Primark’s P.S Frosted Berries Hand Cream

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When everyone starts to wear winter coats and jackets, you know there’s been a seasonal change. With the onslaught of Autumn comes wind, rain, a cooler temperature and central heating on full whack. Weather changes effect our skin too along with our fashion choices and heating bills. I’m mixing up my skincare routine a bit to compensate for this but my body care routine for now remains the same. Although I have noticed my hands have been looking a touch on the ashy side which is a no no! The call of a hand cream has reached me, so I’m listening, and I’ve decided to start use Primark’s P.S Frosted Berries Hand Cream I picked up last week. 80p for 30ml.

Primark’s P.S Frosted Berries Hand Cream

Why did I buy this?

I have loads of hand creams at home so I didn’t NEED a new one! I heard Primark was selling a pumpkin scented one and I just wanted it. Perfect for the month of October. But my local store didn’t have any so I picked this one up instead. No massive problem as I like berry scents anyway. I thought it could be ideal for work and throw it in my bag. So for 80p I thought what was the worst that could happen so why not buy it?


30ml of hand cream comes in a standard, plastic tube with a screw top lid. Lilac in colour, giving off wintery vibes (but in a cute way) thanks to the illustrations on it e.g berries, holly, stars etc. Practical packaging, very sweet to look at and the perfect hand bag or pocket size.


My kind of scent! A mix of berries with a slight hint of vanilla. Not the most sophisticated scent I have ever smelt. But I think fruit, especially anything berry inspired, is a hard one to make it more than what it actually is. It is sweet, it’s a very nice scent and not too strong.


White in colour with a decent thickness to it. I would say it’s comparable to many hand creams when I think about how thick it is. Just a touch more thicker than a normal body lotion but no way near as thick as a body butter.

On the hands.

I used a good squeeze of this, around half of a finger tip. I rubbed the back of my hands together first then the palms. Super easy and quick to rub in which I liked. What I found quite curious was the fact once rubbed in it didn’t leave my hands tacky, greasy or shiny. They felt and looked matt, and I could use my hands straight away without fear of not being able to grip something or leaving hand prints on things. I quite liked this because sometimes you have to time when you use a particular hand cream because of how moisturised it leaves your hands.

But on the flip side for my hands this needed to be thicker, more moisturising and protective. I use my hands a lot in work and of course I wash and sanitise them like crazy. It gave a little hydration and enough for my hands right now, but formulation wise this would need to be more hard working if my hands were in a drier state. I can imagine having to use this a lot and often which isn’t ideal for me. But as my hands aren’t bad right now once or twice a day for application is fine.

The fragrance was there and it smelt lovely. It wasn’t too much strength wise but was noticeable. An ideal strength because if anymore I think it could have been overkill. On the body in general I find it ok to have heavily fragranced lotion on myself. But hands are different. They can be close to the face a lot and I don’t want to be knocked out by how it smells. I’ve used this during the day and also at night before bed, and the next morning there was a faint trace of the fragrance still there.


I think this is a decent hand cream. Good size, great price and presented well. I don’t think this is ideal for very dry hands but for normal it should do the job. I’ve had more moisturising hand creams before but they did contain ingredients such as shea or cocoa butter. This doesn’t. But you do have to ask yourself what do you want or expect for 80p? If you lose it, or you need a hand cream for multiple places such as your bag, car, desk, etc, this wouldn’t break the bank. And dare I say this would make an ideal stocking filler….So yes I would recommend this. But if you want something more hard working this wouldn’t be my first choice. So treat your hands according to their needs!x

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