Primark’s PS Dream Sleep Bath Foam

I’m probably one of a few people that can say this, but I was never a massive Primark visitor. It just didn’t appeal to me as a shopper, and I would normally only go in there for a few essential items. But when I discovered they had their own skincare and beauty lines on sale, they got me! I can’t wait to visit my local store minus children soon. I want to see what they have available and if there is anything new for me to try. In the meantime I’m going through a few of the pieces I already own, such as PS Dream Lavender & Jasmine Sleep Bath Foam. Was £3.00 originally but I picked it up for £1.00 a few months ago.

Primark’s PS Dream Lavender & Jasmine Sleep Bath Foam

Why did I buy this?

Up til this point I have only tried some of Primark’s skincare products, nothing to do with bath and body. So for a £1.00 I thought it would be a good product to start with. The combination of lavender and jasmine seemed a nice fragrance combination and potentially very relaxing. And I love a good bath so why not?


110ml of bath foam comes in a tall, plastic screw top lidded bottle. The opening of the bottle isn’t massive and to get the bath foam out you need to squeeze and pour. The packaging is simple in look but pleasant. Label is textured and white and lilac in colour. The bottle comes in a box which mirrors the colouring and overall design of the bottle itself. Overall, it’s a decently packaged bath product which I can’t see too many people disliking.


Having a cheeky sniff from directly from the bottle, it’s not going to be a massive surprise to say that this smells of lavender. Lavender can smell very strong AND also quite old fashioned. This isn’t heady in scent or strength. It’s there but not in your face. It does smell like it’s mixed with something else which I find is the way I enjoy lavender. And this has a hint of floral, which I assume is the jasmine element. Overall, it smells lovely enough, it does have that relaxation vibe to it and isn’t offensive. But if you hate lavender chances are this is not going to be for you.


With this being labelled as a bath foam I expected a gel like texture. Thick, glossy but liquid. When I first unscrewed the lid I did think it was odd how small the opening was, but when I squeezed it out I understood why. The consistency of this reminds me somewhat of a bath oil, even the colour of it. It’s quite runny and lose, but if you touch it between the finger tips it’s not greasy but very light in feel.

In the bath.

Under warm running water, I added 3 generous squirts of this. It foamed up slowly, the water remained clear and the foam was very soft and airy. I expected the fragrance to really come into it’s own now added with water and the heat of the bathroom, but unfortunately it didn’t. Barely there and actually very disappointing as I thought it would travel and linger in this room.

Sitting in the bath, it was an ok experience. The foam lasted a decent amount of time. I didn’t particularly feel the bath relaxed me. In fact it was on the boring side. It didn’t dry my skin out or irritate it, but it didn’t moisturise it either. In all honesty I’ve bought foaming baths from supermarkets that I’ve enjoyed much more and better value price and size wise.


I assume this was part of an old stock when I bought this so hope this is why I got the results I did. But no I wouldnt recommened this. And there are a few reasons…

Essentially this is a foam/bubble bath. 110ml for £1.00 at a special price, or £3.00 as standard for me should have given me a better quality of product. So not good value.

The main issue for me is the fragrance. Where was it? Lavender is always hyped up when it comes to relaxation and sleep, so if it’s not there scent wise how can it be called a Sleep Foam? Needs to be stronger. Doesn’t have to blow someone’s head off but be there. And no point in the scent being present while sniffing the bottle, it needs to be present in the bath too.

Because of the size I expected a decent fragrance and an aromatherapy inspired/based bathing experience. What they should have done is kept the same size and made it into a bath oil with more fragrance. That would have been a winner! Or up the size to 250/300ml, throw in a stronger scent and this would have been a better purchase.

So not something I would purchase again if it was available. Shame, as this could have been a great little product in a gift basket, box, ready to give out for a special occasion. BUT I would still want to try out other products from this fragranced range to see if fragrance and quality is any different dependant on product.

