Snap Wax Melts Party Time! Wax Snap Bar

Oh to breathe again! Such an essential everyday thing which I take for granted during the seasons of Autumn, Winter and part of Spring. It doesn’t seem that long ago when I wanted to sleep all the time (no change there!), headaches, constant sneezing and unable to breathe. Thank goodness, for now, hay fever has loosened it’s grip on me and now I can enjoy my love of wax melts properly. Since it pretty much is Summer, I thought I would melt Party Time! wax snap bar from Snap Wax Melt, who kindly gifted this to me earlier this year.

Party Time! Snap Wax Melt Wax Bar

Why this one?

Although I can’t say I’m party ready, I was hoping for this scent to be uplifting and energising in someway. It may not be very sunny or even warm at the moment in the UK ( while writing this post), it doesn’t mean inside should feel and be so drab.


A simple clear plastic sleeve with the company logo on front and ingredients list on the back.

The look.

Snap Wax Melt’s wax all come in wax snap bars. Long, rectangular and segmented in a bar of 10 squares. This bar is a beautifully pink berry colour with a gorgeous addition of different sized glitter on the top of the bar. Some are circular, some hexagon, tiny, a little bigger. Purple coloured, turquoise, teal. All such an eye catching mix of sparkles making this wax snap bar a stunner!

Scent Description ( from Snap Wax Melt’s website).

Fill the room with fresh fluffy vanilla sponge, lashings of sweet pink icing and sprinkles of sugar.

How this smells to me.

The first thing I thought about when I smelt this was how much it reminded me of rhubarb and custard! Why? I got the creamy vanilla for sure. That was what I smelt underneath a sweet and fruity strawberry/rhubard-esq style element which was at the forefront. A beautiful, mouthwatering, Summery scent which makes me think of sipping cocktails on a sun drenched balcony while being child and work free.

In melt.

I’ve found snapping off three squares with all the wax bars from Snap Wax Melt is the perfect amount for my warmers. They melt beautifully and even, leaving a lovely deep pink,almost purple wax pool. The glitter gave it a subtle sparkle which made it super pretty!

Fragrance was released straight away. Warming, fruity, uplifting and very welcoming.

Strength & Longevity. Strength for this scent was a medium. Ideal for this type of fragrance, and great for this time of year too! Longevity was very good. At one point I had two warmers on in separate rooms with Party Time! in them for over 3 days. Both on for a good number of hours at a time.

Snap Wax Melt Snap Bars


Definitely! This scent is gorgeous! If you love your fruity fragrances, especially your fruit or rhubarb based ones, you will love this one. It’s not too strong, great quality of scent and as I’ve mentioned before an ideal one to melt during Summer!

Do you want to have your own Party Time! wax snap bar to add to your home fragrance collection? You can order from Snap Wax Melt’s website here. Each bar is £3.00 which will provide you with many hours of fragrance time. I defy you NOT to order more than one of these beauties, their scent selection is impressive!

Soul Energy Honey Wax Melts

I was hoping 2021 would be the year of less shopping for me, but that hasn’t quite worked out! I may not visit physical shops as much as I have in the past (for obvious reasons), but that hasn’t stopped the internet calling! A few months ago I made a purchase from a company called Soul Energy, that consisted of bath bombs, bath dusts and wax melts. The first item I tried from my order was their Honey wax melts. These came in a pair, and normally cost £2.50 ( I bought mine when they were discounted because of a special offer).

Soul Energy’s Honey Wax Melts

Why did I buy these? These looked sooo cute on line! I love pretty wax and I can’t deny that weakness. I also thought honey isn’t something I tend to purchase in wax form, so was intrigued to find out how well it translated as a fragrance.

Packaging. Nothing fancy, simple but practical. These two wax melts came in a clear plastic little sleeve. Company logo on front, ingredients on the back.

Appearance. These are two little stunners! Both hexagon in shape, a little bigger than a 50p coin and both a beautiful golden yellow colouring. One has a honeycomb like pattern on the top, whereas the other has a bee shape embossed into it. Both have a generous but not overdone sprinkle of chunky glitter. Some copper coloured, others iridescent with all mimicking the actual shape of the wax melts. The attention to detail here is superb!

Fragrance. An absolute delight! I don’t mind the scent of honey but I don’t love it either. I find that it can be too sweet and very synthetic. These wax melts definitely did not smell like this! These have a beautiful blend of sweet, uplifting honey, a touch of floral and a powdery element in there somewhere. A very grown up, classy and full bodied version of honey which took me by surprise.

