Lacura Hemp Hand Cream

I really wish I could go into a shop and just buy what I went in for. But no…it never happens! I needed bread and milk while visiting Aldi recently and came out with Christmas projectors, bath bombs and a hand cream! So my current hand cream I’m now using is from their Lacura range and it’s called Hemp Intense Hand Preserver Hand Cream.

Why did I buy this? Besides the fact I think I have a shopping problem it was something new! Never saw this product before, it intrigued me and I thought I actually needed another hand cream. Not a light textured hand cream but one packed with moisture as my hands have been quite dry recently. Hemp is an ingredient I’ve heard good things and the price was only £1.49 so why not?

What does this supposed to do? This is designed to moisturise the driest of hands while keeping them maintained and protected.

Packaging. 65ml of hand cream is housed in a typical screw top lid tube which you see many hand creams packaged in. Colouring is quite Autumnal ( greens, reds, oranges, ) with leave patterns all over. Quite eye catching and appealing to look at.

Lacura Hemp Intense Hand Preserver Hand Cream

Scent. This smells of plants. Or at least that’s the closest thing I can match it to. Not flowers but plants. Its not mixed with anything else, so to me the fragrance is a little on the bland side but not offensive but not interesting either. I don’t love it and don’t hate it as its not bad, but its not great either. I’m just grateful it’s not strong. But overall I’m not keen on how this smells.

Texture. When I squeezed this out for the first time I knew it wasn’t going to be a light textured hand product. It literally held it’s shape while coming out like a worm! Quite thick but not too solid, and is the fainest of shade of green.

On the hands. I didn’t need to use much of this because of it’s consistency. Enough to cover half of a fingertip I would say is what I’ve been using per application. I found that despite it’s thickness this rubbed in very easily. Immediately I could feel an almost waxy like feel to this. Not sticky, greasy but a little waxy. Looking down on my hands it gave them a slight shine but in quite a natural way. Not only did they look a little more vibrant they felt more moisturised too but not in a heavy way, and more protected.

The inside of my hands didn’t feel tacky, and on the whole I could continue using my hands as normal. But personally I’ve avoided driving straight after using this just in case my grip on the wheel isn’t quite the same as usual.

Over time. If you have to wash or santise your hands regularly, lets be honest that’s more occasions for your hands to dry out. So I never expected to use this once during the day and that’s it! I use this a few times a day when I felt I need it if my hands look dry or/and feel tight. I’ve used this for a week now and I would say my hands have gotten drier less frequently, they look better and are in better condition. And to add, the fragrance isn’t distracting on the hands. I can smell it but it’s not very noticeable.

Recommended? Absolutely! Why? Because it does what it says on the packaging. It’s ideal for dry hands. It stopped mine from getting worse by giving it a massive dose of hydration and protected them too. It comes in a decent size of 65ml, nice looking packaging and it’s only £1.49! What is there NOT to like about this? Well… the scent of it but I can live with that! I love the fact I can do my food shopping, and throw something like this in the basket and it doesn’t break the bank!

How long this will be around for I have no idea. Personally, next time I’m in I’m buying a few of these to put away to use when my hands really need it. If your hands are suffering whether its due to weather, central heating or the hand washing and using gel to clean your hands regularly, this will be your best friend! Available in store and online.

Aveeno Moisturising Lotion

I have various body care products in my stash. Body butters, body creams, oils, you name it I’ve got it or had it! All serve different purposes but mainly to moisturise my skin. But occasionally I need something more or should I say my skin needs something more. One product that is religiously to hand to use is my Aveeno Moisturising Lotion.

The backstory. I’m a psoriasis sufferer and my daughter when younger had severe eczema. My skin issues have pretty much been mild and manageable whereas my daughter’s journey with her skin has been much more difficult. So skin conditions and treating them is something through trial and error I’ve learnt about. My skin issues have always been on designated areas on the body, but years ago I found my face was extremely dry and no matter what I put on it that’s how it always felt! ( although didn’t look it ). A chat with my doctor made her suggest using this and I’ve been using it ever since.

Aveeno Moisturising Lotion

What is this designed to do? This lotion is designed for sensitive and dry skin. Suitable for babies from 3 months old right up to adults. Created to provide long lasting moisture to the skin. And helping to stop moisture from going out of the skin by giving it a protective barrier.

Packaging. This lotion comes in different sizes, mine is 500ml. Housed in a slightly curved cream coloured plastic bottle with green flip top lid. I mention the colouring because it fits in well with the idea of it being nourishing, wholesome, even natural to a degree. All the information you would expect is on the front and back.

