. Rice? What does that smell like? Shea flower? Well that at least conjures up something for me mentally. The scent of this when cold and unmelted to totally liquid was the same, but as you can imagine not as strong when it was in its little packet that it came in compared to being in my wax warmer. What I got from this scent was a very interesting combination. A light and beautiful floral which was quite delicate, airy and classic in smell. There is a powdery element in this as well which gives it a comforting clean feel to it, but not as strong or obvious as the typical baby powder scent you may think of. An almost fizzy sherbet scent comes through giving it a zing and finished off with a warming, light musk giving added depth. In all honesty this is one of those scents that’s so hard to explain in words it needs to smelt. But what I like about Rice & Shea Flower is none of different scents within it stand out alone, they all work well together and are totally balanced and done quite subtly.

Strength and longevity. Firstly, the size of this wax melt is absolutely perfect especially as a sample. No chopping, no guessing how much to use, just pop it in. Strength wise I would say is medium. The thing with this scent is its not designed to be a punchy scent but one that fills the air as if its always been there and should be there. I’ve melted this for at least 10 hours ( over 2 days ) and the longevity has been very good and has shown the same strength from when it first melted on Day 1 and when my warmer was turned off end of Day 2. .

Recommended? As scents go as mentioned before this probably wouldn’t have been my first choice BUT I really love it! This is a beautiful, comforting scent. It’s gorgeous and unusual. It has all the elements which I normally love in wax but somehow delivered in one little waxy shape. So I give two thumbs up for this one as it would smell lovely in any room of the house, regardless of time of day or season.

*With many wax vendors, to keep stock fresh, new and interesting, Strawberry Melts doesn’t keep all scents in stock permanently. But power from the people and cries for demand, as long as the ingredients are available to make this, I’m confident this could and will come back again and I will be buying this in a bigger size! Why not head over to their website here to see what’s currently available.*

Miss Patisserie Salted Caramel Bath Slab

If I never bought another bath bomb, fizzer, bath salts or truffle, I think I would survive! Miserably yes but I would survive. I have plenty of products to pamper my body and soothe my soul to keep me going for a while because I love bath times and I love adding things to my bath to make that time special and relaxing. So those closest to me are fully aware of my healthy obsession with these types of goodies. So you can understand why for Christmas 2019 I received a Salted Caramel Bath Slab from a company called Miss Patisserie.

A bath slab what? Take a bath bomb or fizzer, shape it into a block or bar ( to put it simply ) and this is a bath slab.

Packaging. The bath slab is loving wrapped in a beautifully multi coloured box with a cut out window on the front giving you a glimpse of whats inside. Very clean in look but quite pretty and eye catching too.

Appearance. WOOOOW! No seriously….WOWWWWW! I’ve actually had a bath slab from this company before but in a different fragrance. Very sweet in look but this one has got to be one of the most stunning bath products I have ever EVER seen and used! Think of a large, thick bar of chocolate, rectangular in shape and segmented clearly and defined so you can break pieces off. This is the structure of the slab. Multi coloured containing pinks, blues, purples, little dashes of green. None of which are uniformed, just beautifully laid out erratically like a solid piece of a galaxy. Almost dripping over this like runny icing over a cake is a trail of gold which stands out from the blend of stunning colours. And that’s not all. Deep breath….IT’S ALL GLITTERY!

Miss Patisserie Salted Caramel Bath Slab is BIG!

Scent. There’s definitely a slight sweet buttery caramel fragrance to this with an almost berry undertone to it with a dash of salt. Although I love my sweet fragrances I’m glad this wasn’t strong and was subtle which made it easy to use and enjoy because this particular fragrance can be very sweet, synthetic in smell and sickly which this isn’t.

In the bath. I popped in 4 squares and what I loved the most is it did what I like which was provide a mini show. They fizzed and danced about, they slightly frothed, they threw out many streams of different colours which eventually turned the water in the bath a relaxing almost cordial like purple colour. And my bathroom smelt yummy.

Bath time!

On the skin. I noticed this when I was in the water, my skin felt silky soft. That’s the only way I can describe how my skin felt in the water and also out of it. Once out, my skin felt as if it was nourished, protected even, the same way that you would feel if you put on a light body lotion. No stripping or drying of the skin, but a massive boost of hydration which I loved!

Added bonus. I realised after I got out of the bath my skin had a slight shimmer to it!

Recommended? Its important to say I didn’t want to use this. Breaking this up was like breaking my soul it hurt really badly because this bath slab literally is a work of art! This gave me what I wanted from a bath product. I had a great looking bath, a sweet smelling bath and it left my skin feeling fantastic. To be given this as a gift or to give as a gift is a must! Better still great way to treat yourself, so highly recommended as a purchase and don’t be surprised if you hear I’ve bought this for myself. And a great point to make, this slab will easily give one lucky person at least 4 to 6 baths, and only costs £6 so great value! You can buy this product direct from Miss Patisserie here, or head over to the ASOS website and while popping a skirt or pair of shoes in your basket why not add this beauty in it too here.

