Aldi’s Lacura Original Hot Cloth Cleanser

What is the most important thing in a skincare routine? Treat fine lines and wrinkles? Fade dark circles? Blitz away spots? It probably depends on what your skin concerns are. BUT, I think most people will agree that the first step, and possibly the most important part in a skincare routine, is the cleansing stage. Why? Why do anything to dirty skin until it’s clean? How effective will various lotions and potions be on top of dirt and grime? It’s logic really. So a good cleanser for me is important. When a current cleanser is on it’s way out or the seasons change, I’m very open to trying out new ones. I’ve recently picked up Aldi’s Lacura Original Hot Cloth Cleanser. It’s £3.99 for 200ml.

Aldi’s Lacura Original Hot Cloth Cleanser

Why did I buy this one?

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try this product! I’m a massive fan of hot cloth cleansers, ever since using Liz Earle’s iconic and possibly ‘the original’ hot cloth cleanser many moons ago. But with my local Aldi store, the stock of this is hit, miss or maybe. I thought now would be the perfect time to grab one as my current cleanser was running low, and there seemed to be a good flow of stock of this product every time I’ve been instore recently.

What is a hot cloth cleanser?

A hot cloth cleanser is designed to be used with a muslin cloth, so providing not only the the initial cleansing stage but a light exfoliation too. Hot cloth cleansers tend to be rich in moisturising ingredients so not only are they meant to clean the skin, but also nourish the skin. Lacura’s Hot Cloth Cleanser contains Cocoa Butter, Rosemary, Chamomile, White Tea and Eucalyptus which are designed to hydrate, clean, smooth skin and make it feel refreshed.


The product itself is housed in a plastic tube with a flip top lid on the bottom. Off white in colour, mint green with silver detailing. The design is simple, clean looking and does the job! The tube comes in a cardboard box mirroring the design and colouring of the tube. In the box comes a muslin cloth.

Look & Texture

White in colour, smooth but quite thick in texture. When I squeeze this out of the tube it holds its shape like a really thick body lotion.


I quite like it. The fragrance isn’t strong but has a slightly antibacterial element to it because of the eucalyptus. It does have a softened herbal smell to it too. But the scent overall is pleasant, fresh and non offensive.

How to use.

Take a small amount and massage onto dry skin. Pop the muslin cloth in warm water and wipe cleanser off skin. Splash face with water. Allow cloth to dry naturally and wash regularly.

In use.

I used this pretty much as suggested and over a 10 day period (still using this now by the way). Sometimes morning and night, sometimes just night time. I took a decent amount of the cleanser and rubbed it into my face and neck for roughly two minutes. Easy to do and the fragrance was nice enough and not overpowering. What I did notice was this cleanser started to lose slip, and it felt as if it was sinking into my skin rather than sitting on the surface. Looking into the mirror, the once white residue on my face was disappearing and pretty much got drunk up! At this stage I wet my muslin cloth and wiped it off hoping it would still do the job of being a cleanser rather than a moisturiser.

What was left on my skin was removed quickly and easily. Skin felt ok after removal. It felt clean but a touch on the tight side, which I sometimes get when using a product for the first few times. This seemed less noticeable the more I used this.

My face after.

It looked ok. It didn’t look dirty, but it didn’t look or feel particularly fresh either. Normally when I use a cleanser, especially one with a texture to it, I enjoy the process. Not with this. It was just ok and I found it slightly underwhelming if I’m honest.

Did it clean my skin though?

Most definitely! I used a toner to swipe over my face to check and no dirt on my cotton pad, clean as a whistle!

Would I buy this again?

For myself? No. If I use a hot cloth cleanser I want to enjoy the few minutes I use it and I didn’t when using this. I also didn’t like the idea of this soaking into my skin so quickly, so felt as if I had to rush this stage. That wasn’t something I wanted to do because Summer is the time you are sweaty, have more product on your face like sun cream, so more time maybe is needed to cleanse the face and neck area. So overall not for me.


Although this wasn’t for me this does have some good points to it so definitely worth a go if you want this type of cleanser. The price. £3.99 for 200ml and a muslin cloth is good value. Decent hot cloth cleansers I’ve noticed are available from £3.99 up. So if you check around you can get something comparable in price or a little more dearer but still won’t break the bank. If you shop in Aldi anyway it’s an easy purchase to make while grabbing your milk and bread so convenient. Scent was fresh and texture was nice. Easy to use, cleaned well so did what it was designed to do. This is a decent hot cloth cleanser for many people, just not one that I felt was the best for me.

Not available online at the moment, but if you want to add this to your Summer skincare collection, visit your local store to purchase.

Aldi’s Lacura Avocado Bright Eyes Mask

If you have read some of my previous skincare blog posts, you will know that my main facial concern is my eyes. My skin overall is in good condition, no major lines or wrinkles and the occasional spot or two I can cope with. But my eyes are the area I feel need the most love and attention. That’s why eye products are my credit card’s Kryptonite. I can’t help but coo over them and want to buy them all, hoping one will give me a well rested look. So I HAD to pick up Aldi’s Lacura Avocado Bright Eyes Overnight Retinol Sleeping Mask when it was released a few weeks ago. £4.99 for 15ml.

