Fragrantasia’s Sweet Heart Wax Chunk Pot

If you are someone who likes using home fragrance products, are their certain fragrance families that you really like? It’s rare that if you burn a candle, or use a reed diffuser, that you aren’t bothered about what type of scent it’s giving off. We all have our own tastes because fragrance is a personal thing. There are a few I’m not too keen on, but thankfully many more I like. And I think this is why Amy at Fragrantasia, sent me the selection of wax melts and wax pots that she did. Included in this box of goodies was Sweet Heart Wax Chunks Pot.

Fragrantasia’s Sweet Heart Wax Chunk Pot

Why did I melt this?

Not only do I have a sweet tooth in regards to food, I also have a love of sweet scents. From it’s name alone I assumed it would fall into this category and I hoped it would be based on a certain packet of sweets available in the UK. Only way to find out was to melt it so I did!

What’s a wax chunk pot?

Some wax melts come in pots, so they are literally poured into them in liquid form and then left to set. A wax chunk pot is the same think BUT there are at least two elements to these. One being actual chunks of wax, which tend to be fragranced in one scent. And then on top of this is an overpour of wax which is in another fragrance. This giving it the name of a wax chunk pot.

The Look.

I am a sucker for a wax chunk pot! Never have a found one that wasn’t appealing. In Sweet Heart, the main wax is a very soft shade of lilac. Plain, no glitter, totally smooth. What you see breaking out of the surface is decent sized mid pink coloured chunks of wax. There is nothing sparing about these shapes! This wax chunk pot is filled with them. Not only can you see a good amount creeping through the top, but looking at the bottom and the sides of the pot itself, you can see many more embedded into the wax.


I expected a similar scent to the sweets Love Hearts. What I got was something similar but with a twist and much better if I’m honest. I got the fizzy sweety like aspect of this. But then what struck me was the deep, dark scent of cherries. This made it have so much depth and gave it a massive hit of the fruities! Unusual, addictive, well balanced and fun to sniff!

In melt.

My favourite bit with a wax chunk pot! I used just under a third of this in 2 warmers (one in the kitchen on one day, the other in the living room a day later). This didn’t melt evenly, which was what you want with this. Slowly, the wax melted, with the main wax going from a solid lilac to a liquid rich, red pink colour. And the chunks, which I think helped make the wax turn into this vibrant shade, was the last to go, almost swimming for it’s life! Super pretty, fun to watch and while warming through released fragrance pretty much immediately.

Strength & Longevity.

Strength is a medium. I found this was the same regardless of which room this was melting in or the warmer used. This was the ideal strength for this particular scent. Longevity was great as usual with wax from Fragrantasia. On the whole I tend to melt the same piece of wax for 2 to 3 days for hours at a time. I had this on for 2 days in 2 rooms for hours, and only changed it to mix up my fragrance, not because the scent had gone.


Lover of fruit and sweet inspired fragrances then yes you need this and it’s totally recommended! I’ve melted ALOT of different fragranced wax over the years and some similar in scent to this one. BUT it’s the cherry element that brings this out. It’s a fun, enjoyable and such a yummy scent that doesn’t go overboard in regards to strength or being sugary sweet. And with it being in a wax chunk pot it automatically is super pretty!

Sweet Hearts Wax Chunk Pot is £2.20. I think the pot is around 45/50g in weight, which will provide hours and hours of fragrance. If this is for you, head over to the website here to order. If this isn’t ticking your fragrance boxes, there are plenty more to choose from. Happy shopping!

Fragrantasia’s Campfire On The Beach

As much as I would like to make a cheeky purchase of home fragrance items such as wax melts right now, I’m not going to. I have enough wax melts to last me months and months of continuous melting. But it’s like owning multiple perfumes or body mists. Each one is used dependant on mood or occasion, and wax melts is exactly the same for me. So having a healthy amount to mix things up is a must! I was very lucky a few months to receive some wax goodies from Amy at Fragrantasia. A small UK business that handmakes their own fragranced wax in a variety of different forms and fragrances. Amy sent wax melts that she knew I hadn’t tried before, and thought I would like. One item included, and one that has been melting away recently, has been Campfire On The Beach.

Fragrantasia’s Campfire On The Beach

Why did I melt this one?

