Forest Moon Apple Butter Leaf Wax Melts

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Picking up my children from school this week made me realise Autumn is well and truly here. Its cooler, leaves are turning into a reddish/brown colour and are now covering the path to my children’s class entrance. It’s my favourite time of year for many reasons. No 1 Hibernation. No 2 Staying in the bath for hours and No 3 the best TV shows always comes out around now. A new time of year means trying out new wax to fragrance my home to coincide with the season. My first official Autumn wax purchased recently was from an Etsy seller called Forest Moon Wax Melts (formally Seraphim Scents). And the fragrance of choice is Apple Butter.

Why Apple Butter? Sounded unusual, very different and as a lover of bakery and fruity scents I didn’t think there was anything about this I wouldn’t like. I really just wanted to give it a go!

Appearance. Some of my wax comes in one solid piece wax and are housed in a lidded clear pot. These are different and are 30g of individual pieces of wax. Each piece flat, and beautifully leaf shaped. All dusted in a shimmering pigment, with some leaves rusty red in colour and some holographic gold. Although I haven’t sat counting these out, there’s easily about 15-20 pieces of wax.

Forest Moon Apple Butter Leaf Wax Melts

Melting. I wasn’t too sure how many of the leaves to use as they are quite small, but I opted for 6. They melted super quick because of their size, and the fragrance filled my kitchen very quickly. These were a joy to watch melt. The wax pool shimmered and glistened like molten copper.

Scent. There’s a hit of cinnamon but not the typical cinnamon scent you would think of when you cook or bake. It reminds me of a cinnamon flavoured chewing gum I used to buy years ago when on holiday in the States. So maybe more a confectionery take on cinnamon rather than the powdered or stick version. Its not an overpowering element but provides warmth. Once you get the cinnamon the apple comes through soon after. Think of juicy, crisp apples slowly rolling around in a pan with some butter simmering away with the smallest sprinkle of brown sugar. And this is the scent you get!

Strength & Longevity. Using 6 pieces of the wax and melted in a small kitchen, I would say this medium in strength. I’ve had this melting for 2 days now for quite a few hours per day and the scent is still there. So longevity, like strength, is very good. One pot of Apple Butter Leaf Wax Melts provides great value even if melted day in day out as it only costs £2.00.

Recommended? I absolutely LOVE this wax! Not only is it presented in a gorgeous yet simple way, the scent is amazing. Its not one I’ve ever experienced before and if someone was heading towards a seasonal inspired scent, this for me screams Autumn. But not like the typical ones out there, such as gingerbread. Its not too fruity or bakery like…its perfection!

Want to try this out? Visit their Etsy store here to grab this non calorific treat and get your home Autumn ready!

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