Aldi’s Lacura Avocado Bright Eyes Overnight Retinol Sleeping Mask

Why did I buy this?

It’s an eye product! Eye products for me are hit and miss. I don’t expect something to give me a massive change but some small improvement would be nice. The ingredients listed on the packaging made me think this could be a good product for me. Its price point seemed very fair and affordable, and it was a new product, so already got my attention!

What is this & what is it supposed to do?

This product is designed to be placed under the eyes at night time. It’s supposed to make dark circles and dullness under the eyes improve while you snooze. Brighter, firmer. The eyes should look more moisturised, thanks to ingredients such as avocado oil and shea butter. Oh, and if you are into following skincare brands, this product and others from this same subrange, is supposed to be ‘inspired’ by a well known company. Use Google, you will find it!


This product comes in a simple but cute glass (I think) jar. The jar itself seems tinted green, and matches the colour of the lid. The sides are curved which makes it look even more cuter and interesting on the eye (no pun intended!).

The jar comes in a box, which is striking because of the pattern all over it. Cartoon like halved avocados! The colouring of the box is mainly white, green with silver detailing. Fun, quirky, but I feel as if it’s targeting a younger audience because of how this product is presented.

Texture & Fragrance.

LOVE the texture of this! It might make some people nervous but it is very rich. You can tell its power packed with moisturising ingredients. It’s similar in texture to, I would say, a very rich face cream for dry skin and would even go as far to say it reminds me of a body butter! Not quite as thick and definitely not as greasy but does have a waxy feel to it. Although the pic below makes this look pale green in colour, it’s actually white. White, opaque and smooth.

I expected fragrance to be honest. I find a lot of products that try to catch your eye with packaging done in a funky way (not all the time but some!) can be heavily fragranced. This? Nothing! I was glad about this because as much as I don’t have a problem with fragrance, I don’t want my eye product reeking of it.


You need to apply this like any other eye product. Take a small amount and lightly dab underneath the area, not too close to the eye itself. AND on clean skin. Although this product says it’s an overnight mask, it does suggest direction wise you can use this during the day but follow up with sun care. But I never used this during the day, just at night time. Using a small amount, I found despite how thick this product was, it patted under the eye like a dream. Easy, no dragging or pressure needed and left no greasy, oily look to the area. Felt quite light but under my eyes immediately felt and looked moisturised and hydrated.

The day after the night before.

The first thing I noticed after one application was how under my eyes felt plump and hydrated. They felt just as protected as they did when I first put the product on.

Over 10 days…

Every morning my eyes have felt the same as mentioned above. But what I have noticed as time has gone on is my under eyes overall have improved. Not massively. I don’t look like I’ve had eye surgery or anything like that. But they look a bit more rested, they look more awake and they seem to recovery quicker than usual e.g from too little sleep, ugly crying etc. I wouldn’t say my under eyes are exceptionally dark normally, but they have looked a touch less dead like since using this.


There is one thing I hate about Aldi. They bring out limited edition skincare subranges and you wonder hmmm, should I buy 1 or 3? You buy 1 because you don’t want to be silly with money just in case it’s not for you. And by the time you use it, and give it at least a good week to see if there are any results, you love it and it’s not in store anymore! That sums it up perfectly!

This is an eye product I really like! The texture of it I adore, even for under the eyes as thick creams aren’t always good for such a delicate area. I love the almost everlasting moisturisation, and how it takes the edge off how life is making my eyes feel and look. I couldn’t ask for anything more really. Miracles is something I never expect with skincare products, but what little changes I’ve seen I’m happy with. For £4.99 it’s great value, you need the smallest amount, so if used once a day this should last me 2 to 3 months easily.

If you are lucky enough to still see this instore, I think it’s a good purchase to make. But bare in mind how your skin reacts to textures on this area and what your general under eye concerns are, as this may not be needed or useful for you. But for me? I wish I bought a few more of this overnight eye mask and I am exceptionally sad now!

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Lip Balm

I won’t speak for anyone else but I hate having dry lips! It’s one of those things I normally don’t suffer from. That’s why lip balms isn’t something I buy regularly because if I’m honest I just don’t need them. But when I suffer I suffer! So although my lips at the moment don’t look or feel mummified, I’m not waiting for that to happen. I would rather prevent than cure the condition. So I’ve just bought myself ( and my daughter ) a Palmer’s Coconut Oil Lip Balm from my local Tesco for £1.30 ( special price when using your Clubcard ).

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Lip Balm

Why did I buy this one? My daughter actually needed a new one because she has been suffering from dry lips recently. Being a typical 9 year old she’s had loads of lip balms but they are all pretty gimmicky, geared towards kids, so probably doing her lips more harm than good. So I wanted a good quality one for her. Then I thought hmmmm, I need one too! I love Palmer’s as a brand anyway. Their face and body products are normally very moisturising. This was priced well, I have never used their coconut range for face or body before. AND it contains an SPF!