Normally, fragrance/wax melt names give an idea of how it will actually smell and this I thought was interesting. Would it be fresh? Would it have warmth to it? Would it be heavy on the musk? I was dying to try so thought it was best to melt to find out.


These came in a set of 4 small dome shapes. Cream in colour, with a sprinkle of black and silver chunky glitter shapes on top. So simple but very easy on the eye.


When I actually got these out to melt I instantly fell in love with the fragrance. Why? It reminds me so much of one of my all time favourite scents called Fireside. It has some woody notes in this, giving it a slightly masculine feel. Some musk is in there too, and a little saltiness. And with possibly floral providing subtle sweetness to it? It’s a stunner!

In melt.

I couldn’t help but have a childish laugh to myself as these were placed in my wax warmer. Two domes sat side by side with glittery middles put my mind in the gutter. But they melted away beautifully, and left a gorgeous liquid, almost shimmery beige coloured wax pool with the glitter floating on top. The scent was immediately there, and the room was thankful for it. 2 melts was the perfect amount and needed no more or no less.

Strength & Longevity.

Even though this didn’t blow my brain out of my nostrils, I would say this was a medium to strong in strength. I had another fragranced piece of wax melting in another room, plus cooking various food items at the same time, and this fought its way through like a soldier! Strong doesn’t always have to mean full on, just dominant and obvious. Longevity of this was fantastic! I loved this so much I had this on for 4 days straight. I couldn’t tell you for how many hours at a time this melted for (but it was hours). By day 4 the strength died down and I decided to change it.


Yes! Yes! Yes! This is on my list of favourite wax melts from Fragrantasia! It’s one of those scents that I could melt anytime of the year, anytime of the day and truly enjoy it! It’s such a beautiful, unusual blend that you just won’t find on the high street. And the longevity is amazing with strength perfect! I wish it was still available, but sadly, not right now as it was part of a collection. But visit the website as there are so many stunning fragrances to choose, in various shapes and sizes, you will be spoilt for choice!

Snap Wax Melt’s Ava Bath Wax Snap Bar

Fragrance is a personal choice. What one person likes another may not. And how we fragrance our homes has the same principles. My favourite product to fragrance my home is in the form of wax. Wax shapes, wax melts, wax snap bars. Although I melt whatever I feel like regardless of the time, day or season, sometimes you just want to grab and enjoy something specific to the time. And Ava Bath Wax Snap Bar, that was kindly gifted to me by Snap Wax Melt earlier this year, screamed Summer to me! And to create a cooler and refreshing vibe at home, I decided to melt it.

Snap Wax Melt’s Ava Bath Wax Snap Bar

Why this one?

I wanted to fragrance my kitchen with something that was going to be quite fresh, and not heavy in regards to it’s notes e.g musk. It might be warm, I might be dripping with sweat, but at least around me it can smell fresh and clean! And this is what I hoped from this wax snap bar.

How does it look?

A rectangular, segmented bar which has 10 raised squares on it ready to snap off (think chocolate bar shaped). A vibrant but not eye bulging green colour, simple but very Summer like. I did think it was one block of colour but actually it’s two. Turn the wax snap bar over and you can see a different shade of green, slightly lighter in shade than the top. I liked this! Simple but gave the bar an interesting look. Came in a clear plastic sleeve with the company label on the front and ingredients on the back.


This is a citrus lover’s dream! Zesty, sharp, lemon and lime. Not sweet but totally fresh and punchy!

In melt.

I snapped off 4 bars of this and popped it into the warmer in my kitchen. It turned into such a glorious sea of green, it was nice to see the two shades of green merge into one. The scent itself was super noticeable. Despite the fact this was melting in my kitchen with various foods being cooked, it cut through those smells like a knife! Filled the space and even drifted into the living room as well.

Strength & Longevity.

Strength is a medium. Any more than that I think it could make your eyes water, but this strength is perfect! Because of the type of scent this is, as I found, ideal for kitchens or rooms where you want to combat other smells. Longevity was great. As per usual I melted this over 2 days for many hours, at least 8 hours in total, and provided the same quality and strength of scent throughout.


Totally! Although it can be melted anytime of the year, this is perfect for Summer time use. Great for deodorising, perfect when you want something fresh and clean but NOT a laundry scent. And great for those looking for something fruity but not sweet or the typical favourites e.g berry based, rhubarb etc. Every wax snap bar I’ve melted from Snap Wax Melt has been of a high quality. For £3.00 each per bar, this will provide hours of fragrancing, so visit their website here to chose your very own home fragrance wardrobe!