How to use. Apply straight after a bath or shower.

Consistency & Scent. Off white in colour and typical lotion texture. Smooth, not runny but loose enough to use. There’s no real scent to this so another plus point for those with sensitive or problematic skin.

On the skin. I literally use this all over. Sometimes from my face right down to my feet. You don’t need to use too much of this. If you do it may take awhile to sink into the skin and you have to rub it in more than usual. But I use a generous blob for my whole body, and it takes very little time to work its way into over my body.

It leaves the skin looking matt but you can feel there is something on it. If I touch my arm as an example, it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy but there’s definitely a light layer on there. This makes my skin feel soft, smooth and moisturised. And because of this, I can throw on my clothes straight after application. Overall my body rarely feels dry and I put it down to using this constantly. The only areas where I can feel or see it is, is if I have psoriasis patches. But that’s expected and these areas are extremely small and localised anyway.

On the face. Every so often I will use this as a face cream not just as a body lotion. Recently my face has felt very dry regardless of the good quality face products I’ve applied to it. So I’ve gone back to basics and use this as a facial moisturiser. No shine on my face so completely matt, but doesn’t look dull and lifeless which is perfect for a face cream. Does my skin feel less dry and tight? Totally! I’ve used this day and night on my face for the last couple of days and I really can feel my skin feeling much more normal and hydrated.

Does this improve my skin condition? The best way I can describe this is it doesn’t improve my skin condition as such but it definitely hydrates my skin and importantly provides quite a long lasting barrier to keep moisture locked in. This is why I use this on my daughter as well as her body lotion morning and night. It doesn’t irritate my skin ( or hers ), it keeps it supple and smooth and this feeling is long lasting. My problem areas tend to need a steroid cream to keep it at bay but this lotion plays a massive part in keeping my skin healthy.

Recommended? I can’t recommend this product enough! What’s important to say is if someone is wanting to use this because they have a skin condition, it may or may not help control it. We’ve all been down the road of trying various lotions and potions and what works for one may not work for another. I don’t use this to get rid of my psoriasis, I use this to make sure my skin doesn’t dry out or be irritated and that works. For someone who suffers from dry skin they will love this, especially if they don’t like heavy and greasy textures.

It’s not the cheapest body lotion on the market, but it’s worth every penny! It’s available from many places such as supermarkets, chemists, discount stores etc. On average for the 300ml bottle, this costs just under £8.00. To get the best value I would suggest checking out a discount store that stocks this as it does tend to be a few pounds cheaper!

Nivea’s Beeswax Hand Cream

Everyone’s hands have been through a lot over the last 5 months. To fight this awful virus that’s been thrown upon us, washing hands thoroughly has been highlighted as being important, and if not possible to sanitize them. And goodness wash and sanitize I have! So much so at one stage I thought my hands would break off. And that’s when a decent hand cream is needed. Nivea’s Beeswax hand cream was given to me as a gift, which I’ve been using for the past few weeks

What is this supposed to do? Like all hand cream’s this is designed to stop your hands from drying out. By not only protecting them but adding moisture. This formulation is supposed to provide this result all day, in fact 24hrs, as the packaging states.

Nivea Beeswax Hand cream

Packaging. 75ml of hand cream is stored within a white plastic tube. Screw top lid, with the well known navy coloured Nivea logo visible on it, an illustration of beeswax indicating the scent/version it is and relevant information on back e.g ingredients. Simple, clear and very much is part of the packaging appearance and style of the brand overall.

Scent. I would describe this as being quite sweet in fragrance, with a honey aspect to it but not identical. It has a delicate powdery background to it, making it more clean than syrupy scented. Very pleasant.

Consistency/appearance. White in colour, with a texture which is very similar to a body lotion and is smooth in consistency.

Nivea Beeswax Hand cream consistency

Applying. My hands have improved greatly over the last few months, so the dryness has settled down. I apply this when my hands feel tight, and more so at home as its more convenient to grab it than to use at work, which isn’t practical most of the time. I use about half of the size of a 5p per application.

After application. There definitely was a look and feel of my hands being moisturised once it had been applied. My hands didn’t look greasy. In fact they almost looked matt. But the colour of my hands looked less dull and ashy. Not only did they not look greasy but they didn’t feel it either. There was definitely some form of protective barrier on them as I could feel it, but it didn’t stop me using my hands freely e.g driving.