In melt. I would say these are the perfect size to put into a warmer, so I opted to use one in the kitchen. It was almost hypnotic seeing this already beautiful looking wax become more and more liquid, turning into a golden wax pool. The fragrance wasn’t there immediately, it slowly developed and became more and more noticeable as the wax warmed through.

Strength & Longevity. Strength wise I would say this is a medium. Would this be more if I added in both wax melts? No idea. You would think the answer is yes but believe it or not adding too much wax can actually do the opposite. So a potential waste and not a true reflection on strength. But the strength of this was spot on because this shouldn’t be a powerhouse wax! The quality of this fragrance means it really shines through, and should add to a room not destroy it. Longevity very good. I melted one wax melt over 2 days at around 8 hours and the scent and strength remained constant.

Recommended? Oh my goodness yes! These are just the sweetest looking wax melts that reflect their scent perfectly! Visually very easy on the eye. Just the right amount of wax per melt per use. The fragrance is superb and very clever, which lasted well and at the perfect strength. These I would quite happily repeat purchase and melt time and time again!

Sad face right now. If you want to order this, at the time of writing this post, these little gems are officially sold out! BUT keep this bookmarked and by the grace of God these will be back in stock asap here!

Fragrantasia’s Banana Bubblegum Wax Chunk Pot

When it comes to wax melts, I think I’ve tried loads of different fragrances over the years. Some have been good, some have been great and some haven’t been to my taste at all. Sometimes certain scents are available and you just know deep down in your soul that you will love them! When Fragrantasia started to make and sell Banana Bubblegum Chunk Wax Pot last year, I KNEW I needed this in my home. The lovely Amy from the company kindly gifted this to me. And although it’s taken me awhile to melt, it was definitely worth the wait!

Fragrantasia’s Banana Bubblegum Chunk Wax Pot

Why did I melt this one? I ADORE bubblegum as a scent, especially in wax form. But one fragrance I’ve never tried has been banana. The two combined brings together two of my favourite fragrance families, one being fruity and the other being sweet inspired scents. So why would I NOT want to melt this?

What’s a wax chunk pot? A wax chunk pot is basically what the name suggests. It’s a pot of wax that normally consists of two fragrances. One being the main wax and scent, the other one being visible chunks of wax embedded into it which are of a different fragrance.

Packaging. This chunk pot lives in a clear, lidded pot. Labelling on the lid and ingredients list on the inside of the lid.

The look. The majority of this wax is mid pink in colour. Contrasting Minion yellow coloured chunks of wax can be seen poking out of it. The two colours together are so eye catching and have an almost sweety like look to it.

Scent. The scent of this reminds me of those soft banana sweets I used to get as a kid, but with more added sugariness thanks to the bubblegum element. Absolutely mouth watering yet somehow not sickly.

In melt. I used just under quarter of this in my wax warmer in the kitchen. As this slowly melted it became a mixed pool of yellow and pink liquid wax. The fragrance itself came out immediately. If I’m honest it was already there when I took off the lid of the pot this is housed in. But when warmed through and melting away, this filled my kitchen so well. Since it was so nice I decided to use another quarter and melt it in my living room at the same time.

Strength & Longevity. Strength was a medium when using a quarter of this wax chunk. Ideal for a small kitchen and medium sized living room. This has been melting in 2 positions for over 2 days and each time for a good number of hours. Consistently it throws out the fragrance well, so longevity is great.

Recommended? If you are a lover of your sweet and fruity scents this is a must! A fabulous fragrance that will leave you wiping dribble off your mouth as it’s so good! This is a little different fragrance wise and a great combination of 2 scents that work brilliantly together. It will become a firm favourite especially for bubblegum lovers, so it’s a yes from me! Great scent, looks cute, a good amount of wax which will give you hours of fragrance.

Is this fruity sweet combo right up your wax alley? Grab yours from Fragrantasia’s website here. For £2.20 you get over 40g of wax, which is going to keep your home smelling gorgeous for hours and hours and hours.