What is this supposed to do? This lip balm is supposed to keep lips hydrated all day, keep lips soft and supple. And is also designed to protect the lips against environmental damage.

Packaging. Typical lip balm packaging in regards to it being in a small, thin plastic tube. Lidded, and you screw the bottom to bring out the actual lip balm as far as needed and then back into the tube. But rather than this being tube shaped its almost oval! I quite like the feel of this in the hands and makes it a little different.

How to use. For children aged over 3 years and adults, apply a generous amount if and when needed.

Fragrance. Actually not as fragranced as I thought it would be. I think my mind always thinks about their cocoa butter range which I love, especially for their fragrance. And this to me scent wise has an almost cocoa and/or shea butter feel to it. There’s a creaminess fragrance wise, sweetness but not sickly. The smallest bit of floral to it and of course coconut. All combined, this has a tropical vibe to it but the scent is quite subtle which I liked. But I would happily envelope myself in this fragrance in the form of a body spray, body lotion and any other product that would leave a scent. It’s beautiful!

Application & On the lips. Very typical in regards to other lip balms. You turn the bottom and the lip balm section moves up, so you can apply it. It felt a little solid when it first moved over the lips but the warmth from this area made it glide over. Instant hit of moisture given, not too greasy in texture but of course it will have a feel of that to a degree. Not too sticky, and I didn’t need to use too much to get the desired amount of moisture on my lips. And how did my lips look? Not dry! Hydrated, with a light sheen on them, not the look of me finishing off eating fried chicken!

Another thing I noticed is the fact the unusual shape of the lip balm meant it somehow followed the shape of my lips a little easier than it’s traditional counterparts, which I found interesting.

Taste. Should I admit this? But yes, I gave my lips a little lick! And although I wouldn’t be running my tongue all over them on purpose, this actually tastes quite nice! It tastes pretty similar to how it smells which is not a bad thing at all!

How long did my lips feel hydrated? Hours! I would pop this on and hours later my lips still felt and looked moist. Of course, drinking and eating would mean to look at them they wouldn’t quite have that light sheen they first had. But I didn’t feel the need to keep replying.

Good points. This has an SPF15! I can’t speak for anyone else, but sun protection is something I’m trying to work on this year e.g wear it ALL THE TIME! And for some reason lips for me is an area I continually forget about protecting which isn’t good.

Recommended? Lip balms are one of those products I don’t buy often and I don’t like buying expensive ones. These are the first items that my daughter will lose or I will leave in an item of clothing, it goes in the wash and gets destroyed! But this product is inexpensive. It does exactly what it’s meant to do, great quality with a lovely scent. And it comes from a brand I like and trust in regards to what their products deliver for me. So why would I NOT recommend this? If you can get this at it’s special price of £1.30 brilliant! But at its full price of £2.00, I still think it’s worth it.

Needing an affordable lip balm that actually does the job? Grab yours from Tesco here, or available instore ( dependant on branch and availability ).

Beauty Kitchen’s Hydration Hero Face Mist

Why do I love skincare? It’s about making the most of what you have and trying to take care of it. You can go as deep and complex or as basic as you want. But all of us on some level will use skincare on a daily basis. I’ve tried lots of different products before, but one that hasn’t been on my radar has been a facial mist. I purchased Hydration Hero Face Mist from Beauty Kitchen earlier this year when it was on a special promotion. Current price £12.50 for 100ml.

Beauty Kitchen’s Hydration Hero Mist

Why did I buy this? I was introduced to this brand a few years ago by a friend when she gifted me a night time face mask. I was so impressed by it I’ve kept my eye on their products ever since. When they had a sale earlier this year, I bought this because it sounded like a useful product. Easy and quick to use, slot into my everyday routine and would give my skin instant relief if and when needed.

What does this supposed to do? This mist is designed to give the skin immediate moisture when applied. After one spritz, skin should look and feel brighter and happier.

Packaging. The mist comes in a darkened glass bottle with a spray dispenser top. The fact it’s darkened glass speaks volumes to me. Normally this is how products with some form of essential oils or other ingredients are contained that need to be protected from the light, so it doesn’t degrade. Labelling is quite earthy in look with its green colouring and plant like shapes. This matches the tall rectangular box this mist comes in.

Fragrance. I detect an energising zestiness to this mist so definitely some form of citrus is in it. A little floral is in there too. Overall, it has a botanical smell to this but it’s not overpowering and perfectly balanced. Don’t worry if you hate the smell of flowers or should I say florals, like I do, this is more aromatherapy based and lovely!

Ingredients. These include water, glycerin, Abyssinian Oil, Rose Absolute and various other aromatherapy oils. Beauty Kitchen’s ethos is about formulating beauty products using natural and effective ingredients.