As time went on. After initially applying the hand cream and getting on with my day, my hands were no worse over time but did feel as if they needed more of it to be applied to give my hands the luster they received when I first used it. One thing that I think stayed the same was the light scent left on my hands.

Reccommended? If the condition of your hands is normal, or you just want a hand cream to use if and when needed and you have no real issues, this would do the job. This is a decent and standard size for a hand cream so will last a while. Can be bought cheaply and the scent is nice. For me I would prefer a richer texture which really cocooned my hands for longer. So not my favourite hand cream but is a decent one.

Can be purchased from a variety of places online and instore, such as Wilko, Home Bargains and Amazon. Prices range from £1.00 to £2.50.

Jenny Makes For You Strawberry Cheesecake Sugar Body Scrub

I know many of us have been dying to get into a physical shop to buy non essential items in the UK but not me! Well…not most of the time. I work in retail and have done so non stop during this pandemic so I see the good, the bad and the ugly of physical retail therapy. So if I can order online and save my time and sanity perfect. If I can get a good deal price wise, even better. And if I can purchase hand made products from a small business AND its local to me I’m willing to do a happy dance. So when one of the bath and body product businesses I stalk, sorry I mean follow on Instagram, did a sale recently and I also found they were based in Manchester like myself it was a sign! Buy buy buy! One out of the two products I ordered from locally based Jenny Makes For You was their Strawberry Cheesecake Sugar Body Scrub which cost £5.10 ( instead of £8.50 ).

Why this? I’ve had my eye on this vendor’s products for ages ( yet again the evils of Instagram strike! ) but I haven’t NEEDED anything. What I found I did need was a a body scrub and I timed it perfectly as this was on sale at a special price. The actual scent and name is completely me as I love foodie inspired products and especially those that appeal to my sweet tooth and love of sweet smelling scents.

What’s this supposed to do? This is a rich sugar based scrub with cocoa butter and coconut oil. So with these ingredients this will provide a hardworking and effective body scrub, while hydrating the skin during and after use.

Jenny Makes For You Strawberry Cheesecake Sugar Body Scrub

Packaging. You get 240g of scrub in a lidded plastic tub. The labeling tells you and shows you through pictures and words exactly what you are getting, and overall gives this product a fun and simple feel before you even remove the lid.

Appearance. Oh my! Dribble dribble… this is one of those products you need to double check you apply it to the skin on your body and not shovel in your mouth! Why? It LOOKS just like a cheesecake! If you look at the side of the packaging ( its clear ) you can see two distinctive layers. You have the base which colour and texture wise looks just like the biscuit base of a cheesecake, and the top layer same texture but pink in colour. So when I took off the lid, of course this is a scrub, so the pink section isn’t whipped or cream like but a jam packed scrub which was identical to the bottom.

Texture. Lots and lots of very fine grains. Think of caster sugar consistency. Its not a totally dry sugar scrub as I could feel a light coating of some sort, but it doesn’t sit in a pot full of oil and grease.

Scent. Strawberry, fruity, sweet but not too syrupy is the first thing I got when I smelt this scrub. What I was quite pleased with is it didn’t hit me very strongly when I took off the lid. Sometimes less is more, and I wanted to smell this more in use rather than in its packaging. Also, doesn’t help with my hayfever that smells ( more so strong ones ) create a game of Russian Roulette to what will sit well with me or not, which this wasn’t a problem at all. I did mention that this scrub is dual layered. The bottom layer had a different scent to it compared to the top, and I could only get this once I scooped some of the product out to use. It reminded me a little of the smell of a Jaffa cake but nice ( I hate Jaffa cakes they are the devil’s work ). A light citrus element from orange, a little vanilla which gives it a distinctive bakery scent especially combined with the strawberry. All elements delicate but obvious, and really enjoyable to smell.

In the shower. I used this scrub on wet skin while in the shower, and took out a decent amount that covered three fingertips and applied it to the top half of my body, and then delved in for a little more for the rest of me. It spread over damp skin easily, and I could feel the grains of sugar working against it providing an exfoliating action. The scent was there which I loved, which made this a pleasure not a chore.

On the skin. After I applied this being the lazy person I am, I already had a tub full of water ready for me to slip into so I could gently rinse this off. Once it was off I was surprised how soft and silky my skin felt, as if I had just put on a dry oil…but in the bath. Out of the bath and after my body was dried it still felt silky soft, highly moisturised but not greasy. I could even detect the scent on my skin too which was very light but still delicious.

