The Rose & Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Whipped Soap Cuddles

Who doesn’t like a one stop shop? I always shop around online or in physical stores to get the best prices for top quality products. But to be able to find a place that sells different things that you equally love is literally heaven! After purchasing wax melts from a vendor called The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie and being very impressed by them, imagine my delight when I found they sold bath products too! I bought a variety of bath bomb type products and whipped soaps a few months ago, including the whipped soap in the fragrance of Cuddles.

Why did I order this? At the time all the bath products were on sale so reduced in price and great value. Perfect time to try them out and to buy some as gifts. I already love whipped soaps so needed no convincing! The fragrance Cuddles I thought would make a nice change from what I already had scent wise on my bathroom shelf.

Packaging. 60g of whipped soap comes in a screw top plastic jar. A simple label on the front and an ingredients label on the bottom.

Appearance. Almost a raspberry ripple two tone look going on, but blue and white instead of pink and cream. Beautifully and simply piped into the jar giving it an almost edible look to it. Look wise this resembles a body souffle because of the little air pockets in it, but has a more thicker looking structure.

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Whipped Soap Cuddles

Scent. It’s funny how certain scents you just know and immediately recognise. I never used the traditional baby products on my children when they were tiny e.g powders and lotions. But I know what they smell like. Cuddles reminds me of a well known baby lotion. Its clean, it has delicate floral and powdery notes to it and its near identical in scent to the lotion.

Consistency. Texture wise this is quite solid. I expected it to be softer and airy. What it reminded me of was a body butter but not as waxy. It rubbed into my sponge easily so no issues there, and I quite liked how thick this soap was compared to others I’ve used in the past.

In the shower. I used enough to cover half a finger, which then went onto my sponge. I lathered it up under the warm running shower which produced some foam. It cleansed my skin well, but I did go in for a second helping as I felt I needed more to finish off the rest of my body

After use. My skin felt clean but not stripped of any natural oils and seemed very comfortable and quite nourished. The scent of the whipped soap didn’t linger and I couldn’t smell it on myself after my shower.

Additional thoughts? I would have liked more foam. Just a little bit more I think would mean I could have used that touch less, and give more of a pampering feel.

Recommended? I quite enjoyed using this. I loved the scent and texture of this, and felt it did what it needed to do on my skin. For my personal use, this jar would be too small. For it to be practical I would need this to be at least double the size because I would be replacing this way too often. Generous sample size at 60g to try out. And as part of a gift, stocking filler or hamper, this size is great! Overall a lovely introduction to the bath product side of The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie, which I would be happy to try again but more likely to give to others as gifts. Fancy owning your own whipped soap, get your own Cuddles here now for £3.50.

Jenny Makes For You Bath Pop

Late afternoon or evening baths pretty much are part of my daily routine regardless of the weather and temperature. But there’s something more relaxing and enjoyable having one during Autumn and/or Winter. With cooler temperatures and overall Autumnal feel to the days, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to delve into my stash of bath products and I grabbed Jenny Makes For You Bath Pop to use. I bought this with other products some months ago, and it costs £3.50.

Jenny Makes For You Bath Pop

Why this one? I originally bought this because it looked fun and enjoyable to use. But I chose this for my bath time use now because I wanted to use something I thought would be hydrating and soothing to the skin, as I felt my skin needed some extra TLC and pampering.

What’s a Bath Pop? Lollipop in shape and made from cocoa butter with added fragrance, when placed in the bath this will melt to create a bath soak.

How does it look? Roughly about 3 inches in diameter and disc shaped. Dual coloured, with half of it being blue and the other a light raspberry red shade. Slightly domed in shape with a swirled pattern moulded into it giving it texture and a more 3D appearance. It reminds me of the old fashioned style lollipops that have the swirls of different colours running through it. Flat on its underside, with a white lollipop stick in the middle of it.

Scent. Oh my! There’s definitely a chocolate scent to it. It verges closer to dark chocolate with a hint of orange than anything else. It’s not strong or sickly, very pleasant to smell and not the scent you would assume it would be based on how it looks.

How to use. Hold this under warm running water to allow this to melt or swirl it around in a ready filled warm bath.

In the bath. I let the hot water run and held this under it. While the water got hotter, I could see the colour almost running off the bath pop, and the actual shape of it changing and getting smaller as it melted away. It eventually melted so much it came off the stick and plopped into the bath! While looking into the bath, I noticed it was littered with small coloured droplets which looked oil like.

