Pretty Candles Gin & Tonic Soy Wax Pot

New year new wax! Its great to start 2020 trying out wax pieces from a wax vendor I’ve never bought from before in fragrances I’ve never smelt before. Pretty Candles is a company I’ve wanted to buy from for ages and I stalk them, sorry…. follow them on Instagram. It seemed the perfect opportunity to try them out when they had a 50% off sale towards the end of last year/beginning of this. And the first Pretty Candles wax pot that popped into my wax warmer was Gin & Tonic.

Pretty Candles Gin & tonic Wax Pot

Gin & Tonic why? Anyone who knows me can confirm I LOVE gin, so I couldn’t help but find out what the wax version would be like as a scent and if my love wasn’t just confined to drinking the stuff but also smelling the stuff too.

Appearance. With it being called a wax pot no guessing needed about what its in, which is a pot. Lidded, so easy to pop out and keep safe if not using the whole thing. The wax itself looks so pretty in a simple way. It almost has a marble like look to it but made up of mint green and white colours. Loving lavished with a healthy sprinkle of a Christmasy green coloured glitter on top. 30g in weight.

Pretty Candles scent description. The sharp scent of gin blended with a zingy citrus tonic.

In melt. Melted evenly and quickly. And when it was totally molten that once solid marble mass turned into a pool of seamoss green coloured liquid with that festive glitter sitting nicely in it. Took very little time for the fragrance to be released as the scent was clearly there when cold before warmed through.

Scent.This is a fresh and clean scent. Zesty in a more lime way rather than lemon for me. Sharp but not overpowering and even though this sounds odd but if you could smell the action of something with fizz and bubbles this would be that wax. It’s so hard to describe this scent as its not a fruity inspired gin fragrance but more the traditional, simple but delicious gin served with tonic…and this literally is THAT smell!

Strength & Longevity. I wasn’t too sure how strong this would be as I used half of this little pot but goodness me….. I put this on in the kitchen before I left work and as I got home and opened the front door followed by the living room door and it hit me! Medium to strong I would say this is. Longevity is excellent. This has been melting for 3 days straight, for a good number of hours at a time and the scent is still there. I’ve only changed the wax because I have a lot of wax to use not because the scent of this had gone.

Recommended? If I could drink this I would but that wouldn’t be a good idea! What I love about this is its the total opposite to other gin inspired scents I’ve tried. The one’s I’ve melted before have been sweet and fruity , whereas this is zesty and clean. It’s one of those scents I think the majority of people would love because in an odd way its so neutral. A great one for the kitchen as it would help to cut through smells and a perfect melt during spring and summer. One on my repeat purchase list and if this scent interests you, visit them here and grab yours for half price at 60p! ( normal price £1.20, availability and/or price may change after this post has been published ).

Cosy Candles Summer Fruits Pod Wax Melts

I am absolutely loving the autumnal scents coming out at the moment from various wax sellers. So many scents I’ve never heard of before let alone smelt…and I have to say that I’m trying very hard to sit on my hands from ordering more wax. And although the weather is cooler, with the sky getting darker sooner, I’m still enjoying some wax scents more associated with the previous season. And one of my more ‘ warmer ‘ inspired fragrances comes courtesy of Cosy Candles in the form of Summer Fruits Pod Wax.

Cosy Candles. This is my second order from them this year. I ordered a selection of small wax melts called Family Favourites which I have to say hooked me in thanks to their stunning scents and strength. I ordered Summer Fruits along with a few other scents to see what the rest of their range was like as my first order was such a hit!

The Mother of all Wax! Now…like a lot of wax I buy this comes in a lidded tub. And this is where the comparison ends while thinking of other potted wax in my stash. Most wax pots come in two standard sizes/weights which is between 20g and up to 50g. This whopper weighs in at 110g! Never seen a wax melt so big in my life!

Cosy Candles Summer Fruits

Appearance. Not what I expected. I thought I would open this up and find a deep red coloured wax which it wasn’t. I would describe the colour being similar to the flesh of a ripe mango. One colour, no glitter, no embedded chunks or swirls, very simple in appearance.

Scent. You get a juicy, sweet collection of berries which is pretty much what you would expect considering the name of this wax. But what you also get is a tropical twist, almost mango possibly peach like scent to it, which reminds me of a packet of chewy sweets with various flavours to them. This is the type of scent that makes your mouth water. Its sweet and slightly tangy at the same time and totally brilliant! Summer in a tub.

