Miss So…? Love Potion Fraiche

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I love a good fragrance, don’t you? Am I the only person that sprays themselves generously, wondering if I’ve overdone it then add some more? I can do this because the majority of the fragrances I use on a daily basis are super affordable to buy. And another important factor, is they’re not too strong in regards to their formulations. So no harming of senses, children or myself, when I douse myself in the stuff! One fragrance I’ve been dipping in and out of recently has been Miss So…? Love Potion Fraiche. Bought from Superdrug when it was half price, down from £7.99 to £3.98 for 50ml.

Miss So…? Love Potion Fraiche

Why did I buy this one?

I’ve used the body mists from this brand before and I really wanted to try a slightly stronger version, as the mists I really enjoyed scent wise. The price of this was great, and the scent description on the website seemed to tick all my fragrance boxes.


The fragrance comes in a simple but quite youthful pale pink box with black text and the Miss So…? logo going across it, as it does with all their items in the range.

The fragrance itself is in a glass spray bottle, flat bottomed with curved sides. Clear, so you can see the fragrance in it, with the Miss So…? black logo going around it mirroring the box. The lid is glass, square shaped, and what you would expect to see on many perfume bottles. Overall, the look is basic but it works. Personally, I think it’s aimed more towards the younger market of teens to mid 20’s.


Sweet but not sickly. White florals mixed with berries with a little musk. Mouthwateringly good! Youthful, girlie, fun, definitely screams daytime to me and worn while the sun is out and the skies are clear.

Strength & Longevity.

Medium. Personally I could have this a little stronger because I adore it! But guess what? I just add more! It doesn’t get too heady if you reapply this. I put it on, it’s there and I enjoy it. Longevity is fine. Normally this is applied before I leave for work or heading out in general, and it’s still there when I finish but slightly lesser in strength.

Top Tip.

If you have other fragrances from the range, I think this would layer well with some if not all of them. I noticed this with the perfume mists I’ve worn in the past. A great way to create something bespoke and to change things up a bit when you get bored of the same scents.


Feminine, fruity, floral! If you like this killer combo of scents you will love this! I spray this on myself and it makes me smile, its beautiful! Packaging, even though I don’t think it targets a wide range of ages, there’s nothing wrong with it and no one would be offended by how it looks. To give as a gift to yourself or someone else is a budget friendly buy but a quality buy too.

Great thing about this fragrance, is if you want to grab yourself a bottle or two, it’s half price at the time of writing this post. For less than £4.00, you can’t go wrong! Go on, treat yourself here or visit your local store with your credit card in hand because you will need it!

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