Bomb Cosmetics Ring of Roses Soap

The bar of soap. An item that has been bought and used millions of times over the years, but possibly appreciated that little bit more since March 2020. In all honesty, it never has been my favourite product to clean my body with. But with there being so many fragrances, shapes and designs, the bath and body product addict in me is attracted to the occasional bar or two. I was lucky enough to receive as a gift (birthday or Christmas I genuinely can’t remember!) late 2020 a gorgeous Bomb Cosmetics gift set from a friend. Ring of Roses Soap was included in this.

Bomb Cosmetics Ring of Roses Soap

Why did I use this?

I seem to go through so many shower gels. The reason is, I use them for both shower and bath, so they don’t last that long. Having an actual soap is great to use when I’m showering in the morning and time starved because it’s practical and quick. This soap bar looked quirky, and I fancied a change from my current shower & bath product.

The look.

This soap is a vibrant, eye popping shade of purply pink, with black and white swirls running through it (reminds me of liquorice). Very funky and slightly psychedelic! This is also a decent really size. It covers pretty much the palm of my hand. Not too thick, roughly an inch in depth. And not totally square in shape either, giving it a more handmade look and feel. Smooth on all sides and opaque.


I expected this to smell roses, and if I’m honest I’m not a fan of rose. It can be very old fashioned in scent to me, if it’s not the right type of rose. So not sure if this is good or bad, but it didn’t smell of roses. There did seem a touch of floral in there somewhere but very faint. And some other form of essential oil that I can’t put my finger on. But overall the scent wasn’t specific enough so might appeal to many e.g not particularly feminine. So a subtle (as it wasn’t strong) fragrance which was nice enough, but not what I expected. Didn’t match how the soap looked and didn’t wow me.

In the shower.

This lathered up well. Didn’t take much effort using a sponge and water from the shower. The foam was white, quite creamy but not particularly light, fluffy and bubbly. What it did though is clean the skin on my body very well. Easy to rinse off, no strange or sticky residue. I could smell the fragrance while using the soap, but again, it wasn’t strong but still pleasant.

After washing with this, I didn’t feel squeaky clean, just clean. This was perfect and what I wanted! No irritations, no dryness, just clean skin.


I think this is a practical but fun bar of soap. I can see this being a winner for younger people especially, so pre teens and teenagers. It does what it’s supposed to do, looks good and easy and quick to use. Would I buy this myself? No, for a few reasons. Although it looks good it doesn’t quite appeal to me. And the fragrance could have been better. I like using products in the shower that smell nice and although this wasn’t bad, I would have liked something more punchier and have a different scent to it. Remember, this would last awhile considering it’s a soap, so realistically you need to like it a lot before you get too bored of it!

Is this soap bar more in taste with your daily shower or bathing routine? You can grab this for £3.25 here direct from Bomb Cosmetics.

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Coconut Milk Moisturising Bath Soak

Are you a shower or bath person? A shower for me is an act, a bath is an experience! If my bath was poofed away in the middle of the night, I think I would have some form of breakdown! I couldn’t live without mine as I have a bath everyday. Think of a mermaid yanked out of the sea and thrown onto the concrete streets of Manchester city centre. That would be me! My huge stash of bath bombs, bath salts and foaming bath products just wouldn’t exist and that’s not right. One product I’ve been using frequently while the weather has been warm in the UK is Superdrug’s Vitamin E Coconut Milk Moisturising Bath Soak. Bought when on a multi buy deal of buy one get one half price, normal price £3.49 for 500ml.

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Coconut Milk Moisturising Bath Soak

Why did I buy this?

At the time, I ordered quite a few pieces from the Vitamin E range from Superdrug, as there was a buy one get one half price deal on at the time making the products great buys. I ordered this because I love bath soaks/foam baths anyway, I love the scent of coconut and the size of 500ml is pretty much my standard must have size anyway so sold!

What is this?

This bath soak is created to nourish and moisturise the skin, as all of the Vitamin E products are meant to within the range. Providing lather, and leaving the skin in good condition.


500ml of bath soak comes in a neutral toned plastic bottle with a flip top lid to dispense. The look is simple, ties in perfectly with the rest of the range and looks like something you would use on a daily basis. It’s not fancy in appearance but something that the majority of people wouldn’t turn their nose up at.