How to use. Shake, spray six inches away from face then using hands pat onto skin.

In use. I used this as suggested on the packaging. Honestly, I expected a mist of fragranced water. That isn’t what I got. Liquid and water like yes it was. When I patted the excess into my skin only then could I tell this was something else. Rather than it being just water, I could feel there was some form of oil in it. It wasn’t greasy but light and moisturising. It’s something I’ve never experienced texture wise before.

The scent was so enjoyable to take in, and despite being a little stuffy in the nose because of hay fever, this provided some light relief.

Skin after use. I didn’t expect massive miracles from using this. That’s not what it’s supposed to do. The reason why I started using this product was hoping to get instant relief from my skin feeling tired, uncomfortable and dry. And what this did was exactly what I hoped for! A few spritz provided a light layer of hydration and protection which for my skin perked it up. And the fragrance really helped to kick start my senses and relax and invigorate me all at the same time ( depending on what time of day I used this ). My skin didn’t look greasy but it looked slightly less dull.

When do I use this mist? Mainly before wearing a mask for work. This gives my skin another layer of hydration. After wearing a mask, for obvious reasons! This crazy every changing weather means I grab this often. Warm and sunny, cold and windy. Neither is helping my face feel normal, and this is quick and easy to use while experiencing these extremes. Those moments when I know I’m not going to wash and cleanse my face for a few hours, but it needs something to keep it going before then, is when this comes out. Basically, anytime I feel my skin is flagging, I spray and go!

Negatives? I think I may have a funky spray top because the mist I’m getting hasn’t been very fine or directed properly. This means I’ve used more of this than I know I should have. Annoying, but these things can happen and doesn’t take away what’s in the bottle. EDIT. Definitely was a faulty spray top. I bought two of these mists, swapped over the the spray top with number 2 and this is now spraying like a dream! Lovely, fine mist which is covering the face with two pumps!

Recommended? Genuinely, I didn’t think a facial mist was something that needed to be used or bought, and technically it isn’t. It’s not an essential item in a skincare routine like a cleanser or a moisturiser is, so at one point I did think it’s pretty pointless. But that isn’t my opinion anymore! A good quality facial mist in my opinion can be helpful to the skin, and also for other senses too. This ticked the senses box. The texture was a delight and I loved it on the skin as it gave it an immediate hydration kick. The fragrance was mood boosting which is always a good thing. I LOVE this product! And totally recommend this and would buy this again and again.

£12.50 may seem a lot price wise, but this should last a good amount of time considering it’s 100ml. It’s not something you will use constantly so this wouldn’t disappear anytime soon. And the ingredients are well thought out and good quality. If you want to purchase the product you never you knew you needed in your life, head towards their website here to get your new skin best friend.

The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter

Since I’m not a make up wearer, having good skin is important to me. I have no way of hiding my facial flaws, it literally is what you see is what you get! There’s no magic wand to provide a daily permanent filter over rubbish skin. So it’s a good thing I actually love skincare to help hold together what I naturally have. Mixing up skincare to adapt to the needs of my skin is something I do every so often. First port of call normally is looking at my cleanser. I’ve started using The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter that I got as gift from a friend.

The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter

Why this one? The onslaught of hay fever has hit me over the last 2 weeks. My eyes are sore, my skin feels the need for more moisture and overall I’m just zapped of energy, and my skin feels this too. I tried this cleansing butter ages ago as I received it as a sample, and it blew me away! I thought the texture of this product would be perfect for my drier feeling skin now, and be more soothing.

What is this? Camomile Cleansing Butter is a product geared towards sensitive skin. The perfect make-up remover because of its texture as it’s supposed to pretty much melt it away. So make-up and general dirt is what this butter tackles and should do so effectively but delicately.

But I don’t wear make-up? This isn’t classified as a make-up remover on the website, but it does state that’s what it does. But if it can make mince meat out of make-up surely it can do the same in a general cleaning of the face way?

Packaging. Love the packaging of this! 90ml of cleanser comes in a screw top circular and very flat tin. The tin is silver with the labelling in white with flowers on it. Great thing about this packaging is how easy it is to get out the product, to store it and you can get every last bit of the butter out without any waste.

Texture. To look at this it makes me think of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly type product. It has a gloss to it and it looks solid. It’s white in colour and doesn’t appear to be transparent in the tin. When you take this out though it’s quite soft and totally smooth in touch and appearance.

Scent. The fragrance of this is a sweet, soft white floral. Pretty, quite clean in scent and not strong. Great for those who like fragrance but don’t want something pungent.

How to use. Use a small amount and rub it onto dry skin. Remove with a flannel.

In use. A little of this goes a long way, so I took a small amount of this into my finger tips and gently worked it over my dry face for around 2 minutes. The heat from my fingers made this go from the balm texture to more of an oil, as it melted and glided over my skin effortlessly. My skin didn’t look drenched in grease but did have an obvious shine to it. Easy to use, in fact very enjoyable. It felt more like a treatment rather than a general cleanse.

