Lolly & Moo Crystal Ball Bath Bomb

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These days you can buy bath bombs pretty much from anywhere. Department stores, discount stores, small independent businesses/vendors, even corner shops! And of course you have well known stores whose business is based on what you put on your body and what you use in the bath or shower. One of my latest bath time treats pulled out of my beauty wax stash comes from one of my favourite small businesses Lolly& Moo. I bought the whipped soap, so it seemed only fair to buy Crystal Bath Bomb as well.

Appearance. Size wise this is more jumbo than standard. Definitely bigger than the usual bath bombs as they are so much more substantial and I struggle to hold this within the palm of one hand. Beautifully coloured! Has what I would call a galaxy look to it. Purples, blues in various different shades running around it giving that type of effect with a little silver sparkle finishing it off. Very striking!

Crystal Bath Bomb

Scent. Same as its whipped soap sister, floral, clean, slight citrus and musk, so if you have tried the soap this is its perfect match. Inspired by a V&R fragrance which would make this ideal for the perfume lovers out there.

In the bath? Popped under warm running water, the fusion of colour and water is stunning! The colours on the bath bomb is what you get in the bath, and then they all run together to give the water a rich, deep and dark purple colour. Before getting to that point this does produce foam, which lasted for me quite some time.

Surprises? Well its not the size it is for no reason! Inside this beautiful mass is a secret. A hidden semi precious stone in the centre is revealed once the bath bomb disappears. Honestly, its so much better than opening up a Kinder egg! Not all of these bath bombs have the same stone in the middle, they are varied, which makes opening these up even more interesting and exciting.

Recommended? Yes! If you were to ever go for a bath bomb that was special, unique and striking, this is the one! Its big, beautiful, smells amazing and kind to the skin. And for £5.00 it’s great value for money for a treat for yourself or someone else. Available now on the Lolly & Moo website.

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