Fragrantasia’s Magonlia Orange Blossom Wax Melt

If I had a list of all the fragrances I wanted to try in wax melt form, the list would be absolutely massive! There is only so many hours in the day to melt wax, and only so many wax warmers a woman can own, so it takes time for me to try out all my wax goodies. But one wax melt I have really wanted to try over the last few years has got to be Magnolia Orange Blossom. I was kindly given a selection of wax melts, including this one, from Amy at Fragrantasia.

Fragrantasia’s Magnolia Orange Blossom Wax Melt

Why this one?

It was actually Amy who has mentioned on so many occasions how this is her favourite wax melt fragrance. And many others in the wax community I am a part of have raved about what a lovely scent this is. So I wanted to see for myself if this was any good.

The look.

I love the variety of wax melt shapes from Fragrantasia. This wax melt is is a creamy orange coloured multi petalled flower shape. Great size, very chunky and perfect to pop the whole thing in a warmer. I love these individually shaped melts because there’s no cutting or breaking involved, easy to store and super cute.


Not what I was expecting! The scent name was absolutely no help to me when guessing how this smells if I’m honest. I wrongly assumed this would smell like a citrus, sharp orange scent with sweet florals mixed in. NOPE! Straight away this is very unusual. It has a similar style in scent as the usual laundry ones on the market. It’s clean, fresh, powdery notes with lots of strength to it. Mixed with this is white florals. So not your sweet, feminine blooms you may have sniffed before. These add to the cleanness of this scent. Think of a slightly earthy, clean floral laundry scent which packs a punch but isn’t eye watering like a lot of traditional laundry scents. This is how to smells to me.

In melt.

This went from an orange flower to a pool of wax quite quickly as it was a warm day. No glitter, pigment, no shapes, purely orange wax. Which to be honest was still nice to look at because unless it’s Halloween, I don’t seem to purchase much wax this colour. It’s a great Summer-inspired wax solid and warmed through.

Strength & Longevity.

On both of these scores this did not disappoint! The scent was there before the wax warmer was even turned on. It became more stronger the more liquid it became. Melting away happily in my kitchen, this spread through the downstairs of my house like wild fire! So strength wise it’s way up there. Longevity wise, this surpassed 3 days of continuous fragrance. By Day 3, the strength had become a little less as you can imagine. But my wax warmer was on for at least 5 hours a day at a time. 10 out of 10 for both strength and longevity.

Fragrantasia’s wax melt shapes, wax chunk pots and various other shapes.


Since this wasn’t what I expected, I did a lot of thinking on the lines of do I actually like this? And I do! The fragrance is different and not something I’ve smelt before. It’ a great alternative to the laundry scents out there we all are aware of and probably used. It’s not as in your face as standard laundry scents and is softened, but still has a full on force. The white florals add to this and gives it a more broader appeal rather than making it too feminine in fragrance. So, great scent, great strength and great longevity RECCOMENDED! Oh, did I mention price? This wax melt is only £1.00! Great price to try various scents without spending too much at Fragrantasia! Grab your Magnolia Orange Blossom wax melt here. I dare you not to add more waxy treats to your basket! Go on, I won’t tell!x

Secret Scents Home Fragrance Sage & Sea Salt Wax Clam

Wax melts are very popular. They have been for a good number of years now, which I can’t see disappearing anytime soon. Why are they so popular? They provide fragrance for the home, they tend to be affordable and come in a variety of shapes, colours and scents. Some you can grab from the high street or local shop, others available online. Most of my waxy purchases are bought from businesses who hand make and sell their own wax melts. One wax vendor which I have been lucky enough to be sent samples of different wax melts from is Secret Scents Home Fragrance. I loved them so much I bought my own, including Sage & Sea Salt Wax Clam Shell.

Secret Scents Home Fragrance Sage & Sea Salt Wax Clam

Why did I buy this one?

My scent choices tend to be very predictable. This one I actually chose as a gift for someone but cheekily kept it for myself (don’t tell, shush!). Total opposite to what I would normally go for, but I do like clean scents and thought this could fall into that category.