In melt. Well…before I turned my wax warmer on I had this sat on the top the night before. Really didn’t use much, and what I did use it already fragranced the room without it melting! Took very little time to warm and melt through and evenly as well, with the fragrance being stronger than when cold but what I smelt while it warmed through is what I smelt when cold. The wax pool being a lovely, summery orange matched its tropical like scent perfectly.


Longevity and strength. The small amount I used was a great strength…..medium to strong I would say in my living room. And it had been melted easily all day and afternoon for two days on the run. And with this being such a massive size you can imagine how many hours you could get out of the whole wax. On Cosy’s website it suggests up to 100 hours which I believe as my slither took forever to wear out scent wise.

Recommended. Well its not a no! I love this scent. I love fruity fragrances and the quality of the fragrance, wax and size is impressive. If you love fruity scents you will love this, and if you love sweet/confectionary type scents you will love this too and if you don’t I promise there will be a scent in Cosy’s wax closet to satisfy your nose. Its well balanced in regards to the type of fruit fragrances in this e.g not all berries, and its not too sweet and not sickly either. Actually, a perfect scent to mix with others if you feel adventurous. Summer Berries isn’t just for Summer, its for all year round! Grab yours from their website here for £5.99 and spread the berry love!

Mulberry Lane’s Cocoa Butter Soy Wax Melt Pot

When I say I don’t need any more wax for home fragrancing I really don’t! I have a 4 drawer plastic storage unit full of all my waxy babies and other pieces hidden around my home. So no….I do not need anymore! But WANTING more is a very different matter. I needed to make a few wax related orders recently for a gift for a friend, and wanted to chose different vendors for them to try out. Mulberry Lane is a company I’ve ordered from before, but hadn’t tried their wax again since they rebranded last year. So I felt it was a great time to order for my friend and a myself and discover some new scents ( perfect excuse!). Along with other Summer inspired scents that got placed in my shopping basket, I ordered Cocoa Butter to try out as well.

Mulberry Lane’s Cocoa Butter Wax Pot

Why Cocoa Butter? There is a certain skincare/hair care brand that does a cocoa butter lotion which I grew up with, and the scent of it is recognisably after one whiff, AND I LOVE IT! Never smelt it in wax form and was dying to see what this was like!

Packaging. Like many wax pots…yep you guessed it…the 47g wax is in a pot! Lidded, with a a fantastic, crisp picture of pure cocoa butter pieces on the front showing what scent you get.

Appearance of wax. Colour of the wax is cream. On the top its lightly dusted with various sized hexagon shaped flat gold glittery pieces. Turn the wax around ( the pot except label is see through ) and you can see the wax is actually segmented. Its one piece but divided up in 6 segments which makes breaking up for use easy.

Melting. I used 3 pieces of this wax because of where my wax warmer was positioned in my kitchen, but 2 should be fine for most wax users. Steadily and evenly it melted which meant the scent crept up rather than pushed into the air straight away.

Scent. Now…this scent really surprised me, in a good way I might add. It didn’t have that cocoa butter lotion smell to me. In fact, it was more complex and possibly more clever considering its a home fragrance rather than something for the body. Its a creamy, moreish scent. It does have that slight cocoa butter element to it but but has a fruity undertone to it almost peach like, as if its a delicate juicy slightly sweet perfume. Such a hard one to describe but I think a universal scent as its beautiful, not overpowering and very different to other scents I’ve experienced in wax.

The scent while melting. Definitely a scent that builds up strength wise. Didn’t start off throwing fragrance in an obvious way as it was quite light. As time went on it got stronger. This was melted in the kitchen and when I came back into the house after a few hours out with the kids, I could smell it in the hallway and kept thinking ‘ ohhh whats that smell?’. Then I remembered! So it builds up and fragrances very naturally.

Strength & Longevity. Strength is a medium, but of course can be adjusted a little if you add more wax, but strength wise this is perfect. This type of strength I don’t feel should be pushing up into your nostrils and should just ‘ be there ‘. I’ve melted this so far for at least 16 hours over 2 days and its still packing a beautiful punch.

Recommended? Most definitely! I can’t see many people NOT liking this. I can understand why this is part of Mulberry Lane’s Summer collection but in all honesty I would be happy to melt this anytime of the year as its delicious and quite different so one to add to anyone’s wax collection. And I will let you into a little secret….its part of ML’s sale RIGHT NOW! So if you can grab one order here, as its an amazing price of £1.25 per pot ( £2.50 normally )!