Emily Victoria Candles Part-Time Princess Wax Melt

My kids are back in school now. You know you are a parent when you get excited for them not to be in the house just so you can clean! Declutter, sort things out, wash and basically freshen up everything and everywhere. So much easier without little ( or big ) people getting in the way. If, like me, you are a lover of a good wax melt, this is the perfect time to get melting while doing a Spring clean. I’m slowly working through a home focused to do list, and my most recent wax melt of choice while going through this is Emily Victoria Candles in the fragrance of Part-Time Princess. I was given this by a friend last year.

Emily Victoria Candles Part-Time Princess Wax Melt

Why did I decide to melt this one? I haven’t had a massive urge to use wax melts recently. I’m very cautious when it comes to scents at the moment due to the start of hay fever season, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting a nice smelling room to walk into. This wax melt on cold didn’t seem too strong, which was what I wanted. It smelt pretty and I thought my senses could handle it.

Packaging.This was given to me last year, and going off the website I suspect the packaging ( or at least the labelling ) has changed since my wax melt was made. But the one I have comes in a lidded plastic tub, black and white labelling on back and front with brand name, scent and ingredients visible. Simple in look but appealing.

How it looks. 30g of wax melt is circular, flat and soft lilac/pink in colour. No other colours, glitter or effects. One block colour. If you turn it around on the underside you will see it’s segmented which means it can be broken into three pieces. In each section is the letter E for Emily. Lovely touch!

Scent. Think this one was made for me! Quite clean almost baby lotion like. Creamy with hints of vanilla, a little musk hidden in there and a touch of coconut. Truly pretty, very comforting and a delight to sniff.

How to use. This is already segmented, so break it up and pop a piece into a wax warmer and enjoy.

In melt. This wax melt was super easy to snap. I popped in a third of this into my wax warmer which lives in the kitchen, and it melted slowly. Scent was subtle, but despite having a semi blocked nose I could smell it. Very comforting, very soft and very homely. I used the rest of the wax melt in the living room as I didn’t feel like mixing scents up and wanted to enjoy just one singular fragrance.

Strength & Longevity. Strength using a third of this wax melt I would say was light. Perfect strength considering the symptoms I’ve been suffering with recently. My head can’t deal with a strong fragrance right now. I don’t think this scent needs to be overpowering anyway. The type of scent this is it should be delicate and sit in the background. I did find though that the scent strength in my living room was a medium, and using that extra piece compared to the kitchen made a big difference. Which was great to know just in case I wanted it to be more punchier in the future.

When it comes to longevity, I didn’t melt this as long as I normally would with wax. I melted this over 2 days for at least a good 8 hours minimum and the strength and scent was still the same as when first melted. So thumbs up from me.

Recommended? I do! Its a lovely fragrance that lasted and travelled well. It didn’t cause any issues with my hay fever as the strength was just right. It created a great feel to my rooms which was just what I wanted. Although I didn’t purchase this myself, for 30g of fragranced wax it only costs £1.75! So if you are looking for a pretty scent to help lift your home, you can grab one here now.

Secret Scents Home Fragrance Spring/Summer Wax Melts

The sun is shinning, the heat has turned up (for now ) and it feels like Spring really has landed. As a lover of home fragrance, this is the perfect time for me to change what scents I’m using according to the weather. Why? Weather and seasons make me feel differently. My mood changes and it’s nice for this to be reflected in my home. Queue a perfectly timed selection of Spring/Summer inspired scented wax melts gifted to me from Secret Scents Home Fragrance. These dropped through my letterbox a few weeks ago and I’ve been melting and enjoying them ever since.

So what did I get? Beccy from Secret Scents kindly sent to me 5 wax melts in 5 different fragrances. Each melt white in colour and very cute in look thanks to being heart shaped. The scents they came in were:

Secret Scents Home Fragrance Spring/Summer Wax Melts

Lemon & Lavender. Gorgeous! This is special. What you get is a beautiful blend of sharp, zesty, very clean lemon. Added is a herbal yet sweetened lavender. And I suspect some form of incense type musk because it has an almost perfume like quality to it. These two elements combined aren’t overpowering or clashing but work together like a dream.

Lemon & Lavender

Pink Pepper & Rose. If you aren’t a fan of rose or florals in general, this scented wax might surprise you as it did me. This is indeed rose. Not in an old fashioned way though. It’s pretty, feminine, floral ( of course ), sweet but has depth to it which I can only assume is the pepper. I can’t explain how beautiful this smells but it’s a stunner!

