Fragrantasia’s Blackberry Mint Chunk Wax Pot

As a wax melt lover, I am open to new wax vendors. To inspire me to purchase from them scents available is a factor, look of wax and of course prices. But regardless of new discoveries there are always a few wax vendors that I trust and will always go back to time and time again. Fragrantasia is one such wax vendor, who I’ve used for the last couple of years, and never been let down in regards to quality and price. Over the last few days I’ve been melting Blackberry Mint Chunk Pot.

Fragrantasia’s Blackberry Mint Wax Chunk Pot

Why melt Blackberry Mint? I love fruity scents and minty scents so why not? There hasn’t been too many wax melts I’ve used in the past with this fragrance combination, and I felt like melting something totally different to what I’ve been using the last few weeks.

Fragrantasia’s Scent Description ( from website ). Wild mint chunks with a tart blackberry overpour.

Packaging. I’m not 100% sure of the weight of this wax, but going off my vast experience of buying wax, I’m guessing (but don’t quote me on this one!) this will weigh around the 50/55g mark. This wax sits in a plastic, sturdy pot which is lidded. Label on top telling you vendor and fragrance name, while on the underside the ( lawful labeling I may add ) ingredients list.

The look. I love a wax pot chunk! An almost lilac purple coloured wax base with random and generous sized lilac coloured chunks of wax bursting through. Such a simple creation in appearance but visually I think is so pleasing!

Scent. When I first opened the lid I got a hit of mint. Not your typical peppermint or spearmint type of mint, but a much fresher, punchier and less sweet variety. Verging almost on the herbal side and definitely not confectionery. You get a tart, dark berry type element to it which rounds it off giving it not only depth, but softening it by adding a sprinkle of fruity sweetness to it. Not a typical fruit or mint scent in anyway shape or form. Very unique!

In melt. What a beautiful little thing going from solid to liquid! I used a quarter of the pot, and found this slowly melted. The chunks remained visible while swirling in a sea of two tones of purple. Absolutely beautiful.

Even before melting I could smell the fragrance, which only intensified when warmed through. Took very little time to work its way around my kitchen and seeped its way into my living room.

Blackberry Mint Wax Chunk Pot in melt

Strength & Longevity. This is STRONG! I had this on while cooking and you wouldn’t think I was cooking. It’s not overpowering but definitely has a kick to it! In regards to longevity, I’ve had this melting for roughly 7 hours over 2 days so far and it’s still kicking out fragrance. So very good.

Recommended? This actually is quite an unusual scent and one I’ve really enjoyed! I would love to see a strawberry or lemon mint version of this. The scent combos are endless! A very cooling and inviting scent that mint lovers will love, and fruit lovers will be won over.

Fancy something fruity fresh? Visit Fragrantasia here to get your Blackberry Mint Wax Chunk Pot to add to your wax melt collection! Did I mention it’s only £2.00 per wax chunk pot? Happy shopping!

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Night-time Eye Tissue Mask

I understand why people love, mention and buy skincare face masks. They don’t have to be expensive, and are a great way to temporary perk up the skin. What I don’t understand is why no one mentions eye masks as much. As someone who likes to try various forms of skincare, I bought Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Night-time Eye Tissue Mask from Superdrug a few months ago when it was on special offer.

Why this one? My eyes are the main area of my face that I would like to see improve. But eye creams and serums can be costly, more so if you’re trying various ones to see which is right for you. But an eye mask is a good, cheaper alternative. This one I bought at the time was half price (kerching!). And coming from a well known skincare brand meant I had little to lose.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Night-time Eye Tissue Mask

What does this supposed to do? It’s designed to hydrate the eye area, soothe and refresh. The following morning after use, the eye area should appear to be less tired and appear more rested.

Packaging. The eye mask comes in a typical packet you would see the majority of tissue masks in, but it’s thinner and rectangular in shape. In all honesty this is what drew me in when I saw this displayed. I was looking in the mask section and this popped out to me due to the colour ( deep blue ).

