Druid and The Witch’s Mango Fandango Bubble Scoop

If I could choose one bath product above any other, I think it might have to be a bubble scoop. I’ve only been using these for the last few years but I have to say I absolutely adore them! So was it any surprise I added Mango Fandango Bubble Scoop to my order from Druid and the Witch, at the end of last year? If memory serves correct it cost around £2.00-2.20.

Druid and the Witch’s Mango Fandango Bubble Scoop

Why did I order this? A bubble scoop for me is an alternative to something like a bath bomb. These work well on my skin and I have to say they rarely fail me.

What’s a bubble scoop? A bubble scoop normally provides colour, fragrance and foam in a bath. More importantly, because they tend to contain ingredients such as shea or cocoa butter, they really moisturise the skin while in the bath. So for me, this truly is a treat for the body.

The look. What I love about bubble scoops is how they look. Almost edible, which obviously they aren’t! Shaped as if this was a scoop of ice cream, doomed on the top although not totally smooth but flat on the bottom. Soft mint green in colour and soft orange running through it.

Texture. Unlike bath bombs or fizzers, this doesn’t have a chalky feel or residue to it. It does feel quite solid but looks like it could crumble.

Scent. There’s definitely a tropical mango scent to this, and to me a little hit of citrus. Not too sweet, not too strong and very pleasant.

In the bath. I threw this under warm running water, and although it remained whole for while, it lightly created colour and foam. The colour was faint in the forms of soft yellow and pale green. As the bath got bigger and bigger, so did the foam. This little bubble scoop created ALOT of foam which was just what I hoped to see.

Fragrance wise it was there during bath time but not strong. The bath itself was enjoyable, relaxing and the bubbles/foam lasted a decent amount of time. By the time I got out ( I didn’t count but a minimum of 30 minutes later ), there was a small amount left but not much. And the water itself was green tinted.

On the skin. No irritations! I’ve found recently my skin has been a bit awkward, but this didn’t irritate it at all and it didn’t dry it out. Some bubble scoops can leave a layer of oil or moisture on the skin because of it’s ingredients, but not this one. What I would say is it left my skin feeling and looking normal, so I followed my usual body routine with a lotion.

Recommended? I am such fan of bubble scoops and so far never had a bad one, so this is recommended! What I loved about this is the foam and amount it created, the water definitely felt more softer because of it’s ingredients and it was so enjoyable. It’s good for people who love bath bombs or fizzers but they want bubbles, and don’t get them with their chosen bath treat. But more importantly, if they find what they’ve been using has been drying out their skin and they need something more hydrating, this is ideal.

Checking the website there is no current listing for the bubble scoops. But they have been a regular item so keep checking! Everything is handmade, stock levels and what’s available will change. But there are plenty of bath and shower treats available in the meantime, so go visit their Etsy store to check them out! Or visit them on Facebook to keep a track of their latest creations.

Bomb Cosmetics Teddy Bears Picnic Mallow

My first name should be Mermaid. Having a bath isn’t just a necessity and a way to clean myself it’s a daily must! It’s currently cold in the UK. Baths are warm and cosy. And let’s be honest right now what is there to do? There is NO WHERE to go! So besides going to work, home is my stomping ground, especially my bathroom. For my birthday at the end of 2020 I received a box of bath treats by Bomb Cosmetics from a friend. Sometimes it takes a while for me to use my bath and body products because I have way too much. But I decided to dip into this recently, grabbing the Teddy Bears Picnic Mallow to use.

Bomb Cosmetics Teddy Bears Picnic Mallow

Why go for this one first? Bath bombs, bath fizzers, bath dust…all of these things I’ve been using and enjoying. Some have created a fizz, foam, colour and fragrance. But I wanted something different, to provide a different bathing experience which I thought this would do. Not to mention how super cute this is I couldn’t resists it!

What is a mallow? A mallow I think is similar to a bath truffle which I have used before. Think of something you pop into the bath. It doesn’t produce foam. It provides more of a treatment to the skin because of its high content of cocoa or and shea butter. So when placed in a warm bath it tends to melt, turns from a solid to something more oil like and provides the body with the most moisturising bath ever.

How does it look? So sweet and cute in appearance. About 3 inches in height, this looks like its been piped into a cone shape. You can see ripples around the outside so not totally smooth but has texture to it. This reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream because its cream in colour, with soft pink running through sections of it. On the front, is a basic but adorable brown coloured bear face. Two dotted eyes, large nose and a small pink bow to finish it off. The mallow doesn’t look like it has the same texture as a bath bomb e.g chalk like. But it does look and feel hard and solid.

Scent. This has a fruity scent to it. A delicate zest but not a punchy citrus power house. More a subtle sweet orange like fragrance. A touch of musk is in this as well, so overall this has quite a warming fragrance to it but slightly energising too. Quite delicate but noticeable before use, but very pleasant and a lovely smell overall.

In the bath. I placed this under the warm running water, and although it didn’t create colour it did make the bath water a little cloudy. I didn’t expect any fizzing action because of what the product is, but there was a small amount I could see. The mallow got smaller and smaller slowly, exposing more pink colouring around it rather than cream. By the time I got back to my bath about 5 minutes later it totally disappeared. The fragrance I could smell at this point but it was light.

