Scent From 77 Vanilla & Berries Mini Wax Melts

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As a lover of fragranced wax, I enjoy discovering new vendors to buy from and try out new scents that have never graced my wax melters. I’m very lucky I know many people who can recommend various businesses to me giving me some solid feedback before I part with money. Scent From 77 was one such vendor, and my first purchase from them contained various wax melts in different scents to try, including Vanilla & Berries.

Scents From 77 Vanilla & Berries Mini Wax Melts

Why this purchase? Scent From 77 sell wax in various forms, but I love wax shapes and mini melts. No cutting or chopping required, easy to store away in a drawer and the ideal structure to mix scents if and when needed when melting. This scent I went for because I LOVE vanilla and I really like fruity scents so win win.

What do they look like? This pack contained 6 small mini melts shaped like basic flowers. Creamy off white in colour with tiny dots of blue and pink running through them.

Scent when cold. Delicious! The vanilla is there which provides warmth, creaminess and is very soothing. The berry element is sweet but not sickly, and of course smells fruity and mouthwatering.

In use. I melted three of these in my electric Yankee Candle wax melter. They melted very quickly but evenly, so the scent was released superfast.

Scent when warm. Exactly the same when cold. The vanilla and berries worked perfectly with each other. I wasn’t too sure whether the vanilla would overpower the berry element but it didn’t and was very well balanced. Strength wise I would say this is a medium, and this makes such an inviting scent for any room or time of day.

Longevity. This poor fragrance has had to battle against various meals cooked as its been melting away in my kitchen but its done very well not to get lost behind food smells and has stood its ground. When I melt wax I melt for good chunks of hours at a time, and this has lasted a good 8 hours over 2 days and I can still smell it ( although not as strong now ).

Recommended?For a vanilla lover this is a must, and for those not so keen but like berry scents I would still suggest give this a whirl. So this scent and wax gets the thumbs up from me, and one I would really like to mix with a laundry type scent e.g clean cotton for the Summer, and a touch of cinnamon for the Autumn, as this is a great scent to mix if you like to tailor make your home fragrances. And for £2.00 to get 6 mini melts is a great price and very competitive. ** This scent may or may not be available for purchase depending on stock levels, but visit Scents From 77 to get your wax fix here now.**

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