Palmer’s Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub

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I love a good scrub! There is nothing more satisfying than scrubbing the face or the body and revealing soft and supple skin. As much as I love the process and the products I use, it’s something I wish I was more consist with. But I always get there eventually, and I couldn’t help but pick up Palmer’s Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub from Tesco on my latest shopping trip. Cost with Clubcard was £3.50, normal price £5.40.

Palmer’s Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub
Why did I buy this?

As a brand, I love Palmer’s! Always have. When I was a teen I was a regular user of their ever popular Cocoa Butter body lotion. Over the years their products have grown in variety and so has their subranges. Their Coconut Oil range has always caught my eye, and I’ve even tried their lip balm which I enjoyed using. But the skincare has been on my hitlist. So with the range being on special offer, I grabbed the scrub because I needed a new one and a good quality one to help condition and smooth out my skin during these wintery months. Good excuse to buy, right? So why not?

What is this supposed to do?

This scrub is designed to gently remove dirt and dead skin cells, leaving skin and it’s complexion to appear and feel better, fresher and brighter.


90ml of scrub lives happily in a plastic, flip topped lidded tube. If you look at the labelling on this product this screams the Palmer’s brand but the colouring and use of neutrals and browns is how the Coconut range is designed so stands out.


Creamy, slightly sweetened and of course coconut scented. It’s pleasant, it’s not sickly and I really enjoy it.

How to use.

Apply to wet face, massage into skin and rinse off.

In Use.

I squirted out a decent amount of scrub to use. The texture looked lotion like which surprised me. I expected to see visible grains or for it to look somewhat lumpy which it didn’t. But applying this onto my face, gently, it was obvious there were grains inside it. There was quite a lot in fact. They felt relatively smooth and small as I moved this around my face. I could definitely feel the exfoliating action. Because there is a lot of grains in this, I’m glad I was slow using this because if I applied too much force or rushed the process, I think I could have hurt my skin.

The fragrance surprised me. My initial sniff before applying this was what I got in use. But I got something else as well while smothering my face with this. It had a delicate incense like hint to it, making it warming and fuller in scent. Dare I say almost a caramelised sugar type fragrance too? Whatever it is I adore it! And it made me think how much I need to grab the body lotion if the fragrance is identical or at least similar!

Rinsing off was easy. With most products I finish off gently patting my face with a damp and warmed face cloth. This helped get rid of a few lingering grains on my face and gave my skin added relief and comfort while finishing myself off.

My skin afterwards.

My skin felt fresh, clean and quite smooth. I’m going to let you into a secret.Although I normally would cleanse my face before exfoliating, I couldn’t be bothered the first time I used this. So it had to clean my face, remove eye brow pencil and general dirt from the day which it did. My skin was spotless. Look wise it appeared matt but not dry, and my skin although feeling that slight clean sensation, wasn’t tight or irritated in anyway.


Not negatives as such but more observations. Who creates products sized 90ml? It’s such an odd number! Make it 100ml and I’m happy! Personally I think the grains could be just that little bit smaller or slightly less grains in this scrub. This would mean you could use it faster without being too harsh.

Palmer’s Coconut Sugar Facial & Coconut Oil Balm

Exfoliators for the face and body need to do some simple tasks. Leave the skin feeling smooth and ideally look it too. Clean and fresh is up there as well. Gentle but thorough enough for the relevant part of the body. Not leave the skin sore and prep the skin ready for the next stage. oh…and don’t dry the skin out that’s a no no! If the product does all of the above it gets a thumbs up from me and this does. Easy to use, effective, affordable, comes in a range if you want matching products. And it smells so good! So if you love your physical exfoliates but don’t want to spend your whole paycheck on one, this could be the one for you!

If you fancy picking this up doing your grocery shop, head to Tesco. Available in store and online here. Special Clubcard promotion has recently ended, but worthwhile keeping an eye out for it in the future.

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