Beautiful. Love this! Why? It’s a very soothing scent which although does have a coconut milk fragrance to it, it’s delicate and not overally synthetic in smell. Very comforting because it’s creamy, with an almost vanilla-esq addition to it, but not too sweet. Perfectly balanced and enjoyable to inhale.


This looks like a cream bath product and not gel like. It’s creamy, off white in colour with a pearlescent effect appearance, and has a thickness to it. It’s a little runnier than other bath products I normally use. So definitely a bath soak not a bath gel, but closer to a bath cream. But an even better description would be a bath milk!

In the bath.

You don’t to use much, but I’m generous when it comes to using products like this. Under warm running water, this foams up quickly and so well. Lots and lots of white fluffy bubbles were produced, leaving the underneath quite clear in colour. The bubbles/foam lasts a good amount of time, which always makes bath time fun.

The fragrance very much is there from beginning to end. Remember, this isn’t a powerhouse scent wise so doesn’t whack you in the face. It’s just not that type of fragrance. This makes it ideal if you want something that is delicate but soothing and comforting and naturally aides with relaxation.

I found bathing in this totally calming. Bubbles, fragrance and feeling as if my skin wasn’t reacting to this provides an ideal experience.

On my skin.

Very gentle. My skin has settled down a lot after our recent heatwave and it seems pretty normal now. But I was using this while it was easily irritated, sore and itchy, and it was absolutely fine! Didn’t dry out the skin, didn’t make it itchy. Was super safe to use for me.


1000%! Such a simple product but its a lovely one! For the size you get this would last a decent amount of time and great for family use. Lovely scent, bubbles galore and not stripping or irritating on the body (not for me anyway!). And can we discuss the price for one moment? The Vitamin E range seems to be on some form of promotion pretty much every week without fail. Buy one get one half price seems the norm. And this beauty is currently on a buy one get one free (at time of writing this post), so 1000lts for £3.49! Want an understated, affordable but brilliant bath soak? Grab yours here and enjoy.

The Body Shop’s Berry Bath Blend

Warm weather does not put me off when it comes to my evening bathing ritual. Sunny, scorching, 100 degrees outside? I don’t care! No matter what, I will be sat in my bath tub like Ariel swimming under the sea! It’s a part of my daily routine and a way to relax, regardless of feeling as if I’m being poached alive. But with it being Summer, I thought I would drag out a bath product that in my opinion reflects the season because of its fragrance. The Body Shop’s Berry Bath Blend seemed a perfect choice. £8.00 for 250ml.

The Body Shop’s Berry Bath Blend

Why this one?

I’ve used the Banana Bath Blend and loved it. I’m a lover of fruity fragranced products anyway so why not? I have my typical bath and shower gels that I pick up from supermarkets, but then there are times I just want something a little more special, and this is that time and product!

What’s a bath blend?

The Body Shop’s Bath Blends are fairly new products. Released within the last year or two, they are designed of course to go into the bath. Be fragrant, provide foam and nourish the skin without stripping it. Part bath cream, part bath soak.


How this is presented reminds me of when my dad used to buy flavoured milk from the milk man! Although not in a glass bottle ( bath blend is in plastic), it has that old time milk bottle shape but with a screw top lid. Clear, so you can see the colour of the blend. The labeling matches the color of the blend itself. Very appealing and almost drinkable!


Very berry! Strawberry to be more specific! But there’s a little sharpness to the sweetness of this. Also, some creaminess which makes it more balanced and rounder making it delicious in scent. I really want to drink this, as I did with the banana version, but better not!

Look & Consistency.

This is a lovely berry reddish pink colour. Totally opaque. The consistency is very unusual because it’s not a gel or a cream. Like it’s banana fragranced counterpart it reminds me of a milk based drink. Not a thick milkshake, but the more fluid ones.

In the bath.