Overall? This is a beautiful scrub. The scent and the look of it is fun but it’s still a hard working product. It does everything you want a scrub to do to the skin and is enjoyable to use and these combined elements mean I would buy this again in a heartbeat! This is one of those products I already have various friends in mind to buy for as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. This maybe my first purchase from Jenny Makes For You but its not my last! Find them on Etsy selling lots of different bath and products here now.

The Body Shop’s Warm Vanilla Body Scrub

It doesn’t take much for most of us to travel back in time without a TARDIS to our younger days, a different time and possibly a place too. When I think of the young teenage me my memories consist of particular things. As an example… making my own mix tapes, posters on my walls and covering myself with either Dewberry or Vanilla fragrance oils from The Body Shop. These scents were important to me. So to say I was obsessed by their oils is an understatement. 20 plus years later I’ve reintroduced myself to the brand, and discovered they don’t just make and sell oils but loads of other goodies too! My love for vanilla has never died away, and this is why I received Warm Vanilla Body Scrub by The Body Shop as a birthday present from a dear friend.

A one off. Warm Vanilla was brought out in 2019 as a limited edition scent to their range, which already makes it quite special in its own right and not available to the public indefinitely.

The Body Shop’s Warm Vanilla Scrub

Packaging. 250g of product poured into a clear tub with a beautiful label on the lid with pictures of vanilla pods and flowers dotted over it. Very festive in look with added silver detailing making this visually a great gift giving purchase.

What lies inside. When I unscrewed the lid for the first time it reminded me of opening a jar of honey. The colour of this scrub could resemble honey, or liquid caramel or toffee, as its so rich and looks like something you should eat ( but please don’t ). You can just about see its not totally smooth in consistency as it looks a little grainy, but really does look inviting.

Scent. There’s no mistaking this is vanilla! Warm, sweet and comforting. At the same time a slight muskiness is there, giving it the same type of depth that a musk type of scent gives to a perfume. And somewhere in the middle of this is a faint floral. So…add all these together, yes its vanilla but not quite as you know it. Not your typical sugary, synthetic version in the slightest but a moreish, sophisticated and gorgeous, clever fragrance.

Consistency. There are lots of grains in this scrub, but not so much where you feel its solid. These perfectly sized grains of sugar are living happily in an almost serum like oil. Its not a sloppy mixture but its easy to take what you need and apply to the body and loose enough to move freely over the skin.

Using in the shower. Some scrubs I would apply on damp skin this I didn’t. I wanted to feel and enjoy the oiliness of this product direct onto dry skin. From the top of my shoulders to my feet this was applied to. The grains in the scrub didn’t feel harsh but definitely did the job you would expect from this type of product. The scent really made me enjoy this process even more adding to my satisfaction.

After use. Skin super soft, not dry but felt hydrated, slightly scented ( I could smell it a few hours after using it on myself ). Not strong but there and lovely! No irritation which is very important for me right now ( I’m a psoriasis sufferer and all the naughty foods and drinks I ate over Christmas really caught up on me! ).

My top tip. To get the most out of this scrub and upgrade it from exfoliating to more of a treatment, I would suggest to use this while in the shower then slip into the bath straight after its been applied. That’s what I did and it was perfection.

Recommended? This is heavenly! I really can’t praise this scrub enough. If you are a vanilla lover like me you will automatically love this. If you love your body scrubs in general you will love this as it’s a fantastic, luxurious scrub that does what its supposed to do but is enjoyable to use and makes the skin feel so soft and supple and fragrances it too is a bonus.

** At time of writing this post. Limited edition so bare this in mind…..AND HALF PRICE!! Down from £15.00 to £7.50 which is amazing. Buy yours direct from their website here or place an order with one of their consultants (subject to availability). You know you want to…..

Tranquility Cosmetics Baby Powder Type Sugar Scrub

There are certain things I wouldn’t skip when it comes to a body or face care routine. Something to cleanse the body and face is a must firstly! Who wants dirty skin? I don’t! And of course something to add moisture to it…because dry skin on any part of the body is not good. But one thing I do miss out on and I am ashamed to admit it is a scrub. Facial scrubs I’m getting better with, body scrubs I’m getting worse with. If it’s there I will use it occasionally, if its not then obviously I won’t. And that’s why I purchased a sugar scrub in a baby powder inspired scent from Tranquility Cosmetics.

