Lacura Hemp Hand Cream

I really wish I could go into a shop and just buy what I went in for. But no…it never happens! I needed bread and milk while visiting Aldi recently and came out with Christmas projectors, bath bombs and a hand cream! So my current hand cream I’m now using is from their Lacura range and it’s called Hemp Intense Hand Preserver Hand Cream.

Why did I buy this? Besides the fact I think I have a shopping problem it was something new! Never saw this product before, it intrigued me and I thought I actually needed another hand cream. Not a light textured hand cream but one packed with moisture as my hands have been quite dry recently. Hemp is an ingredient I’ve heard good things and the price was only £1.49 so why not?

What does this supposed to do? This is designed to moisturise the driest of hands while keeping them maintained and protected.

Packaging. 65ml of hand cream is housed in a typical screw top lid tube which you see many hand creams packaged in. Colouring is quite Autumnal ( greens, reds, oranges, ) with leave patterns all over. Quite eye catching and appealing to look at.

Lacura Hemp Intense Hand Preserver Hand Cream

Scent. This smells of plants. Or at least that’s the closest thing I can match it to. Not flowers but plants. Its not mixed with anything else, so to me the fragrance is a little on the bland side but not offensive but not interesting either. I don’t love it and don’t hate it as its not bad, but its not great either. I’m just grateful it’s not strong. But overall I’m not keen on how this smells.

Texture. When I squeezed this out for the first time I knew it wasn’t going to be a light textured hand product. It literally held it’s shape while coming out like a worm! Quite thick but not too solid, and is the fainest of shade of green.

On the hands. I didn’t need to use much of this because of it’s consistency. Enough to cover half of a fingertip I would say is what I’ve been using per application. I found that despite it’s thickness this rubbed in very easily. Immediately I could feel an almost waxy like feel to this. Not sticky, greasy but a little waxy. Looking down on my hands it gave them a slight shine but in quite a natural way. Not only did they look a little more vibrant they felt more moisturised too but not in a heavy way, and more protected.

The inside of my hands didn’t feel tacky, and on the whole I could continue using my hands as normal. But personally I’ve avoided driving straight after using this just in case my grip on the wheel isn’t quite the same as usual.

Over time. If you have to wash or santise your hands regularly, lets be honest that’s more occasions for your hands to dry out. So I never expected to use this once during the day and that’s it! I use this a few times a day when I felt I need it if my hands look dry or/and feel tight. I’ve used this for a week now and I would say my hands have gotten drier less frequently, they look better and are in better condition. And to add, the fragrance isn’t distracting on the hands. I can smell it but it’s not very noticeable.

Recommended? Absolutely! Why? Because it does what it says on the packaging. It’s ideal for dry hands. It stopped mine from getting worse by giving it a massive dose of hydration and protected them too. It comes in a decent size of 65ml, nice looking packaging and it’s only £1.49! What is there NOT to like about this? Well… the scent of it but I can live with that! I love the fact I can do my food shopping, and throw something like this in the basket and it doesn’t break the bank!

How long this will be around for I have no idea. Personally, next time I’m in I’m buying a few of these to put away to use when my hands really need it. If your hands are suffering whether its due to weather, central heating or the hand washing and using gel to clean your hands regularly, this will be your best friend! Available in store and online.

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