Pretty Home Aromas Cosy Cuddles 80g Wax Melt Segmented Pot

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My wax stash is not getting smaller, it’s just getting bigger! I promise myself time and time again that I will use up my fragranced wax more. But then I buy more than what I’m melting! But while it’s cooler and I’m enjoying being inside more than outside, this makes the perfect time to use more home fragrance and hopefully get my stash down. My home fragrance of choice, of course, is in the form of a wax melt. And this particular wax piece comes from Pretty Home Aromas and is in the scent of Cosy Cuddles.

Pretty Home Aromas Cosy Cuddles 80g Wax Melt Segmented Pot

Why did I chose this one? I recently bought a beautiful Autumn scented wax bundle from Pretty Home Aromas, which included this piece. Wanting to chose something from this collection, I opted for this scent because I hoped for something quite fresh but calming at the same time.

Packaging. 80g of wax sits in a flip top clear plastic pot. What I like about this is on the lid it gives a brief description of the scent and what fragrances are in it. The lettering and logo being in black really makes it stand out and look very upmarket. On the bottom of the pot is the relevant ( and legal ) ingredients list.

Appearance. If the character Tinkerbell was ever an inspiration for wax it would be this one! A simple base of cream coloured wax with a random and sparingly run through of mint green. A large leaf ( not real ) is embedded close to the middle and surrounded by gold coloured glitter and green shimmering pigment. Absolutely stunning!

If you turn the wax around to look at the bottom, you will see how although it’s one whole piece, its segmented like a piece of chocolate so you can break off individual sections for use.

Scent. A minty scent with a subtle herbal based background, finished off with an intoxicating sweetness and a dash of musk. It’s one of those scents which makes you want to inhale it. This fragrance is fresh in its own way, but warming at the same time. I wouldn’t normally associate this with any form of mint, especially eucalyptus. Very comforting, very relaxing and a little cuddle in wax form!

In melt. I used only 1 segment of this wax. I just loved how it melted into a decadent wax pool of hues of brown and green with a little glitter. I’ve melted this in both my kitchen and living room ( at different times ), and I found the fragrance filled the rooms beautifully. Exactly the same scent when melted as it was when solid.

Strength & Longevity. Strength I would say is medium. This was ideal for the scent type, and it just smelt and seemed so natural rather than a piece of wax just melting in the corner. Noticeable and very inviting. Longevity was great. This lasted for hours over a 3/4 day period and only on its last day I felt the strength got less.

Recommended? A total recommendation here! Visually this is a gorgeous piece of wax! It’s just so pretty! Take into consideration the look and amount of wax you get is fantastic value. And I can’t forget to mention ( which is the most important thing! ), how gorgeous the scent of this is. The scent itself is definitely Autumnal but a nice change to the classic, bakery based scents most of us love around this time of year. This wax literally is bringing the outside into the home without you opening the front door!

Does the sound of a Cosy Cuddle without socially distancing yourself sound like your type of scent? You can order your segmented wax melt direct from Pretty Home Aromas here and it costs £4.50. Enjoy!

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