  • Best deal I can find on Salted Caramel Bath Slab at time of writing this ( 11/02/2020 ) is with Boots. Buy one get one half price on indulgent bathing. Click here to view, thank me laterx

**Want to give a massive virtual hug to Lauren who blessed me with this stunner for Christmas. You are the best!**

Melissa Jane Daisy Wax Melts

I don’t know whether buying a gift for me is an easy or hard thing, but most of my friends and girls at work have a good grasp of my loves in life. My kids? Of course! Chocolate? Yes. Food in general? Oh yessss! Bath and body products? Tick. Wax melts? Tick tick tick! So you can imagine my squeal of delight when one of my friends bought me a collection of different things for my birthday including some Daisy inspired wax melts from a wax vendor called Melissa Jane.

Melissa Jane Daisy Wax Melts

Appearance. 10 small off white wax melts shaped as different types of flowers. I’m no gardener but one shape ( and there are 3 in total ) resemble tulips. Super cute, simple and easy on the eye.

In melt. I wasn’t too sure how many melts to use but opted for three. Due to their size they melted super quickly and left a creamy coloured wax pool.

Scent. Now this is the tricky bit. I assume this is inspired by a well known fragrance but I’ve never smelt this perfume in real life!So all I can describe is what this smells like not whether this is a good version of the fragrance. What I can say is this is beautiful. Its a feminine floral, with a hint of fruity sweetness ending with a slight musky tone. Definitely smells like it’s a perfume to me and totally addictive!

Strength & Longevity. Strength wise I would say this is a medium to strong with 3 melts, but what I love about this is yes it fragrances the room but doesn’t overdo itself. If it was super strong it could be very heady and overpowering. Longevity was excellent. This scent melted away over 4 days for at least 3 hours at a time and only then did I feel the scent needed changing…in fact it didn’t I fancied a wax change full stop! It gradually faded but in a natural way that just became softer and lighter but still just as pleasant and enjoyable to smell.

Recommended? Great fragrance, super cute and simple looking melts and were long lasting….so its a thumbs up from me! I’ve never tried this vendor out before and thanks to a friend, I will try Melissa Jane out in the future! Find them on Facebook ( they have their own Facebook group ) here to try them out.

Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant Brightening Micro Polish

Skincare is very important to me. I guess it has been for many years and started when I had a more disposable income ( teen with no bills ) than what I have now ( much older and poor! ). Now I’m older and no longer a teen ( damn I’m not even in my 30’s anymore! ) skincare seems to be a necessity rather than a luxury. So I try to follow a simple but effective facial care routine to try and keep on top of myself. My current facial exfoliator of choice is Naturally Radiant Brightening Micro Polish by Superdrug.

Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant Brightening Micro Polish

Why this one? I’ve used other products from this range before and enjoyed them. But before actually trying these products out I found them to be easy to get hold of ( either pop into my local store or online with small spend required for free home delivery ), good extensive range and very affordable thanks to them being on offer very regularly. Last time I bought this it was half price ( £2.99 ) which meant I could pretty much buy a whole skincare routine from face wash to moisturiser, for around £12.00.

What does this do? This is supposed to leave skin clearer, smoother and even out skin tone thanks to its exfoliating action. Basically a face scrub which contains ingredients that are good for the skin while trying to leave out the nasties.

Packaging. All the range is coloured the same and regardless of whether products are in tubes ( this one is and contains 75g of product), pots or anything else, they all have a sense of being a part a range because of how they look and are completely unformed. And colouring makes you think of it being natural as its mid green in colour and quite simple in appearance.

Texture/Consistency. This comes out like a clear thick gel that you would expect from a face wash, but possibly a little thicker and not as loose and runny. When you look closely you will see tiny grains within this product which are blueberry seeds.

Scent. Like other products in the range this is clean, fresh, a slightly sweet and subtle fruity plant based smell but all quite delicate and not overpowering. In a strange but good way, this is quite a neutral scent.

How to use. Use once or twice a week. Massage over wet or dry skin using circular movements. Add a small amount of water to create a foam then rinse off. I pretty much used this the same way but on damp skin while in the shower, over my face and neck. Rinsed off and face dried with a muslin cloth. I use this twice a week then I use a face mask straight after.

In use. I didn’t need to use much of this. Enough to cover a finger tip was enough to work over my slightly damp face and neck area. I could feel the grains which seemed so small but with movement you could feel their sweeping and resurfacing action. Adding a little water meant that this scrub lightly foamed and gave an almost 2in1 product alternating between a scrub and a face wash which I really enjoyed.