How to use. Put this in the fridge before use, this will add to the cooling effect. Use before bedtime, unfold the eye mask and pop onto cleansed skin with eyes shut. Smooth it out, make sure it covers the whole eye area and relax for 15 minutes. Take it off, gently rub in any solution from the mask around eye or remove with a cotton pad and done!

How does this look? White in colour and typical mask like in texture and appearance. The mask covers the eye area and the bridge of the nose. So think of a traditional eye mask you wear to block out light but with no straps.

Scent. No real scent to these. If there is it’s faint and I couldn’t even register it if I’m honest.

In use. I put this in the fridge for a good half hour before use. Once I opened the packet, I took out the folded mask. Unfolded, it was moist and covered in a clear solution like a traditional face mask would be. I popped this onto the eye area and lay back and relaxed for around 15 -20 minutes.

I expected the immediate coolness to disappear with it reacting to the warmth of my skin but it didn’t. It remained cool and very soothing from beginning to end. It didn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable and stayed in place well despite the occasional head movement I made.

When I finished, I noticed there was so much solution still in the packet I folded the mask back up and put it back in. But I couldn’t help grabbing a little of it to smooth on the whole of my face as I hate waste.I noticed that my eyes didn’t look wet or covered in anything. I patted the solution into the skin around the bone and above and it sunk in pretty much straight away. Very serum like, light weight and non sticky.

The morning after the night before. Can I just mention I had a rubbish night’s sleep! So maybe my eyes would have looked better with more rest. But in all fairness they should have been more puffy looking, as they just looked a little tired but a little better than usual. They felt hydrated around the eyes still which was great. There was no irritation.

Getting my monies worth. I won’t lie! I reused this in the morning before work to perk and wake me up and I loved it! My eyes were very thankful!

Negatives? If you struggle to stay still for up to 20 minutes you might struggle with this. You literally have to stay still, there are no eye holes with this type of mask so you can’t even sit and watch TV.

I wish these were darker in colour, even black, as they might block light out more.

Recommended? This is one of those purchases I would buy a few of at a time for different reasons. To take on holiday, to use when I know I’m going to have a tough and tiring week, and to prep myself for special occasions. It’s a great little product that doesn’t promise to get rid of lines and wrinkles. What it does, thanks to it’s ingredients and coolness, soothe and relax this part of the face that traditionally with eye products they tell you to avoid e.g eye lids.

If you like masks or know someone who does, why not give something like these ago as the eye area gets neglected way too often. On offer at Superdrug, currently £1.99. Get yours here now ready for some pampering time.

*Boots currently have a buy 2 get 1 free on this product and others, but works out the same price as above singularly.

Jenny Makes For You Bath Pop

Late afternoon or evening baths pretty much are part of my daily routine regardless of the weather and temperature. But there’s something more relaxing and enjoyable having one during Autumn and/or Winter. With cooler temperatures and overall Autumnal feel to the days, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to delve into my stash of bath products and I grabbed Jenny Makes For You Bath Pop to use. I bought this with other products some months ago, and it costs £3.50.

Jenny Makes For You Bath Pop

Why this one? I originally bought this because it looked fun and enjoyable to use. But I chose this for my bath time use now because I wanted to use something I thought would be hydrating and soothing to the skin, as I felt my skin needed some extra TLC and pampering.

What’s a Bath Pop? Lollipop in shape and made from cocoa butter with added fragrance, when placed in the bath this will melt to create a bath soak.

How does it look? Roughly about 3 inches in diameter and disc shaped. Dual coloured, with half of it being blue and the other a light raspberry red shade. Slightly domed in shape with a swirled pattern moulded into it giving it texture and a more 3D appearance. It reminds me of the old fashioned style lollipops that have the swirls of different colours running through it. Flat on its underside, with a white lollipop stick in the middle of it.

Scent. Oh my! There’s definitely a chocolate scent to it. It verges closer to dark chocolate with a hint of orange than anything else. It’s not strong or sickly, very pleasant to smell and not the scent you would assume it would be based on how it looks.

How to use. Hold this under warm running water to allow this to melt or swirl it around in a ready filled warm bath.

