Pretty Home Aromas Wax Melt Autumn Bundle

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Autumn as a season is definitely my favourite time of the year, closely followed by Winter. There’s just something about it which I love. Cooler days and nights, leaves turning from green to shades or orange, yellow and red…I just love it! I also find that when it comes to home fragrance in the forms of candles and wax melts, the more Autumnal scents really excite me. So is it any wonder that I recently bought fragranced wax melts, pots and bars from Pretty Home Aromas in their Autumn Bundle? Nope!

Why did I order this? I’ve bought wax from Pretty Home Aromas a few times in the past, and I follow them on Instagram. I’ve always found their wax pieces to stand out visually which is what attracted me in the first place to them. They released this bundle which coincided with them relaunching their brand. The released pictures of this set on their feed blew me away! Each piece looked beautiful, all the scents were the type I would happily melt and the price was outstanding. £19.99 including delivery!

Pretty Home Aromas Autumn Wax Bundle

What was included in the Autumn Bundle?

4 wax pots. Scented in Fireside. Pumpkin Souffle. Toasted Toes. Peppermint Eucalyptus.

4 snap bars. Scented in Pepper, Maple and Cedar.Hot Buttered Popcorn. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl. Crackling Embers.

1 wax melt. Scented in Apple & Cinnamon.

1 large wax bar. Scented in Autumn Leaves.

2 x 80g segmented wax pots. Scented in Toasted Toes. Cosy Cuddles.

Appearance. Each piece are absolutely stunners! It’s obvious so much time, thought and love went into making these waxy treasures. Great variety of shapes and sizes from the small wriggly shaped wax snap bars to the large 80g pots loving covered in glitter with a leave shape embedded in the middle. All the colours are very in keeping with Autumn, with shapes such as pumpkins being visible and keeping up with the theme. I have to say this is one of the most stunning wax collections that’s ever graced my doorstep!

The wax pots in the Autumn Wax Bundle

Scent. So many different ones are included in this collection, but again all of them scream Autumn. All providing that cosy stay inside wrapped in a blanket feel or take a brisk walk outside type of vibe. To give you an idea on how some of these smell fragrance wise, here are a few of the scents from this collection:

Fireside. A manly base to it which is clean and fresh with a little musk and woody notes.

Pumpkin Souffle. Creamy and bakery based, with a hint of warming spices such as cinnamon with pumpkin of course in the mix.

Pumpkin Souffle

Peppermint Eucalyptus. This has a minty coolness with a herbal base to it. Its not overwhelming or typical mint wise in scent. Think less syrupy sweet more toned down and rounded aromatherapy.

Toasted Toes. This has a delicate floral to it which makes it very pretty. A little woodiness is mixed in with it which gives it an edgy depth.

Strength & Longevity. There is SO MUCH WAX in this collection I haven’t melted it all! In fact very little of it to be honest. I don’t have enough wax warmers, time, but more importantly these are too beautiful to melt its so difficult!

Pepper, Maple and Cedar wax snap bar was a good, strong piece of wax! I really didn’t need to use much, half the bar. And goodness me the scent was magical, fresh and the perfect outdoor inspired Autumnal scent! This little piece of wax lasted a good 4 days of melting for around 15-20hrs.

Pepper, Maple and Cedar Small Snap Wax Bar

Recommended? This particular bundle/set was limited edition and probably won’t be coming back. BUT I couldn’t recommend this set or any of the individual scents and wax pieces enough! Beautifully made and presented, great scents with matching longevity and an absolute steal for £19.99 with free p & p!

Some of these pieces are available for purchase individually. But what I can say is please keep your eyes open for other bundle offers as there have been different bundles offered over the last few weeks with different themes. From bubblegum based wax scents to firework inspired wax pieces. In all honesty if you can grab any of them do it! Fantastic wax at fantastic prices! Visit Pretty Home Aromas to see what their current special deal is!

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