Under warm running water, this bath blend turned the clear water into a beautiful pink coloured pool. And laying on the top of that produced a decent amount of soft, white, frothy bubbles making this bath very appealing. The fragrance was there and it smelt beautifully, but wished it was a little bit stronger because its so mouth watering and enjoyable to smell.

The bath itself was relaxing. The bubbles lasted a good amount of time and when they left, the bath water stayed pink but more cloudy. On the skin I had no issues, and it didn’t dry out my skin afterwards.


I like this bath blend. But between this and the banana version I’ve used before, the banana wins. Why? It’s more of an unusual fragrance compared to something berry based which is more common in bath products where scent is concerned. It’s a lovely product. Not something I would buy regularly due to price and size but a rare purchase. I would recommend this in a set form to get the best possible price, or if it’s on sale so discounted. But as a regular repeat purchase on it’s own probably not but depends on your budget. As a treat to yourself or for someone else? Absolutely!

If this fruity cocktail is making you thirsty to buy it, you can grab it in person at you local Body Shop store or online here and safe your legs the hassle of walking.

Champneys Health Spa Bubble Heaven Calm

If there are people out there that find relaxing easy, I salute you! It’s not the easiest state of mind to be in these days. Although I find having a bath relaxing, switching off isn’t as easy. My phone tends to be glued to me or a book. But I guess that’s my way of relaxing possibly? Anyway, another bath and a new product to use is a good way to start an early evening. And my product of choice is Champneys Health Spa Bubble Heaven Calm that I received as a Christmas 2020 gift from a friend.

Champneys Health Spa Bubble Heaven Calm

Why did I chose to use this one? Sometimes I head towards my trusted favourite scents and products, sometimes I want something different. This was something new and different. I thought if anything was going to give me a great bathing experience, surely Champneys Health Spa products would do the trick?So I hoped it would be very enjoyable and relaxing in use.

Packaging. A beautiful, simple but very classic look is showcased with this bath product. 300ml ( which is actually a decent size ) is housed in a plastic bottle. Quite chunky in look with a wider than usual screw top lid which I love. Neutral colours ( white and beige ) with hints of black and gold. Label is textured which gives it a more expensive appearance and feel, and all usual information visible on front and back.

Scent. Fresh, clean, earthy thanks to its woody notes with a hint of herbal to it. Not too heady but still packs a punch! Incredibly intoxicating and enjoyable to smell. Personally, I think this is unisex but has more masculine elements to it. But a great one for those who don’t want typical sweet, floral or fruity scents.

In the bath. I poured a small amount of this under warm running water, and I could clearly see this was golden in colour. What I didn’t realise until I looked more closely this actually was GOLDEN in colour! Thick ( but typical in consistency for a bath product like this ), shimmering gold which twinkled..yes twinkled as it came out of the bottle. Beautiful and decadent in look. A small amount of Bubble Heaven created ALOT of soft and white bubbles/foam. The bath water underneath remained clear, colourless and no visible shimmer I could see once the bath was complete.

I have to say this was one of the most relaxing baths I’ve had in a long time. It was the fragrance that did it for me. Totally different to anything I currently own and use, or even have had before. And when I say it put my mind in a great place it really did. The bubbles lasted for ages and the fragrance was there well after my bath had finished. I came out of the bath feeling clean but not dried out, totally chilled, with my skin lightly scented from it.

Who is this not for? This really boils down to preference when it comes to fragrance. Woody, herbal, almost masculine like in scent is how I think of this. If you don’t like these types of notes this isn’t for you! Also if your budget is super tight and you don’t want to spend a significant amount on something you pour into your bath don’t buy this because it’s not a 99p cheapo bubble bath.

Recommended? I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough! The thing with a bubble bath type product is it just needs a few elements to it to make it work. Ideally, you want bubbles, so check. You don’t want it to strip the skin of moisture and dry it out. That’s a big one! And definitely NO irritation. And you want it to smell nice unless it’s fragrance free. So it really is hard to get this kind of product wrong if you follow such a simple formula.

But the quality is obviously there with this one and the scent for me is stunning. It smells expensive and high end. I’m making it my mission to buy as much of this range as possible when I can afford it! And dare I say this is my favourite bubble bath ( calling it this seems SO wrong! ) I’ve used this year if not for the last couple?