In the bath. I let the hot water run and held this under it. While the water got hotter, I could see the colour almost running off the bath pop, and the actual shape of it changing and getting smaller as it melted away. It eventually melted so much it came off the stick and plopped into the bath! While looking into the bath, I noticed it was littered with small coloured droplets which looked oil like.

While in the bath, I could feel immediately the now melted cocoa butter was now clinging onto my skin. Perfect opportunity for me to rub this into extra dry areas such as feet, elbows and knees. Those droplets of colour now had merged and were more dark grey by this point, so not quite as pretty as before. The original scent I got when I first took this out to use was there but a little fainter which was fine with me.

R.I.P Bath Pop!

Out of the bath. My skin felt sooooo hydrated! If you’ve ever used raw ingredients such as shea or cocoa butter, you will know there is a greasiness to them. This is what I expected and got and loved it. I didn’t need to apply a body lotion or cream after my bath as my skin didn’t need it. And the hydration and layer of protection it provided lasted a good amount of time after, even when I threw my clothes on.

My top tips to get the best out of the Bath Pop.

  1. Wash and clean your body before using this. I would call this more a treatment rather than a way to cleanse. So if possible jump in the shower with a shower gel, soap etc, have a wash, and then sit in the bath and enjoy this.
  2. Body scrub. Get rid of all dead skin cells so the cocoa butter from this product soaks into fresh and juicy skin and won’t be sitting on old skin cells.
  3. Pat your skin dry. Don’t grab a towel and roughly dry your skin and rub most of this off! Gently pat so the bare minimum of the cocoa butter comes off but your skin will still be covered in melted Bath Pop.

Who is this NOT for? If you want foam and bubbles this isn’t for you! Think of a bath oil and that’s quite close. If you’ve used bath truffles that’s pretty much identical in regards to how it behaves in the bath and what it can do to the skin. But a bubble bath this is not. It also won’t colour the water like a bath bomb will, so not pretty in that sense. And this does leave the bath a little slippy so you would need to take that on board and wash this bath out straight away! It doesn’t stain the bath but will leave a mess. When the cocoa butter content is no longer warmed its not fun to clean up so be warned..

Recommended? I would definitely buy and use this again! This is such a fun bath time piece and why I love Jenny Makes For You as a brand! Pampering should be enjoyable, fun AND affordable and as a brand they very much are so. This is ideal for those who suffer from dry skin and need added moisture in the bath. A great item to give as a gift on its own or as part of something bigger, and doesn’t break the bank!

Want to purchase this bath time treat for yourself or someone else? Grab yours here before they sell out!

The Body Shop’s Salted Caramel & Vanilla Reed Diffuser

Years and years ago I went through a stage of using air freshener plug ins. I spent a small fortune on them, but that was my preferred way to fragrance my home at the time. Then it was candles. But I worried about leaving them lit so I moved from candles to wax melts. One product I didn’t really use was reed diffusers. When my kids came along I knew they would probably mess about with them thinking they were toys, so I never bothered buying them. But they’re older now and much more trust worthy ( ish ). So I decided to treat myself and buy The Body Shop‘s Salted Caramel & Vanilla Reed Diffuser for £16.00 last year.

The Body Shop’s Salted Caramel & Vanilla Reed Diffuser

Why this one? In the past year I’ve discovered The Body Shop have a wide variety of products. I’ve bought and tried many and found myself loving and enjoying them. The quality of products so far I’ve used have been high and I wanted to venture into their home fragrance range. This scent I went for is classic me. I love my bakery scents, sweet scents and visually I thought a reed diffuser would look nice in a room.

What’s a reed diffuser? A reed diffuser is normally a bottle that contains fragranced oil, with tall and thin reeds placed into it. As they sit in the oil, the reeds suck up the oil and release fragrance into the air.

Packaging & look. The diffuser comes in a slender tall box with the colouring and design reflecting the fragrance. All relevant information needed is on the packaging e.g scent description, instructions, ingredients etc.