Pink Pepper & Rose

Flora Springtime. This scent reminds me of my Dad. I know there’s a certain disinfectant brand that has been very popular over the last few years, but my dad used this years and years ago! Only difference was there wasn’t such a variety of fragrances back then as there is now. But I do recall him using Springtime which this represents very well. Another floral scent but this time it has a plant like side to it rather than just flowers. So this green and herbal part gives it a clean fragrance with a little citrus in there too.

English Pear & Fressia. Ohhh…ohhh! A killer combination of fruity, juicy and ripe pear with lashings and lashings of white floral. This smells like it should (possible is?) be an actual perfume fragrance as it’s gorgeous! Very much perfume like with some powdery notes supporting it.

Fruit Punch. If florals really aren’t your thing, and you want something more mouth watering..then this could be ideal for your nose. Fruit punch is sweet with a touch of creamy vanilla in there ( I think ! ), with a mix of berries and a citrus twist to it.

Fruit Punch

Strength & Longevity. Each wax melt was the perfect amount to melt size wise. No cutting or snapping, I just threw one in and let it melt! Each fragrance as you can imagine was different, but strength wise all were a minimum medium with 2 ( Flora & Pink Pepper ) being a medium to strong. I’ve found longevity of wax melts from this vendor to be excellent in the past, and these have been exactly the same. I’ve been able to get multiple days of fragrance out of each of these melts which is fantastic value.

Recommended? All of these scents are stunning! And to be honest they could be melted anytime of the year. But they are what I call the perfect Spring to Summer scents because they bring the outside in thanks to their great fruit and floral bases being uplifting. Each scent is amazing and lasts so long. Overall I’m super impressed by the overall quality of these melts. Each one I would happily buy to use again in my own home and even give as gifts.

You can find Secret Scents Home Fragrance on Facebook and also Instagram. They provide various home fragrance products such as melts, snap bars and reed diffusers. And dare I mention how fabulous the packaging is? Go on…treat yourself. Your home deserves it!

B Blissful Tranquility Wax Melts

Like all of our senses as humans, the sense of smell is important. Being surrounded by nice scents can help create a mood. And this is exactly why I love using wax melts! Walking into a room that smells good is such a nice and welcoming experience. And this explains my slight wax addiction. Recently, I purchased a selection of wax melts from a wax vendor called B Blissful. One of the sets of wax melts I bought was called Tranquility.

B Blissful’s Tranquility Wax Melts

Why did I buy this one? The name. Rather than go for my usual scent faourites, I wanted something relaxing and enjoyable. Tranquility, I hoped, would provide that.

How does this look? In this pack I got two wax melts. Very cute in appearance. Both shaped liked ice lollies. Baby blue in colouring. Packaged in a clear plastic little bag which had the ingredients list on the back along with scent name.

Scent. This is one of those fragrances you have to smell a few times to really get it! I got a clear, sharp and zesty lemon. Not strong but there and very clean. It has an effervescence to it, a fizz almost. Despite this being quite an uplifting scent, its also incredibly relaxing too. A great citrus based scent that doesn’t go down the typical, syrupy sweet strong fragrance road.

In melt. There is something so satisfying watching shapes melt as they heat up and this was no exception! I used one melt. Despite this wax melt being small, it took a little time to melt. Seeing the top of the lolly shape poke out through its liquid pool was fun. What was left was a baby blue coloured wax pool with an added shimmer to it. The scent I found was quite delicate. While melting it travelled in a non obvious way, but it was there and I felt it softened the air in the room with its scent.

Strength & Longevity. I melted this in the kitchen. The strength I found to be light. To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether it was too light in strength and whether I should have thrown in melt number 2. But on reflection this strength is actually perfect for what it is. Fragrance shouldn’t always blow your head off and this didn’t. Longevity was good. This melted over 2 days ( before my usual wax change over ) for a good number of hours and the scent and strength remained constant.

Who would like this? Anyone that loves their fruity scents but not sweet fruity will like this. Wanting something clean, quite fresh with a citrus twist? If that’s you, you would want this. To be honest, this is one of those scents many people would like anyway because it has a broad appeal to it.

Recommended? Of course, can’t you tell? Absolutely adorable in look and perfect size to use in a warmer. Lovely scent which for me screams Spring. Lasted so well with the perfect strength for it to boot. And these wax melts are super affordable! Now, when I bought these I did get a fabulous price as they were at a sale price ( 50p ). BUT if you want this same shape, a set of 4 will only cost you £1.50. So hardly a need to file for bankruptcy!

