Pretty Candles Gin & Tonic Soy Wax Pot

New year new wax! Its great to start 2020 trying out wax pieces from a wax vendor I’ve never bought from before in fragrances I’ve never smelt before. Pretty Candles is a company I’ve wanted to buy from for ages and I stalk them, sorry…. follow them on Instagram. It seemed the perfect opportunity to try them out when they had a 50% off sale towards the end of last year/beginning of this. And the first Pretty Candles wax pot that popped into my wax warmer was Gin & Tonic.

Pretty Candles Gin & tonic Wax Pot

Gin & Tonic why? Anyone who knows me can confirm I LOVE gin, so I couldn’t help but find out what the wax version would be like as a scent and if my love wasn’t just confined to drinking the stuff but also smelling the stuff too.

Appearance. With it being called a wax pot no guessing needed about what its in, which is a pot. Lidded, so easy to pop out and keep safe if not using the whole thing. The wax itself looks so pretty in a simple way. It almost has a marble like look to it but made up of mint green and white colours. Loving lavished with a healthy sprinkle of a Christmasy green coloured glitter on top. 30g in weight.

Pretty Candles scent description. The sharp scent of gin blended with a zingy citrus tonic.

In melt. Melted evenly and quickly. And when it was totally molten that once solid marble mass turned into a pool of seamoss green coloured liquid with that festive glitter sitting nicely in it. Took very little time for the fragrance to be released as the scent was clearly there when cold before warmed through.

Scent.This is a fresh and clean scent. Zesty in a more lime way rather than lemon for me. Sharp but not overpowering and even though this sounds odd but if you could smell the action of something with fizz and bubbles this would be that wax. It’s so hard to describe this scent as its not a fruity inspired gin fragrance but more the traditional, simple but delicious gin served with tonic…and this literally is THAT smell!

Strength & Longevity. I wasn’t too sure how strong this would be as I used half of this little pot but goodness me….. I put this on in the kitchen before I left work and as I got home and opened the front door followed by the living room door and it hit me! Medium to strong I would say this is. Longevity is excellent. This has been melting for 3 days straight, for a good number of hours at a time and the scent is still there. I’ve only changed the wax because I have a lot of wax to use not because the scent of this had gone.

Recommended? If I could drink this I would but that wouldn’t be a good idea! What I love about this is its the total opposite to other gin inspired scents I’ve tried. The one’s I’ve melted before have been sweet and fruity , whereas this is zesty and clean. It’s one of those scents I think the majority of people would love because in an odd way its so neutral. A great one for the kitchen as it would help to cut through smells and a perfect melt during spring and summer. One on my repeat purchase list and if this scent interests you, visit them here and grab yours for half price at 60p! ( normal price £1.20, availability and/or price may change after this post has been published ).

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