The diffuser itself comes in two parts. Six reeds, and 125ml of fragranced oil housed in a short and wide glass bottle which is lidded. The lid has a hole in it to place reeds in. A cap covers the hole once you remove the lid, so the oil is contained when not in use. Looks very typical of this type of fragrance product. Very simple, stylish and elegant. I think visually it makes a nice statement piece in a room and look wise different to what I usually would have out on display. I put this on a glass plate in my bedroom which sets this off even more so.

How to use.Pop the reeds into the glass bottle that houses the fragrance. Spread them out a little in the bottle and once a week turn the sticks to get the most intensity out of the scent.

Scent. This smells so good! I was worried if this would be weak, strong, even possibly too sweet. What I did find was that this scent was quite soft but I would walk into my bedroom thinking how nice it smelt. I wasn’t too sure where the scent was coming from until I remembered! This is a typical salted caramel scent of sorts. It has got the sweetness to it. Also an almost fudge like type tone to it. The vanilla also giving it an added creaminess. But what I got which I wasn’t expecting was a hint of floral. So overall the scent came across more perfume-esq than a stereotypical and predictable bakery fragrance. Sophisticated, warming and very expensive in scent.

Strength & Longevity. The strength of this may vary depending on the size of room or space this is placed in. But in my bedroom, which is what I would call a normal but decent size, the strength I would say is light. Don’t think light is bad as it was there and very natural in scent and noticeable. Sometimes scents shouldn’t be strong and for me this was ideal for the space it was in. Longevity wise very good. After about a week I noticed the scent was fading, and as suggested on instructions I turned the sticks around and this brought the fragrance back to life.

Negatives? Not a negative as such but something that did irritate me. When I tried to take out the cap so I could pop the reeds into the hole it took awhile, and a lot of effort. Imagine when you’re going to buy a new plastic bin or set of chairs. They’re all stacked together and the suction created by them means you’re playing tug of war to get that one item out? That’s this! Unless there’s an unknown magic or I should have turned this around a different direction or something, the only way I got this off was by using tweezers!

Recommended? If you love The Body Shop as a brand and love home fragrancing, this would be a great item for you. The scent is beautiful, it looks great and packaged nicely and perfectly for Autumn/Winter. Both packaging and scent is ideal for this time of year. But it’s not cheap. At £16.00 for me I couldn’t repeat purchase this when I felt like it. It would be a well thought out and timed purchase. Possibly a gift for someone very close to me or maybe a house warming gift for a fragrance or home decor.

I would be over the moon to receive this as a gift. If Salted Caramel & Vanilla isn’t your ideal fragrance, The Body Shop’s diffusers come in 3 other scents. Fancy trying out this perfect Autumnal scent for your home? Get your sweet smelling aroma here.

Holler & Glow’s Luck Crystal Soap

It’s taken me a while to find this out, but the store Superdrug sell some pretty brilliant brands! I’ve bought lots of bath and beauty products from Superdrug over the last year, most of which at great prices or promotional deals. So I’m always keeping an eye out on new brands sold there. One such brand I’ve recently discovered is called Holler & Glow. Their range includes body mists, masks, bath bombs and soaps. I bought Luck Crystal soap a few months ago when there was a 3 for 2 deal on their products.

Why did I buy this? I tend to use shower and bath gel/creams often but who doesn’t love a bar of soap occasionally? I thought it was affordable, different in look and had good reviews on the website.

Look. This 50g ‘ bar ‘ of soap literally looks like a semi precious stone thanks to it’s crystal like shape and colouring. It isn’t made up of one colour. At the top you can almost see through it and is brown in tone. Running around the middle randomly there are gold stripes which seem to be encased within the soap. And right at the bottom is what I would call a deep, cola brown colour. Overall I found this to be striking in appearance, very appealing to the eye and totally unique if compared to soaps on the market. Size wise it’s around 3 inches in length and 2 inches in width at its widest part. Small but perfectly formed.

Holler & Glow’s Luck Crystal Soap

Scent. I wasn’t too sure what this would smell like based on it’s look alone. But taking this out of it’s plastic wrapper, the scent delicately worked its way out. It has a subtle lemongrass scent to it. Sweet, quite clean in smell and not strong so would provide a pleasant aroma for any sex or age.

