Chloe’s Make Up Ari Grand Soap Sponge

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Shower/bath gels and creams. Soaps. Is that all that’s available to clean ourselves with in the shower or/and bath? Nope! These are the standard products you can pick up in your local supermarket and discount store. Even a body/skincare company/shop will sell these. Everywhere sells them! But what other products are there to use? Quite a few you may or may not be aware of, but one is a soap sponge. Soap sponges are something I’ve been using for the past few years, and I was lucky enough to receive a selection from Chloe’s Make Up as a competition prize last year. My first soap sponge I used was called Ari Grand.

Chloe’s Make Up Ari Grande Soap Sponge

What’s a soap sponge? Most people will use a sponge in the shower or bath, and add something onto it like a shower gel to it to wash their body with. A soap sponge already has this infused into it so shower, or bathe and go!

Why did I go for this one? I gifted some of these to friends as I like sharing the love, so only had two left. This one is inspired by a perfume fragrance and although I’m not familiar with the actual fragrance itself, I guessed it would be quite pretty in scent and highly enjoyable to use.

Appearance. This looks like any other soap sponge. As long as my hand, slightly rounded edges but rectangular in shape. One side is smooth and the other has the exfoliating lumps and bumps which you will either love and use a lot, or avoid! Pale pink in colour, and came plastic wrapped with company and fragrance name on the front, and ingredients and other details on the back.

Scent. Beautiful! Definitely a youthful feminine floral which has a slight sweetness to it ( think of how marshmallows smells like or similar ) with a hint of a powdery note thrown in there too.

Texture. Before use don’t be alarmed to find this to be very solid. It’s not soft sponge like, like the normal ones you pick up from the shop. So be warned it’s more brick than anything else.

How to use and how to look after it. As you would use a normal sponge but see below in regards to my experience. Once used leave to dry out, don’t allow it to remain wet when not in use.

In the shower. Think of a raisin and you want it to become a plump grape, it needs hydrating. This needs to be in contact with water. I let the water from my shower soak into it. That’s when the texture started to change and it becomes less hard and slightly softer. As it got softer this is when I started to use this as I would a normal sponge, and it lathered up brilliantly. Soft, white, cream like bubbles came from it so after a short amount of time I was covered in the stuff! The scent was there throughout, and it was super easy to rinse off leaving my skin feeling soft, clean and ready to continue with my day.

On the skin. No issues in regards to dryness, irritation etc. I didn’t expect this to be moisture giving as I don’t think it’s quite that type of product, but it didn’t strip me of moisture. What it did do, was really REALLY clean my skin! After using this I ran a bath so I could soak into it straight away, and I saw dirt! I didn’t think I needed a scrub so badly but I obviously did.

Recommended? I LOVE SOAP SPONGES so its a yes from me! I like how much foam this produced, I loved the scent. And I loved how effective this was in regards to cleaning my skin which is important. General use, gift ideas, this gets a thumbs up. How many uses this has I honestly can’t tell you because I mix up my bath and shower products regularly. But at a guess easily up to 2 weeks if not longer. A really good quality soap sponge that ticks every box for me.

£3.50 is what this designer scented soap sponge costs which is fantastic value for this type of item. Want to wash like a Pop Princess? Visit the website here for am affordable piece of bathing luxury!

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