Desire Magnolia & Mulberry Reed Diffuser

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Normally when it comes to home fragrance, I will head straight into my stash of wax melts. The amount of scents I have means I am spoilt for choice on a daily basis. But I am beginning to fall in love with reed diffusers. It makes a nice change from wax, and visually these really can be a statement piece. I’m very lucky I received Desire Magnolia & Mulberry Reed Diffuser from my neighbour for Christmas 2020, and decided recently to get this opened and use it.

Desire Magnolia & Mulberry Reed Diffuser

Why did I use this? I can’t comment why this was BOUGHT for me. I can only guess my neighbour thought it would be a nice gift. But why I chose to use this was because there are certain areas I can’t use a wax warmer in, but I still wanted fragrance e.g toilet, bathroom, hallway etc. I thought this could do the job perfectly for those awkward areas and rooms..

What do you get? The actual reed diffuser itself which contains the fragranced oil. 6 reeds and a small instructions leaflet.

How does this look? I’ve seen lots of reed diffusers before but never like this one. This reed diffuser is a clear, glass bottle ( rectangular in shape ), which houses the fragranced oil ( 200ml ). The area where you pop the reeds in has a gold cover around the neck of the bottle. You can see through the glass that it doesn’t just contain oil, but actual plants, flowers etc as well. This makes me think of infused cooking oils you can buy that contain things to fragrance it such as herbs and spices. Visually it’s gorgeous! The oil itself is golden in colour and the flowers are autumnal in colours, so oranges, reds and browns.

This reed diffuser came boxed. Beautifully packaged with lots of flowers, plants and leaves illustrated all over it. A cut out window at the front so the diffuser itself is visible.

How to use. Unscrew the gold section around the neck of the bottle off, and in the middle of the bottle is a stopper/plug. Take this out and pop in the reeds that comes with it and enjoy!

Scent. This is a gorgeous fragrance. Its a lovely mix of fruity and floral. You get almost a dark berry type scent floating through this which is quite rich and warming. Equally matched by a floral which is clean and fresh. Overall this scent is sweet, sophisticated and delightful. Genuinely, unless you totally despise the fruit and floral family fragrance wise in every way, shape, or form, most people would love this!

In use. Instructions say allow the reeds to soak up the oil within 24 to 36 hours, so I expected nothing to happen during this time period. I decided to put this in my downstairs toilet. I hoped neither child in the house would mess about with this, if it was strategically tucked away with candles on the windowsill.

The fragrance came through after the first hour of setting it up, and it was done in such a natural and cosy way. It wasn’t strong but it smelt so good in the small space. I got hints of it while in there and wondered where such a lovely smell had come from.

Strength & Longevity. Strength I would say is a medium. Would this change in a larger or smaller space? I don’t know. But for the small area I placed it in this was perfect. Longevity I think is dependant on if you turn the reeds around. After a couple of days, I found the scent dwindled, so I turned around the reeds and back came the scent. I do this every 2 to 3 days to maintain the scent and its strength so for me this works well. And I’ve been using this for 2 weeks and it’s still remaining strong if I do this.

Recommended? Definitely! I love home fragrance full stop, but getting it in a way that looks good as well is great to add to any room. And this does! The look of it is so pretty, the scent is stunning and longevity and strength perfect for my needs.

I’ve been able to find the same size diffuser as mine online for £8.99 from a company called Belle & Mac. I’ve personally never shopped with them before, so by all means visit their website but check other places to ensure you get this beautiful product at the right price from the right people.

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