In the shower. This foamed up beautifully on a sponge under a warm running shower. It cleaned my body very well without drying my skin out and caused no irritation. The scent coming from this precious item was still very delicate but there while in use, and made using this easy and pleasant at the same time.

I got the smallest hint of this on my skin once out of the shower but it was barely there, which was absolutely fine with me! I didn’t want it’s scent to clash with the body lotion I was going to use straight after.

Recommended? LOVE LOVE LOVE! Visually, this is an absolute stunner! It stands out therefore makes this fun to use. Although not the biggest bar of soap every made, the way its shaped means it cups in the hand perfectly so comfortable to use. And makes a great stocking filler or part of a larger gift to give to others. The scent is perfect strength wise and not offensive for anyone, and I just think its imaginative considering what it actually is. This is one I will be buying again, along with other versions of this in the range, for myself and as small gifts for my lucky friends.

Feeling lucky in making the right purchase? Order your Luck Crystal soap from Superdrug here now. * At the time of writing this post the Holler & Glow range have 1/3 off their products. Happy shopping!*

Strawberry Melts Baby Soft Wax Melts

I’ve been neglecting my babies. No, not my 9 and 11 year old children, my wax babies! My storage unit that houses all my home fragrance and bath and body products really looks unloved and messy. But with my kids back to school I hope to have the time to sort it out. But in regards to using wax, this is definitely the time of year I tend to melt more due to it being milder in temperature. It’s slightly darker outside earlier so more atmospheric, and in general my home seems to have much more of a cozier feel. So going through my wax haul ready for a fragrance change, I decided to pick out Strawberry Melts Baby Soft wax melts to melt and enjoy.

Strawberry Melts Baby Soft wax melts

Why Baby Soft? This isn’t a new purchase. I actually bought this in 2019, but still absolutely perfect look and scent wise. I chose this one because I didn’t want to go for a typical Autumn or bakery scented melt, but I did want something soothing and fresh.

Strawberry Melts Scent Description. A gentle baby soft fragrance. Delicate floral mingle with a soft rose heart sweetened with powdery accords and layers of creamy vanilla.

The wax melt in look. This pack contained 3 almost identical in look and colour wax melts. Not quite a snowflake shape or a flower shape, but I think an in between of these two is the best description for its look. A very pale and pretty mint green colour, with shards of very small and fine silver glitter all over the top of it.

My scent description. Think of the smell of a famous baby lotion. Give it more of a powdery element to it, the tiniest hint of floral and that is what this smells like. Fresh, clean, powdery, baby like!

In melt. One wax melt is enough per use. And because its a decent size and thickness it took a little time to melt but melt it did. Gone was the wintry looking melt which was replaced with a shimmering and beautiful pool green looking lagoon. The fragrance wasn’t released when this warmed through, you could smell it while cold and sitting there. So even without heat it was already making my kitchen smell beautiful. With heat this just intensified and filled my small kitchen and spread into the living room.

Strength and longevity. I would say this melt is strong. Not too strong for me. It gave my home a comforting feel which was enjoyably to experience. And on top of that it had a clean and fresh scent, which everyone likes! From this one wax melt it was heated through for at least 4 hours per day over 3 days and still had a great strength to it, longevity was ( and still is as it’s still melting away! ) fantastic!

Recommended? 150% its a yes! Why? Its a great alternative scent wise to a traditional laundry scent but still has that clean aspect to it. And it’s just such a pleasant and familiar scent you can’t help but love. Most people wouldn’t dislike this fragrance, and this would work well in any room at anytime of the day. What I really like is one wax piece will last for hours, and 3 of course triple the fragrance time, which provides great value. I don’t remember how much these cost at time of purchase, but similar wax melts are sold for £2.50 currently.

This isn’t a regular scent from Strawberry Melts as their restock scents change regularly. But it doesn’t mean it won’t come back up in the future. Keep your eyes open for it’s return and also to see what other amazing scents in wax this vendor produces here currently.