Skin after use. My face felt and looked soft, clean fresh and matt. I felt the scrub was very gentle on the skin but still very effective. Perfect way to get my skin ready for any additional treatments I wanted to follow on with.

Recommended? Y-e-s. This is an affordable facial scrub that works! Easy to use and fast, so for those time starved but want to include this type of product in their routine this isn’t a problem. Its a great product for any age to use who want to look after their skin and although my daughter isn’t a teen yet, I can see this being a good one for her to start on because of its size, ingredients and cost. **At the time of writing this post ( 29.01.2020 ) this product hasn’t been available on the website and possibly could be discontinued. Definitely worth checking for this in a physical store to see if it’s still available. The range currently is half price.**

Strawberry Melts When Unicorn Fly Wax Melt

I’m trying so hard at the start of 2020 to sit on my hands and stop myself from buying anymore wax. I really don’t need to make any purchases as my current wax stash is still quite big. So rather than me buying and adding more to this treasure chest I thought it would be best to melt what I already had before splurging on more. I’ve opted to melt Strawberry Melts When Unicorn Fly.

Unicorn Sampler. I bought this as a set from Strawberry Melts towards the end of 2019, and this set consisted of different scented wax pieces all of which having a unicorn theme to it scent wise. I bought it because generally anything that is connected with unicorn in smell tends to be quite a sweet fragrance which is always a winner for me. As a set this cost £10.00 with 10 wax melts in 5 different scents.

Strawberry Melts When Unicorn Fly

Strawberry Melts Scent Description. Loads of sweet, rich buttery top notes followed by fresh coconut and itty bitty hints of sweet berries with bottom notes of yummy, super sweet vanilla.

Appearance. Considering the name of this wax and scent description you would think this would be pink or purple in colour which isn’t the case. Instead this fragrance sits in two mint green and white wax melts, both different shapes with both looking like they’ve been set in a fancy cake or jelly mould ( obviously not as big these wax melts are roughly same diameter as a £2 ). Small golden butterflies sprinkled on the top of each to complete the look.

In melt. This is quite a good sized wax shape so it took some time to fully melt but when it did it became green in colour and the small, delicate butterflies were dotted around within in it having a good old swim.

Scent. This is one of those pieces of wax I had to sniff a few times to figure out what it reminded me of as it smelt like something familiar to me. Then finally it hit me… strawberry pencils! Those highly addictive long pencil shaped sweets with white fondant running through the middle. ITS THAT! Literally smells like that! Creamy and sweet, slightly strawberry confectionery type scent with definite hints of coconut. This is one of those scents that will have you wiping the drool from your mouth once you smell it.

Strength & Longevity. This poor wax melt had to fight through the smell of cooking but this scent was still there trying to hold its own. Medium strength I would say for this one which is good considering the type of scent it is and where I chose to melt it ( kitchen ). Longevity as expected with a Strawberry Wax melt was great as they have never failed me in the past. I had this on for around 3 days melting away at least for 4 hours at a time, scent was still there, and then I changed it as I normally do between 2-4 days anyway to something else.

Recommended? Those who love their candles/wax melts to be sweety inspired you will love this as much as I do! Its sweet in a confectionery way along with it being fruity, and its such a fun, yummy and enjoyable scent to melt. I really hope this scent comes back to the Strawberry Melts family as a permanent fixture. Their stock and scents change often with one off pieces or collections being quite a regular thing so no guarantees. But keep your eyes peeled for this scent on their website here or find them on Facebook book and beg to get this scent back on sale!

Treacle Moon’s Marshmallow Hearts Shower & Bath Gel

These days there are so many bath, body and facial products sat on shelves in supermarkets and department stores its so hard to decide what to go for. If I’ve tried a particular brand before ( and liked it ) I’m more inclined to head to their direction, and then be more adventurous and pick up a new product or scent from that range to try out. But then by accident you try something new and that gets added to your ‘trusted’ list and the cycle of buying starts all over again. One such brand which I was introduced to in 2018/2019 is Treacle Moon. Their Marshmallow Hearts shower & bath gel was my first experience with their gels.

Treacle Moon meet Mybeautywaxstash. I’ve seen their products before and thought they looked nice, but if you haven’t tried them before how do you know if they are good or not? Well I was given some of their bath salts by a friend for either my birthday or Christmas 2018 which was my first product from the brand and loved them! So much so I went and bought a truck load of the salts myself throughout 2019 and even got some as gifts on my last birthday too. So from that point I trusted them and really wanted to try other products from their range. I opted for Marshmallow Hearts because I really wanted a product to use in both shower and bath and I thought the scent of this by name alone would be perfect for me.