While in the bath, I could feel immediately the now melted cocoa butter was now clinging onto my skin. Perfect opportunity for me to rub this into extra dry areas such as feet, elbows and knees. Those droplets of colour now had merged and were more dark grey by this point, so not quite as pretty as before. The original scent I got when I first took this out to use was there but a little fainter which was fine with me.

R.I.P Bath Pop!

Out of the bath. My skin felt sooooo hydrated! If you’ve ever used raw ingredients such as shea or cocoa butter, you will know there is a greasiness to them. This is what I expected and got and loved it. I didn’t need to apply a body lotion or cream after my bath as my skin didn’t need it. And the hydration and layer of protection it provided lasted a good amount of time after, even when I threw my clothes on.

My top tips to get the best out of the Bath Pop.

  1. Wash and clean your body before using this. I would call this more a treatment rather than a way to cleanse. So if possible jump in the shower with a shower gel, soap etc, have a wash, and then sit in the bath and enjoy this.
  2. Body scrub. Get rid of all dead skin cells so the cocoa butter from this product soaks into fresh and juicy skin and won’t be sitting on old skin cells.
  3. Pat your skin dry. Don’t grab a towel and roughly dry your skin and rub most of this off! Gently pat so the bare minimum of the cocoa butter comes off but your skin will still be covered in melted Bath Pop.

Who is this NOT for? If you want foam and bubbles this isn’t for you! Think of a bath oil and that’s quite close. If you’ve used bath truffles that’s pretty much identical in regards to how it behaves in the bath and what it can do to the skin. But a bubble bath this is not. It also won’t colour the water like a bath bomb will, so not pretty in that sense. And this does leave the bath a little slippy so you would need to take that on board and wash this bath out straight away! It doesn’t stain the bath but will leave a mess. When the cocoa butter content is no longer warmed its not fun to clean up so be warned..

Recommended? I would definitely buy and use this again! This is such a fun bath time piece and why I love Jenny Makes For You as a brand! Pampering should be enjoyable, fun AND affordable and as a brand they very much are so. This is ideal for those who suffer from dry skin and need added moisture in the bath. A great item to give as a gift on its own or as part of something bigger, and doesn’t break the bank!

Want to purchase this bath time treat for yourself or someone else? Grab yours here before they sell out!

Holler & Glow’s Luck Crystal Soap

It’s taken me a while to find this out, but the store Superdrug sell some pretty brilliant brands! I’ve bought lots of bath and beauty products from Superdrug over the last year, most of which at great prices or promotional deals. So I’m always keeping an eye out on new brands sold there. One such brand I’ve recently discovered is called Holler & Glow. Their range includes body mists, masks, bath bombs and soaps. I bought Luck Crystal soap a few months ago when there was a 3 for 2 deal on their products.

Why did I buy this? I tend to use shower and bath gel/creams often but who doesn’t love a bar of soap occasionally? I thought it was affordable, different in look and had good reviews on the website.

Look. This 50g ‘ bar ‘ of soap literally looks like a semi precious stone thanks to it’s crystal like shape and colouring. It isn’t made up of one colour. At the top you can almost see through it and is brown in tone. Running around the middle randomly there are gold stripes which seem to be encased within the soap. And right at the bottom is what I would call a deep, cola brown colour. Overall I found this to be striking in appearance, very appealing to the eye and totally unique if compared to soaps on the market. Size wise it’s around 3 inches in length and 2 inches in width at its widest part. Small but perfectly formed.

Holler & Glow’s Luck Crystal Soap

Scent. I wasn’t too sure what this would smell like based on it’s look alone. But taking this out of it’s plastic wrapper, the scent delicately worked its way out. It has a subtle lemongrass scent to it. Sweet, quite clean in smell and not strong so would provide a pleasant aroma for any sex or age.

In the shower. This foamed up beautifully on a sponge under a warm running shower. It cleaned my body very well without drying my skin out and caused no irritation. The scent coming from this precious item was still very delicate but there while in use, and made using this easy and pleasant at the same time.

I got the smallest hint of this on my skin once out of the shower but it was barely there, which was absolutely fine with me! I didn’t want it’s scent to clash with the body lotion I was going to use straight after.