Nails Inc Night Night Soothing Face Mask

I should know better, but I’ve been neglecting a few areas of my skincare routine recently. One is using a facial exfoliator, the other is using a mask. No particular reason for this except being lazy! But I decided to rectify this and try a mask that I’ve had in my collection but never tried, called Night Night Soothing Face Mask from Nails Inc.

Thought they did nail polish? I’ve known of Nails Inc because of their polishes and nail treatments. But over the last few years they’ve expanded into skin care products. This was the reason why I bought this mask, out of curiosity. I’ve used their polishes before, nice range of colours and effects….but skin care? And this being half price at the time of purchase convinced me more to play guinea pig and buy it.

Nails Inc Soothing Hydro Night Mask

What is this mask supposed to do? This mask is designed to be used over night, and gives the skin a fresher appearance. Helping it to recover from the stresses and pollutants it comes across during the day.

Packaging. The mask comes in a little pot which in itself sits in a card board sleeve. The pot needs to have its lid pulled back to get to the product ( think of the sauces you get from certain takeaways and that’s pretty much the same type of packaging ).

Consistency. This reminded me very much of a gel type serum. White in colour, quite thick but the texture had an almost waxiness to it.

Scent. Delicate but a beautiful clean, floral with a slight sweetness to it. This smelt more like a body lotion than a facial product but I found it so enjoyable to smell.

How to apply. Onto clean skin, massage a thin layer of mask over the face ( avoid eye area ). Leave on over night and cleanse as usual the following morning.

In use. You get 10 ml of product which is one application. I felt that was a lot of mask to put on my face so used only one third. This was enough to give me a thin layer over my face and neck. Easy to apply and very quick and clear with no colour on the skin. It felt as if I had applied a night cream onto the face because of it’s texture. To look at my skin it was obvious something was on it because there was a slight shine to it but didn’t look oily. The scent from the mask wasn’t obvious and perfect strength while on.

The morning after the night before. My skin didn’t dramatically change when I woke up. But I did expect the mask to have sunk in, which surprisingly it didn’t…well not totally anyway. My face still felt as if there was something on it as I felt a light waxiness to it, although not as much as when this was first applied. My skin wasn’t matt in look, it looked like I had face cream on it. Didn’t feel dry, felt very nourished and treated.

Washed off. I cleansed my face as usual. Again, no massive change to my skin look wise but it did indeed look and feel more rested which was what I wanted. Not dry but hydrated, and ready to start my morning skin care routine.

Any surprises? I expected this to sink in after a few minutes which it didn’t. After accidentally touching my face a couple of hours after applying this, I found the feel of the mask still there. The remainder of the mask I thought would be left on my pillow yet all it left was a feeling of protection ON my skin and not anywhere else!

Who would this be good for? This mask is designed for all skin types but for me the skin that would benefit from this more is the dry type. Dry naturally, or dried out due to extreme weather ( heat/cold ). If I was lucky enough to go on holiday abroad this year this would be slipped into my suitcase for sure!

Recommended? 100%! Affordable, easy and quick to use and does what its supposed to do which is to give your skin the rest it needs from the day before. Great scent, provides protection and hydration, what more can you ask for? Perfect mask for the lazy skin care lover. Get your mask directly from Nails Inc here which is still at a sale price of £3.00 ( at time or writing post ).

The Bath Bae’s Oh So Slushie Bath Cubes

Bath products are everything to me. A bath late afternoon/early evening helps me to get rid of the day’s aches, pains and stresses, and prepares me for a peaceful evening. I found a company called The Bath Bae on Instagram. Selling bath dusts, rocks and cubes, their products caught my attention. I thought these would make not only a nice treat for myself but as gifts for others too.

The Bath Bae’s Oh So Slushie Bath Cubes

Why these? The look and the idea of the bath cubes I liked. It looked different, it looked appealing and I have never tried bath cubes before. The scent I thought was my type of scent, and I thought these would make a great addition to my bath product stash.

Bath Cubes? Just think of a bath bomb and what they are made of and designed to do, and instead of it being round or whatever shape it maybe, its cubed! And not just one lots of them!