Do you want Tranquillity in your life and your wax burner? Order yours here now for your bit of fragrance paradise.

Snap Wax Melt’s Rhubarb & Custard Wax Snap Bar

Do you find when seasons change so do some of your general habits? Spring is creeping in which means lighter starts to the day and more sunshine ( thank God! ). For my home fragrancing, I’m now heading towards more floral, laundry and fruity scents. I’ve decided to delve into a beautiful collection of wax snap bars a company called Snap Wax Melt kindly gifted to me at the start of this year. My second snap bar from them that got the chop recently was Rhubarb & Custard.

Snap Wax Melt’s Rhubarb & Custard Wax Snap Bar

Why did I go for this one? Anyone who uses wax melts and candles will know rhubarb as a scent is extremely popular. Why? It’s gorgeous! I’m a massive fan and anything with it in has never failed me. I adore fruity and sweet scents anyway so choosing to melt this was a no brainer.

Appearance. Like all of Snap Wax Melt snap bars, these are rectangular in shape and made up of 10 raised squares you snap off to use. The colours of this will catch your eye as they are pink and yellow, which contrasts perfectly. The left hand side of the bar the segments are yellow in colour and the right pink. But the yellow is only visible on the top. If you look carefully at the pink sections there are the tiniest little dark pink speckles in it which gives it a subtle detail.

Scent. Mouth watering! Have you ever eaten and smelt rhubarb and custard hard boiled sweets, that are usually lightly dusted with sugar? This is identical! You get a sugary, sweet, fruity rhubarb scent to it. And of course it’s finished off with a vanilla based, creamy custard. There is no why no one wouldn’t know what this smells like if you’ve had the sweets before. On top of that the colouring of this is a bit of a giveaway too!

In melt. I popped 3 squares into my wax warmer, and they melted away evenly, producing an inviting pink pool of wax. The scent was already there while it was solid so only got stronger as it warmed through. It filled my kitchen so well despite the fact there were various things cooking at once, yet it fought through and was very obvious.

Strength & Longevity. Strength is a medium. I wouldn’t want this to be stronger as it doesn’t need it so perfect strength. Great for a variety of different sized and shaped rooms. Longevity was excellent as these 3 segments lasted a good 8 hrs over 2 days and was changed purely because I wanted a different scent, not because the smell was gone. So this wax bar will provide hours and hours of fragrance time.

Who would love this? Like me, if you love fruit based scents, sweet inspired scents, this is a must! Scents don’t have to be seasonal, you should melt what you like when you like. BUT this screams to me Spring and Summer. So if you want to change from more heavier, musky, Autumn/Winter scents this is ideal. Great for kitchens too in regards to neutralising cooking smells. And of course lovers of the rhubarb scent buy this purely for the fact it contains the rhubarb scent in it alone!

Wax melt snap bars by Snap Wax Melt

Recommended? As someone who loves sweetie inspired scents this is a winner for me so a yes! It’s true to what it’s supposed to smell like which is absolutely delicious. Perfect strength, great longevity and the bar itself begs you to break and melt it. So why wouldn’t I love and recommend it?

Tempted to turn this classic sweet into your room fragrance paradise? For £3.00 for this non-edible bar you can order it here. Remember, no matter how good this looks and how yummy it smells DO NOT EAT!

Snap Wax Melt Holiday Romance Wax Snap Bar

What’s the best shape a wax melt can be in? Tricky question and one I couldn’t answer! It really depends. Wax comes in so many different shapes and sizes with each one having benefits. Snap bars are a form I really like. They are already sectioned off so you have a good idea how much to use. Easy to separate each piece and visually you can’t really go wrong with the shape as they look really good! So I was very excited to be sent a selection of wax snap bars from a wax vendor I follow on Instagram called Snap Wax Melt

Snap Wax Melts Holiday Romance Wax Snap Bar

Packaging. Like most wax snap bars I’ve had in the past, this came in a clear plastic sleeve. You can see the wax snap bar inside it. A sticker of the vendor’s logo is on the front of the sleeve with ingredients listing and scent name on the back.

Appearance. This is a 10 square segmented bar of wax. Holiday Romance is orange in colour with a peachy tone to it. A beautiful and liberally dusting of purple coloured glitter and purple and pink pigment on top finishes the look off perfectly. The contrast between the colour of the wax and the glitter and pigments really makes this pop look wise.

