Nuxe Prodigieux Perfume

I don’t call this blog mybeautywaxstash for nothing….I HOARD beauty, bath, body and wax products! Not intentionally to be fair. Sometimes I struggle to find the time to use items, sometimes I buy them at great prices and ‘ stash ‘ them away to use in the distant future and sometimes I simply forget I even bought them. Nuxe Prodigieux perfume was an item I bought in a gift set when it was on sale after Christmas, and I thought it was about time I actually used it as I fancied a fragrance change.

Packaging. Very elegant. 30ml of eau de parfum living in a tall and thin glass bottle with a gold lid. The bottle itself is quite simple in look but beautiful, and mirrors the style of the box it comes in. Both have an ombre effect going on as the base is coloured a gorgeous copper colour and gets lighter to the point its clear in the bottle but the box is gold.

Nuxe Prodigieux Perfume

Scent. This is what I would call quite a classic scent. It’s feminine, floral with the tiniest hint of citrus, musk and vanilla. The floral element to me probably stands out more, but has a warmth to it making it a richer, heavier scent rather than light and whimsical.

Strength & Longevity. When I first sprayed this, because of the type of scent it is, I assumed this would be very strong and possibly linger in an overpowering way regardless of how little or more I used. Strangely enough this wasn’t the case at all. I could smell this all day when I wore this while at work but it was subtle and pleasant, and didn’t make me feel like a walking fragrance counter from a department store.

Nuxe Gift Set

Recommended? Definitely! I know of Nuxe as a skincare brand rather than a fragrance one, but I’m so glad I took the plunge and got hold of this scent. Compared to any other fragrance in my collection, this one I don’t feel would date. It’s not relying on any trends and is sticking to a a formula which is timeless, sophisticated and is what many would call ‘ a true perfume ‘. I can see a young lady to an older woman loving this fragrance so not a scent that would exclude any age. Would you want a classic scent in your fragrance wardrobe? Currently on sale for £13.89 ( at time of writing this post ) for a 30 ml bottle on Amazon. Get yours here* and treat yourself (or someone else! ).

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