This wax is housed in a plastic container. Lidded, but one piece so top and bottom is connected. Clear, and from the bottom you can see the wax and it’s shaped the same as the underside of the container. Labelling is black and gold which gives this an elegant look. Finished off with a matching gold bow on the lid. Perfection!


It’s a very chunky segmented bar which is made up of 6 squares that snap off when you need to use them. Opening up the packaging, you can see the top of it is flat and white in colour. Turn it around, and not only can you see the segmented sections but also the fact there is an added sparkle. A beautiful mix of gold and black glitter is drizzled on these pieces. This makes it pop against the white background of the wax. Understated yet eye catching.


This has a herbal, slightly earthy and fresh base to it. Having a soft salty addition in the fragrance makes a very clean and refreshing scent. This isn’t heady, but does have a powdery edge to it along with a little sweetness. It’s a treat for the nose!

In melt.

You only need 1 square of this in a wax warmer. While melting, the wax pool became clear with small amounts of glitter swimming on the top. I used this in both my kitchen and my living room. It melted evenly, and the fragrance was released steadily into each room.

Strength & Longevity.

Strength wise I would say this is light close to being a medium, based on using one square. In fact, I will say medium! It’s a hard one to put a label on it because the fragrances this is made up of I don’t think are designed to overwhelm, but are meant to be quite natural in smell but with a twist. If this was lavender and sea salt as an example, I would be surprised if it was anything other than strong because lavender is that type of scent. But what I would say, is when this is melting, it’s there. It makes the room feel cosy, clean, while bringing inside a bit of the outdoors.

Longevity wise I’ve had the same square melting in each wax warmer for around 3 days for at least 10 hours and the scent is still there with a good strength.


Totally! If you love your wax melts in fresh and clean fragrances but want something a little more earthy, grab this one! It’s very different to your usual clean, laundry style fragrances but gives the same sort of feel but more natural and less harsh. And did I mention Secret Scents products are packaged so beautifully? Great value for the amount of wax you get with lots of hours of melting time. Cost? £5.00 each, or 6 for £25.00. A wide variety of fragrances available, so visit their Facebook page to stock up on your home fragrancing items!

Snap Wax Melts Party Time! Wax Snap Bar

Oh to breathe again! Such an essential everyday thing which I take for granted during the seasons of Autumn, Winter and part of Spring. It doesn’t seem that long ago when I wanted to sleep all the time (no change there!), headaches, constant sneezing and unable to breathe. Thank goodness, for now, hay fever has loosened it’s grip on me and now I can enjoy my love of wax melts properly. Since it pretty much is Summer, I thought I would melt Party Time! wax snap bar from Snap Wax Melt, who kindly gifted this to me earlier this year.

Party Time! Snap Wax Melt Wax Bar

Why this one?

Although I can’t say I’m party ready, I was hoping for this scent to be uplifting and energising in someway. It may not be very sunny or even warm at the moment in the UK ( while writing this post), it doesn’t mean inside should feel and be so drab.


A simple clear plastic sleeve with the company logo on front and ingredients list on the back.

The look.

Snap Wax Melt’s wax all come in wax snap bars. Long, rectangular and segmented in a bar of 10 squares. This bar is a beautifully pink berry colour with a gorgeous addition of different sized glitter on the top of the bar. Some are circular, some hexagon, tiny, a little bigger. Purple coloured, turquoise, teal. All such an eye catching mix of sparkles making this wax snap bar a stunner!

Scent Description ( from Snap Wax Melt’s website).

Fill the room with fresh fluffy vanilla sponge, lashings of sweet pink icing and sprinkles of sugar.

How this smells to me.

The first thing I thought about when I smelt this was how much it reminded me of rhubarb and custard! Why? I got the creamy vanilla for sure. That was what I smelt underneath a sweet and fruity strawberry/rhubard-esq style element which was at the forefront. A beautiful, mouthwatering, Summery scent which makes me think of sipping cocktails on a sun drenched balcony while being child and work free.

In melt.

I’ve found snapping off three squares with all the wax bars from Snap Wax Melt is the perfect amount for my warmers. They melt beautifully and even, leaving a lovely deep pink,almost purple wax pool. The glitter gave it a subtle sparkle which made it super pretty!

Fragrance was released straight away. Warming, fruity, uplifting and very welcoming.