I know when something is packed with ingredients that are designed to hydrate and moisturise. When in the bath, I will fill it ‘ cling ‘ to my driest areas, which at the moment is my hands and feet. This is what I experienced with this product. In the bath I could feel the water had some slip to it. My skin felt very happy, not dry in the slightest in fact the totally opposite. I don’t use bath oils but I can imagine this would give a similar effect and feel on the body.

My skin. In the bath and out of the bath it felt as if my body had a thin layer of something on it. A slight shine was visible but only slightly. I wouldn’t describe the feel of my skin as greasy but definitely moisturised. Soft, smooth, comfortable. Loved it! Lightly fragranced which was nice. Did I need to put on a body lotion after? Nope! But I did because it’s habit forming and even better for my skin to have a double layer of moisture rather than one.

Top Tips. Shower and exfoliate before using this. Get that skin clean and dead skin gone so it can suck up all the cocoa and shea butter as effectively as possible! Also when out of the bath after using this, lightly pat your skin dry. Don’t take off the lovely ingredients this has just put onto the skin by rubbing it off!

Who is this good for? If you suffer from dry skin and need something in the bath to hydrate it, this is perfect for that! Even better if you aren’t a fan of foam and highly fragranced products. Great for the little people in your life who will find this super cute, enjoy using it and maybe who are not great with applying body lotions on themselves or liking it being applied by others, as this stage can be skipped if you use this.

Recommended? Yessss! Love this! I am a massive fan of bath truffles anyway but the ones I’ve used have been quite basic in look so this has upstaged them purely on appearance. This is what I would call a bath treatment, and it really does treat the skin when it needs hydration whether its down to it being a colder season, you are suffering naturally from dry skin or having a poor body care routine. So although I wouldn’t use this every bath time, I would easily a few times a week! Its sweet to look at, easy to use, dissolves thoroughly, and leaves the skin in great condition. Did I mention it was an easy job to clean the bath? I forgot to mention that! It can be a nightmare when using similar products to this. And the price?? Only £2.50!

Fancy adding this to your bath to give your skin the ultimate pampering? Visit Bomb Cosmetics here to order this mighty but small bath treat.

Bomb Cosmetics products

Emily Makes Boutique’s Honolulu Mini Bubble Truffle

Instagram can be an amazing place! Normally I use it to keep tabs on friends, but recently it’s been used to keep an eye on my favourite brands . I also like discovering new brands and businesses, and one such discover was of Emily Makes Boutique. I can’t remember how I found them but they caught my eye as they are a maker and seller of bath, body and wax products. So I recently took advantage of them having a sale featuring on one of my favourite bath products……bubble truffles! Perfect opportunity to try out a much loved product from a new vendor. One that has been sharing the bath tub with me within the last a couple of weeks has been a bubble truffle called Honolulu.

What is a bubble truffle? Think of a something you pop in the bath which provides foam, fragrance, moisture and sometimes colour, and looks like a scoop of ice cream. That’s a bubble truffle!

Appearance. Small but perfectly formed measuring just over 1.5 inches in diameter. A beautiful pastel blue coloured rounded scoop with dark blue specks of colour running through it. Dusted delicately with gold mica pigment, a few small pearlized balls peeping through the top, and a tiny seashell shaped flat decoration piece finishes it off. The truffle although domed has a flat bottom.

Emily Makes Boutique’s Honolulu Mini Bath Truffle

Scent. This smells tropical, fruity…think sweet, coconut, pineapple type fragrances but this isn’t sickly and delicately done but obvious. A touch of floral seems to be hidden in there somewhere. This is a gorgeous refreshing and soothing scent which is perfect for this time of the year.

How to use. Crumble under warm running water….simple!

In the bath. Rather than dropping this whole under warm running water I crumbled it. This crumbled so easily. Not dry, as I could already feel this was packed with some moisturising ingredients. As it floated in the bath and got caught up in the water, it turned it from clear to the same beautiful soft blue colour the truffle is, almost tropical sea like. As the water continued to pour from the tap, soft, white foam formed. And by the time the water was turned off, the tub was heaving with bubbles.


On the skin. In the bath I felt cocooned. Think of a body oil being on the skin outside of the bath, this is what it felt like IN the bath! I touched my skin and it felt as if a protective layer was on it. Not greasy but hydrating, smooth and silky. So out of the bath my skin felt great. No dryness, smallest hint of fragrance and ready ( but not needed ) for body lotion.

Recommended? I know what I like when it comes to bath products and this ticked all boxes. Appearance wise so sweet and pretty. Performance wise this blew me away and gave me a relaxing and enjoyable bathing experience. Do not let the size of this fool you! The amount of foam this produced was impressive! So a repeat purchase of Emily Makes Boutique for bubble truffles is a definite for me and I really want to try other bath products to, so a massive thumbs up!

As mentioned, I did buy this while on sale at half price but full price these were £2.75 which still is a great price and very affordable. Find them on Facebook, Instagram and to order their delicious goodies head over to their website now!