Bubble Up Sail Away With Me Bath Bar

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One of the things I look forward to late afternoon or evening time is having a bath. Especially if the day has dragged, the weather is rubbish and it’s been a hard day at work. Do I have a favourite bath product? I like lots of different ones but which one ends up in the bath is dependant on my mood and skin needs. I decided to use an item I have tried before but in a different fragrance. Bubble Up Sail Away With Me Bath Bar was the most recent item of choice. I bought this from my local ASDA store ages ago for less than a pound!

Bubble Up’s Sail Away With Me Bath Bar

Why did I choose this?

I bought this originally because I tried another fragrance in this bath bar and absolutely loved it! The fact that this was scented differently to my first purchase and super cheap, seemed a sign from above to buy it so I did. But choosing to use this was because I hoped for something fresher and cleaner in scent. I also wanted an extra hit of moisture to my body since my skin really needed it.


This bath bar comes in a small cardboard box. Green, white and black in colouring. Very simple and does remind me a little of a certain high street brand that sells bath bombs! What I like is there is a clear window at the front where you can see the bar, so you have an idea of what you are going to get.

How the bath bar looks.

Rectangular in shape and quite long, roughly 9cm. 5cm in width and 2 cm in depth. So size wise chunky, generous and you could easily get two baths out of this bad boy! This is made up of two colours which is mint green and an aqua blue. These are in stripes going across, but each section of colour is slightly rounded at each end giving it an interesting look. Besides that, it’s flat on the other 4 remaining sides. A little chalky in texture as a bath bomb, but not as much.


It’s not very strong when sniffing this straight out of the packaging. But it definitely has a fresh and clean scent to it. Delicately earthy in a plant type way but is a little sweet too. Swimming in a salty lagoon, filled with plants on the bottom of it. Having fully opened flowers close to land with it’s scent being carried by a wind close to wear you are floating. All of these elements hit the nose. THAT is what I think of while getting this scent. Very pleasant and exactly what I had hoped this would smell like.

How to use.

Crumble some of this under warm running water and off you go!

In the bath.

I didn’t use all of this I snapped it in half, which was surprisingly easy to do considering it’s thickness. As the hot water tap ran, I popped this under it holding it at first, then I released it so it could enjoy it’s new home. You could see the bar itself froth a little, but the most noticeable thing was the foam it produced. There was a really good amount in the bath tub. White, fluffy foam and underneath it the water turned into a beautiful shade of blue.

Fragrance wise it was delicate but more obvious when the bar was used. The scent was the same and incredibly pleasant and relaxing to experience while I sat in the middle of my very own froth covered sea. The strength was actually perfect because it was soothing and in the background rather than full and heavy on the nose.

This bath bar on the skin was so moisturising! I know this sounds crazy when you are sat in water but even between the hands I could feel this contained something like a butter or oil. It left my hands feeling soft and nourished.That’s how my whole body felt while using this. The foam, the fragrance, the colour and the hydration made me enjoy this bath so much! So much so I got out having to get one kid from after school club, left the bath, and hopped back in on my return to continue loving it!


This range reminds me not judge a book by it’s cover! I remember seeing these products in my local ASDA thinking they probably weren’t the best. I took a chance purely because they were so heavily discounted and only then after use did I realise how good the first bath bar was. The look of this is appealing. The size is generous considering I only used half of this. The fragrance was lovely. Foam created was a great amount AND this was soft, gentle and moisturising to the skin.

If whoever is reading this gets a chance to buy this, please do! This is recommended 110% It’s a shame ASDA appear not to stock this anymore. But fear not! I’ve found this and a decent selection of bath goodies from Bubble Up available from The Perfume Shop. This bath bar is available for £4.49 and can be found here. If you are a lover of a good bath bomb, I doubt you wouldn’t love this! Enjoy and happy shopping.

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