If you want to get hold of your very own Heaven in a bottle, it’s available in various places on the high street and online. But be warned! This isn’t the cheapest to buy! 500ml costs £12.00 from Boots, who at time of writing this post are doing a 3 for 2 deal on the range which could save on the pennies and pounds. But can I add, I personally feel it’s worth the price its fabulous!

Treacle Moon’s Gentle Powder Love Shower & Bath Gel

Guess one of my pet hates? Running low on something! Hate it! It’s bad enough if its food or drink as an example. But even WORSE when it’s a product I use on my skin. Imagine my despair when I noticed my bath and shower gels looking pathetically low in their bottles, on the side of my bath? So on top of my shopping list last week was to buy something to use in the bath and shower. I picked up Treacle Moon’s Gentle Powder Love Shower & Bath Gel from Tesco for £1.99, while doing a small top up grocery shop.

Treacle Moon’s Gentle Powder Love Shower & Bth Gel

Why did I buy this one? I’ve used products from Treacle Moon before and been very happy with them. Normally I would get them from Tesco, but a certain pandemic has limited my time and places to shop in. But when I got the chance to visit my local store recently, I thought it was a good idea to pick up and try one I hadn’t used before. And guessing what this smelt like, I thought it would be a good product for my son to use too.

Packaging. 500ml of shower and bath gel comes in a clear plastic bottle with a flip top lid. There is a little paragraph on the side, which for me conjures up how the fragrance of this is supposed to make you feel. A cute picture on the other side completes it. These details always catches my eye when I see these bottles and draws me in to inspect. Overall a great look to their packaging which is modern, interesting and cute!

Scent. This reminds me so much of baby lotion. That clean sent with slight powdery notes to it and the smallest hint of floral. This was subtle and not overpowering and very easy on the nose. The fragrance side isn’t typical for standard shower and bath gels, which is bonus. And its one of those fragrances that universally the majority of people will like it.

Look & consistency. The colour of this is baby blue, which I think is perfect considering the scent and the name of this product. Looks creamy in appearance, shiny and smooth. Consistency is what I would expect which is fluid but with a slight thickness to it.

In the bath. I squirted a small amount of this under warm running water, and it slowly created ALOT of foam. The water had a slight pale blue tint to it but pretty much was overrun by mounds of white, fluffy, soft bubbles. The bubbles lasted as long as my bath did. The scent was there and very delicate. My time spent in the bath was relaxing and super pleasant, which is what a good quality bath product should create.

In the shower. Lathered up beautifully on a sponge. Soft and creamy which is what I want when using something in the shower. Didn’t need to use much and my skin felt clean and fresh once finished.

On my skin. In and out of the bath my skin was perfectly normal. No issues and not dried out or irritated in the slightest.

Recommended? Totally! The formulation of Treacle Moon’s shower & bath gels mean you get exactly what you need from this type of product. It cleans the skin without stripping it, creates foam and has a lovely fragrance. Price wise it’s not expensive. You get 500ml which will last a good amount of time. And it’s one of those rare affordable products that actually look great as a gift and looks more expensive than what it is!

Want to get your hands ( and body ) all over Gentle Powder Love? There are a few ways and places you can buy it. You can go direct to Treacle Moon here and it costs £3.00 ( yes, it’s less in Tesco so bare that in mind ). Bonus though is they have all their range on there and delivery is free with a £15.00 spend. You can pick this up ( dependant on store and stock levels ) from Tesco instore or online. Waitrose also stock this range too. Happy shopping!

Chloe’s Make Up Ari Grand Soap Sponge

Shower/bath gels and creams. Soaps. Is that all that’s available to clean ourselves with in the shower or/and bath? Nope! These are the standard products you can pick up in your local supermarket and discount store. Even a body/skincare company/shop will sell these. Everywhere sells them! But what other products are there to use? Quite a few you may or may not be aware of, but one is a soap sponge. Soap sponges are something I’ve been using for the past few years, and I was lucky enough to receive a selection from Chloe’s Make Up as a competition prize last year. My first soap sponge I used was called Ari Grand.

