This isn’t my first dip into the big ocean called blogging. My previous experience saw me write about everything and anything, from beauty, to books, to holidays. Basically things that I came across in my everyday life. I just felt that what I was writing about was very broad in topic and covered too many things. But what I found when looking at my posts was I seemed more drawn to certain areas. Bath bombs, shower products, bubble bars, face cream, fragranced wax, candles….all of which took up a good 80% of my writing. Why? Because I LOVE these areas! So it made sense to focus on these areas more and try and give as much of my experience using these products to people who were interested.

So there you go…..

My name is Kay, I love bath, body, beauty products and I have a hoard of wax in my house that would make any wax or candle lover proud! Expect honest reviews, the highlighting of products I use on myself or in my home, all of which sitting under what I call ‘ affordable luxury’. Welcome to the world of Mybeautywaxstash!