October’s Round Up of Bath, Body And Home Fragrance Products

October has been a busy month. Autumn finally has smacked us all in the face in the UK, families have had at least a week off from school during half term spending time with their little darlings and I’ve had the chance to use more new products and write new blog posts! Question.. have you kept up to date with my product reviews? No? Not a problem if you haven’t, let’s have a recap…

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Pizza Me Bath Bomb

My first review of October was on one of my favourite bath products which is a good old bath bomb! BUT with a difference! Not your standard chalky ball of colour but a pizza sliced shaped vibrantly coloured bath goody which created such a fun and enjoyable bath art my body and eyes loved. Dirty Fresh Cosmetics really deliver when it comes to imaginative products for the bath as I’ve tried one or five already!

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Pizza Me Bath Bomb

Fizzy Smelts Harry Potter Inspired Wax Melt Box Part 2

Oh this collection from Fizzy Smelts was fun! My ever growing appreciation of all that is Harry Potter (thanks to my daughter) MADE me purchase this super cute fragrant wax melt set. Lots of wax, great looking pieces and came with some Harry Potter specs which my daughter stole as soon as the box was opened! Wax melts do not have to look and smell conventional or boring.

Fizzy Smelts Harry Potter Inspired Wax Melt Box

Pure & Co Peony & Water Lily Eau de Toilette

An interesting fragrance from Pure & Co which I thought was pleasant but didn’t quite deliver the punch and longevity I hoped for. But that’s ok! It’s a good reminder that like anything things can be a good buy and sometimes not. But good fragrances I believe don’t have to cost the earth if you buy the right one!

Pure & Co Peony & Water Lily Eau de Toilette

Beauty Kitchen’s Abyssinian Oil Prime Time Cream Cleanser

This cleanser from Beauty Kitchen was one of many products I’ve tried from the brand. An effective cleanser for my skin, nice texture and has many other products from the brand that would compliment it.

Beauty Kitchen’s Abyssinian Oil Prime Time Cleanser

I Heart Revolution Sugar Cookie Bath Fizzer

Lots of people are aware of Revolution’s make up and skincare products, but less of their bath bombs and fizzers. Was this the best bath fizzer I have ever used? Definitely not! Packaging great, look of the fizzer was ok, price brilliant but not for me quality and performance wise.

I Heart Revolution Sugar Cookie Bath Fizzer

Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box

An Autumnal treat for the nose and eyes for wax melt lovers! A beautiful collection of October themed wax melts from a UK wax vendor called Glow. Kindly gifted to me, and I found my first impressions of this set gave a massive thumbs up!

Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box

Primark’s P.S Frosted Berries Hand Cream

Yet again my visits to Primark have made me visit their body and skincare products. But this time I went straight for their hand creams. Frosted Berries Hand Cream is packaged nicely, smells lovely, could be more hydrating but for 80p? Budget busting and something many people would happily purchase and use!

P.S Primark’s Frosted Berries Hand Cream

Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box Part 2

My final write up on the wax goodies given to me by Glow and Glow these pretties did! Their beautifully made appearance matched their glorious scents and I got the chance to melt each piece sent to me. Very impressed with them overall and a wax vendor I will definitely purchase from in the near future.

Glow’s October Wax Melt Subscription Box

So out of all these products I’ve tried, has there been any that have caught your eye and whispered to your credit card? And are you excited to see what I will review in the month of November? I sure am! Bye bye October, hello November!

Pure & Co Peony & Water Lily Eau de Toilette

There was a time I could buy a perfume or body fragrance and it would last me months and months. Now my mini me has decided to give herself a spritz or 10 at every opportunity, so my fragrances seem to get lower and lower as the days go by. But thankfully I try to have a small reserve of fragrances hidden away just in case. I’ve decided to start using Pure & Co’s Peony & Water Lily Eau De Toilette. Bought from Boots, it’s currently priced at £15.00 for 50ml.

Pure & Co’s Peony & Water Lily Eau de Toilette

Why did I buy this?

I bought this fragrance in a gift set which included a candle. At the time, these sets were half price, and I thought they were great value and great future gifts. The scent description I thought seemed quite pretty and appealing and I hoped they would be liked by those receiving this as a present.


Almost square in shape with rounded corners. Clear, with the brand logo and fragrance simply printed on the front. The lid is wooden with what looks like cork inside to keep it snug around the spray dispenser section. It’s not fussy in appearance, quite cute and very understated. I like it!


Quite unusual, or at least it is when sitting in my collection of fragrances. I can smell equal parts of white florals and a pepperiness to this eau de toilette. The floral being quite light, clean and slightly feminine. The pepper giving it a spiciness and warmth to the overall scent. It’s an interesting combination, but I’m not convinced the floral part comes through enough. It needs to be stronger, and I feel another element needs to come in because I don’t think these two elements alone are making it well rounded enough. I don’t hate this fragrance but I don’t love it either.

Strength & Longevity.

One thing I’ve discovered is fragrances that are florals and more so white florals, will give a fresh feel to a scent. They can also be quite soft in strength too. This isn’t the strongest scent I’ve ever smelt and is very light. In fact too light. Longevity isn’t amazing. It didn’t last very well, and I have to apply a lot of this onto myself regularly. For my daughter though this was good. I don’t want her wearing something too strong and overpowering. Light and delicate is ideal for her because she is a child, but it gives her the idea she is wearing something nice and more importantly smells nice too.