Treacle Moon’s Marshmallow Hearts Shower & Bath Gel

Packaging. 500ml of gel lives in a plastic bottle with a flip top lid. Clear, so you can see what you get. Labelling is super cute with both sides having product name and brand ( of course ), but one side has an illustration of a jar of heart shaped marshmallows and on the other a paragraph giving you an imaginative description of what the scent of this gel is. 25% of the bottle is made from recycled plastic.

Texture & look. Although this is a gel it isn’t the typical gel I think of. This is pale pink in colour, not transparent so makes me think more of a bath or shower cream than a gel. Consistency is a thick liquid, which is what you would expect from this type of product.

Scent. Creamy and sweety like is what springs to mind with this. A mix of marshmallows, milk bottle sweets with a hint of strawberry milkshake and this is the best way I can describe how this smells to me. What I like about this is it could easily be too sweet and synthetic like in scent but it isn’t. Gives you enough sweetness to keep your nostrils happy but not so much you think you will suffer from diabetes!

In the shower & bath. I use this product in both shower and bath equally. In the shower on a sponge it lathered up quickly and produced a lot of foam. In the bath I needed very little and the amount of foam produced just by two squirts under warm running water was insane! Full, light, airy, white in colour and long lasting.

On the skin. This cleaned the skin on my body well, left a faint scent to it but not long lasting so no lingering and my skin felt and looked normal after use e.g skin didn’t dried out, irritated, sticky etc.

Recommended? Yes! What I love about this is it’s a little different in look packaging wise compared to similar products on the same shelf which caught my eye so stands out. In regards to the scent, these types of scents are popular but this is a great version and will hold its own compared to others. And the best thing about Marshmallow Hearts? I ENJOYED using this! It provides a quick, easy and effective shower in the morning and a relaxing, soothing bath in the evening. This is great for all the family to use as the scent will appeal from the youngest member of the household to the oldest. When I bought this originally it was half price ( £1.50 ), but worthwhile checking special offers on the range regularly ( Tesco and Waitrose stock Treacle Moon ). If you can’t head down to your local store you can buy their products direct from Treacle Moon themselves here. Go on treat yourself…its affordable!x

Pretty Candles Gin & Tonic Soy Wax Pot

New year new wax! Its great to start 2020 trying out wax pieces from a wax vendor I’ve never bought from before in fragrances I’ve never smelt before. Pretty Candles is a company I’ve wanted to buy from for ages and I stalk them, sorry…. follow them on Instagram. It seemed the perfect opportunity to try them out when they had a 50% off sale towards the end of last year/beginning of this. And the first Pretty Candles wax pot that popped into my wax warmer was Gin & Tonic.

Pretty Candles Gin & tonic Wax Pot

Gin & Tonic why? Anyone who knows me can confirm I LOVE gin, so I couldn’t help but find out what the wax version would be like as a scent and if my love wasn’t just confined to drinking the stuff but also smelling the stuff too.

Appearance. With it being called a wax pot no guessing needed about what its in, which is a pot. Lidded, so easy to pop out and keep safe if not using the whole thing. The wax itself looks so pretty in a simple way. It almost has a marble like look to it but made up of mint green and white colours. Loving lavished with a healthy sprinkle of a Christmasy green coloured glitter on top. 30g in weight.

Pretty Candles scent description. The sharp scent of gin blended with a zingy citrus tonic.

In melt. Melted evenly and quickly. And when it was totally molten that once solid marble mass turned into a pool of seamoss green coloured liquid with that festive glitter sitting nicely in it. Took very little time for the fragrance to be released as the scent was clearly there when cold before warmed through.

Scent.This is a fresh and clean scent. Zesty in a more lime way rather than lemon for me. Sharp but not overpowering and even though this sounds odd but if you could smell the action of something with fizz and bubbles this would be that wax. It’s so hard to describe this scent as its not a fruity inspired gin fragrance but more the traditional, simple but delicious gin served with tonic…and this literally is THAT smell!

Strength & Longevity. I wasn’t too sure how strong this would be as I used half of this little pot but goodness me….. I put this on in the kitchen before I left work and as I got home and opened the front door followed by the living room door and it hit me! Medium to strong I would say this is. Longevity is excellent. This has been melting for 3 days straight, for a good number of hours at a time and the scent is still there. I’ve only changed the wax because I have a lot of wax to use not because the scent of this had gone.

Recommended? If I could drink this I would but that wouldn’t be a good idea! What I love about this is its the total opposite to other gin inspired scents I’ve tried. The one’s I’ve melted before have been sweet and fruity , whereas this is zesty and clean. It’s one of those scents I think the majority of people would love because in an odd way its so neutral. A great one for the kitchen as it would help to cut through smells and a perfect melt during spring and summer. One on my repeat purchase list and if this scent interests you, visit them here and grab yours for half price at 60p! ( normal price £1.20, availability and/or price may change after this post has been published ).