Strength & Longevity. Strength for this scent was a medium. Ideal for this type of fragrance, and great for this time of year too! Longevity was very good. At one point I had two warmers on in separate rooms with Party Time! in them for over 3 days. Both on for a good number of hours at a time.

Snap Wax Melt Snap Bars


Definitely! This scent is gorgeous! If you love your fruity fragrances, especially your fruit or rhubarb based ones, you will love this one. It’s not too strong, great quality of scent and as I’ve mentioned before an ideal one to melt during Summer!

Do you want to have your own Party Time! wax snap bar to add to your home fragrance collection? You can order from Snap Wax Melt’s website here. Each bar is £3.00 which will provide you with many hours of fragrance time. I defy you NOT to order more than one of these beauties, their scent selection is impressive!

Soul Energy Honey Wax Melts

I was hoping 2021 would be the year of less shopping for me, but that hasn’t quite worked out! I may not visit physical shops as much as I have in the past (for obvious reasons), but that hasn’t stopped the internet calling! A few months ago I made a purchase from a company called Soul Energy, that consisted of bath bombs, bath dusts and wax melts. The first item I tried from my order was their Honey wax melts. These came in a pair, and normally cost £2.50 ( I bought mine when they were discounted because of a special offer).

Soul Energy’s Honey Wax Melts

Why did I buy these? These looked sooo cute on line! I love pretty wax and I can’t deny that weakness. I also thought honey isn’t something I tend to purchase in wax form, so was intrigued to find out how well it translated as a fragrance.

Packaging. Nothing fancy, simple but practical. These two wax melts came in a clear plastic little sleeve. Company logo on front, ingredients on the back.

Appearance. These are two little stunners! Both hexagon in shape, a little bigger than a 50p coin and both a beautiful golden yellow colouring. One has a honeycomb like pattern on the top, whereas the other has a bee shape embossed into it. Both have a generous but not overdone sprinkle of chunky glitter. Some copper coloured, others iridescent with all mimicking the actual shape of the wax melts. The attention to detail here is superb!

Fragrance. An absolute delight! I don’t mind the scent of honey but I don’t love it either. I find that it can be too sweet and very synthetic. These wax melts definitely did not smell like this! These have a beautiful blend of sweet, uplifting honey, a touch of floral and a powdery element in there somewhere. A very grown up, classy and full bodied version of honey which took me by surprise.

In melt. I would say these are the perfect size to put into a warmer, so I opted to use one in the kitchen. It was almost hypnotic seeing this already beautiful looking wax become more and more liquid, turning into a golden wax pool. The fragrance wasn’t there immediately, it slowly developed and became more and more noticeable as the wax warmed through.

Strength & Longevity. Strength wise I would say this is a medium. Would this be more if I added in both wax melts? No idea. You would think the answer is yes but believe it or not adding too much wax can actually do the opposite. So a potential waste and not a true reflection on strength. But the strength of this was spot on because this shouldn’t be a powerhouse wax! The quality of this fragrance means it really shines through, and should add to a room not destroy it. Longevity very good. I melted one wax melt over 2 days at around 8 hours and the scent and strength remained constant.

Recommended? Oh my goodness yes! These are just the sweetest looking wax melts that reflect their scent perfectly! Visually very easy on the eye. Just the right amount of wax per melt per use. The fragrance is superb and very clever, which lasted well and at the perfect strength. These I would quite happily repeat purchase and melt time and time again!

Sad face right now. If you want to order this, at the time of writing this post, these little gems are officially sold out! BUT keep this bookmarked and by the grace of God these will be back in stock asap here!

Fragrantasia’s Banana Bubblegum Wax Chunk Pot

When it comes to wax melts, I think I’ve tried loads of different fragrances over the years. Some have been good, some have been great and some haven’t been to my taste at all. Sometimes certain scents are available and you just know deep down in your soul that you will love them! When Fragrantasia started to make and sell Banana Bubblegum Chunk Wax Pot last year, I KNEW I needed this in my home. The lovely Amy from the company kindly gifted this to me. And although it’s taken me awhile to melt, it was definitely worth the wait!

