SBC’s Refreshing Watermelon Shower Gel & Shampoo

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So finally in the UK we are getting a taste of Summer! It’s warm, bright and thank goodness dry too. Different seasons tend to draw me to different things. My choices in clothes, fragrances, food and even bath and body products can be determined by the month and weather we’re experiencing. One of my favourite products sitting in my bathroom at the moment is SBC‘s Refreshing Watermelon Shower Gel & Shampoo. I bought this a few months ago in a set from QVC as it was sold at a special price ( known as a Today’s Special Value ).

What do you get? This came in a whopping 1ltre size with a pump action dispenser making using it super easy. This is a formula that can be used in the bath, shower or even on hair as a shampoo.

Appearance & Consistency. Red in colour, semi opaque and is of the typical thickness you would expect from a shower gel or foaming/bubble bath product.

SBC’s Refreshing Watermelon Shower Gel & Shampoo

Scent. This smells gorgeous! Watermelon is an odd scent to even think of let alone describe. So the best way I can describe this product fragrance wise is fruity and berry based, sweet although not sugary and sickly. A perfect fragrance for me!

In the shower or bath. I used this in the shower and found I didn’t need to use much. One pump on a sponge, mixed with water made this lather up so well and easily washed my whole body. In the bath I used a few pumps, and the amount of foam produced was a lot. This created a very foamy and fragrant bathing experience!

On the skin. One thing I noticed with this product was my skin felt very clean after using this without drying it out. It left a faint scent to my skin which is always a nice way to finish off a bath or shower, but it didn’t linger.

Family use. My son uses this in the shower. He’s at an awkward age where bathing isn’t top of his priority list and although he does it, wants it over and done with as quick as possible. But he likes using this because of how much it foams and how it smells.

As a shampoo. This is a bath, shower and shampoo product. But I can’t comment on how this performs on hair. I haven’t used this as a shampoo on my hair or children’s. But its good to know it’s a multi functional product.

4 Piece Summer Collection from QVC

Recommended? This gets a massive thumbs up from me! This is what I call a Summer in a bottle product! This smells great, it works well on the skin and the size makes this ideal for family use. You can purchase this individually direct from SBC’s website from £4.50 for 100ml size here.

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