Easy and super quick removal! I used a warmed damp flannel and gently removed this. No residue left and my skin felt and looked refreshed, clean and cleanser free.

My skin. This is so gentle and kind to my skin, which is what I want and need more than anything right now. I’m able to take this over my eyes ( probably not meant to! ) and it does them no harm. This cleansing butter cleans my skin so well without stripping it. It feels more nourished during and after use.

Recommended? 110%! This is one of those products which I can see myself repurchasing time and time again. Why? Easy and quick to use, fabulous texture, cleans and provides moisture and great scent. What I don’t want is something that’s hard work, horrible to use, dries my skin out more and either smells awful or smells too strong.

This comes in 2 sizes. 20ml ( ideal for travel ) is £5.00. 90ml costs £11.00. 90ml should last a decent amount of time with how little you use, so actually is quite affordable. Do you want to cleanse in sensitive style? Grab your Camomile Cleansing Butter here.

Oh K Bamboo Water Sheet Mask

Although most people in the UK are loving this sudden burst of warm weather, I am not. I have nothing to wear that’s appropriate for the weather. I definitely am NOT body ready and the thought of the oncoming storm aka hay fever, sends me in a spin. And my face is not feeling this change either. So I felt this was the ideal time to grab a sheet mask to prep and pamper my face at home. Oh K Hydrating Bamboo Water Sheet Mask came to mind straight away for this task. Bought direct from their website last year when they had a sale on, it cost me a massive £1.00.

Oh K Hydrating Bamboo Water Sheet Mask

Why did I buy this one? There are LOADS of sheet masks on the market, but I had never tried one from this range. I read some good comments about the brand online which perked my interest. So when they had a sale last year I grabbed a mix products to try and also to gift to others. But why I chose to use this mask was it sounded like it would give me what my skin needed most right now which is MOISTURE!

The current state of my face. No massive problems as such. Relatively smooth, spot free. A little dull in tone. But I feel although it doesn’t look dry it feels it. Possibly more dehydrated than dry, and I feel I need to use my facial products e.g oil/moisturiser straight away after cleansing or I can feel my skin yelling for it asap.

What is this supposed to do? This sheet mask is designed to give your skin a natural glow, keep the moisture in your skin and is ideal to actually use daily apparently.

Instructions. Cleanse skin. Pop face mask on for 10-20 minutes and remove. Rub in remainder solution into the skin from mask and off you go!

Packaging. Like most sheet masks it comes in a packet. Pictures of bamboo all over it and a peeping panda at the top, seriously cute and reflects the type of mask this is. Doesn’t take itself too seriously in look but doesn’t look like a cheap mask either. Instructions and ingredients are listed on the back .

Fragrance. I didn’t expect it to be as fragranced as it was. When I opened the packet I thought I would give it a quick sniff before application. It was quite a sweet floral and plant like smell. Not too strong but I thought if there was a fragrance it would be more neutral and clean in scent.

The Mask & Application. This was folded up when I removed it from the packet. First thing I noticed was this white, semi transparent sheet mask was heavily soaked in a gel like solution. The makers did not skimp on this at all! When I unfolded this clearly you could see the eyes, nose and mouth area had holes in it ready to wear.

It was very easy to put on my face, although it required some smoothing out. Immediately I felt a cold sensation, which was obviously the solution making contact with my face. It was soothing and enjoyable and provided instant relief. The fact the mask stayed still and I could go on about my evening was added bonus as it felt so comfortable and not restrictive.

For removal I simply peeled it off. My face had some residue from the mask left on it, so I gently patted it into my skin. Skin had a slight shine to it and it took about 5 minutes for the last of the mask to be absorbed. It looked more matt like in appearance although touching my face it felt slightly tacky.The mask itself was still very damp so I used it’s excess and rubbed it into my neck. My face felt hydrated although a few hours later I did pop on a moisturiser to give me more.

The morning after the night before. Skin looked and felt smooth and well rested. Didn’t feel dry, in fact quite hydrated. Overall very happy with the state of my face following the previous application of this mask.

Issues? When I applied this at first it came too close to the under of my eye. This area didn’t like it. I don’t blame the mask, its called the start of hay fever. And rubbing of this area and general soreness means naturally its more sensitive. Not a massive problem but I felt it. As much as I was going to rub some of the excess of the mask into the skin under my eyes, I decided not to because of this.

Recommended? Yes. It did the job which it promised to which was to give my face a moisture hit! A great product to use if your skin is feeling tired, dry, or dehydrated. And the cooling is so satisfying which makes this ideal for Summer use, or even after wearing a face mask covering for long periods of time would be great. But if your skin still needs a bit more, follow it up with a moisturiser like I did. Layering is a great way to custom make your skincare routine.

You can pick one of these up from various stores online for around £4.00/4.50. Stockists include Look Fantastic and ASOS. But the cheapest place I found that sold this at time of writing this post is good old Amazon at a cost of £2.42. Happy masking!