Recommended? LOVE LOVE LOVE! Visually, this is an absolute stunner! It stands out therefore makes this fun to use. Although not the biggest bar of soap every made, the way its shaped means it cups in the hand perfectly so comfortable to use. And makes a great stocking filler or part of a larger gift to give to others. The scent is perfect strength wise and not offensive for anyone, and I just think its imaginative considering what it actually is. This is one I will be buying again, along with other versions of this in the range, for myself and as small gifts for my lucky friends.

Feeling lucky in making the right purchase? Order your Luck Crystal soap from Superdrug here now. * At the time of writing this post the Holler & Glow range have 1/3 off their products. Happy shopping!*

The Body Shop’s Banana Bath Blend

Anyone that has kept their eyes on my bath and body posts recently will see I’ve developed a bit of a love affair with the brand The Body Shop. Putting to one side the one or two products I used and liked from when I was a teen, its not a range that I’ve particularly thought about until one of my good friends became one of their consultants. She educated and entrapped me by waving bath bombs, home fragrance and all things in between at me through social media and reeled me in hook, line and sinker. And through her I was very lucky to receive one of their new products called a Bath Blend that she kindly sent to me to cheer me up and lift my very sad and exhausted mood at the time. The fragrance I was sent was Banana and its been my bath buddy for the last few evenings.

What’s a bath blend? This particular sub range harnesses the powers of fruit and vegetables. A hydrating, moreish fragranced bath and shower cream that not only combines vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but moisturising and nourishing ingredients such as avocado and coconut oil to provide a decadent and well above average bubble bath.

The Body Shop’s Banana Bath Blend

Packaging. You get 250ml of bath blend in a screw top lidded clear bottle. You can see the bath blend in it, with the labeling complimenting the colour of the blend perfectly with its hues of green, orange, yellow and brown. Very earthy in appearance and strangely enough could easily be mistaken for a milk based drink because of how it looks and its contents. Very appealing!

Scent. Oh my! I was praying this wouldn’t smell artificial and fake and thank god it didn’t! Banana is an odd scent which could go horribly wrong as I don’t feel it’s the easiest scent to create. This smelt to me of chopped up bananas that weren’t quite ripe but close. Drizzled with a touch of honey and a dash of cream thrown on top. Its creamy, sweet but not sickly and has an almost vanilla-esq element to it. Truly beautiful, true to life and not for drinking!.

Consistency and texture. Its not a gel or a traditional bath cream. It’s milky/creamy yellow in colour and has quite a thinnish consistency to it, but not too watery. If you have ever tried a bath milk I would say this is similar when poured out.

In the bath. With its consistency I didn’t need to use much, and under warm running water this lathered up like a dream and created ALOT of foam. Soft, white and fluffy which is just how I like my bubbles, making this bath inviting. Underneath the foam the water was a very pale yellow tint. But goodness it was the scent that got me…..exactly the same as what I got in the bottle, but mixed with warm water in a warm room it truly was beautiful. Not heavy, not too strong, very comforting and yummy and just the perfect scent to help set the scene for a great bathing experience.


On the skin. Very kind and gentle while in and out of the bath. Non drying, no irritation, and I didn’t walk around smelling like a milkshake!

Recommended? I had a feeling I would like this when I saw it being released and I love it! I very much am a bath person especially evening time so for me a kind and gentle formula is needed, but what I want most of the time is foam and scent which is exactly what I got from this. So this gets my seal of approval 100%. Only problem I have now is which one should I try next? Oh sorry…did I not tell you? The Bath Blend comes in not only banana, but also berry, mango and pear! For only £8.00 a bottle you could get one of your 5 a day…well sort of! Visit The Body Shop online here to make an order or try and reach out to one of their consultants who can provide you with your own personal shopping experience.

Treacle Moon’s Marshmallow Hearts Shower & Bath Gel

The great thing about shopping in a supermarket is you literally can pick up anything. A leg of lamb, flat screen TV and various bath and body products ( and of course so much more! ). In 2019, I started to use products from a company called Treacle Moon, which became a very handy discovery when I found their products on a shelf in my local Tesco. So no meat or canned goods in my basket, but in went in Marshmallow Hearts shower & bath gel!

Treacle Moon meet Mybeautywaxstash. I never tried Treacle Moon products before until I received them as gifts for my birthday and Christmas. And I found myself really enjoying using them. So I opted to purchase Marshmallow Hearts because I really wanted a product to use in both shower and bath, and the scent seemed like one I would enjoy.

