Bubble Up Keeping It Cosy Bath Bar

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I don’t care whether its freezing outside or if its so hot the world is melting, I will always love and have my baths. Can’t help myself! I put it down to old age. While I’m young enough to get out of them unaided I’m going to continue to get into them! This is why my bath products are so important because I want to enjoy my bathing experiences as much as possible. So it would have been rude of me not to pick up Bubble Up Keeping It Cosy Bath Bar from Asda during a shopping trip a few months ago, at a cost of £1.50 ( was on sale normally £3.00 ).

Bubble Up Keeping It Cosy Bath Bar

Why did I buy this? Sometimes I’m a bit of a snob! I will look at a product on a shelf, look at the price and assume whether it will be good or not. This I liked the look of it, packaging and colouring but for the price and the fact I never heard of the brand before, I wasn’t sure about the quality of it. Worst case scenario I thought I would hate it never to be used again. Best case scenario I actually like it. So in the shopping basket it went and crossed my fingers!

What’s a bath bar? I think this is probably a bubble bar with a different name. If you think of how a bath bomb performs, this will be of that type of product but contain more nourishing ingredients and creates foam. And of course, its shaped like a bar rather than a ball!

Appearance. Rectangular in shape, 4 inches in length, 2 inches in height and 1 inch deep. So overall a really good size! The texture looks quite chalky and although flat on all sides not totally smooth. Its made up of coloured stripes of burnt orange and a terracotta red which is simple but quite striking.

Scent. Not the strongest scent I’ve ever smelt. Taking this out of its packaging then the cling wrap, I got a little ginger. When I say ginger I don’t mean the punchy, warming ginger scent you think of. More a lightly perfumed version of ginger with a slight, sweet, citrus twist to it. Nice enough to sniff and quite different compared to other bath products I’ve used before in regards to its scent.

In the bath. With most products like this, I dopped this under the warm running water in my bath. Immediately when it hit the water it created colour and bubbles. Colour first, turning the bath water from clear to orange. Then came the bubbles. Started off being a few, with a small amount having an orange coating on them. But then more and more came, to the point the bath was full of bubbles! And what lay underneath was a sea of bright yet burnt orange tinted water.

On the skin in the bath. This was a delight! Without reading the packaging this clearly is a product that contained some form of moisture giving ingredients because I could feel it. I felt a slip in the water, I felt a slip on my skin and I could feel it with the bits of this that was left at the bottom of the bath. What was nice about this is it felt very comfortable and moisturising, but not greasy or oily. This, I normally I love. But sometimes you don’t want or need that, especially when you have bubbles in the bath too.

Out of the bath. Now this was interesting…I assumed that my body would feel like there was something on it but it didn’t. It felt and looked super clean, matt and not coated in anything. Skin wasn’t dry as in squeaky or uncomfortable. It felt more prepped and ready to go.

Recommended? I think I may have found a little gem with this! I really love it so its a yes from me. I would definitely recommend this if you see it on your travels. Its a great size and looks very appealing. The amount of bubbles and colour created was insane and my body loved this! What an enjoyable evening bath I had with this which I would happily repreat again and again and again! I think I got a bargain at £1.50 but even at full price ( £3.00 ) its an affordable luxury! And I cannot wait to try other versions and fragrances out in the future.

Want this bar in your bath? As mentioned you can get this from Asda but depending on store in regards to availability. If you were doing an online grocery shop with them, lucky for you it’s available online here as well.

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