Packaging. I like how these are presented. 200g of bath cubes come in a pouch. Front totally clear so you can see what you get, whereas the back is silver holographic like in colour. You have to tear the top of the pouch to open it, but is resealable.

How do they look? Similar size to a traditional dice and cubed shaped ( of course ). Beautiful mix of colours are in each of them, pink, blue, little bits of purple and white. They have a great hand made look to them as they aren’t identical in appearance but look so inviting and fun!

Scent. Oh my! These smell AMAZING! Very much smells like a slushie drink . Sweet, strawberries, raspberry scented ( think of the blue version not the actual red fruit ), cherries with a slight fizzy hit to it.

In the bath. Its recommended to use either half or the full packet of these bath cubes, I used a third. Used like a normal bath bomb, I threw a handful of cubes under warm running water. Each cube slowly became individual mini circular bath bombs which fizzed and released bright streams of colours. Absolutely stunning! A little foam was made, and then the bath water turned from a party of mini bath bombs,then merging into a multi coloured swirling pool and ended as a purple bath soak.

I used the amount I used because I knew I wasn’t going to spend my usual amount of time in the bath, much shorter in fact. So not sure if using more would have created more foam that would have lasted longer.

On the skin. The water felt very soothing, my mind felt very relaxed with no irritation just supple and hydrated skin.

Value? The bath cubes cost £6.45, but when I bought these there was 25% off. You can use the full bag or half, which pretty much is the cost of a decent quality bath bomb ( minimum ). So price wise I think this is fair when you think not only the amount of product you get, but how its packaged and its overall appearance. It looks more expensive than what it really is.

Recommended? Loved these bath cubes! Scent was to die for, created a gorgeous looking and relaxing bath, which was what I had hoped for. Great product to gift ( think of those teens who’ve worked their butts off GCSE and A Level wise! ), and perfect to mix and match with others in the range without breaking an actual bath bomb up. Want to be part of The Bath Bae gang? Get your Oh So Slushie Bath Cubes here now.

Revolution Beauty London Stargazer Nail Polish

Having my nails painted is as close to make up as I get! My liking of standard nail polish was thrown in the bin ( alongside the actual bottles! ) when I discovered gel polish. Why have polish on for a matter of minutes to then chip when you can have your pretty nails last for up to 2 weeks if not longer? Well, since having a daughter who loves make up and her nails done, I can’t exactly put her hand under a UV lamp. So every so often I will buy a polish that can be used on her and when the mood takes me, on me too. I bought Stargazer from Revolution Beauty London a few months ago when it was part of their sale.

Revolution Beauty London’s Stargazer Nail Polish

Why this one? I wasn’t looking to buy nail polish but skincare products. I was curious to see if Revolution’s polishes were any good and I LOVE glittery nail polish, and thought this shade would stand out and be eye catching so I bought it!

The bottle. Textured silver coloured lid which is similar in colour to the polish itself. Clear bottle with a chrome coloured R on the front. Modern in look, simple and stylish.

Colour. I actually thought this would be a clear polish with pieces of silver glitter in it. Yes, there is silver glitter in it. They appear flat and pretty much same size and shape, suspended within the polish. But the polish itself has a sort of grey/silver tinge to it which makes it look almost molten but not a total block colour.

My nail routine. Push back cuticles. File nails. Apply a nail dehydrator/nail polish remover to remove all oils from the nails. Thin coat of base coat. Polish. Top coat. Cuticle oil. DONE.

Application. The brush was quite wide and spread easily over the nail, so each nail was covered in 2 to 3 brushes. First coat I did thinly and the final two ( 3 in total ) I loaded my brush with a little more polish. Each layer was touch dry in around 2 minutes. I ‘ floated ‘ the brush over the nails to make sure I wasn’t dragging any glitter off and dabbed the polish on to make sure glitter was where I wanted it to be.

Consistency wasn’t too thick or fluid, so just right. Easy to apply, not a strong smell of polish present and even without top coat my nails were shiny.

