Fragrantasia’s Blackberry Mint Chunk Wax Pot

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As a wax melt lover, I am open to new wax vendors. To inspire me to purchase from them scents available is a factor, look of wax and of course prices. But regardless of new discoveries there are always a few wax vendors that I trust and will always go back to time and time again. Fragrantasia is one such wax vendor, who I’ve used for the last couple of years, and never been let down in regards to quality and price. Over the last few days I’ve been melting Blackberry Mint Chunk Pot.

Fragrantasia’s Blackberry Mint Wax Chunk Pot

Why melt Blackberry Mint? I love fruity scents and minty scents so why not? There hasn’t been too many wax melts I’ve used in the past with this fragrance combination, and I felt like melting something totally different to what I’ve been using the last few weeks.

Fragrantasia’s Scent Description ( from website ). Wild mint chunks with a tart blackberry overpour.

Packaging. I’m not 100% sure of the weight of this wax, but going off my vast experience of buying wax, I’m guessing (but don’t quote me on this one!) this will weigh around the 50/55g mark. This wax sits in a plastic, sturdy pot which is lidded. Label on top telling you vendor and fragrance name, while on the underside the ( lawful labeling I may add ) ingredients list.

The look. I love a wax pot chunk! An almost lilac purple coloured wax base with random and generous sized lilac coloured chunks of wax bursting through. Such a simple creation in appearance but visually I think is so pleasing!

Scent. When I first opened the lid I got a hit of mint. Not your typical peppermint or spearmint type of mint, but a much fresher, punchier and less sweet variety. Verging almost on the herbal side and definitely not confectionery. You get a tart, dark berry type element to it which rounds it off giving it not only depth, but softening it by adding a sprinkle of fruity sweetness to it. Not a typical fruit or mint scent in anyway shape or form. Very unique!

In melt. What a beautiful little thing going from solid to liquid! I used a quarter of the pot, and found this slowly melted. The chunks remained visible while swirling in a sea of two tones of purple. Absolutely beautiful.

Even before melting I could smell the fragrance, which only intensified when warmed through. Took very little time to work its way around my kitchen and seeped its way into my living room.

Blackberry Mint Wax Chunk Pot in melt

Strength & Longevity. This is STRONG! I had this on while cooking and you wouldn’t think I was cooking. It’s not overpowering but definitely has a kick to it! In regards to longevity, I’ve had this melting for roughly 7 hours over 2 days so far and it’s still kicking out fragrance. So very good.

Recommended? This actually is quite an unusual scent and one I’ve really enjoyed! I would love to see a strawberry or lemon mint version of this. The scent combos are endless! A very cooling and inviting scent that mint lovers will love, and fruit lovers will be won over.

Fancy something fruity fresh? Visit Fragrantasia here to get your Blackberry Mint Wax Chunk Pot to add to your wax melt collection! Did I mention it’s only £2.00 per wax chunk pot? Happy shopping!

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