Strawberry Melt’s Wild Strawberry & Parsley Wax Pot

One question I see asked a lot in different groups and wax related chats is ‘ What scent should I try?’. You would think its easy to answer and sometimes it is. Some scent names and descriptions sum up how its supposed to smell straight away, some not so much. And those that don’t conjure in your mind and senses how something might smell can be confusing. Lets face it, scents are one of the hardest things to describe. That’s why ideally you would want to smell something like a perfume or a candle, before you buy it, to make sure its exactly what you want. But you can’t always do that. So I really want to share some scents and wax that personally for me are a must to purchase.

Wild Strawberry & Parsley Wax Pot from Strawberry Melts is one that I purchased after seeing it pop up many times on social media as being a customer favourite. Not 100% sure what to expect, I bought it curious to see if it was as good as everyone had claimed…..

Strawberry Melt’s Wild Strawberry & Parsley Wax Pot

Appearance. A simple but beautiful looking piece of potted wax. Green, with splashes of deep red floating on the top. Appealing, and considering the scent name a perfect colour combo.

Wild Strawberry & Parsley

Scent. When you take the lid off you don’t need to go out of your way to sniff it the scent comes to you! Powerful, strong, even when solid and not melted through this is a punchy wax. Not a scent that is timid and weak at all. Its clean and fresh. Reminds me of something coming from the laundry scented family because of this and its strength. Yet underneath it you can make out a berry sweetness to it but there’s a sharpness to it ( don’t think juicy sweet ripe ) which is lifted with the tiniest hint of herbal ( thank you Mr Parsley ).

Longivity & strength. STRONG AND LONG! Use a quarter to a third of this depending on wax warmer used, location and personal taste. But you are more likely to change the wax because you want to rather than need to. Melting a third for me a few hours a day was still going at a good strength by the end of the week till I changed it and could have continued for longer and still be noticeable ( if not as strong ).

Recommended? YEESSSSSS! If you like your clean/laundry type scents you will love this! More so as its not typical in its scent but gives that same immaculate spring clean type fragrance if that’s what you are looking for. This is why this is THE perfect wax to melt for Springtime. And thanks to its strength it will go on and on and on. So sad to say its sold out from SW’s recent restock, but keep stalking here as it is sold quite regularly. Costs only £2.00 per 2oz pot, so definitely NOT breaking the bank!

Stellar Wax Pot by Lolly & Moo

Wax pots/melts are a fantastic alternative to the usual ways we fragrance our homes. The amount of fragrances available in these forms is growing so much more in my opinion scent wise compared to candles. This is one of the reasons why I am slightly addicted to wax pots, and it gives me the chance to try different fragrances in decent amounts at affordable prices. So what have I chosen to melt today? The wax pot that’s caught my eye ( and nose ) is from Lolly & Moo and is called Stellar.

Stellar is inspired by a well known designer/high fashion perfume. Appearance wise this looks simple but with a touch of glamour. Comes in one colour, which I would describe as an aubergine shade of purple, finished off with a light drizzle of gold multi cut glitter.

Stellar by Lolly & Moo

Scent wise you get a slight musky, earthy undertone to this wax. It then becomes slightly sweeter thanks to the addition of floral. With these two elements combined, Stellar creates a grown up, warm sensual fragrance. Feminine, sophisticated and strong yet quite clean too. How it smells cold ( not yet melted ) is how it smells when warmed through. Since she weighs 42g, depending on strength needed, warmer used and generally how much you want to use, I would recommend using a quarter to a third each time before the scent gradually fades away. It’s an obvious scent, and really fills the room without being overpowering but is very noticeable ( which you want! ). I find I can get at least a week worth of scent if not more from one pot so it will last a good amount of time ( if used in warmer for a few hours a day ).

So what do I think? Repurchase neeeded? I really REALLY like this wax! I’m a massive fan of most wax that’s inspired by perfumes anyway, but this one ticks many boxes for me. Its not too floral ( which I hate ), its not too musky ( I don’t want my house to smell like a man’s locker room ) and it smells expensive! Its quite different to other scents that I already own wax wise so stands out for me, and one I will happily buy again when this pot is finished.

Do you fancy the sound of Stellar? Buy her here for £2.25 each per 42g pot. She is gorgeousx