I applied two layers of top coat. With the first I felt the glitter wasn’t smooth enough when I touched my nails, but the second application did the trick.

Coverage. Depending on the amount of applications, you can build up the colour and sparkle effect. One coat gives a sheer background with glitter. Two coats turns that sheerness into more of a silver colour to with more glitter. And three coats makes the background colour more obvious with even more glitter makes these really bling.

My overall effect. Silver, twinkling, shining, especially when the light hits the nails. Not for the faint hearted or the person who likes plain nails.3 coats IS NOT GIVING YOU PLAIN NAILS!

Long lasting and removal. These bad boys are still on and I refuse to take them off till I need to ( day 3 ), so can’t comment on removal but with most glitter polishes keeping a soaked cotton wool pad of polish remover over the nail a little longer than standard polish normally does the job. If not a light file over them breaks the top coat seal and will help the removal process.

I painted these on the Saturday, and even after work on Monday my nails were still in perfect condition and chip free. If ever there was a place to chip a nail or three it would be in work. I use my hands constantly and the fact they’ve survived is impressive!

Recommended? How this polish is presented is great. The polish itself is easy to apply and gives a great coverage and effect on the nails. Not the cheapest of polishes on the high street but not the most expensive either ( £5.00 ). I really like this polish, and if I’m constantly staring at my nails that indicates a great product in itself. I definitely want to try different shades and effects but this one gets the green light from me! Fancy owning your own Stargazer? Visit Revolution Beauty London here to buy your own piece of nail glitz!

Nivea’s Beeswax Hand Cream

Everyone’s hands have been through a lot over the last 5 months. To fight this awful virus that’s been thrown upon us, washing hands thoroughly has been highlighted as being important, and if not possible to sanitize them. And goodness wash and sanitize I have! So much so at one stage I thought my hands would break off. And that’s when a decent hand cream is needed. Nivea’s Beeswax hand cream was given to me as a gift, which I’ve been using for the past few weeks

What is this supposed to do? Like all hand cream’s this is designed to stop your hands from drying out. By not only protecting them but adding moisture. This formulation is supposed to provide this result all day, in fact 24hrs, as the packaging states.

Nivea Beeswax Hand cream

Packaging. 75ml of hand cream is stored within a white plastic tube. Screw top lid, with the well known navy coloured Nivea logo visible on it, an illustration of beeswax indicating the scent/version it is and relevant information on back e.g ingredients. Simple, clear and very much is part of the packaging appearance and style of the brand overall.

Scent. I would describe this as being quite sweet in fragrance, with a honey aspect to it but not identical. It has a delicate powdery background to it, making it more clean than syrupy scented. Very pleasant.

Consistency/appearance. White in colour, with a texture which is very similar to a body lotion and is smooth in consistency.

Nivea Beeswax Hand cream consistency

Applying. My hands have improved greatly over the last few months, so the dryness has settled down. I apply this when my hands feel tight, and more so at home as its more convenient to grab it than to use at work, which isn’t practical most of the time. I use about half of the size of a 5p per application.

After application. There definitely was a look and feel of my hands being moisturised once it had been applied. My hands didn’t look greasy. In fact they almost looked matt. But the colour of my hands looked less dull and ashy. Not only did they not look greasy but they didn’t feel it either. There was definitely some form of protective barrier on them as I could feel it, but it didn’t stop me using my hands freely e.g driving.

As time went on. After initially applying the hand cream and getting on with my day, my hands were no worse over time but did feel as if they needed more of it to be applied to give my hands the luster they received when I first used it. One thing that I think stayed the same was the light scent left on my hands.

Reccommended? If the condition of your hands is normal, or you just want a hand cream to use if and when needed and you have no real issues, this would do the job. This is a decent and standard size for a hand cream so will last a while. Can be bought cheaply and the scent is nice. For me I would prefer a richer texture which really cocooned my hands for longer. So not my favourite hand cream but is a decent one.

Can be purchased from a variety of places online and instore, such as Wilko, Home Bargains and Amazon. Prices range from £1.00 to £2.50.