Tranquility Cosmetics. Never tried them before but a few friends had, so I decided to order various products to try out. Manchester based ( yay! ), they sell everything from bath bombs, bubble bars, wax melts, scrubs and more. For me this was a one stop shop to stock up on some treats. I zoomed in on the scrub because I kept thinking how much harder my body products would work and be more effective if used alongside a scrub and that hopefully would mean a better conditioned skin on my body. So I ordered at the budget busting price of £3.50!

Packaging. 200ml of scrub sits in a plastic tub with a screw top lid. Simple labeling with all relevant information around it such as product name, scent, ingredients etc.

Tranquility Cosmetics Baby Powder Type Sugar Scrub

Consistency/texture. I would say it’s similar to caster sugar. Its soft when you touch it, the grains don’t look big or feel very rough but you can see its made up of the smallest sized crystal like grains ever. If you rub it between your fingers it feels very very fine. This is dry textured.

Super fine sugar scrub!

Fragrance. When you think of a baby powder type scent you think of something which is clean, fresh and comforting which you get from this. Very similar to what its inspired by but not as heady and strong. But it is strong enough for you to recognise the scent, and enjoy it.

On the skin. I used this in the bath. I chilled in the bath for awhile, cleansed my face while I was sat in there. Then I used about a palm full of scrub and rubbed it into the body, starting with legs, torso then arms. I could feel the grains, and with my body at this point being damp these grains glided over the skin and I could feel the exfoliating action. They didn’t feel rough, and depending on the pressure I applied when rubbing this over my skin, I could make this as soft or as hard as needed. What I liked about this scrub is after awhile the majority of this dissolved, leaving my skin feeling as if something was on it but not greasy or sticky or oily. After using this I sat back into the bath and continued to soak, while washing away the tiniest bit of residue off myself.

I have to say my skin felt so soft and smooth after I dried myself off. And it was so enjoyable to use as well as getting the benefits of what its used for. I have to be honest here, I did have my doubts whether I would like this product or not. All of the scrubs I’ve used before have either had an oil base to them or a cream base, so putting something on so dry I didn’t know if it would be as effective or fun to use, but I was wrong! Easy to use, didn’t need to use as much as I thought and lot less messier to use as well. No slippery skin and no oily bath left for me to rinse out which is always a bonus.

Recommended? Yes! It does exactly what its supposed to do which is smooth out the skin thanks to exfoliation But on top of that it smells great, perfect for those who want something that isn’t greasy or creamy and super easy to rinse off! Great thing about this scrub is it comes in a variety of different fragrances which are inspired by well known scents mainly perfume or aftershave-esq smells which means if you like the sound of this product but not sure of the scent is right for you, there are many others to try out. Definitely on my repurchase list as I would LOVE to try out another fragrance. Did I say this only costs £3.50?? Want to grab one for yourself? Or give as a gift? Head over to the Tranquility website here now.

Philosophy’s Pure Grace Whipped Body Crème

Since becoming a mum the amount of money I spend on skin and body care has changed dramatically. I could spend £20.00 on a body oil and not flinch. Now I’m spending more on dolls for child number 2 and debating whether I should buy myself a £2.50 bath bomb! But I still love products more likely to be found in a department store rather than in a supermarket. And one brand I love is called Philosophy. One of their products I had stashed away is their Whipped Body Creme in their famous Pure Grace fragrance.

Philosophy’s Pure Grace Whipped Body Creme

Philosophy as a brand. If you haven’t heard of Philosophy they are a US company that creates and sells a variety of beauty products that range from fragrances to body lotions, face creams to cleansers and more.

Why have I delved into this body product? It’s one of those items if I don’t use it for awhile I forget what its like, and then I use it and can’t put it down! And the scent….well..I will get to that soon enough..

Packaging. Simple, and very clean in look. 120ml of product is in a medium sized jar finished off with a screw top lid. Writing in black on the label e.g brand and product name, ingredients etc. No fuss, very classy and totally unisex.

Texture. Not thin or runny as a body lotion and not as thick or emollient as a body butter. It seems to hold its shape in the tub, so the first time I used this I was quite surprised that it was almost whipped in texture but not too light and airy.

On the skin. This was very easy and quick to rub in. Not much was needed, but I found that once it was rubbed into my skin it felt soft and smooth. Skin had a healthy, hydrated sheen to it. Not greasy or oily, so I could put my clothes on straight away. Considering this wasn’t thick and body butter like, it was super moisturising.

Scent. Imagine that fresh, clean, just come out of the shower or washed your hair type of scent and this is it. To say it smells like soap and water doesn’t do it justice but it sort of describes it so well. Think modern and not old fashioned.

