Emily Makes Boutique’s Honolulu Mini Bubble Truffle

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Instagram can be an amazing place! Normally I use it to keep tabs on friends, but recently it’s been used to keep an eye on my favourite brands . I also like discovering new brands and businesses, and one such discover was of Emily Makes Boutique. I can’t remember how I found them but they caught my eye as they are a maker and seller of bath, body and wax products. So I recently took advantage of them having a sale featuring on one of my favourite bath products……bubble truffles! Perfect opportunity to try out a much loved product from a new vendor. One that has been sharing the bath tub with me within the last a couple of weeks has been a bubble truffle called Honolulu.

What is a bubble truffle? Think of a something you pop in the bath which provides foam, fragrance, moisture and sometimes colour, and looks like a scoop of ice cream. That’s a bubble truffle!

Appearance. Small but perfectly formed measuring just over 1.5 inches in diameter. A beautiful pastel blue coloured rounded scoop with dark blue specks of colour running through it. Dusted delicately with gold mica pigment, a few small pearlized balls peeping through the top, and a tiny seashell shaped flat decoration piece finishes it off. The truffle although domed has a flat bottom.

Emily Makes Boutique’s Honolulu Mini Bath Truffle

Scent. This smells tropical, fruity…think sweet, coconut, pineapple type fragrances but this isn’t sickly and delicately done but obvious. A touch of floral seems to be hidden in there somewhere. This is a gorgeous refreshing and soothing scent which is perfect for this time of the year.

How to use. Crumble under warm running water….simple!

In the bath. Rather than dropping this whole under warm running water I crumbled it. This crumbled so easily. Not dry, as I could already feel this was packed with some moisturising ingredients. As it floated in the bath and got caught up in the water, it turned it from clear to the same beautiful soft blue colour the truffle is, almost tropical sea like. As the water continued to pour from the tap, soft, white foam formed. And by the time the water was turned off, the tub was heaving with bubbles.


On the skin. In the bath I felt cocooned. Think of a body oil being on the skin outside of the bath, this is what it felt like IN the bath! I touched my skin and it felt as if a protective layer was on it. Not greasy but hydrating, smooth and silky. So out of the bath my skin felt great. No dryness, smallest hint of fragrance and ready ( but not needed ) for body lotion.

Recommended? I know what I like when it comes to bath products and this ticked all boxes. Appearance wise so sweet and pretty. Performance wise this blew me away and gave me a relaxing and enjoyable bathing experience. Do not let the size of this fool you! The amount of foam this produced was impressive! So a repeat purchase of Emily Makes Boutique for bubble truffles is a definite for me and I really want to try other bath products to, so a massive thumbs up!

As mentioned, I did buy this while on sale at half price but full price these were £2.75 which still is a great price and very affordable. Find them on Facebook, Instagram and to order their delicious goodies head over to their website now!

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