Primark’s CBD Clay Mask

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I’m sure the first thing people think about when the department store Primark is mentioned, they think of clothes. Totally understandable! They are well now for their affordable fashion items for men, women and children. But these days when I think of this store, I think of different things. Homeware, home fragrance and skincare! They don’t seem to have a massive range of skincare in my local store, but the pieces they have always spark my interest. That spark occasionally opens up my wallet to buy. A purchase I made recently was their CBD Clay Mask. Usual price £4.00, reduced to £2.00.

Primark’s CBD Clay Mask

Why did I buy this?

Pure curiosity! And, I am a sucker for a bargain. It also helps that I love a skincare mask too. Occasionally I use a clay mask depending on how my skin is behaving. And right now it’s not behaving at all! And what is with skincare having CBD/hemp and other stuff like that included in it’s formulation? Seems to be a fashionable thing but is it effective? Perfect time to try this out with my skin in a mini heat ravaged turmoil mess.

What is this supposed to do?

It’s designed to purify, soften, smooth and revitalise the skin. The inclusion of CBD oil, hemp seed oil and aloe vera aide with these actions.


60g of mask is housed in a plastic screw top pot. I really like the shape of this as the sides aren’t totally straight and curve closer to the top. White in colour, with text in green and a metallic looking mint green colour lid. This comes boxed up with the box mirroring the container, but with it being mostly green in colour.


Ewwhh. Not a fan. It sort of smells off and not totally fresh, with a slight clay smell to it. I didn’t expect this to smell of flowers or bubblegum, but would have thought this could have smelt a little more appealing.


In the pot, doesn’t look great. It does have the same type of look a lot of clay masks have. Thick, slightly mud like and quite thick, But this mask is very pale in colour which doesn’t make me feel too excited to use it to be honest.

How to use?

Apply onto clean skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes and remove by rinsing with warm water and patting dry.

In Use.

I expected this to be slightly more thicker in texture, but found it a touch lighter than what I originally thought. Easy to use, and I applied a decent but thin layer of the mask all over the face. Took very little time for this to dry out as the colour of it lightened and my face became more frozen, but totally what I expected with a mask like this. These are never the most comfortable products to have on the skin, but it wasn’t bad. I did notice that the scent of this didn’t linger, thank goodness, so wasn’t a problem.

Removal was like a dream! I thought it would be hard work but it really wasn’t. A warmed and damp face cloth wiped over the face took this off so easily and left no residue, which was what I expected to see.

Skin Afterwards?

Straight after removal my skin looked clean and quite fresh. I used this mask a few hours before bedtime, so it’s really the morning after the night before I will pick up on changes. And next morning my skin looked a touch smoother and felt it, reasonably rested in look. There was a sign of improvement but not a massive one. Enough for me to feel that I got some benefit using Primark’s CBD Clay Mask. But I would like to have seen a little more.


This clay mask has performed no better or no worse than others I’ve used in the past. If you’re visiting Primark, and it’s there and reduced in price why not? 60ml is a decent size, easy application and removal and appeared to improve my skin. And it’s packaged nicely! So a great gift idea for someone who likes or deserves a little pampering. Not an award winner but worth a couple of pounds!

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