Chloe’s Make Up Ari Grande Soap Sponge

What’s a soap sponge? Most people will use a sponge in the shower or bath, and add something onto it like a shower gel to it to wash their body with. A soap sponge already has this infused into it so shower, or bathe and go!

Why did I go for this one? I gifted some of these to friends as I like sharing the love, so only had two left. This one is inspired by a perfume fragrance and although I’m not familiar with the actual fragrance itself, I guessed it would be quite pretty in scent and highly enjoyable to use.

Appearance. This looks like any other soap sponge. As long as my hand, slightly rounded edges but rectangular in shape. One side is smooth and the other has the exfoliating lumps and bumps which you will either love and use a lot, or avoid! Pale pink in colour, and came plastic wrapped with company and fragrance name on the front, and ingredients and other details on the back.

Scent. Beautiful! Definitely a youthful feminine floral which has a slight sweetness to it ( think of how marshmallows smells like or similar ) with a hint of a powdery note thrown in there too.

Texture. Before use don’t be alarmed to find this to be very solid. It’s not soft sponge like, like the normal ones you pick up from the shop. So be warned it’s more brick than anything else.

How to use and how to look after it. As you would use a normal sponge but see below in regards to my experience. Once used leave to dry out, don’t allow it to remain wet when not in use.

In the shower. Think of a raisin and you want it to become a plump grape, it needs hydrating. This needs to be in contact with water. I let the water from my shower soak into it. That’s when the texture started to change and it becomes less hard and slightly softer. As it got softer this is when I started to use this as I would a normal sponge, and it lathered up brilliantly. Soft, white, cream like bubbles came from it so after a short amount of time I was covered in the stuff! The scent was there throughout, and it was super easy to rinse off leaving my skin feeling soft, clean and ready to continue with my day.

On the skin. No issues in regards to dryness, irritation etc. I didn’t expect this to be moisture giving as I don’t think it’s quite that type of product, but it didn’t strip me of moisture. What it did do, was really REALLY clean my skin! After using this I ran a bath so I could soak into it straight away, and I saw dirt! I didn’t think I needed a scrub so badly but I obviously did.

Recommended? I LOVE SOAP SPONGES so its a yes from me! I like how much foam this produced, I loved the scent. And I loved how effective this was in regards to cleaning my skin which is important. General use, gift ideas, this gets a thumbs up. How many uses this has I honestly can’t tell you because I mix up my bath and shower products regularly. But at a guess easily up to 2 weeks if not longer. A really good quality soap sponge that ticks every box for me.

£3.50 is what this designer scented soap sponge costs which is fantastic value for this type of item. Want to wash like a Pop Princess? Visit the website here for am affordable piece of bathing luxury!

The Rose & Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Whipped Soap Cuddles

Who doesn’t like a one stop shop? I always shop around online or in physical stores to get the best prices for top quality products. But to be able to find a place that sells different things that you equally love is literally heaven! After purchasing wax melts from a vendor called The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie and being very impressed by them, imagine my delight when I found they sold bath products too! I bought a variety of bath bomb type products and whipped soaps a few months ago, including the whipped soap in the fragrance of Cuddles.

Why did I order this? At the time all the bath products were on sale so reduced in price and great value. Perfect time to try them out and to buy some as gifts. I already love whipped soaps so needed no convincing! The fragrance Cuddles I thought would make a nice change from what I already had scent wise on my bathroom shelf.

Packaging. 60g of whipped soap comes in a screw top plastic jar. A simple label on the front and an ingredients label on the bottom.

Appearance. Almost a raspberry ripple two tone look going on, but blue and white instead of pink and cream. Beautifully and simply piped into the jar giving it an almost edible look to it. Look wise this resembles a body souffle because of the little air pockets in it, but has a more thicker looking structure.