Fragrantasia’s Banana Bubblegum Chunk Wax Pot

Why did I melt this one? I ADORE bubblegum as a scent, especially in wax form. But one fragrance I’ve never tried has been banana. The two combined brings together two of my favourite fragrance families, one being fruity and the other being sweet inspired scents. So why would I NOT want to melt this?

What’s a wax chunk pot? A wax chunk pot is basically what the name suggests. It’s a pot of wax that normally consists of two fragrances. One being the main wax and scent, the other one being visible chunks of wax embedded into it which are of a different fragrance.

Packaging. This chunk pot lives in a clear, lidded pot. Labelling on the lid and ingredients list on the inside of the lid.

The look. The majority of this wax is mid pink in colour. Contrasting Minion yellow coloured chunks of wax can be seen poking out of it. The two colours together are so eye catching and have an almost sweety like look to it.

Scent. The scent of this reminds me of those soft banana sweets I used to get as a kid, but with more added sugariness thanks to the bubblegum element. Absolutely mouth watering yet somehow not sickly.

In melt. I used just under quarter of this in my wax warmer in the kitchen. As this slowly melted it became a mixed pool of yellow and pink liquid wax. The fragrance itself came out immediately. If I’m honest it was already there when I took off the lid of the pot this is housed in. But when warmed through and melting away, this filled my kitchen so well. Since it was so nice I decided to use another quarter and melt it in my living room at the same time.

Strength & Longevity. Strength was a medium when using a quarter of this wax chunk. Ideal for a small kitchen and medium sized living room. This has been melting in 2 positions for over 2 days and each time for a good number of hours. Consistently it throws out the fragrance well, so longevity is great.

Recommended? If you are a lover of your sweet and fruity scents this is a must! A fabulous fragrance that will leave you wiping dribble off your mouth as it’s so good! This is a little different fragrance wise and a great combination of 2 scents that work brilliantly together. It will become a firm favourite especially for bubblegum lovers, so it’s a yes from me! Great scent, looks cute, a good amount of wax which will give you hours of fragrance.

Is this fruity sweet combo right up your wax alley? Grab yours from Fragrantasia’s website here. For £2.20 you get over 40g of wax, which is going to keep your home smelling gorgeous for hours and hours and hours.

Emily Victoria Candles Part-Time Princess Wax Melt

My kids are back in school now. You know you are a parent when you get excited for them not to be in the house just so you can clean! Declutter, sort things out, wash and basically freshen up everything and everywhere. So much easier without little ( or big ) people getting in the way. If, like me, you are a lover of a good wax melt, this is the perfect time to get melting while doing a Spring clean. I’m slowly working through a home focused to do list, and my most recent wax melt of choice while going through this is Emily Victoria Candles in the fragrance of Part-Time Princess. I was given this by a friend last year.

Emily Victoria Candles Part-Time Princess Wax Melt

Why did I decide to melt this one? I haven’t had a massive urge to use wax melts recently. I’m very cautious when it comes to scents at the moment due to the start of hay fever season, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting a nice smelling room to walk into. This wax melt on cold didn’t seem too strong, which was what I wanted. It smelt pretty and I thought my senses could handle it.

Packaging.This was given to me last year, and going off the website I suspect the packaging ( or at least the labelling ) has changed since my wax melt was made. But the one I have comes in a lidded plastic tub, black and white labelling on back and front with brand name, scent and ingredients visible. Simple in look but appealing.

How it looks. 30g of wax melt is circular, flat and soft lilac/pink in colour. No other colours, glitter or effects. One block colour. If you turn it around on the underside you will see it’s segmented which means it can be broken into three pieces. In each section is the letter E for Emily. Lovely touch!

Scent. Think this one was made for me! Quite clean almost baby lotion like. Creamy with hints of vanilla, a little musk hidden in there and a touch of coconut. Truly pretty, very comforting and a delight to sniff.

How to use. This is already segmented, so break it up and pop a piece into a wax warmer and enjoy.

In melt. This wax melt was super easy to snap. I popped in a third of this into my wax warmer which lives in the kitchen, and it melted slowly. Scent was subtle, but despite having a semi blocked nose I could smell it. Very comforting, very soft and very homely. I used the rest of the wax melt in the living room as I didn’t feel like mixing scents up and wanted to enjoy just one singular fragrance.