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub & Mask

There is nothing nicer than a quick fix where skincare is concerned. Who doesn’t want to use something and see an immediate improvement? I know I do! One product in my opinion that can do this is a mask. Another is a facial scrub. What happens when you combine the two together and get a 3 in 1 product that is supposed to wash, exfoliate and treat the skin? Curiosity made me buy The Body Shop’s Tea Tree 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub & Mask from a Body Shop consultant friend of mine. Would it provide an instant effect? Or would it leave me with an immediate sense of disappointment?

Why did I buy this one? I love tea tree oil as a product full stop! It’s a great antibacterial and antiseptic ingredient. I use it in its purest form to treat various issues. With this I hoped it would be great for times when my skin was suffering from a few spots, especially the dreaded maskne problem. And if I’m honest, there are times I feel lazy and having a product that can do a few different things at once could be time and cost effective.

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub & Mask

What is this designed to do? It’s a multi purpose product designed to wash, scrub and treat blemished skin.

Packaging. The usual flip top tube you would see a lot of skincare products housed in is how this is packaged. Dark green and white in colour. Simple in style which would easily appeal to the guys and girls. LOTS of tiny writing on the back which includes how to use and instructions.

Scent. If you have smelt tea tree before, you will instantly recognise this. Its quite strong, very fresh and antiseptic like.

Consistency. I expected a gel ( don’t ask why, I have no idea myself), but its more cream like and off white in colour. Decent thickness to it and very typical of how thick a face mask would be. You can see little bits in this which is the scrub pieces, so it’s not totally smooth in appearance.

How to use. As a wash, apply to wet face and rinse off. Scrub. On a wet face, massage then rinse off. Mask. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse off.

In use. I used about the tip of my finger size wise of this product and applied it over a freshly cleansed face that was still damp. I could feel the grains in this immediately, as there was quite a lot! Slowly and gently I moved this around because I thought the more pressure the bigger chance of hurting my skin. Very easy to sweep around the face, and as I did so the tea tree fragrance hit my nostrils.

Once I left the scrub on as a mask is when I felt the sensation. It didn’t sting, it was more that tingling antiseptic type feel you get when using things like tea tree or peppermint. But it didn’t last, and I also found the scent didn’t stay as strong throughout the process. I left the mask on for just over 5 minutes and at this stage it felt similar to a clay mask as it seemed to harden. And looking at my face and touching it, it definitely dried out.

Washing Off. The first time I used this I was in the bath, and used a damp face cloth to remove it. It wasn’t very effective because when I got a chance to look in a mirror I still had quite a bit of product still on. When I went to finish it off with the cloth, visibly it had gone but I could still feel grains on my face. Second time using this I washed it off then went in with a damp, warmed face cloth. Much better removal but still some grains were left on the face and neck.

The results. First time I used this was before bed and I thought little of it. The next day I didn’t expect to see much change. I had a few gins and a late night, so didn’t think a decent face would look back at me through the mirror. But putting to one side my dying eyes, the rest of my face looked really good! Well rested and smooth which is more than what I had hoped for. Second time I used this in the afternoon so had a good luck at my skin just after removal, and I got the same results straight away. Happy person happy skin!

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skincare Range

Is this really a 3in1? My thoughts on this is it’s more a 2 in 1 which is scrub and mask. With it having a scrub element I wouldn’t feel happy using this as a wash and would use another product for that. Most people who use a face wash, regardless of instructions, no doubt will use it all over the face including over the eyes ( I do! ). And you don’t have to be too delicate with something that basically is a foam wash. So it’s a no for me as a face wash.

Negatives? The bits in it. My pet hate is removing a scrub and finding bits of it still on me. Hopefully I will perfect my removal process but I think it will take extra time and care to make sure it’s all off! UPDATE. I’ve used this several times and can never remove all the grains.

The tea tree scent can be almost eye watering when you first use this product but it calms down during the process, but be warned!

Who is this for? My skin type is normal but can weave between normal/combination to normal/dry ( but I think that’s more dehydrated than actually dry ). So this isn’t a product I would need all the time because I don’t suffer from spots regularly, or oiliness. But the occasional treat when things sprout on my face this would be ideal for. So the perfect person to use this would be those who need the antiseptic element for spots. Which could be teens, or any age range who suffers from this regularly.

Recommended? Yes yes yes! Can you guess I love this? Better looking and feeling skin, even temporary, is a blessing. My skin looked and felt smoother, fresher, more awake. And if a product can give your skin a perk for that moment, a few hours or even a day then its a winner! Easy and quick to use, multi uses and not expensive so thumbs up!

Want to zap some spots in style with this product? 125ml will cost you £8.50. Be nice to a Body Shop consultant in your area to order or visit them online here to purchase.