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Whipped Soap Cuddles

Scent. It’s funny how certain scents you just know and immediately recognise. I never used the traditional baby products on my children when they were tiny e.g powders and lotions. But I know what they smell like. Cuddles reminds me of a well known baby lotion. Its clean, it has delicate floral and powdery notes to it and its near identical in scent to the lotion.

Consistency. Texture wise this is quite solid. I expected it to be softer and airy. What it reminded me of was a body butter but not as waxy. It rubbed into my sponge easily so no issues there, and I quite liked how thick this soap was compared to others I’ve used in the past.

In the shower. I used enough to cover half a finger, which then went onto my sponge. I lathered it up under the warm running shower which produced some foam. It cleansed my skin well, but I did go in for a second helping as I felt I needed more to finish off the rest of my body

After use. My skin felt clean but not stripped of any natural oils and seemed very comfortable and quite nourished. The scent of the whipped soap didn’t linger and I couldn’t smell it on myself after my shower.

Additional thoughts? I would have liked more foam. Just a little bit more I think would mean I could have used that touch less, and give more of a pampering feel.

Recommended? I quite enjoyed using this. I loved the scent and texture of this, and felt it did what it needed to do on my skin. For my personal use, this jar would be too small. For it to be practical I would need this to be at least double the size because I would be replacing this way too often. Generous sample size at 60g to try out. And as part of a gift, stocking filler or hamper, this size is great! Overall a lovely introduction to the bath product side of The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie, which I would be happy to try again but more likely to give to others as gifts. Fancy owning your own whipped soap, get your own Cuddles here now for £3.50.

Jenny Makes For You Bath Pop

Late afternoon or evening baths pretty much are part of my daily routine regardless of the weather and temperature. But there’s something more relaxing and enjoyable having one during Autumn and/or Winter. With cooler temperatures and overall Autumnal feel to the days, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to delve into my stash of bath products and I grabbed Jenny Makes For You Bath Pop to use. I bought this with other products some months ago, and it costs £3.50.

Jenny Makes For You Bath Pop

Why this one? I originally bought this because it looked fun and enjoyable to use. But I chose this for my bath time use now because I wanted to use something I thought would be hydrating and soothing to the skin, as I felt my skin needed some extra TLC and pampering.

What’s a Bath Pop? Lollipop in shape and made from cocoa butter with added fragrance, when placed in the bath this will melt to create a bath soak.

How does it look? Roughly about 3 inches in diameter and disc shaped. Dual coloured, with half of it being blue and the other a light raspberry red shade. Slightly domed in shape with a swirled pattern moulded into it giving it texture and a more 3D appearance. It reminds me of the old fashioned style lollipops that have the swirls of different colours running through it. Flat on its underside, with a white lollipop stick in the middle of it.

Scent. Oh my! There’s definitely a chocolate scent to it. It verges closer to dark chocolate with a hint of orange than anything else. It’s not strong or sickly, very pleasant to smell and not the scent you would assume it would be based on how it looks.

How to use. Hold this under warm running water to allow this to melt or swirl it around in a ready filled warm bath.

In the bath. I let the hot water run and held this under it. While the water got hotter, I could see the colour almost running off the bath pop, and the actual shape of it changing and getting smaller as it melted away. It eventually melted so much it came off the stick and plopped into the bath! While looking into the bath, I noticed it was littered with small coloured droplets which looked oil like.

While in the bath, I could feel immediately the now melted cocoa butter was now clinging onto my skin. Perfect opportunity for me to rub this into extra dry areas such as feet, elbows and knees. Those droplets of colour now had merged and were more dark grey by this point, so not quite as pretty as before. The original scent I got when I first took this out to use was there but a little fainter which was fine with me.

R.I.P Bath Pop!

Out of the bath. My skin felt sooooo hydrated! If you’ve ever used raw ingredients such as shea or cocoa butter, you will know there is a greasiness to them. This is what I expected and got and loved it. I didn’t need to apply a body lotion or cream after my bath as my skin didn’t need it. And the hydration and layer of protection it provided lasted a good amount of time after, even when I threw my clothes on.

My top tips to get the best out of the Bath Pop.