Lets talk price! It isn’t cheap. For a jar twice the size of mine, direct from Philosophy, it costs £29.00. I didn’t pay this as I bought it in a set. But with all the other pieces that it came with made it great value. A premium product from a brand that sits in department stores in the US and the UK will have a price tag that relates to this.

Recommended? You could spend a couple of pounds on a body lotion and your skin can look and feel good. But if you can stretch to spending more, this would make a special purchase for yourself or someone else. The texture, the scent and it’s hydration makes this a great body creme, and one you can layer over/under too if needed. I love this and love all the products I’ve tried from this brand and in this scent too, so it’s a yes from me!

  • TOP TIP! Do what I did and look out for this in a gift set to get the best value. This product and others from the Pure Grace range can be bought direct from Philosophy, QVC, Boots just to name a few places. Happy shopping!

SBC’s Coconut & Plumeria Shimmer Skincare Gel

We seem to be getting a last wind of Summer here in the UK thanks to some heat and sun. How long this will last for who knows, but no doubt if it’s dry and pleasant we will all enjoy it while we can. One body product I’ve been using on and off depending on the weather has been SBC’s Coconut & Plumeria Shimmer Skincare Gel. I originally bought this as a 4 piece set from the shopping channel QVC when it was a TSV ( Today’s Special Value ) a few months ago.

What is this? It’s a gel you put on the skin and it gives the skin a shimmer effect while providing moisture.

SBC’s Coconut & Plumeria Shimmer Skincare Gel

Packaging. This gel comes in different sizes but mine is 500ml. Housed in a tall plastic bottle with a pump action dispenser. Totally clear, with a simple picture on the front giving an idea on what the scent of this is, along with product name and on the back ingredients list and directions to use.

Appearance & Consistency. Not typical of the other SBC gels I’ve used in the past. They’ve been semi translucent but with colour. This one is a pearly white colour because of the shimmer in it, so definitely has a opalescence appearance. Texture is part lotion part gel. It holds its form to a degree when pumped out but very loose when rubbed in.

Scent. You wouldn’t guess how this smells with the name it has, or at least I didn’t! This is quite earthy in scent. Earthy in a plant way more than flowery but very clean. The coconut element is there but minus the sweetness and is probably the last thing you can smell once inhaled. I think this helps to give it a slight creaminess to it rather than tropical fruit. Very unusual and not something I’ve smelt scent wise before.

On the body. Very easy and quick to apply because of how fluid it was. It literally moved over the skin and rubbed in like a dream, and sunk in super fast. You don’t need much but you really can’t overdo it, and I found it easy to layer this up if and when I needed added moisture. I would say my skin tends to be normal and occasionally dry but at the moment no issues with dryness, so this gave me the hydration I needed and skin felt very moisturised after application.

It didn’t leave a tacky layer on the skin which meant I could get dressed straight away. Skin felt soft and smooth but appeared matt and not greasy. I would suggest not to dump a massive amount of this on the body. Three pumps for the whole body was ample for me. The thicker the layer the longer it will sink in so less is more. Need more? Apply thin layers one after the other.

Shimmer Shimmer! This sounds crazy but I totally forgot this had a shimmer to it. I didn’t really focus on this when looking at the gel in the bottle or even when first pumped out. It was only when both myself and my 10 year old son had used it one evening after a shower and he sat next to me. We both looked at each other’s arms and I felt like we were part of the Cullen family from Twilight! To say this kept us entertained is an understatement!

It really glistens in the light. Its so pretty as its fine and delicate as the particles are so tiny, but really gives you a classy bling covering without over or under doing it. And….. it last forever!It doesn’t matter if you’ve put sun cream over the top, got dressed and clothes have touched the skin, it’s still there. It comes off when you want it to though e.g having a bath or shower so not permanent.

Shimmer ! Shimmer!

Recommended? Now…. I LOVE this gel! The scent is very different. The texture makes it a dream to apply. Ideal for summer thanks to how lightweight it is and the shimmer effect.

The scent is something that some people will like and some won’t. It took me by surprise as it didn’t smell like how I imagined it would but its very much grown on me. And because its very different I love it! This doesn’t smell tropical more botanical. For the shimmer alone in my opinion its worth every penny. Want to ‘ shine like a diamond ‘ and try this out? You can buy this direct from SBC here in different sizes starting from 100ml ( on offer at time of writing this post ) priced at £4.50 to £15.00 ( 500ml ), or visit QVC where they have this product on its own or in various sets ready for you to experience.

QVC’s 4 Piece Summer Skincare Collection