Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Over The Rainbow Bath Bar

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Cooler temperatures in the UK at the moment are very much welcomed by me. Feeling hot and sweaty all the time morning, noon and night, is not fun. Right now I can enjoy my bathing routine, relax and unwind, without continuously wiping away a sweat moustache or mopping up a dripping hair line. So is it time for a bath time treat? Oh yes I think it is! I couldn’t resist using Over The Rainbow Bath Bar by Manchester based Dirty Fresh Cosmetics. It costs £3.99, but I bought this earlier in the year when there was a special promotion on the website.

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Over The Rainbow Bath Bar

What’s a Bath Bar?

I think a bath bar is similar to a bath bomb, just in a bar shape! Like most bath bombs, these should provide colour, fragrance, and create an enjoyable bathing experience.

What does it look like?

I love the look of this! The thing I find with bath bombs, fizzers, bubble bars etc, is look wise they need to be eye catching. They have to grab my attention and the better they look, the more chances it has for me to buy it. And what I like about this is it’s not intricate in look but attention grabbing it is! Rectangular in shape and quite chunky (8.5cm in length, 5 cm in width and 3 cm in depth).

Its made up of 3 block colours of a pinky purple, blue and orange. Each one layered on top of one another, in a handmade, natural, rock forming kind of way. On the top it’s green but with little multi coloured dots on it made up of the same colours as the other layers of the bar. Who wouldn’t want to use this in the bath??


I didn’t get much of a scent from this. What I did get was slightly fruity and creamy. Do bare in mind I’ve had this bath bar hidden away for months, which may have affected the fragrance and it’s strength.

In the bath.

Wow! Talk about fizz, whirl and pop! As suggested on the website, I filled my bath with warm water and then popped the bath bar on the top. What it did was show what the meaning of bath art really is. It fizzed as soon as it touched the water. And with that fizzing action, streams of colours were released from it forming it’s own rainbow. All the colours featured in the bath bar before it went into the water was what was visible, purple, blue, orange and green. Absolutely stunning!

No bubbles were created, just a little foam as the colours came out due to the bath bar’s fizzing action. And once the colours had settled, the water itself turned into such an inviting, shade of emerald green which was unusual and very Loki like!

Still didn’t get much fragrance, only slight, but this didn’t bother me as I was enjoying the bath itself way too much. It was relaxing, and provided me with the perfect time to read my book!

On the skin.

My skin has been a little strange of late. Generally fine on the body, but the most recent heat wave in the UK has made specific areas raised, and incredibly itchy. Thanks to a steroid cream, lots of moisturising and cooler temps, its in such better condition. But it’s still something that I’ve been cautious with when it comes to what it comes in contact with. And this has created no issues at all. No irritations, no drying out the skin or anything!


For the look, size of this (130g, great amount of bath bar), how it looks in water and how gentle it was on the skin, it’s a definite yes! Price wise, if you were to get something similar from a well know bath bomb shop on the high street, this would cost much more. So great value and affordable. What I would want to do is get another one of these and use straight away, just to double check the fragrance. If the fragrance is stronger, then I’m buying these in bulk!

Fancy having this bath bar pimp up your bath time routine? Visit Dirty Fresh Cosmetics to grab your bar here now.

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