Strawberry Melts Vanellope Wax Chunks

This is one blog post that I’ve been dying to write. Why? Well…as a lover of fragranced wax in various shapes, scents and guises, certain pieces sold by vendors make me happy. This scent from Strawberry Melts has been available from them during different restocks and as much as I’ve wanted to buy it I haven’t..until it last went up for sale a few months ago.

Why this? The scent description was like someone shoving a cookie in my face and asking me to take a bite!. It sounded moorish, it sounded delicious, it sounded perfect for me! I also love chunks because of the amount you get. Having an idea I would love this I wanted more than the amount you would get in a standard pot or mini melt shape. And the physical look of chunks is so pretty and easy on the eye, so why would I NOT want this?

Strawberry Melt’s Vanellope Wax Chunks

How do these chunks look? My bag contained 6 great sized chunks in the scent of Vanellope. Each chunk similar, but not identical, in look and size giving it that perfect handmade look. Pillar box red in colour with lime green coloured chunks running through them.

Scent description ( Strawberry Melts ). Vanilla lime topped with strawberry marshmallow cream. House blend.

How does this smell? This scent reminds me so much of something and for the love of it I can’t recall what it is. But it definitely takes me somewhere when I smell this. You get an equal hit of of a zesty, fresh citrus ( lime ) with a blast of fruity strawberry rounded off with a sweet creaminess coming from the vanilla. It’s a beautiful blend. Its one of those blends that’s uplifting, energising, sweet, fruity yet clean all at the same time.

Strength. I used the smallest chunk out of my bag and this gave me a good medium strength in my kitchen. Longevity is great. Melted over 2 days for at least 8 hours and I could still smell this.

Recommended? YESSSS! Its gorgeous. Great for those who like citrusy scents but want something a little different and vice versa for this who love more fruity scents. This is one of those scents I can’t imagine not putting a smile on someones face. Strawberry Melt’s constantly change their stock because of course their waxes are hand made, so keep an eye on their website for this special scent to come up, or join their group for wax chit chat here as there are opportunities to get custom made wax in various scents at certain times.

*Anyone who has bought and melted this please share with me your thoughts and pop it in the comment box!*

Strawberry Melt’s Strawberry Blanket Wax Chunks

I really should enforce a wax ban on myself. But sometimes I just can’t help myself! A pretty piece of wax can turn my eye and a scent description for wax can send me crazy with excitement. And even though I promised myself recently I wouldn’t buy any new pieces I betrayed myself by buying some new wax from Strawberry Melts. One of which being Strawberry Blanket wax chunks. 110g for £5.50.

Strawberry Blanket by Strawberry Melts

Why did I go gaga over this? Purely down to the scent description. It includes one of my favourite all time scents from SW and this mix really interested me. I just knew I had to have it – simple!

Strawberry Melt’s Scent Description. Strawberry and parsley and soft blanket ( jasmine and cherry blossom, Fressia and powdery notes complete with orchid ).

Packaging. All wax chunks from Strawberry Melt’s come in a small paper bag as standard, with a small clear window on the front so you can peep inside. Scent name and description is on a label just above it and on the back is ingredients list.

Appearance. These chunks are roughly the same size but not exact ( not factory made handmade with love ). Yellow in colour with stripes of green and red running through them. Finished off with delicate dusting of irregular pieces of glitter.

While melting. I used just one chunk as each one was a good size and was the perfect amount to place in my wax warmer. Didn’t take too long to melt and created the most eye catching wax pool while releasing fragrance.

Mid melt

Scent. One word WOW! I already mentioned this included one of my favourite scents. And the scent I adore is Strawberry and Parsley. You can definitely smell it within this combination. A little strawberry can be picked out mid whiff, so has a fruity berry element to it. Some herbal element is in there but what changes this from strawberry and parsley as a stand alone scent, is this has a powdery element to it with a touch of floral. All of these mixed together created a clean, fresh, sophisticated almost laundry type scent.

Strength & Longevity. This is strong! I melted this in the kitchen and I could smell this in the next room. Despite this I didn’t find it overpowering, so this would be great wax for different sized rooms from small to big. This has been melting away on and off for 4 days…and I’ve had to change the wax not because the scent had disappeared, but because I have other wax to use up. So strength and longevity is fantastic!

Recommended? I think this is now my new favourite over my beloved Strawberry & Parsley. Why? It has that extra cleanness to it which stands out for me and I adore it! If you love laundry and clean scents and want something a little different this is for you. I can’t see many people not liking this and should be sat in every wax melter! Currently not in stock, but Strawberry Melt’s have restocks regularly and there are also opportunities for customers to put in requests for particular scents in various wax forms, so this coming back is a possibility. Visit their website here now for your latest wax fix and to keep your eyes peeled for this ( hopefully ) to pop back up for sale!

Strawberry Melts Fairy Godmother Wax Chunks

Using wax to scent your home is very popular these days. Although traditional candles I doubt will ever go out of fashion, wax in other forms definitely is on the rise when it comes to what we use. Fragranced wax comes in many forms. You can go into a supermarket or discount store and you will find wax for sale, but they tend to be quite generic in look e.g cubes that you pop out of a plastic casing. Wax chunks not so much. And to get your hands on a bag you probably will need to go to wax vendor who sells wax in various shapes and sizes. One bag of wax chunks that has been living in my stash since last year, and has been melted quite regularly, is Strawberry Melts Fairy Godmother.

What are wax chunks? No different in function to wax melts or pots. They literally are chunks of wax! Depending on size of chunk you pop them in the top of a wax warmer ( which is lit or turned on ) and it will release fragrance. Visually they are interesting and fun to look, they can come in one scent or possibly a blend of scents, and you get a good amount so should last you along time!

Packaging. Fairy Godmother comes in a biodegradable bag lined with bio plastic with a small see through window to show you what you get, and a label above it to give you the wax name and scent description ( which to me is very handy! ).

Appearance. I have yet to find any wax chunks that look plain and boring, and this is no exception! Fairy Godmother chunks are mostly the same size ( but not exact giving it that homemade and unique feel ), and their main colour is lilac. Running through each chunk you can see within them mini chunks of yellow and pink. This makes them look so good almost confectionary like. And my favourite finish on all waxy pieces is there is a light dusting of glitter making them glisten slightly. Very pretty and easy on the eye.

Fairy Godmother Wax Chunks

Official Scent Description. Creamy vanilla sandalwood, honey, lavender and Santal almond cream.

My scent description. This for me falls closest into the bakery section of wax products if you want to give its scent a category. Its soothing, softly sweet and warm when you take that initial breathe, but right at the end you get the smallest hint of herbal thanks to the lavender giving it a fresh note. Mouth watering, a little creamy so not a punchy in your face scent and is a very clever combination of fragrances that work very well together and unusual when you smell it.

Strength and longevity. Firstly, this smells the same whether its sat in its packaging or melting away nicely. Strength wise, and its important considering the scent family it comes from, its a medium. If it was too strong it could be heady and I think its delicate mix of scents would get lost. It adds something comforting to the room rather than it being overpowering so it comes across very natural. Per chunk ( or two thirds of one as each chunk is quite big ), I can melt it for a few hours over a few days before I need to replace it so longevity is very very good.

Recommend? Thumbs up from me! If you are someone who loves bakery scents but wants something different from the norm, this is definitely one to purchase! It delivers what anyone would want from this scent family but with subtlety and class. I can’t say I’ve smelt anything quite like this before purchasing Fairy Godmother, and its now a much loved part of my wax collection. £5.50 for a 110g bag. Available on the Strawberry Melts website from 8.00pm on the 14th March while stocks last!