  1. Wash and clean your body before using this. I would call this more a treatment rather than a way to cleanse. So if possible jump in the shower with a shower gel, soap etc, have a wash, and then sit in the bath and enjoy this.
  2. Body scrub. Get rid of all dead skin cells so the cocoa butter from this product soaks into fresh and juicy skin and won’t be sitting on old skin cells.
  3. Pat your skin dry. Don’t grab a towel and roughly dry your skin and rub most of this off! Gently pat so the bare minimum of the cocoa butter comes off but your skin will still be covered in melted Bath Pop.

Who is this NOT for? If you want foam and bubbles this isn’t for you! Think of a bath oil and that’s quite close. If you’ve used bath truffles that’s pretty much identical in regards to how it behaves in the bath and what it can do to the skin. But a bubble bath this is not. It also won’t colour the water like a bath bomb will, so not pretty in that sense. And this does leave the bath a little slippy so you would need to take that on board and wash this bath out straight away! It doesn’t stain the bath but will leave a mess. When the cocoa butter content is no longer warmed its not fun to clean up so be warned..

Recommended? I would definitely buy and use this again! This is such a fun bath time piece and why I love Jenny Makes For You as a brand! Pampering should be enjoyable, fun AND affordable and as a brand they very much are so. This is ideal for those who suffer from dry skin and need added moisture in the bath. A great item to give as a gift on its own or as part of something bigger, and doesn’t break the bank!

Want to purchase this bath time treat for yourself or someone else? Grab yours here before they sell out!

Holler & Glow’s Luck Crystal Soap

It’s taken me a while to find this out, but the store Superdrug sell some pretty brilliant brands! I’ve bought lots of bath and beauty products from Superdrug over the last year, most of which at great prices or promotional deals. So I’m always keeping an eye out on new brands sold there. One such brand I’ve recently discovered is called Holler & Glow. Their range includes body mists, masks, bath bombs and soaps. I bought Luck Crystal soap a few months ago when there was a 3 for 2 deal on their products.

Why did I buy this? I tend to use shower and bath gel/creams often but who doesn’t love a bar of soap occasionally? I thought it was affordable, different in look and had good reviews on the website.

Look. This 50g ‘ bar ‘ of soap literally looks like a semi precious stone thanks to it’s crystal like shape and colouring. It isn’t made up of one colour. At the top you can almost see through it and is brown in tone. Running around the middle randomly there are gold stripes which seem to be encased within the soap. And right at the bottom is what I would call a deep, cola brown colour. Overall I found this to be striking in appearance, very appealing to the eye and totally unique if compared to soaps on the market. Size wise it’s around 3 inches in length and 2 inches in width at its widest part. Small but perfectly formed.

Holler & Glow’s Luck Crystal Soap

Scent. I wasn’t too sure what this would smell like based on it’s look alone. But taking this out of it’s plastic wrapper, the scent delicately worked its way out. It has a subtle lemongrass scent to it. Sweet, quite clean in smell and not strong so would provide a pleasant aroma for any sex or age.

In the shower. This foamed up beautifully on a sponge under a warm running shower. It cleaned my body very well without drying my skin out and caused no irritation. The scent coming from this precious item was still very delicate but there while in use, and made using this easy and pleasant at the same time.

I got the smallest hint of this on my skin once out of the shower but it was barely there, which was absolutely fine with me! I didn’t want it’s scent to clash with the body lotion I was going to use straight after.

Recommended? LOVE LOVE LOVE! Visually, this is an absolute stunner! It stands out therefore makes this fun to use. Although not the biggest bar of soap every made, the way its shaped means it cups in the hand perfectly so comfortable to use. And makes a great stocking filler or part of a larger gift to give to others. The scent is perfect strength wise and not offensive for anyone, and I just think its imaginative considering what it actually is. This is one I will be buying again, along with other versions of this in the range, for myself and as small gifts for my lucky friends.

Feeling lucky in making the right purchase? Order your Luck Crystal soap from Superdrug here now. * At the time of writing this post the Holler & Glow range have 1/3 off their products. Happy shopping!*