Tesco’s Kind & Pure Refreshing Face Scrub

I love skincare. It’s not something everyone is interested in but I am. I’m not a make up wearer, it’s too much faffing about for me. But in the same way people drool over eyeshadows and mascaras, I gasp over cleansers and eye creams. I want my skin to look good, and spending a little time and a little money on it won’t kill me in fact it brings me joy. So my current face scrub I’ve been using in my routine, along with trying out their cleanser, is Tesco’s Kind & Pure Face Scrub. It costs £1.50 for 150ml.

Why did I buy this one? I picked up the Tesco Cleansing Face Wash and realised for a total of £3.00 I could get the scrub to match it too! I actually needed a face scrub at the time and needed something affordable so thought I would see what this was like.

Tesco Kind & Pure Refreshing Face Scrub

What is this supposed to do? This range from Tesco focuses on sensitive skin. So this is designed to be kind and gentle. It helps to soften and smooth the skin thanks to it’s exfoliating action without causing irritation.

Packaging. Ties in nicely with the rest of the Kind & Pure range. Colourings are the same which is mint green, white and silver detailing. Scrub comes in the same flip top lidded tube as the wash, with all details on the back e.g ingredients.

Texture. It would be easy to mistake this for a body lotion. It’s white, opaque and came out of the tube with a little hold to it. A decent thickness consistency wise but not solid. You can’t see visible grains or pieces in this, but only when you spread it out do you feel and see the smallest white specks.

Fragrance. After using the co ordinating face wash, I expected there to be no scent to this, but there is one! It’s not highly fragranced and quite delicate, but there it is. This has a slight plant like base to it. I won’t say floral as it’s not that, but plant with the smallest sweetness to it. Fresh, clean, neutral. It’s quite unisex, not age specific and non offensive.

How to use ( as stated on packaging ). Wet face with warm water. Use a small amount, massage into face using upwards and outwards movements. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

In use. As per usual I probably used more than I should have which was a bit bigger than a 10p coin in size. But I did use this as suggested on the packaging. It felt very creamy on the skin, but I could also feel the grains and there was enough in the scrub for me to feel as if they were doing something. They didn’t hurt or irritate.

Skin afterwards. My face felt very refreshed after use. Clean, smooth, not stripped away of vital moisture so not dry. My skin didn’t look dramatically different, pretty much the same as if I had just washed it as usual if I’m honest. But it did feel good.

Tesco Kind & Pure Cleansing Face Wash and Refreshing Face Scrub

Recommended? Definitely! It’s a great budget friendly product that is easy to use, doesn’t dry out the skin and leaves it feeling smooth to touch. Some people might find this very basic but for the price what more can you ask for? Again, like the wash, nice starter face scrub for a young person e.g pre teen. Someone who wants to get into skincare but unsure what to go for and wants something simple. Those with sensitive skin and of course those who want to go for something inexpensive! Would I buy and use this again? I actually would! It did what it was designed to do with a nice fragrance to it. I would happily slip this in and out of my routine and great if on a serious beauty budget!

Want to cheaply scrub your face? Like the face wash this should be in stores ( possibly selected ones ) but definitely available online here.

Tesco’s Kind & Pure Cleansing Face Wash

Over the years I have bought and tried many different ranges and brands of skincare. It possibly is an addiction, but I do find skincare fascinating, interesting and fun to try out. Before children my budget may have been a little larger and less restricted, where as now I try and make considered purchases whether big or small. But does cheap skincare REALLY work? Or is it a false economy? Well, I’ve recently tried out Tesco‘s Kind & Pure Cleansing Face Wash for sensitive skin. It costs £1.50 for 150ml.

Why did I buy this? I’m contradicting myself with what I wrote above as this wasn’t a considered purchase. I didn’t actually NEED it I just saw it and thought it looked interesting. The packaging caught my eye and it did make me think this could be a good one for myself to occasionally dip in and out of. Plus I could try my pre teen son and daughter on this to get them started with a basic skincare routine.

Tesco’s Kind & Pure Cleansing Face Wash

What is this? This is a cleansing wash which is designed for sensitive skin. Things like fragrance or colouring can set off some people’s skin and these ingredients have been left out. So this is meant to be a kind and gentle facial wash for those whose skin needs something more caring.

Packaging. If anything screams fragrance free and reflecting this on how something is packaged this does! The wash comes in a typical plastic flip top bottom lid tube. Colouring is mint green and white with some silver detailing. Quite basic, but clean in look and for me is quite appealing.

Scent. There isn’t one! But what I’ve found with similar products in the past, and this one too, is it doesn’t have a fragrance but it has that typical non fragrance smell. Does anyone understand what I mean? Sounds weird but it’s true I promise.

Texture & appearance. Clear in colour and looks like any normal facial wash would. Slightly runny, smooth and with a shine.

How to use ( as per instructions ). Lather product up in the hands and massage over wet skin. Rinse off with water.

On the face. I’ve been using this wash day and night for a good month now. I use this pretty much as instructed. The wash I found lathered up ok but not brilliantly. I did use probably more than what I needed per application, but I found more created a better lather for me and less just didn’t seem sufficient ( see below pic ). It rubbed into the face easily and was comfortable on the skin. I did feel I needed to go in a few times to rinse it off to make sure it all washed away, but this wasn’t any hardship and no massive problem.