Treacle Moon’s Marshmallow Hearts Shower & Bath Gel

Packaging. 500ml of gel lives in a plastic bottle with a flip top lid. Clear, so you can see what you get. Labeling is super cute with both sides having product name and brand. But one side has an illustration of a jar of heart shaped marshmallows and on the other a paragraph giving you an imaginative description of what the scent of this gel is.

Texture & look. Although this is a gel it isn’t the typical gel I think of. This is pale pink in colour, not transparent, so makes me think more of a bath or shower cream than a gel. Consistency is a thick liquid, which is what you would expect from this type of product.

Scent. Creamy and sweety like. A mix of marshmallows, milk bottle sweets with a hint of strawberry milkshake and this is the best way I can describe how this smells to me. This could easily be too sweet and synthetic like in scent but it isn’t. It gives you enough sweetness to keep your nostrils happy but not so much you think you will suffer from diabetes!

In the shower & bath. I use this product in both shower and bath equally. In the shower on a sponge it lathered up quickly and produced a lot of foam. In the bath I needed very little and the amount of foam produced by two squirts under warm running water was insane! Full, light, airy, white in colour and long lasting.

On the skin. This cleaned the skin on my body well, left a faint scent to it but not long lasting so no lingering. My skin felt and looked normal after use e.g skin didn’t dried out, irritated, sticky etc.

Recommended? Yes! What I love about this is it’s a little different in look packaging wise compared to similar products on the same shelf which makes it stand out. In regards to the scent, these types of scents are popular but this is a great version and will hold its own compared to others. I really enjoyed using this. It provided a quick, easy and effective shower in the morning and a relaxing, soothing bath in the evening.

This is great for all the family to use as the scent will appeal from the youngest member of the household to the oldest. When I bought this originally it was half price ( £1.50 ), but worthwhile checking special offers as they regularly crop up ( Tesco and Waitrose stock Treacle Moon ).

If you can’t head down to your local store you can buy their products direct from Treacle Moon themselves here. Go on treat yourself…its affordable!x

SBC’s Refreshing Watermelon Shower Gel & Shampoo

So finally in the UK we are getting a taste of Summer! It’s warm, bright and thank goodness dry too. Different seasons tend to draw me to different things. My choices in clothes, fragrances, food and even bath and body products can be determined by the month and weather we’re experiencing. One of my favourite products sitting in my bathroom at the moment is SBC‘s Refreshing Watermelon Shower Gel & Shampoo. I bought this a few months ago in a set from QVC as it was sold at a special price ( known as a Today’s Special Value ).

What do you get? This came in a whopping 1ltre size with a pump action dispenser making using it super easy. This is a formula that can be used in the bath, shower or even on hair as a shampoo.

Appearance & Consistency. Red in colour, semi opaque and is of the typical thickness you would expect from a shower gel or foaming/bubble bath product.

SBC’s Refreshing Watermelon Shower Gel & Shampoo

Scent. This smells gorgeous! Watermelon is an odd scent to even think of let alone describe. So the best way I can describe this product fragrance wise is fruity and berry based, sweet although not sugary and sickly. A perfect fragrance for me!

In the shower or bath. I used this in the shower and found I didn’t need to use much. One pump on a sponge, mixed with water made this lather up so well and easily washed my whole body. In the bath I used a few pumps, and the amount of foam produced was a lot. This created a very foamy and fragrant bathing experience!

On the skin. One thing I noticed with this product was my skin felt very clean after using this without drying it out. It left a faint scent to my skin which is always a nice way to finish off a bath or shower, but it didn’t linger.

Family use. My son uses this in the shower. He’s at an awkward age where bathing isn’t top of his priority list and although he does it, wants it over and done with as quick as possible. But he likes using this because of how much it foams and how it smells.

As a shampoo. This is a bath, shower and shampoo product. But I can’t comment on how this performs on hair. I haven’t used this as a shampoo on my hair or children’s. But its good to know it’s a multi functional product.

4 Piece Summer Collection from QVC

Recommended? This gets a massive thumbs up from me! This is what I call a Summer in a bottle product! This smells great, it works well on the skin and the size makes this ideal for family use. You can purchase this individually direct from SBC’s website from £4.50 for 100ml size here.