This scent won’t be for everyone. And not everyone is like me who wants a strong in your face scent. But if you want something subtle, quite fresh but unusual you would like this. But the price is the drawback and how long it lasts. For £15.00 I would expect this, regardless of how delicate in scent, to last well or at least longer than it did. If it doesn’t, surely you could find a body mist literally a tenth of this price that would last the same if not better? So unless this is on a special offer or promotion I would say go for another alternative. I bought this when it was on sale in a gift set but I would be very annoyed if bought full price with how it delivered.

If this does rock your fragrance boat, you can get this from Boots here. This is just the fragrance remember and not the gift set I purchased. There’s also different fragrances from the same brand available, and body mists which maybe a good and cheaper alternative to this.

Miss So…? Love Potion Fraiche

I love a good fragrance, don’t you? Am I the only person that sprays themselves generously, wondering if I’ve overdone it then add some more? I can do this because the majority of the fragrances I use on a daily basis are super affordable to buy. And another important factor, is they’re not too strong in regards to their formulations. So no harming of senses, children or myself, when I douse myself in the stuff! One fragrance I’ve been dipping in and out of recently has been Miss So…? Love Potion Fraiche. Bought from Superdrug when it was half price, down from £7.99 to £3.98 for 50ml.

Miss So…? Love Potion Fraiche

Why did I buy this one?

I’ve used the body mists from this brand before and I really wanted to try a slightly stronger version, as the mists I really enjoyed scent wise. The price of this was great, and the scent description on the website seemed to tick all my fragrance boxes.


The fragrance comes in a simple but quite youthful pale pink box with black text and the Miss So…? logo going across it, as it does with all their items in the range.

The fragrance itself is in a glass spray bottle, flat bottomed with curved sides. Clear, so you can see the fragrance in it, with the Miss So…? black logo going around it mirroring the box. The lid is glass, square shaped, and what you would expect to see on many perfume bottles. Overall, the look is basic but it works. Personally, I think it’s aimed more towards the younger market of teens to mid 20’s.


Sweet but not sickly. White florals mixed with berries with a little musk. Mouthwateringly good! Youthful, girlie, fun, definitely screams daytime to me and worn while the sun is out and the skies are clear.

Strength & Longevity.

Medium. Personally I could have this a little stronger because I adore it! But guess what? I just add more! It doesn’t get too heady if you reapply this. I put it on, it’s there and I enjoy it. Longevity is fine. Normally this is applied before I leave for work or heading out in general, and it’s still there when I finish but slightly lesser in strength.

Top Tip.

If you have other fragrances from the range, I think this would layer well with some if not all of them. I noticed this with the perfume mists I’ve worn in the past. A great way to create something bespoke and to change things up a bit when you get bored of the same scents.


Feminine, fruity, floral! If you like this killer combo of scents you will love this! I spray this on myself and it makes me smile, its beautiful! Packaging, even though I don’t think it targets a wide range of ages, there’s nothing wrong with it and no one would be offended by how it looks. To give as a gift to yourself or someone else is a budget friendly buy but a quality buy too.

Great thing about this fragrance, is if you want to grab yourself a bottle or two, it’s half price at the time of writing this post. For less than £4.00, you can’t go wrong! Go on, treat yourself here or visit your local store with your credit card in hand because you will need it!

Nuxe Prodigieux Eau de Parfum Fragrance

I don’t call this blog mybeautywaxstash for nothing. I HOARD beauty, bath, body and wax products. Not intentionally in my defence. Sometimes I struggle to find the time to use items. Sometimes I forget I’ve even bought them. Nuxe Prodigieux eau de parfum was a forgotten buy living in a drawer and I dragged it out when fancied a fragrance change. I originally bought this in a gift set when it was on sale after Christmas, which also contained a shower oil and body lotion.

Why this? Nuxe as a brand are known for skincare, body products and fragrance. But they aren’t the cheapest products! So to get a gift set that contained products that I wanted to try and at a great price isn’t something I was going to pass up. But when it comes to why I wanted to use the fragrance, I wanted to wear something unusual. I don’t always want someone to catch my scent and know exactly what it is, I want to be different. And this fragrance I thought would be different!

Packaging. 30ml of eau de parfum living in a tall and thin glass bottle with a gold lid. The bottle itself is quite simple in look but beautiful, and mirrors the style of the box it comes in. Both have an ombre effect as the base is a gorgeous copper colour and gets lighter to the point its clear in the bottle but the box is gold. Elegant, sophisticated and quite expensive in look.

Nuxe Prodigieux Perfume

Scent. This is what I would call quite a classic scent. It’s feminine, floral with the tiniest hint of citrus, musk and vanilla. The floral element for me stands out more, but has a warmth to it, This makes it a richer, heavier scent rather than a light and whimsical one.

Strength & Longevity. When I first sprayed this, because of the type of scent it is, I assumed this would be very strong and possibly linger in an overpowering way regardless of how little or more I used. Strangely enough this wasn’t the case at all. I could smell this all day when I wore this in work but it was subtle and pleasant, and didn’t make me feel like a walking fragrance counter from a department store.

Nuxe Gift Set

Recommended? I’m so glad I took the plunge and got this fragrance within the gift set. Compared to other fragrances in my collection, this one I don’t feel would date and would be quite timeless. It’s not relying on any trends and is sticking to a a formula which many would call ‘ a true perfume ‘. I can see a young lady to an older woman loving this fragrance so not a scent that would exclude any age. Would you want a classic scent in your fragrance wardrobe? Currently on sale for £13.89 ( at time of writing this post so please check current prize) for a 30 ml bottle on Amazon. Get yours here* and treat yourself (or someone else! ).

* Affiliate link is included which I may earn from qualifying purchases *