Removal of make up. Can’t comment on that. I don’t wear a face of make up but I do regularly use an eyebrow pencil. I always ensure to give those areas a little more time massaging the wash into and around it, and it removed it.

After use. If I’m honest I expected this to dry my skin out but it didn’t. Yes, it felt and looked clean with no irritation, but it didn’t leave it dry or uncomfortable. And it created a nice, clean base for me to use my various lotions and potions on for the day or night.

Recommended? And if so for who? I would actually recommend this face wash as it did exactly what it said on the tube! Perfect one for pre teens or teens who don’t have particular skin issues but you want them to use something that is easy and won’t irritate. There are men and women out there who aren’t too fussy about skincare and just want the basics. Not bothered about brands and refuse to spend heaps of money on this which is absolutely fine. But they DO want to keep their face clean. This will do! Again, if you have no particular concerns and even better if you do suffer from sensitive skin it’s a bonus.

Tesco Kind & Pure Cleansing Face Wash and Refreshing Face Scrub

Would I buy this again? For my kids possibly because of what I’ve already mentioned. And on a budget level I can deal with spending £1.50 and for it to be sat there unused because child number one says he can’t be bothered washing! But for myself, no ( unless my budget was exceptionally teeny and I was very poor ). Its a decent emergency product but I like my cleansing products to be more power packed with ingredients, texture and dare I say a little fragrance! I’m getting older in years and my skin needs as much help as it can get!

Do you want to wash your face with this budget friendly face wash? Available instore ( possibly selected ones so check! ), or from and you can pop it into your grocery basket when doing a food shop!

The Body Shop’s Warm Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub

I can can still see the ghost of Christmas 2020 in my house. New toys on the living room floor. Chocolates in the cupboards. My bedroom is full of bath, body and skincare goodies I was given as gifts from my nearest and dearest. It’s a well known fact I have a thing about vanilla as it’s one of my favourite scents. So I was over the moon to receive a collection of The Body Shop goodies from a friend for Christmas, in the fragrance Warm Vanilla. My first go to product was the Warm Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub.

Why am I using this? This is one of those products I never think to buy. Out of all my skin concerns lips has never been one of them. Even a lip balm I don’t use very often. But I am beyond grateful that I was given this because guess what I’ve been suffering from recently? DRY LIPS! Not an everyday problem I suffer with, but wearing masks now as a part of daily life and probably not drinking enough water too, means my lips feel very neglected and it shows!

The Body Shop’s War Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub

What’s a lip scrub? Simply an exfoliater for the lips! Designed to gently remove flaky, dry skin from the lips leaving the area smoother and softer.

Packaging. Similar to potted lip balm products available on the market. Small so pocket or hand bag sized, with a screw top lid. The labeling is quite festive. A wintry design on the lid with berries, vanilla pods and flowers visible.

Scent. This is why I LOVE Warm Vanilla as a fragrance and a range! It of course smells like vanilla. But with warmed through brown sugar like undertones to it and the smallest hint of floral. Sweet, warming, totally yummy but not sickly or cheap and synthetic in smell.

Texture. I thought this would be similar in texture to a lip balm. To look at it, it’s shiny and golden in colour. It’s a little softer and not as solid as I originally thought it would be. So using this was very easy and it didn’t need warming through with a finger. It does have that greasiness a lip balm has, except I could feel the smallest grains in this. The grains aren’t coloured, but you can see the scrub isn’t totally smooth and has texture, once you dip into it.

On the lips. I didn’t need much of this, and I applied this onto dry lips not damp. Rubbing this all over the lip area as you would with a lip balm but I went sightly around the lips too. The grains felt comfortable, and they stayed where they were rather than fall off because of the texture of the scrub. The fragrance was there which I loved, and dare I say this tasted quite nice too! No doubt that this contained actual sugar.

The result. Look wise lips seemed fresher, smoother, more plump and had more colour to them ( this product isn’t tinted by the way ). Not only did they look smoother but felt it too, and highly moisturised. Removing the scrub wasn’t needed because there were only a few grains left on my lips and the scrub left a natural sheen and glisten to them. So I left it on!

The Body Shop Warming Vanilla Range 2020

Recommended? Although a lip scrub has never been top of my to buy list I don’t think I’ve used the right one before now. Either they’ve been too wet, not enough grains or TOO much with half of it going down the sink! But this lip scrub is perfectly balanced. Part lip balm part scrub. Great texture, beautiful scent, easy to use and if you use the right amount no need to remove! And it leaves your lips in kissable condition. I would buy this myself in a heart beat so thoroughly recommended!

Just a note.. Warm Vanilla is a limited edition range. It’s been brought out luckily for another winter, so don’t expect this to be readily available. But I would highly recommend checking The Body Shop website or contact your local The Body Shop consultant who may be able to perform some magic!