Scent. I wasn’t too sure what I would expect with the fragrance name Holiday Romance. Maybe something floral? Well floral this isn’t! Holiday Romance is a glorious bowl of mixed fruit. Now on the website it mentions mango, but for me this comes across more on the peachy side. Possibly because of the mix of berries in the fragrance. Mouth wateringly juicy. Reminds me of a packet of tropical flavoured Starbursts or something similar. Its gorgeous! It makes me think of summer, where the weather is warmer, the sun is out and cocktails are on tap!

In melt. I broke 3 squares of this wax bar into my wax warmer. Slowly they melted, and merged into a gorgeous, vibrant, slightly shimmery pool of sunshine orange liquid. The scent was there straight away, and it filled the kitchen it was melting in and even into the room next door.

Strength & Longevity. Both were excellent! Strength was medium. It doesn’t need to be anymore to pack a punch and any less would be a shame and crime to wax. In regards to longevity, this was melting for around 4 days and still gave a great throw of fragrance so fantastic quality! And this wasn’t even a third of the wax bar so this would give hours and hours of fragrance time.

Top tip. If you love your wax melts and have a little collection at home, do you feel brave? How about a little mixology? This particular scent I think would work well with citrus based fragrances such as lemon. Clean and fresh scents such as baby powder/lotion or clean cotton, would give this a different dimension. And other fruity scents such raspberry or watermelon would add to the moreish factor.

Recommended? 110%! Even though this was kindly gifted to me by Snap Wax Melt, this is one I would definitely purchase for myself and for other wax lover friends too. The scent literally makes me wipe dribble off my mouth because it smells that yummy. Great strength and longevity…and the bar itself is super pretty!

Fancy having a Holiday Romance? Purchase here for £3.00 per snap wax bar and thank me later!

Crafting In The Dark’s Golden Berries Wax Melt

Where do I get my wax melts from? It’s a question I get asked quite a lot. And the answer is, from a variety of different vendors. Most of which have a website or an online store rather than a physical shop. Some I find on social media, but the majority are recommended to me by people who have bought and tried wax from particular sellers. Someone who has been on my ‘ I want to buy from ‘ list is a wax vendor called Crafting In The Dark. I didn’t get a chance to make an order from them in 2020. But I was given Golden Berries wax melt for Christmas from a friend.

Crafting in the Dark Golden Berries Wax Melt

Why was I given this? My friends know me well when it comes to wax. They know the fragrance families I like, and they have a good idea which wax vendors I’ve tried or not tried. Firstly, this is a new vendor for me and both my friend Jenny ( the wax giver! ) and I had heard good things about their wax products. Secondly, the actual scent Golden Berries, sounds very fruity from it’s name alone which is right up my street!

Appearance. I’ve never seen a wax melt shaped like this before and I love unusual pieces so this already got me excited! It’s quite sizeable, roughly 7 cms in length and 6cm in width. Not chunky in depth so quite flat. It’s a deep shade of aubergine purple and shaped very much like a basic flame shape. Embossed into this is the company name.

Scent. WOW! Fruity, rich, berries which are slightly tart but with a hint of sweetness. Totally intoxicating and quite grown up in smell too. Not your typical fragrance of simple strawberries, raspberries etc. More complex than that and totally beautiful and quite clean all at the same time.

In melt. I decided to use half of this. It was super easy to snap. Required no cutting due to it not being chunky in depth. Melting was quite fast, but please explain to me how there was a shimmer to the wax pool!? No pigment or glitter was visible looking at the wax melt while solid, but there it was! I LOVE little surprises like this! It looked like a simple but stunning, slightly thick and shimmery pool of Vimto. Scent was released straight away and smelled identical warmed through compared to when cold and solid.

Strength & Longevity. I would say this was a light to medium. I melted one half in my kitchen and the other in my living room. The scent was there and delicate, and it gave both rooms a lovely fruity fragrant feel. What I would be tempted to do next time is use more than a half of the melt for it to be a touch more stronger. Longevity was good. I had this melting in the 2 rooms over 2 days for quite a few hours and I could still get the scent.

Recommended? Yes. I’m glad I’ve tried this wax melt from Crafting In The Dark as it was a lovely one. Great to look at, nice scent to it, strength and longevity was good. I would have a play with the amount of wax I would use per melting though as I would like it a touch more intense. The question now is, what should I order from them next?