Strength & Longevity. Strength using a third of this wax melt I would say was light. Perfect strength considering the symptoms I’ve been suffering with recently. My head can’t deal with a strong fragrance right now. I don’t think this scent needs to be overpowering anyway. The type of scent this is it should be delicate and sit in the background. I did find though that the scent strength in my living room was a medium, and using that extra piece compared to the kitchen made a big difference. Which was great to know just in case I wanted it to be more punchier in the future.

When it comes to longevity, I didn’t melt this as long as I normally would with wax. I melted this over 2 days for at least a good 8 hours minimum and the strength and scent was still the same as when first melted. So thumbs up from me.

Recommended? I do! Its a lovely fragrance that lasted and travelled well. It didn’t cause any issues with my hay fever as the strength was just right. It created a great feel to my rooms which was just what I wanted. Although I didn’t purchase this myself, for 30g of fragranced wax it only costs £1.75! So if you are looking for a pretty scent to help lift your home, you can grab one here now.

Secret Scents Home Fragrance Spring/Summer Wax Melts

The sun is shinning, the heat has turned up (for now ) and it feels like Spring really has landed. As a lover of home fragrance, this is the perfect time for me to change what scents I’m using according to the weather. Why? Weather and seasons make me feel differently. My mood changes and it’s nice for this to be reflected in my home. Queue a perfectly timed selection of Spring/Summer inspired scented wax melts gifted to me from Secret Scents Home Fragrance. These dropped through my letterbox a few weeks ago and I’ve been melting and enjoying them ever since.

So what did I get? Beccy from Secret Scents kindly sent to me 5 wax melts in 5 different fragrances. Each melt white in colour and very cute in look thanks to being heart shaped. The scents they came in were:

Secret Scents Home Fragrance Spring/Summer Wax Melts

Lemon & Lavender. Gorgeous! This is special. What you get is a beautiful blend of sharp, zesty, very clean lemon. Added is a herbal yet sweetened lavender. And I suspect some form of incense type musk because it has an almost perfume like quality to it. These two elements combined aren’t overpowering or clashing but work together like a dream.

Lemon & Lavender

Pink Pepper & Rose. If you aren’t a fan of rose or florals in general, this scented wax might surprise you as it did me. This is indeed rose. Not in an old fashioned way though. It’s pretty, feminine, floral ( of course ), sweet but has depth to it which I can only assume is the pepper. I can’t explain how beautiful this smells but it’s a stunner!

Pink Pepper & Rose

Flora Springtime. This scent reminds me of my Dad. I know there’s a certain disinfectant brand that has been very popular over the last few years, but my dad used this years and years ago! Only difference was there wasn’t such a variety of fragrances back then as there is now. But I do recall him using Springtime which this represents very well. Another floral scent but this time it has a plant like side to it rather than just flowers. So this green and herbal part gives it a clean fragrance with a little citrus in there too.

English Pear & Fressia. Ohhh…ohhh! A killer combination of fruity, juicy and ripe pear with lashings and lashings of white floral. This smells like it should (possible is?) be an actual perfume fragrance as it’s gorgeous! Very much perfume like with some powdery notes supporting it.

Fruit Punch. If florals really aren’t your thing, and you want something more mouth watering..then this could be ideal for your nose. Fruit punch is sweet with a touch of creamy vanilla in there ( I think ! ), with a mix of berries and a citrus twist to it.

Fruit Punch

Strength & Longevity. Each wax melt was the perfect amount to melt size wise. No cutting or snapping, I just threw one in and let it melt! Each fragrance as you can imagine was different, but strength wise all were a minimum medium with 2 ( Flora & Pink Pepper ) being a medium to strong. I’ve found longevity of wax melts from this vendor to be excellent in the past, and these have been exactly the same. I’ve been able to get multiple days of fragrance out of each of these melts which is fantastic value.

Recommended? All of these scents are stunning! And to be honest they could be melted anytime of the year. But they are what I call the perfect Spring to Summer scents because they bring the outside in thanks to their great fruit and floral bases being uplifting. Each scent is amazing and lasts so long. Overall I’m super impressed by the overall quality of these melts. Each one I would happily buy to use again in my own home and even give as gifts.

You can find Secret Scents Home Fragrance on Facebook and also Instagram. They provide various home fragrance products such as melts, snap bars and reed diffusers. And dare I mention how fabulous the packaging is? Go on…treat yourself. Your home deserves it!