Prettysuds February 2019 Bath Bomb Subscription Box

Affordable luxury. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? I do! Why shouldn’t we enjoy something that makes us look and feel good without spending a small fortune? Household bills and buying kids related things such as LOL dolls and Pokémon cards is what I spend my money on. So I feel zero guilt spending a small amount of cash on myself occasionally. That’s why a body product subscription box is ideal for someone like me, more so if it contains bath bombs! Resisting purchasing wasn’t an option when a company called Pretty Suds released theirs at a special price.

Who are Prettysuds? Pretty Suds are based in South Yorkshire, England. They make and sell bath and body products such as shower gellies, bath bombs and bath crumbles. Not only are these sold singularly, but they also create subscription boxes. These are available monthly or as a one off purchase.

What do you get? 8 full sized goodies for £14.95 ( 25% off it’s original price ), which are:

Pretty Suds February Subscription Box 2019

1 Bath Crumble. Heart shaped pieces of mini bath bombs/fizzers that are in various shades of pink. Pop them into the bath and they release colour and fragrance. 400g in weight, and on the packaging it says ‘ infused with zesty cola cubes ‘. So expect a fruity sweety fragrance to match their super sweet appearance.

3 Heart Shaped Bath Bombs. Each heart shaped bath bomb has its own fragrance.

XOXO‘s scent is inspired by the aftershave Creed. It’s Barbie pink in colour with a generous sprinkle of silver glitter.

Be Mine‘s fragrance is peony and blush sued. A deep, rich purple colour with an almost mica type pigment look to it.

I LOVE YOU‘s scent is inspired by La Vie Est Belle perfume. Pink in colour covered with lots of gold glitter.

4 Bath Bombs.

Strawberry Milkshake. Scented and coloured as you would think thanks to its name. Consisting of different shades of pink running around it, and smelling of strawberry milkshake!

Bubblegum Ice Cream. The name gives you the scent description straight away, and is a mix of bright bold pink and blue colours.

Alicorn. Scent wise is a mix of strawberries, blueberries over meringue and is a ball of pink, yellow, blue and purple colour.

Unicorn Sparkle‘s fragrance jasmine, lily, sandalwood and salted vanilla.

Alicorn bath bomb

What do I think about this set? Its a great selection of goodies! £14.95 gives you A LOT of product, so exceptional value! Buying something of a similar quality and style you might only get half of the amount of items for the same price. All full size providing many many treats for bath time. They have a fun look to them because of their are shapes and colours.

This is the February box, so geared towards romance and Valentine’s Day. It could be given to anyone at anytime of the year. Great as one big gift or to split up.

At it’s original release, Pretty suds made a limited number of these ( 50 ). If you don’t manage to get a box some of these items are available on their own such as Unicorn Sparkle. But better still, keep an eye on their social media pages and website as there will be other subscription boxes available soon.

Recommended? 100%! Great sizes, good mix of scents and all pieces look fantastic. And the price is exceptional in value. Great introduction to the brand providing many bath time treats. Affordable luxury at it’s best!

For your February Subscription box order here.

Unicorn Sparkle bath bomb here.

Bubblegum Ice Cream bath bomb here.

Broken Hearts bath crumble here.


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