Need some new wax melts in your wax warmer? Visit Crafting In The Dark here to add to your home fragrance wardrobe. Prices start at £1.75, with a variety of scents and home fragrance products available for sale.

B Blissful Baby Powder Squeezable Wax

I’ve been a wax melt lover for years now. I’m open minded to using other forms of home fragrance, but there is something I find very addictive about a good melt. One alternative to solid wax I haven’t used before is squeezable wax…until now! Towards the end of last year I bought some wax melts from a wax vendor called B Blissful, and I couldn’t help but purchase as well two different fragranced squeezable waxes as they were on sale. I tested out Baby Power first, which costs £3.00 for 100g ( at the time I think I paid £2.00 for each ).

Why did I choose a squeezable wax? I’ve known about this type of wax for awhile and I guess it was purely down to curiosity that I purchased it. Baby Powder was an easy choice because I’m familiar with the scent and I love a simple, clean fragrance to use and experience.

B Blissful Baby Powder Squeezable Wax

What’s a Squeezable Wax? A wax that isn’t hard and solid like a traditional melt or candle. It’s soft, and as the name suggests, you squeeze it out to pop into your warmer to use. Despite it’s form it still is designed to provide fragrance.

Packaging. The wax comes in a clear tube. Flip top lid on the bottom, with vendor, fragrance name on a label on the front and relevant detail e.g ingredients, on the back. Basic but very practical.

Scent. To get a proper whiff of this it was much easier for me to unscrew the lid and smell it that way. I could definitely get the typical baby powder scent. Clean with powdery notes. It’s just one of those fragrances that we all know and this is spot on for what it’s trying to mimic scent wise.

Consistency. Quite strange to see this squirt out of the tube! To me this reminded me of an emollient cream. Quite thick, white in colour but didn’t appear to be silky smooth almost on the granular side. But this does contain coconut oil so made perfect sense to me. I’ve used coconut oil in the past and depending on temperature, if cold, does have this kind of texture.

In the warmer. I couldn’t tell you the actual measurement of wax I used, I just squirted it in! Because it’s not totally solid I found this melted super quickly, smelt the same as it did in the tube but stronger. It made my living room smell clean and cosy, and the fragrance filled it well considering it’s a medium sized room. What I liked about this was the fact I could go back and easily add more ( which I did ). The wax itself when melted was clear, no colour and nothing added to it such as glitter or mica pigments. Although I did notice after it melted there was a slight shimmer in the warmer dish. So maybe a secret surprise that wasn’t obvious from the start?

Strength & Longevity. Strength I thought was medium. Baby Powder as a scent can be quite a powerful one and heady. This was perfect for me! Although if I added a little more it may have been stronger. Longevity was good. I had this melting for a good number of hours over 2 days and it still threw scent well.

Pros. Warmer months sometimes aren’t kind to wax. They can sweat, even melt and occasional leech colour. In a tube this wax is protected. In fact, warmer temperatures mean easier use of this as it maybe softer and more fluid like. Great as a gift idea. They look different. Wax melt lovers will be excited to try this out if they haven’t already. And I think these are easy to display and store. Want to do some mixology? Of course you can snap and break normal wax but surely its easy to squirt one wax and then another in the warmer then melt?

Cons. Its just isn’t as pretty and satisfying to watch melt as a traditional wax melt. When I get new melts not only do I stare at them like beautiful newborn children but sniff the hell out of them when cold, and you can’t really do that with squeezable wax. Something I did notice when I used this was I really did have to give it a good squeeze. It was a very cold evening and with there being such a high coconut oil content to it, this does react in temperatures so I assume it was down to this. But a little rub with the hands sorted that out so no massive issue.

Recommended? I think it will take me awhile to get used to using a squeezable wax but its definitely an interesting product! Everything about how this smelt and lasted got thumbs up from me. Not having to touch, cut or break wax was a bonus, plus how quickly it melted too. And I like the idea of the wax being safe and sound in a tube, keeping my containers clean so easy to store. So it is recommended! Not to mention great value. A typical good quality wax melt or pot weighing at an average of 45-50g can cost from £2.00 upwards. So this can provides hours of affordable fragrance.

Fancy something a little different in the form of wax? B Blissful’s squeezable wax is available in a variety of fragrances ( I counted over 30! ) and you can choose what colour you want it in from a selection of 9. So what’s stopping you? Order here now!